Sebring Sprites Crash and Spin at Goodwood

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  • Alex Lamas
    Alex Lamas 5 months ago +1

    I'm of two minds watching this. First, I really love watching this and the other 1960's class of cars race like DB4s and E Types but I hate to see such beautiful pieces of art work get smashed in these shunts. It's like watching people fight with Picassos. However, they need to run, they need to race and they need to be driven. A worse fate is when they need up as static art in museums. So great racing gentlemen and please for the sake of these stunning cars be safe! A huge thanks to the people of Goodwood for letting us enjoy this all around the world!

  • Alex Lamas
    Alex Lamas 5 months ago

    I watched this live and screamed out loud seeing that shunt! That was brutal!

  • Vito Bertaudeau
    Vito Bertaudeau 5 months ago

    gracias y compartido

  • Jeff H
    Jeff H 5 months ago +1

    Methinks 38 was in too much of a hurry to get back on the circuit.

  • 5252dan
    5252dan 5 months ago

    that 38 was my favorite. oh well guess it can be repaired

  • phil tripe
    phil tripe 5 months ago +2

    as entertaining as this is, watching old cars run at the limit is pretty amazing but the lack of stewardship is quite obvious...these are spoiled rich brats that really dont appreciate these magnificent old cars that need to be saved for future generations to enjoy

    • Alex Z
      Alex Z 5 months ago

      +phil tripe - what a bloody awful attitude you have. These are racing drivers using their cars for what they were built for and they are giving us a fantastic show. Instead, you're seeing bankers who have stolen your money and are destroying a piece of metal which would presumably be better off locked away in a container for nobody to see? How skewed is your perception of the world?

    • Alex Lamas
      Alex Lamas 5 months ago

      I hate watching these beautiful machines in shunts as well but it's a far worse fate if they were just sitting in a museum collecting dust. These cars are meant to race! That's what they were built for, that's why they exist! They're just objects (beautiful objects) and can be repaired but for them not race, not to be used for their full purpose is as bad as a person dying with their music still in them, never to show the world their true gifts. I'm grateful for places like Goodwood that give these machines a life they deserve and a forum for people to marvel at them.

      If you ever wanted to do this get a Cobra, that's what I would do. They're quite prevalent and don't cost that much (plus they're beasts on the track!). Trust me, if I were racing an E Type or an Aston my anxiety levels would be through the roof on just getting a scratch. I already get nervous parking my Mini on the street.

    • Michael Costigan
      Michael Costigan 5 months ago

      That was not an accident - it was totally avoidable. The yellow car was off the track and should not have rejoined until it was safe to do so; by rejoining immediately in front of a pack of cars the driver caused that collision and should have been reprimanded by the race stewards.

    • S UU
      S UU 5 months ago

      +phil tripe - Get over yourself, self-important, entitled Jackass. There's so much wrong with your attitude, i hope you don't hurt someone while trying to 'save the world'

      "most of those people are probably bankers that earned their money from the poor people just as most of the wealthy" (Socialist)

      "these are spoiled rich brats that really dont appreciate these magnificent old cars that need to be saved for future generations to enjoy"

      "if some idiot makes a few bucks he is allowed to destroy history?"

    • Ollie Fisher-Sewell
      Ollie Fisher-Sewell 5 months ago

      phil tripe What happened here was an accident that was unavoidable, it's one of those things that happens in racing otherwise these would be nothing but museum pieces and then what's the point? These cars aren't dead yet so all these races and crashes will all be part of their history! It happened back then and it'll happen now. There's no point either in trying to make assumptions as to the drivers' occupations, it just makes you look bitter which I hope is the angle you're not going for. Besides, you need the people with money to own these cars because then they can get them fixed and back out on the track for everyone's enjoyment!

  • paul-emile cendron
    paul-emile cendron 5 months ago

    nooo he was driving like a champ. damn damn...maybe should have been more tentative getting back on track..

  • MarcChep
    MarcChep 5 months ago +1

    Noooo!!! :( At least nobody was seriously injured.

  • 8t8
    8t8 5 months ago +5

    so heartbreaking after saving the spin :(

  • SvennyS
    SvennyS 5 months ago +1


  • Yoann 07
    Yoann 07 5 months ago


  • ThatGuyNamedScott. C
    ThatGuyNamedScott. C 5 months ago +6

    Amazed he can walk with balls that big..

    • Laborn
      Laborn 5 months ago

      yea. and its quite a disadvantage for the power to weight distribution.

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