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  • tripster2011
    tripster2011 Day ago

    Jebus Jones creepy as fuck man . But mind folks it's not the people of North Korea it's just the mad folk that runs the country. But fuck listening to that pish every morning fuck me ad want to kill masell 😂

  • Wayne Wedderburn

    psalm 66;78;98;1-150

  • LeRoy Enzo
    LeRoy Enzo Day ago

    My daughter said , Is that a scary movie. Turn it off the music scars me.

  • sh a
    sh a 2 days ago

    I wanna wake up to creepy music too, that's so cool

  • Andre guitar Rone
    Andre guitar Rone 3 days ago

    Wow that's your music for your wake up call to get you pumped for war with us your music is enough to put me to sleep ok I'll go and take a nap ?!!?and when I come back from my little nap with some music that will get me pumped up with epic metal song's title run to the hills and many more but your music is more than enough to bring the dead back to life yuck but my music is more than enough to kick your fucking ass run to the hills.

  • sch loky
    sch loky 3 days ago

    What a dystopian piece of music.

  • Puppy Love
    Puppy Love 4 days ago

    Guys really this just seems like another psyhop job distraction operation from the real lets audit the FED. Besides please that fat boy hasn't seen his penis in 6 years...

    CAPTAIN TELLIS 4 days ago

    New age nazi Germany

  • 95% políticos corruptos 95% brasileiros imbecis

    That's the hypnosis.

  • Vegas Sims
    Vegas Sims 7 days ago

    Talk about creepy, eerie and stupid. No wonder its entitled "Dear Leader where art thou" lol.

  • Brian Schmidt
    Brian Schmidt 7 days ago

    It is a funeral dirge for Kim Jong Un...who will soon die an undignified death...much like other psychotic dictators preceding him... Muammar Ghadafi, Saddam Hussein, Nicolae Ceaușescu, and Benito Mussolini.

  • p80mod
    p80mod 7 days ago

    Ok, it was one bearded man who invented communism, but it was the Russian jews who spread it around the whole world causing millions to die.

  • Universes
    Universes 7 days ago

    north korea reminds me of chernobyl by the looks, certainly will be spot on if they continue to test world leaders with bold threats.

  • Lance Myers
    Lance Myers 7 days ago

    Bad Godzilla soundtrack

  • drunken dragon
    drunken dragon 7 days ago

    Nonce Korea is about to get roasted

  • i Love House Music
    i Love House Music 7 days ago

    If I was kim id be bumping some 21 savage red ops

  • Valeoneup 1
    Valeoneup 1 9 days ago

    This is the real deal Pokémon cemetery from blue red and yellow version lol

  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood 10 days ago

    Someone hack that S**t and bang out some Van Halen?

  • Do Bo
    Do Bo 10 days ago

    If I ran a country Id play the JAWS theme song randomly throughout the day. Fuck everyone up

  • September Fumich
    September Fumich 11 days ago +1

    This sounds very unpleasant to hear

  • Shady &
    Shady & 11 days ago +1

    I hope whoever filmed this is not in NK prisons

  • johneydrama
    johneydrama 11 days ago

    Sounds Eerily Similar To This....

  • Goliath Immortal
    Goliath Immortal 11 days ago +1

    Was that Toccata and Fugue in D minor I just heard ?

  • garyd044
    garyd044 16 days ago +1

    How AWFUL !!!! THAT ALONE is more than enough cause to NUKE EM to ashes 😃😃😃😃

  • 666hobart
    666hobart 16 days ago

    For this reason alone they need to be stopped...

  • SpecialSpock
    SpecialSpock 17 days ago

    This sorta reminds me of 1984...

  • Mike D
    Mike D 18 days ago

    Great way to sell missile defense systems to other paranoid country's

  • Kiyoko504
    Kiyoko504 20 days ago

    "Beam me up Scotti"

  • Kiyoko504
    Kiyoko504 20 days ago

    In a world where Alien Music wakes you in the morning like some kind of strange autopsy of the ass; prepare to enter "The Scary Door"!

  • YoloRam
    YoloRam 20 days ago

    So the Country has a Cerfuw?

  • Christianpreaching
    Christianpreaching 22 days ago

    That is Satanic music. Satan owns that country completely. This is what happens to a country of people who dont take a stand for God

  • Creezek
    Creezek 22 days ago

    This every monday when you go to school

  • Creezek
    Creezek 22 days ago

    That sounds like an alarm so everyone knows thier getting nuked by the u.s.a

  • Nam Garcia
    Nam Garcia Month ago

    is north Korea gost town like usa or charlotte. cuse u all stop playinh foofball any Olympic which unite peopl from all otjer countries. stop terroring our citizens america.

  • Thomas Kinlock
    Thomas Kinlock Month ago

    All kids wake up *are we being abducted mommy*

  • Seoj Toni
    Seoj Toni Month ago +1

    Perfect music for the little fat pig funeral

  • abac yolo
    abac yolo Month ago +1

    In America we say good morning to wake up

  • franken stein
    franken stein Month ago

    It honestly hear something i would hear in Portal 2 around the Chapter where you are underground in the old aperture.

  • Skyler Kirk
    Skyler Kirk Month ago +1

    sounds like the country of doom!

  • David Hynes
    David Hynes Month ago

    Imagine having sex in the morning and have to listen to that.

  • David Hynes
    David Hynes Month ago

    Oh my god brainwashed or what

  • David Hynes
    David Hynes Month ago

    Make no wonder nobody smiles.

  • Kevin Tat
    Kevin Tat 2 months ago +1

    Is this a Horror Theme Song or a wake up call ?

  • Alex G
    Alex G 2 months ago

    Sad life.

  • Silly Bean
    Silly Bean 2 months ago

    f Trump !!!!

  • Bence Gunyhó
    Bence Gunyhó 2 months ago

    The tram at 2:10 is a Tatra. They are in Budapest too.

  • G Sudla
    G Sudla 2 months ago

    every one car pools in that one jeep

  • Tim Sorsdahl
    Tim Sorsdahl 2 months ago

    We found the real name of God! Ahayah is His Holy Name

  • Sactofilmz
    Sactofilmz 3 months ago

    Big trouble in little china vibes

  • Justin Johnson
    Justin Johnson 3 months ago

    There fat ass dear leader needs to rot in hell!!The poor people there!!

  • Edwin Rivera
    Edwin Rivera 3 months ago +1

    That's disgusting

  • Tony Rios
    Tony Rios 3 months ago

    *_I fee like I'm the only person who likes this song._*

  • Watchmantoday Vaughn
    Watchmantoday Vaughn 3 months ago

    There is one very concerning aspect that too many people are overlooking! China and Russia for example have far more sophisticated satellites and are Far more Likely to have satellites available for EMP and other means to target US and western world with overhead. Interesting how the msm and Fakes, plants are able to convince more people that just North Korea and Iran are involved!! Iran and North Korea are the last of countries who are Not controlled by Rothschild type banking systems today!! Interesting!

  • TheNeurolicious
    TheNeurolicious 3 months ago

    they need some drum & bass

  • Evilfisher2
    Evilfisher2 3 months ago

    typical western sponsored garbage hate propaganda

  • sumeet sharma
    sumeet sharma 3 months ago

    sounds like some alien sounds sent to earth N SHIT

  • sumeet sharma
    sumeet sharma 3 months ago

    nigga ..shit scary fuck bruh

  • Ali hiji iddi
    Ali hiji iddi 3 months ago


  • Michael Cuff
    Michael Cuff 3 months ago

    i cant believe that no N. koreans have taken a rifle to this guy yet!

  • FractionTank
    FractionTank 3 months ago

    Who else thought of soldier boy at the beginning?

  • Mark Jacob
    Mark Jacob 3 months ago

    fear no man..all men are imperfect!

  • Mark Jacob
    Mark Jacob 3 months ago

    that would drive you insane fast

  • Al Schuck
    Al Schuck 3 months ago


  • gargoyle gangster
    gargoyle gangster 3 months ago

    north Koreans goose stepping like that reminds me of Lilliputians.

  • L L
    L L 3 months ago

    that is fucked up, empty streets till this about music starts, then boom, streets are full. talk about puppets.

  • A Rahman
    A Rahman 3 months ago +1

    fuck Kim

  • Mic Vili
    Mic Vili 3 months ago

    such a tragedy, im so blesed not to be born in such a country: those poor souls.

  • Douglas Dowling
    Douglas Dowling 3 months ago

    Yah I would say that is a little on the creepy side . I feel sorry for the people who have to put up with that kind of life .
    That country needs help and new leader ship . I would like to see one day all of Korea as one .

  • The Antagonist
    The Antagonist 3 months ago

    Watch this content to see what Communism has done to Cuba & North Korea:
    Under the Sun (V paprscích slunce) from 2015 by Vitaliy Manskiy

    Friends of Kim (2006)
    "Alejandro Cao de Benos" gets angry at 04m00s

    "De Pyongyang a la Habana" (From Pyongyang to Habana)

  • derick pryor
    derick pryor 3 months ago

    it sure do sound like exfiles..ha ha..poor north korea

  • هموم عراقية
    هموم عراقية 3 months ago

    -((Korea needs American women to have sex with them ))-

  • M.E. Peña Larios
    M.E. Peña Larios 3 months ago

    poor indoctrinated little puppets

  • Kurt Hectic
    Kurt Hectic 3 months ago +2

    At least put on some rock and roll for fucks sake

  • Slovak Gamer
    Slovak Gamer 3 months ago

    if i heard that every day i would slowly go insane.

  • cava 1919
    cava 1919 3 months ago

    someone send errio morricone in the morning

  • Webb walle
    Webb walle 3 months ago


  • Sheik Mamed Bux
    Sheik Mamed Bux 3 months ago

    Is 100% better then every morning hearing Trump saying Ghina ! Ghina ! Ghina ! on TV.

  • Morenob
    Morenob 3 months ago

    Same shit with muslims some weird imam screaming allahu akbarrrr

  • Football ŁÇ
    Football ŁÇ 3 months ago +1

    I bet at the start The guy Said "THE....FAT ASS BIG BITCH WHO LOVES CAKES IS.....HEREEE!!"

  • GI JaMeS
    GI JaMeS 3 months ago

    Freak Show

  • Vic Adrada
    Vic Adrada 3 months ago

    Red Hot Chili Peppers is much better in the morning

  • Leader success !
    Leader success ! 3 months ago

    just blow up the speakers and the north Korean people will snap out of it.

  • Justin Cruz
    Justin Cruz 3 months ago

    what the he'll that sound is so creepy I think if I'm a Korean I will bomb that because I want to sleep 12 hours in a day

  • Jason Clark
    Jason Clark 3 months ago

    I thought a dog's bark was annoying at 6 am. DAMN!

  • Almighty_Slikk HARRIS
    Almighty_Slikk HARRIS 3 months ago

    haha i read korean wake up to trap music er morning. lol if i was there i would hack they shht wit jeezy or sum

  • Jay Garcia
    Jay Garcia 3 months ago

    I would shoot myself

  • BadFinger
    BadFinger 3 months ago

    why aren't more people jumping from rooftops, this is horrible.

  • sharif hamdard
    sharif hamdard 3 months ago

    what a beautiful tun.

  • sharif hamdard
    sharif hamdard 3 months ago

    what a beautiful tun.

  • sharif hamdard
    sharif hamdard 3 months ago

    what a beautiful tun.

  • sharif hamdard
    sharif hamdard 3 months ago

    what a beautiful tune

  • sharif hamdard
    sharif hamdard 3 months ago

    what a beautiful tune

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C 3 months ago

    i would fucken go mad

  • Ajay Singh
    Ajay Singh 3 months ago

    Damn !

    i need a place like NK under my command.

  • Sura LK
    Sura LK 3 months ago

    it looks ghost town

  • john magdeline
    john magdeline 3 months ago


  • Open Your Eyes B42late
    Open Your Eyes B42late 3 months ago

    his army stroking his ego to no end.
    the little fat barsted has no friend

  • Kevin Salazar
    Kevin Salazar 3 months ago

    thank God I wasn't born in North Korea. Is a live hell place

  • 408Magenta
    408Magenta 3 months ago

    Notice,no chem trails.

  • 408Magenta
    408Magenta 3 months ago

    At 00:10 in the video, the tall triangular building remains unfinished and unoccupied due to structural problems. We used to joke that this was the american embassy. I never heard the song or music when I was there. Invented by you perhaps.

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