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  • Linda Brosius
    Linda Brosius 42 minutes ago

    I stumbled onto your channel, and I absolutely love it.. :)

  • Einherjar
    Einherjar 6 hours ago

    Sorry to hear about Kristy, hope it heals okay. It sucks, I know...fractured my ankle in a car wreck 25 years ago. Hope it wasn't too bad!

  • Einherjar
    Einherjar 6 hours ago

    Defiantly makes me think: I would want to be that wealthy, but would I want all the stress and upkeep of accounts to have it?

  • Einherjar
    Einherjar 6 hours ago

    Oh, and that red car is a Packard? Daayyuumm!!!

  • Einherjar
    Einherjar 6 hours ago

    Wow, such a gorgeous place, sad to see it sit with no one to own it. A lot of money and thought went into building this home, and here it sits, pretty sad. All of the detail from the wood work to the stone pillar on the winding staircase...awesome. Gotta say, the newspaper wallpaper had me for a second. I remember when I was a kid, newspaper was sometimes used to help the wallpaper stick...not sure if it really did do that or not, but some people did it. Yeah, it's weird.

  • babyspykes
    babyspykes 22 hours ago

    enjoy your adventures, and hope your wife's leg mends soon

  • Petra Sch.
    Petra Sch. 1 day ago

    Hope your wife will get well soon. Best wishes from Austria

  • Augusta Sweet
    Augusta Sweet 2 days ago

    Looks 80s not 60s...

  • Mark Seveland
    Mark Seveland 2 days ago

    Many well wishes Kristy. Get well soon. Amazing place, what a waste.

  • Gubba Bump
    Gubba Bump 2 days ago

    What about the horses?

  • Corey Dahl
    Corey Dahl 2 days ago

    Your audio is awful. You have no idea how to mix sound. Why did you set the levels so high? Ugh.

  • Dj Davidson
    Dj Davidson 3 days ago

    Great exploration. You are amazingly beautiful AF.

  • Dennis Shidell
    Dennis Shidell 3 days ago

    sorry kristy get well soon and don't be gimpy about it lol

  • Carol Carpenter
    Carol Carpenter 3 days ago

    Nice find! What state are you in?

  • Melody Melhaff
    Melody Melhaff 3 days ago

    Oops, I spelled your wife's name wrong. Should have been with a K and a Y. I am so sorry.

  • Melody Melhaff
    Melody Melhaff 3 days ago

    I think the attached buildings were for the maids to live in while employed by the owner to take care of the house. You seem to assume that you always find the same kind of books on financial subjects, and that's why the places were abandoned, but maybe studying those books is how they got their wealth, and maybe they just died and had no living relatives. Maybe. Just a thought. Love your videos, and tell Christie I wish her well, and hope she's back on her feet in no time.

  • roy van wijk
    roy van wijk 3 days ago

    Best wishes for your wife, hope she gets well soon... I love the your videos

  • Stretch Lowry
    Stretch Lowry 4 days ago

    More talking less music. A lot less

  • Jane Vandy
    Jane Vandy 4 days ago

    Such a cool property! I realize it requires a TON of work, but how cool would it be to turn it into a therapeutic retreat for troubled youth, etc. Lots of potential provided it can be repaired/updated. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lara O'neal
    Lara O'neal 4 days ago +1

    Sorry about ur wife. Hope she's better. You do a great job. Not on here all the time but it is very interesting. I love your curiosity about these things and letting us share from all ur work.

  • Rising Muscle
    Rising Muscle 4 days ago +1

    THE MUSIC IS GREAT KEEP IT. It brings style and art to your awesome work.

  • Ray Ray The Explorer
    Ray Ray The Explorer 4 days ago +1

    Great video again as always you guys

  • Alan A
    Alan A 4 days ago +1

    I'm one of your older viewers from across the channel in good old Britain. I've said it before, you treat the places you visit with a great deal of respect, and that alone makes your videos a must-see. A big thanks for uploading and sharing your videos.

  • Gina Marie
    Gina Marie 4 days ago

    Pretty cool

  • Ad Mirer
    Ad Mirer 5 days ago

    Amazing that the roof is not leaking-no mold or wall stains.

  • Taragoola
    Taragoola 5 days ago +1

    A little late to the party here, but I'm sorry about her leg. Been there and that shit sucks.

  • Cson Johnson
    Cson Johnson 5 days ago

    where is this property located?

  • Aaron Carrillo
    Aaron Carrillo 5 days ago +1

    i guess those books on finances failed uh>? to waste this beautiful place is just sad

  • Diego Ezeith
    Diego Ezeith 5 days ago

    dude your videos are cool but you make the video looks sad i dont know maybe is your voice or your actitud looks boring or sad

  • Michael Cuffe
    Michael Cuffe 5 days ago

    Interesting 50s/60s architectural style. What country is this in?
    Best wishes to your wife, hope she gets well soon.

  • coloful 56
    coloful 56 5 days ago

    what was in the the suitcase🤓😏

  • kem mah
    kem mah 6 days ago

    is this not private property? .. but you film yourself trespassing ?

  • ckj1103
    ckj1103 6 days ago

    What was the company? Did the neighbor tell you? What an awesome spot and what a tragic waste. You should do some research and give us the whole story.

  • Sein Maestro
    Sein Maestro 6 days ago

    looooove the wood in there

  • ~Whitewolf
    ~Whitewolf 6 days ago

    Yeah Mid Century Modern this person was very interested in architecture. This place is spectacular. I would so move in there - rat turds be damned.

  • ~Whitewolf
    ~Whitewolf 6 days ago

    I'd very much like to move into this place. It's FABULOUS!

  • Covert Radio
    Covert Radio 6 days ago +1

    "... And I don't think ANYONE, wants to sleep in Mouse Shit...." ~ RnK All Day ~ (circ. Eleventh of July, The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Seventeen)

  • Timothy Jones
    Timothy Jones 6 days ago

    awesome video great explore i'm a fairly new subscriber like the content and sorry to hear about your wife hope she is doing well and gets better quick

  • Seasons of the dead
    Seasons of the dead 6 days ago

    I'd be moving in That shit

  • roboliño schmidt
    roboliño schmidt 6 days ago

    all those houses look so great..i just wonder why no one buys them..

  • Denise Lyman
    Denise Lyman 6 days ago

    love this one

  • Kenny Beckum
    Kenny Beckum 6 days ago

    I THOUGHT THE MUSIC WAS PRETTY KICK ASS! Lounge music, sit around with drinks and have that playing in the background. I liked it.

  • Allan T
    Allan T 6 days ago

    I enjoy you vids,hope you wife gets better soon

  • nfxcr3w
    nfxcr3w 6 days ago

    Camera is shaking a lot dude.

  • Duncan Rainey
    Duncan Rainey 6 days ago +1

    Cool video and sending prayers to your wife man.

  • Backtothe80's
    Backtothe80's 6 days ago +1

    Sorry to hear about Kristy & l@@king forward to seeing more videos like this.

  • Fligemon
    Fligemon 6 days ago

    Stop with the Michael McConaghy vibe............not cool, not cool.

  • Venus Venus
    Venus Venus 7 days ago +1


  • GothicaBeauty.
    GothicaBeauty. 7 days ago

    The kitchen is bigger than the whole downstairs of my house.

  • josetres333
    josetres333 7 days ago +1

    Blessings to your wife for a spent recovery.

  • Owlzindabarn
    Owlzindabarn 7 days ago

    I don't know if you were seeing things, but that painting was ultra- creepy!

  • RobertJ1966
    RobertJ1966 7 days ago

    The interior of that property looks like the 1980's. I am guessing someone had an "at home" law firm. In the 1980's every one was going to be an attorney or a stock broker.

  • Project street co.
    Project street co. 7 days ago

    can somebody please tell me where this is i want to go explore it as well because I'm starting my own youtube chanel

  • T Wart
    T Wart 7 days ago

    sweet find

  • richbrutus
    richbrutus 8 days ago

    Do you have permission to snoop around other peoples properties?

  • Debbie Brannon
    Debbie Brannon 8 days ago

    Really interesting architecture and beautiful property. But audio was way ahead of the video which was very annoying, I quit about 12 minutes into it.

  • Nebraska Jones
    Nebraska Jones 8 days ago

    It's a shame that such a wonderful place was left to just rot.

  • David Windeisel
    David Windeisel 8 days ago

    You mean, "I'm with my boyfriend Justin".

  • Melanie C
    Melanie C 8 days ago

    What an amazing house.....I'd live in it for sure

  • Todd Crenshaw
    Todd Crenshaw 8 days ago

    what's to stop someone from squatting there???

  • Marie Gosnell
    Marie Gosnell 8 days ago

    I wish all the explores would tell up something about owners and what happened to them .

  • nancy ulery
    nancy ulery 8 days ago +2

    dont like your music, but love your work. sorry about your wifes leg.

  • New Account
    New Account 8 days ago

    the paperwork something someone stressed out over so much instead of enjoying what God gave them...

  • New Account
    New Account 8 days ago

    last man on earth shit

  • New Account
    New Account 8 days ago

    about a minute in I realized where you are lol thanks

  • New Account
    New Account 8 days ago

    that painting

  • New Account
    New Account 8 days ago

    never thought trespassing could be so majestic

  • Leah Drake
    Leah Drake 8 days ago

    MR RNK, you should do a little research on this house, but don't let us know the designers name in public. This house is a designer home.


  • Doug Simerly
    Doug Simerly 8 days ago +1

    Another great one, and I hope your lovely wife heals quickly!

  • guile Mosher
    guile Mosher 8 days ago

    why do lisps, aviators and eyebrow piercings always go so well together?

  • Cactus Pete
    Cactus Pete 8 days ago

    Cool fireplace. The design of the whole place is like some kind of Frank Lloyd Wright knock off. Very unusual angles of the living spaces and built into the natural terrain. Thanks for the tour.

  • Lillie Arizona
    Lillie Arizona 8 days ago +1

    Feel better soon Christy! Sorry to hear you broke your leg. Glad it wasn't on an explore. Peace, and love to you both. Thank you for doing these. I appreciate watching you go to places I don't have the ability, or means to explore.

  • Riaan de Beer
    Riaan de Beer 8 days ago +1

    Fuck vandals.

  • Julia Seitrich
    Julia Seitrich 8 days ago +1

    So someone is paying for phone service all these years?

  • jeanneahad1
    jeanneahad1 8 days ago

    Stop talking! You ruin it!

  • RKM Tzu
    RKM Tzu 8 days ago +1

    Best Wishes and Heal soon !

  • Twisted Crow
    Twisted Crow 8 days ago

    who is this guy? he kinda sucks

  • Edson Ibarra
    Edson Ibarra 8 days ago +1

    Hey Did you guys see that Ghost in the background 2:13

  • dark rainbows
    dark rainbows 8 days ago

    that would still fetch $450.000...easy

  • Benji R
    Benji R 8 days ago +1

    stumbled across this video and now I can't wait to watch all your other ones! I'm excited! That painting is absolutely incredible! If you were able to get who the artist is I am hoping you can share it. I want to have something like that done in my home. Awesome video! Thank you

  • Shelley Hillier
    Shelley Hillier 8 days ago +1

    absolutely love the music playing!!

  • Adrianna Garcia
    Adrianna Garcia 9 days ago +1

    me encanto saludos!

  • Repete Myname
    Repete Myname 9 days ago +1

    Packard cars, last ones were made in 1958. All that siding is cedar and its called "stone veneer" not rocks. Tons of tongue in groove cedar and assorted stone work inside, very costly work no matter what decade you are talking. The house looks like it was built in the late 60's to me, thats kind of when that open concept starting getting popular. Lose the irritating rap music in your intro it makes you look like a 14 year old kid trying too hard to be cool.

  • Robin Sumner
    Robin Sumner 9 days ago +1

    i hope your wife gets better soon :)

  • Robin Sumner
    Robin Sumner 9 days ago

    be cool if people when they abanded places like that to leave a note behind as to the reason why i dont think i could abanded somethin like that would have to be a good reason

  • Echo Delta Charlie 2:1

    Fascinating place, excellent video, thanks!

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez 9 days ago

    You know what that picture was telling you " Help ME. " cause it heard you like the house.

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez 9 days ago

    Do you know who that house belonged too??

  • Rosy Katz
    Rosy Katz 9 days ago

    maybe mob or drug lords who went to prison. sometimes, people run off quickly to Europe to escape something and couldn't pay taxes. but places that taxes couldn't be kept up or bankruptcy always get auctioned off by the banks. they want their money.

  • b1orogue
    b1orogue 9 days ago

    I often wonder about places like this. Who owns it now? Who is paying taxes on the property? Why are they not using it for something, anything? Lease it out, something. Why just let something, as beautiful a place as this, just waste away?

  • johnorlitta
    johnorlitta 9 days ago

    Man imagine the parties that must have happened there.

  • Orion59
    Orion59 9 days ago

    Get well soon Kristy; wish you a speedy recovery.

  • rebecca robinson
    rebecca robinson 9 days ago

    Sorry your wife broke her leg.Hope she gets better. nice videos.

  • Dark Exploration Films
    Dark Exploration Films 9 days ago +1

    Your channel is on the rise man. Videos have been killer lately. Keep it up 👊

    • RnK All Day
      RnK All Day 7 days ago

      Dark Exploration Films thanks man, we should get together and hit something sometime

  • jimster586
    jimster586 9 days ago

    Awesome explore! Hope Kristy heals quickly, I'm sure it gets lonely exploring without her.

  • Dave Eden
    Dave Eden 9 days ago

    nothing is free

  • Tracy Himes
    Tracy Himes 9 days ago

    Where is located?

  • Tracy Himes
    Tracy Himes 9 days ago

    I love this video. The music is soothing.

  • Dave Page
    Dave Page 9 days ago

    Just came across this video, and wow what a great job and cool house! One of the most interesting abandoned places I've seen, and in such good shape. Already subscribed! Look forward to watching more of your vids.

  • TeaWill
    TeaWill 9 days ago

    ..."and I don't think anyone wants to sleep in mouse $#!+" ... lol. You are so seriously funny. Prayers for Christy's fast recovery! Tell her she's greatly missed. I broke my leg 2 years ago so I know how hard recovery can be. Hope she's back on her feet soon!

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