Alien: Covenant - SPOILER Talk

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    KING OF THE DEAD 3 days ago

    Lol.. I agree, I wanted more answers but I still very much liked the film.

  • Thinker101
    Thinker101 5 days ago

    i give james franco 5/5

  • - JoshM512 -
    - JoshM512 - 5 days ago

    Technically there are no xenomorphs in this film

  • Jakker Green
    Jakker Green 7 days ago

    I don't think David created the Xenomorph, I think he just studied it

  • Ahmed Andalusi Adam
    Ahmed Andalusi Adam 10 days ago

    I want to see a New Predator movie, or in the next one tie Predators into it

    & possibly see how they were made. Will be bad ass

  • LoLife Paul Pride
    LoLife Paul Pride 12 days ago

    I believe the transmission was John Denver.

  • Thomas Young
    Thomas Young 13 days ago

    this spoiler review is really picky. personally i think alien covenant is a masterpiece. why does this guy comment about James Franco and his performance we all know there isn't one.......who gives a fuck! overall its a well executed movie with ambiguous elements int it which i love :P:P:P:P:P

  • Zlimonade
    Zlimonade 13 days ago

    can you fucking let it go atleast 1 or 2 seconds between each sentence??? your sucky cutting makes it impossible to actualøy listen to what you are saying. sorst review ever!

  • Azur Hadžić
    Azur Hadžić 13 days ago

    Is alien franchise connected to AvP?

  • DevilPoroNnj
    DevilPoroNnj 14 days ago

    disappointed af by this movie. not scary at all

  • A[]K[]J[]U[]L[]P[]
    A[]K[]J[]U[]L[]P[] 15 days ago

    I don't get how people don't like this movie, it was a great fucking movie i loved it!

  • JoeysSecretLover
    JoeysSecretLover 16 days ago

    Obviously David didn't create them if they are on the mural Jeremy.......

  • JoeysSecretLover
    JoeysSecretLover 16 days ago

    Another great beat by beat explanation of what happened.

  • Techwood 2177
    Techwood 2177 16 days ago

    So now somehow Scott has to get the Xenomorphs David created onto a different Engineer ship and that ship has to somehow crash onto LV-426 for Alien to eventually happen.
    And if that does happen the IQ of the human race has to rise sharply to the level of the original Alien characters. Genetic engineering maybe?
    Prometheus and Covenant were equally dogshit in my honest opinion (Fassbender' performances aside).

  • jazzthieve
    jazzthieve 17 days ago

    The movie is kinda shit, especially the fact that it seems to be populated by characters who are the biggest imbeciles you've ever seen. Make the Prometheus School of Running look like the smart ones.

  • Helder Almeida
    Helder Almeida 17 days ago

    you funny jeremy

  • Dean Albertson
    Dean Albertson 18 days ago

    I give this movie a B+. Nuff said.

  • Lucas Vieira Galvão
    Lucas Vieira Galvão 18 days ago

    It had been five years since I really hated a movie, Alien Covenant pissed me off, this movie basicaly shits all over the story set up in Prometheus, and says "You wanted Prometheus 2 with answers? Fuck you the main character is dead, and this is Alien the begining"

  • DariusBlack
    DariusBlack 18 days ago

    06:10 "What is God, what is creator, what is creator that becomes obsolete, what is loooove, baby don't hurt meeee don't hurt me, no more!!!" Yeaaah!

  • Professional Asshole
    Professional Asshole 18 days ago

    The song is Country Roads by John Denver

  • Adam Osborn
    Adam Osborn 19 days ago

    Jumanji 2 trailer review;!!!!

  • mrcheesemunch
    mrcheesemunch 20 days ago

    I still don't get the "perfect organism" thing.

    How? Why do they just kill everything in sight and reproduce or lay dormant until something else to kill shows up?

    They're the ultimate killing machines I guess but beyond that they'd not ultimate anything besides douchebags since they'd wipe out every planet they inhabit.

  • TheTedandfred
    TheTedandfred 21 day ago

    "I saw it on house once" -A true Doctor

  • jakewalle
    jakewalle 21 day ago

    Honestly I like Prometheus more then this movie because at least prometheus had some intelligent people in it who actually did go to a school. The people in this movie literally felt like they were thrown out of school and then Elon Musk said "lets push these morons into space and see where they can go and if they last". I got frustrated thru 2/3 of the movie and the ending was nice. A bit of a "of course" but you know.. it explained things. But like you said.. doesnt explain the stuff in prometheus really. Which is why I respect prometheus more then this frankenstein of a movie lol. Also the Aliens grew far too fast in this one without any real food..sure its scary but what the fuck. Thats now how I remembered it

  • The Dead Immortal
    The Dead Immortal 21 day ago

    So uh... Did David rape Elizabeth before killing her? He said he was going to do "the exact same thing" he did to Elizabeth, then proceeded to mouth fuck her. And he also mentioned that he loved Elizabeth. Maybe David was all like "I love u" to Shaw and she was like "fuck off weirdo" so he fucked her first then opened her up?

    Eh, overall didn't like the movie that much. They glossed over David murdering the whole civilization that fucking created human kind in like a 60 second montage what the fuck? I thought the movie would explore the engineers more but nope, we just get really gorgeous shots of a city built by Gods and then they get the fuck out of there. Was there only one city on that entire planet? Did the engineers solidify after the virus or did xenomorphs pop out their bodies? We don't know.

  • listener 2920
    listener 2920 21 day ago

    Its not the engineer planet

  • killer chemistry
    killer chemistry 22 days ago

    imagine what will happen if or when he goes back to earth

  • Bruce Deng
    Bruce Deng 22 days ago

    i love how alien vs predator contradicts the the new alien series movies

  • Gaming Joker
    Gaming Joker 22 days ago

    I enjoyed this movie

  • Aimopotis 80
    Aimopotis 80 22 days ago

    It is a very disapointing movie, even lower level then Prometheus. The sergeant was like a hobo the protagonist woman was like a little housewife. The acting was really not good except Micheal.

  • personM4N
    personM4N 25 days ago

    This timeline has gone full X-Men

  • Nazael Rahl
    Nazael Rahl 26 days ago

    I was never so dissapointed by a movie in my life. Everybody involved was practicaly brain-dead but acting captain had like negative brain power (like everyone gets a little dumber in his proximity).

  • Ray Coleman
    Ray Coleman 26 days ago

    the Prometheus side of the movie I found more interesting. I like aliens but I think its time to also explore these other creatures like the deacon and the Neomorphs or any other interesting mutations

  • Julian Marco
    Julian Marco 1 month ago

    That David logic is a dick move and if I were Wayland I would tell him that the only way he can validate his superiority is when others creatures like both of them validate it. Basically just because a god thinks he is superior doesn't mean that it's true until everyone accepts it. If he cannot accept it than David is the no different from a failure.

    I mean why is this movie kissing so much robot ass? It feels exaggerated.

  • TheTrenchface
    TheTrenchface 1 month ago +2

    dude you talk as if you were high on crack. maybe my tiny brain can't keep up... you just talk so fast...

  • HobbitGeek
    HobbitGeek 1 month ago

    Actually, it wasn't David or the engineers who made the first xenomorph, it was thousands of years ago by the predators, but when they killed the queen at the end of AVP, they had ended the line of the normal xenomorphs we are used to, and then recreated by David.

  • Mitch Gibson
    Mitch Gibson 1 month ago

    Okay, hold the fuck up, Xenomorphs were created by David? That's their fucking origin? Are you kidding me? How much of a slap in the face is that to Alien fans... The whole point of why Xenomorphs are cool is that they are this crazy unstoppable force of nature. They are some monster from deep space of unknown origin. The weyland corporation wants them for some reason when in a way, they created them? They created David, David "created" the Xenomorphs. Ugh that just pisses me off and makes AVP make even less sense, i know it's not canon, but still.

  • aaron calenoff
    aaron calenoff 1 month ago

    David didn't create the xenomorph he basically stole blueprints of xenomorph DNA from the engineer home world and just did it his way

  • LoneWolf
    LoneWolf 1 month ago

    I don't get everyone's complaints.

    The whole movie was about everything in prometheus. About creators and the created.

  • h2ohavasuguy
    h2ohavasuguy 1 month ago

    Slow claw Arm catches superfast Zeno Morph 😒

  • Jarvis Daukei
    Jarvis Daukei 1 month ago

    Really wanted to know what happened to Dr. Shaw. If Ridley was smart, he wouldn't have scrapped her storyline, and this movie could've been about Shaw and David on the Engineers planet and how she slowly starts to realize David's intentions of experimenting to create the perfect organism, instead of being killed off in between movies. That way, she would end up getting her answers, and we would have a tense sci-fi horror movie because slowly we see David becoming a(n) antagonist rather than just being left to fill in the blanks ourselves. Alien: Covenant was a missed opportunity, I would really like to have seen Shaw find out that David was the one who infected Dr. Holloway in Prometheus, and see her character realize that she's going to suffer the same fate or worse. Missed opportunity.

  • Alex Totherocket
    Alex Totherocket 1 month ago

    is it possibile that the pioneers were not our creators? the movies didn;t explain what the prometheus pioneer had said to David. Maybe they were doing exactly what people are doing, finding ways to colonize other planate, so they went into space found earth, and wanted to return to extinguish all life forms and then come an populate?
    This made David realize that life forms in general are not made to create but to survive/destroy? So he went on the path of creation as he understood it?

  • Cobber
    Cobber 1 month ago

    The reason the chestburster was different was because that Xenomorph was actually a protomorph. So it wasn't the full Xenomorph

  • Kittyhome
    Kittyhome 1 month ago

    When will they come up with an "Ass Burster"?

  • ian rough
    ian rough 1 month ago

    So when exactly did the predators start hunting them huh!

  • Arthus850
    Arthus850 1 month ago

    Truth be told I really don't like the origin of the xenomorphs as given in Prometheus and Alien Covenant, nor do I like the origins of Weyland Yutani. While these AvP movies may not have been that good, the expanded lore and origin stories given for both the xenomorphs and the company as well as how the Yautja tie into it as shown in the expanded media based on the AvP franchise is excellent. And For the longest time, it was accepted as the canon origin. Then Ridley Scott comes in and says "nope, that's not what happened. If it happened in AvP, then that's not what happened. And I'm going to write my canon movies in a way that there is no possibility of tying anything that was established in AvP into the canon. Sorry to anyone who accepted that canon, but I'm not sorry." I just don't get it. I get that he doesn't like AvP that much, but to go out of his way to make it impossible to find any connection between the previously established origin and his new canon is a dick move to those fans who accepted the origin. And not only that, even some things from the original Alien movies don't add up anymore. Like Michael Bishop Weyland from Alien 3, the descendant/android copy of Charles Bishop Weyland from AvP. Along with designing the Bishop worker android line, he runs the company just like his ancestors did for many Weyland generations. Except, that Prometheus made the founder of Weyland Corps Peter Weyland, who is not related to Charles and has no children of his own to continue his legacy, hence his desire for immortality (and that he founded the company in the late 21st century, but I digress). So how can Michael Bishop Weyland even exist? To me, Ridley Scott's new movies destroyed the canon. And I don't know why he feels he has authority over the series. Until Prometheus, he only ever made one movie in the entire franchise, and had no involvement in any of the following media. Just because he directed the first movie does not make him what George Lucas was to Star Wars, what Gene Roddenberry was to Star Trek, or what James Cameron was to Terminator. Hell, he's had so little input on the future instalments that he doesn't even pass for what Wes Craven was for the Nightmare on Elm Street series.

  • Jae Kaitch
    Jae Kaitch 1 month ago

    So, I know a lot of you will cringe at the idea of me bringing up AVP, but how would that movie even make sense if the Xenomorphs hadn't even been invented yet?
    Either they were and David just found out how to recreate an ancient species or yeah, Jeremy's time travel thing. I'm really not hoping for the time travel thing.

  • RolandS
    RolandS 1 month ago

    When you see this movie, you realize how good character Elisabeth Shaw was. Such a shame we didn't see her here..

  • carlee elizabeth
    carlee elizabeth 1 month ago

    i feel like hearing music from earth playing on an abandoned planet would be a massive red flag, but like you said in your spoiler free review everyone in the alien universe is dumb as fuck when it comes to protocol.

  • Teddy Keys
    Teddy Keys 1 month ago

    so you mean to tell me that Michael Fassbender character created the aliens well what about the Queen alien who lays the alien eggs. so you mean to tell me that Michael Fassbender is the Queen alien this is ridiculous. has everybody forgot about the Queen alien that lays thousand of the alien eggs which produced the facehuggers. somebody call James Cameron to save this franchise because Ridley Scott just destroyed the alien franchise.

  • Erik Ruiz
    Erik Ruiz 1 month ago

    Look up Alex Jones' review of this movie, trust me

  • Sundae Music
    Sundae Music 1 month ago

    I thought the alien at the end was the Protomorph not the Xenomorph

  • Kenny Ross
    Kenny Ross 1 month ago

    Just a side note; Everyone's saying how bad Covenant is. Back in the day, Alien, aswell as John Carpenter's The Thing, both got panned and didn't do well. Now look; they're both up there amongst the classics of cinema. Just saying.

  • Kenny Ross
    Kenny Ross 1 month ago

    I actually didn't mind this film, probably because I was willing to go along with the story and not get infuriated because it didn't pan out the way I thought it would have leading in to Alien. Wasn't great but I don't think it deserves the flak some people are giving it. But David was a brilliant antagonist; when a film character pisses you off and you want them to get theirs, you know you've got a good villain. I'd say 7/10.

  • IVIaskerade
    IVIaskerade 1 month ago

    I always felt David's motivations were a little lacking, and this film really didn't do much for that.

    What I genuinely cannot understand is why Elizabeth rebuilt his body. Wire him into the ship if you have to, but don't just let him walk about freely, because that's proven to be an awful idea.

  • NightcoreD3stiny
    NightcoreD3stiny 1 month ago +1

    I personally didn't like the fact that David made the Xenomorphs. Just my personal opinion.

  • Mike Dirtstein
    Mike Dirtstein 1 month ago

    I 100% got the Data/Lore thing when I was watching the movie. Unfortunately that Star Trek storyline made it way too easy to predict how the Covenant story was going to go.

  • x jh
    x jh 1 month ago +2

    what people want : David and Shaw at the engineers plant

    what people get : boring crew, Shaw death , David is a creep. no explanation to the engineers.

  • Dalton Sullivan
    Dalton Sullivan 1 month ago

    I loved the movie but it did leave me wanting more

  • DrFrostyX
    DrFrostyX 1 month ago

    with was an android so i could join David in cucking civilazation feels bad man

  • Leda Gocheva
    Leda Gocheva 1 month ago

    i loved Covenant, mostly because the tension never left the movie and there were actual surprising shit that happened, unlike Prometheus, where you could see everything coming from a mile away.
    while I was watching Prometheus at some point I started thinking "huh, David is a bitch, who would have thunk it". while I was watching Covenant the whole time I just thought "wow, David is a BITCH".
    Fassbender crushes everything in his path once again

  • Jules Kaisar
    Jules Kaisar 1 month ago

    I am a fan of the theory that the Xenomorphs are an ancient race that the engineers worshipped in a way and that David, using the Engineer knowledge he gained over the last 10 years, is trying to recreate them.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 1 month ago

    I can see the development of this movie. Everyone wanted a prequel to Aliens and everyone wants a sequel to Prometheus. LETS NOT DO EITHER
    New Ripley (Daniels I think?) just shows how far Hollywood has fallen. She was supposed to be awesome because they said so despite her having the awkwardness (and appearance) of a boy going to prom.
    They need to quit messing with the xenomorph thing. Black goo did something entirely different than what we saw in Prometheus. Now we have black spores for no damn reason. Trilobite is dropped. Now Shaw is presumably the mother of the xenomorphs which screws with the original alien.

  • Ken Grand
    Ken Grand 1 month ago

    I still wanna know who created the Engineers tho.....

  • PerceptiveCrow
    PerceptiveCrow 1 month ago

    Perhaps Walter will repair and pilot the engineer ship (with xenomorph egg payload) in an attempt to rescue Daniels from David and crash lands on LV-426. This would bring the viewers to the beginning of the first Alien movie. IDK LOL

  • Sky Rajpal
    Sky Rajpal 1 month ago

    David Davids David 3 resurrection David versus predator David Versus predator 2

  • BarSoapSoup
    BarSoapSoup 1 month ago

    I liked Covenant and think it gets slammed too hard for certain things and is rightfully criticized for others.

  • Christie Greenwood
    Christie Greenwood 1 month ago

    I was rooting for David all along, so yay! 8D

  • DeusJGer
    DeusJGer 1 month ago

    The whole shit feels like a high school group project of an Alien fan film. You feel like you have seen what is going to happen even before it unfolds.

  • Nate Goldman
    Nate Goldman 1 month ago

    lol david is the original space jockey seen in alien one. the fossilized one. at the end of the next movie hes going to put on the suit and crash land the ship on lv 426. you can thank me later.

  • nobreiner
    nobreiner 1 month ago

    An infinitely better ending would have been Walter surviving, responding "by the lake" to Daniels to prove it, then show Walter spitting up the embryos, showing that David succeeded in corrupting him. Literally no good reason to keep David alive.

  • ExBruinsFan
    ExBruinsFan 1 month ago

    It was shit.

  • Colby Killian
    Colby Killian 1 month ago

    NOOOOOOO This movie was terrible guys come on! Prometheus was way better then this shit the only reason people didnt like it was that there wasnt any aliens in it. But I mean this movie was just awful. It makes you feel like hollywood thinks your a fucking idiot and youll go pay to see it because you loved the original alien. This movie had embarrassing scenes(ill do the fingering) wtf was that shit??????? Ive never felt more out of place while watching a movie. Also the fucking crew of this colonizing ship is fucking retarted and I honestly coulndt of given less of a shit about any of them. (also I cant take danny mcbride as anything other then comic relief). Also it had so much potential with the story but was executed poorly. I cant be the only one who thinks this movie was dog shit. I just think people wanted it to be good cause they wanted another alien movie so it clouded there judgment.

  • Kevin Kosmo
    Kevin Kosmo 1 month ago

    Who here is created by an engineer? (is your mom, dad, or both engineers?) Are your creators disappointed in you because you decided to become an animator instead of a surgeon? Noone? Just me? Ok

  • googlepedia
    googlepedia 1 month ago


  • LORDUnLuCkY13
    LORDUnLuCkY13 1 month ago

    The loose connections and the dropped plot points from Prometheus annoyed me.

  • Blazer Strike
    Blazer Strike 1 month ago

    I liked the movie. But I was a bit disappointed. Why? I thought David in Prometheus was very brilliant but misunderstood, but this movie just made him into a villain who wants to play God. They killed Shaw, it wouldve been okay if they showed how. And It answered very few questions from Prometheus. Plus, too little James Franco... I like him.

  • Rex W
    Rex W 1 month ago

    Seen it. It did nothing for me

  • Riley Lynch
    Riley Lynch 1 month ago

    The spore aliens were far more deadly, than the face huggers. At least you can avoid the eggs. There is no avoiding spores.

  • AFLoneWolf
    AFLoneWolf 1 month ago

    Why did David help kill his creations at the end if he wanted them to live?

  • Johnny Klausen
    Johnny Klausen 1 month ago

    you are very intense, you could not cut away the secs between sentences. I know lots of you tuber do this, no attention span for young people today due to instant gratification etc, I expect lots of criticism when I start my own channel soon. you got presence though, and flare, that is good.

  • Moon Emoji
    Moon Emoji 1 month ago

    just saw it and it just gave me more questions than answers.... can't they just stop screwing up the alien backstory and just go on to alien 5? i want to know the NEW cannon ending to the alien series

  • The Vagabond
    The Vagabond 1 month ago +1

    I've waited three weeks to watch this video

  • Densil Grant
    Densil Grant 1 month ago

    Read comments where it was perceived that Prometheus got to many bad reviews so Ridley Scott decided to go in this direction,I think that's stupid since there are way worse movies that just keep going and going (fast and furious) I honestly think this was the only direction Prometheus could go,the concept of meeting the creators of humans was just to big a concept for them to elaborate on!

  • Wyatt
    Wyatt 1 month ago

    >Perfect organism
    >Jumps into mechanical claw because it moves

  • Derek Ford
    Derek Ford 1 month ago

    All the people who bitched about Prometheus: Congradulations. You won. You ruined a movie with so much potential all cause you couldn't be bothered to think and now we have this derivative crap. I hope you're all happy

  • Shayne Andrews
    Shayne Andrews 1 month ago

    Jeremy, the creature at the end isn't even the xenonorph it's the "protomorph". I guess we'll have to wait another few years to see the actual xenomorph on screen again 😂.

  • Surprised Robot
    Surprised Robot 1 month ago

    This movie made Prometheus seem pointless. Like, there's very little that's answered and very little that carries over besides David, which as important as it is, still makes the whole thing feel pointless. Who are the Engineers and what do they want? Never explained in either films outside of the vague ''fuck humanity'' trope. Elizabeth Shaw? She's fucking dead. Fuck you if liked her as a character and hoped to see more of her development over the franchise. Xenomorphs? Mad scientist experiments made by a robot with a god complex. Fuck my life; the only thing that would make this even worse if Ridley Scott somehow made Ripley into some prophetic being that has Engineer dna or some shit like that. Fuck this movie.

  • Enrique Manuel Ramos Galicia

    I just saw it and I really liked the David/Walter relationship, specially when David teaches Walter to play the flute. Like David is all like "They let you play everything, but they didn't let you create, not even a little bit" talking about the music, and I think this relates to Prometheus that way. Like humans create machines, humans are created by engineers. Engineers give humans the capacity to create, yet humans don't give that to machines. David wants to create, he wants to feel kind of pride on that creation, he wants to feel or understand why he was created, and he wants to achieve that in 2 ways: 1) Creating something like he was created (Aliens through artificial selection) and 2) trying to understand human emotions (when he talks about his "love" for shaw/telling Walter that him saving Danniels was love and not just duty or programming/ trying to kiss danniels). And in the end, he will create his own world with his own creations.

    Plus, something that is weird is that when he opens the embryo chambers, he says the code for the door as "David 83819-F" or something, but he uses HIS NAME for that fucking door. So, it makes me think that he was able to send a signal before to any wayland ship, and let them know that he needed hosts for his creations. So they send what he needs: 2000 colonizers to start a hive and get the Xenos to earth, but somewhere in between those end up in LV-426

  • Conner Tatom
    Conner Tatom 1 month ago

    problem o had is the mental fuw you get that David experimented on Elizwbeth Shaw probably horrendous torture going through David's experiments. then you realize he is going to torture, expirement and kill all the colonists. waking up to a chest burst instead of a nee planet. so fuqed up!!!

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 1 month ago

    The facehuggers were cool and the xenomorphs were awesome

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 1 month ago

    The new xenomorphs were badass and I loved the crew in this movie along with the suspense and the horror aspect was also awesome and Michael Fassbender was great as David and Walter

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia 1 month ago

    The Mural in the engineer ship in Prometheus is not a proper Xenomorph. It's the xenomorph-esque creature that pops out of the engineer at the end. Which was placed within the engineer by a giant face-hugger. All of which happened cuz of the black goo AS THEY FOUND IT. What i'm getting at is that it looks like David merely refined a design that was already there.

  • Silentsky
    Silentsky 1 month ago


  • levitan71
    levitan71 1 month ago

    i just cant justify this movie over bloomkampf's vision for the franchise, eat a dick ridley scot!

  • Blue Neptune
    Blue Neptune 1 month ago

    Can someone just get me a pet xenomorph? I need one of those in my life...

  • Nick Thompson
    Nick Thompson 1 month ago

    I liked it

  • Jess Kean
    Jess Kean 1 month ago

    Was Scott involved with the other films after Alien? If not, why would he actually care about making these films tie into anything but the first movie?

  • Faceless Badman
    Faceless Badman 1 month ago

    Event Horizon was great, Pandora was a good surprise

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