Tears and anger for Minneapolis woman shot by police

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  • Glory to Kekistan
    Glory to Kekistan 5 hours ago

    Geuss what? No riots.

  • Alba Hotaj
    Alba Hotaj 13 hours ago

    This is a great example of all lives matter so please let's not make this a race issue.

  • Lian
    Lian 2 days ago

    The justice for this crime is life to life and death to death!

    GUERRILLA SUNRISE 3 days ago


    GUERRILLA SUNRISE 3 days ago


  • Michael L Bollman
    Michael L Bollman 4 days ago

    ` When NY and Dallas happened people were shocked now those same people are staring to realize why these things are happening..... justice is long dead.... or it's only for the rich and officers of the court...... society will only take so much before NY and Dallas will be every day event across the USA and Canada    this pig needs to be tried with second degree murder and convicted with the most harshest penalties allowed by law anything less just might trigger the people to go out and start taking out the trash.... once the genie is out of the bottle there is no putting him back.

  • David
    David 4 days ago

    That nigger better run! run nigger run the reaper's gonna get'cha, run nigger run , you wont get away.

  • V. Smith
    V. Smith 5 days ago

    Did they ever find out who was being assaulted in the alley? Sounds like a cover up for a possible sex trafficking victim.

  • Kathleen Henderson
    Kathleen Henderson 5 days ago

    Wow! This shows again how Affirmative Action hiring quotas do not work!

  • Escobar 88
    Escobar 88 5 days ago

    Blue lives Matter.This is Justifiable she looked like a thug he feared for his life

  • MyArms2short2masterB8

    The statements above are just my Observatorial Opinions, hopefully i'm wrong. -But this lady should not have been killed standing&talking to one Police Officer, while the other decides to shoot her dead, for no reason! And shot her across the other Cop seated behind the steering wheel, this is the craziest bazaar story i've ever heard!

  • skirts365
    skirts365 5 days ago

    All the arsonists, carjackers, armed robbers, rapists, drunk driver and foreign terrorists together are only 5% the risk to the law abiding public as their own local COP departments.

  • African Front
    African Front 5 days ago +2

    Let's talk about white on white crime

  • African Front
    African Front 5 days ago

    Pray for officer mohamed noor and his family he is the real victim that meth smoking thug had it coming

  • Christian Bozwell
    Christian Bozwell 5 days ago +2

    White is the new black. Blue Lives Matter....... REMEMBER ?

  • Qwintin Aazrail
    Qwintin Aazrail 5 days ago

    I better not see any blacks taking up for that white bitch, fuck the dead thugged out ho. Bitch shouldn't have been running up on officers while they're doing their job. Rot in piss, bitch.

  • M C
    M C 5 days ago

    Blablablaaaa ... Cop's
    Um to "Serve and Protect" ?!
    Guy's REALLY ... THE cop's should get arrested TOO , ALL of them , which shoot people , which are unarmed ... Jail ... Period
    Same process as others
    You killed one , jail .
    Dont matters if you're a cop or a bartender
    If you kill someone else you get what you deserve ... Jail
    Alot is WRONG in USA and the white folks should raise their voices now ... Let the justice resurrect again ... Cuz justice got lost long time ago in USA ...

  • Healthy Heavyweights

    She was a thug.

  • Chris Robertson
    Chris Robertson 5 days ago

    She was trailer trash and a white thug who deserves to be put down like a dirty Rat.

  • PaxDisturbia
    PaxDisturbia 5 days ago

    I thought those new age types believe that their souls "choose when to make the passage to the other side" . Not meaning to be insensitive, but we can't really know, can we?

  • Mickey Gee
    Mickey Gee 5 days ago

    FORGET THE BODY CAMERAS! Is the BCA deliberately trying to steer
    away from the real issue!!! Consider the statement of Noor’s partner: if Noor
    was sitting on the passenger side and if he fired from that position, presuming
    he is right handed, then the end of his barrel had to have been about eighteen
    inches away from his partner’s face. Have the so-called 'investigators' thought
    to check for powder burns on the face and clothing of the officer behind the
    wheel? The statements of Noor's partner has a very bad odor about it! But,
    let's say that Noor reached ALL the way across his partner such that the barrel
    of his weapon  extended beyond his
    partner's face and actually was sticking out the window, then (1) Noor would
    have had to undo his seat belt and partially climb over the seat console and
    all other paraphernalia that normally is found in a police cruiser, (2) would
    have had a clear view of the victim as being a female in pajamas, (3) would
    clearly have heard a female's voice, and (4) the shot, in this scenario at
    least, would have left powder burns on the victim’s clothing. Consider also the
    fact that both the dash-cam and the body-cams all were turned off, rendering
    their purchase completely meaningless and being a complete waste of city
    revenues, and what is left demonstrates that all the evidence, at this point,
    points in one direction:  Minneapolis is
    trying very hard to avoid a civil law suit for Noor’s excessive use of deadly
    force.  C’mon Noor, be an honest man and
    tell the truth!

  • uberenthusiasts
    uberenthusiasts 5 days ago

    Maybe she didn't comply with orders and why was the thug in a dark alley? #bluelivesmatter

  • Starbuc1
    Starbuc1 5 days ago

    Wake up people. The police give traffic tickets they are not your protector. Secondly don't get in involved in others people's problems including crimes in progress.

    I don't fault her actions of calling police but I would have never left my home. My job is to protect my family and myself. The rest of you can do that for yourselves. This situation could have gone wrong for Justine in a thousand different ways, murderous cop being just one.

  • B1Brigade
    B1Brigade 5 days ago

    If the officer feared for his life then that's *ALL* that matters. Don't like it --tough! BACK THE BADGE!

  • tom
    tom 5 days ago +1

    I saw no tears. terrible crisis actors. what a bunch of fake propaganda

  • lee l
    lee l 5 days ago

    per the officers training manual. page 42.... women wearing pajamas an approach's an officer patrol unit must protect said unit and use deadly force.Minneapolis police spokes person stated that the perps Pajamas were not only repulsive but in the glair of the night light were disgusting to look at. officer in the Driver side of the patrol unit stated. I never been so scared I pretty much froze. my partner saved my life. Officer that fired three shots into this night crawler will be give one weeks pay for every bullet that hit its target. Said Pajamas were taken off e-bay in respect to the Minneapolis police Department. As Burse Spingsting says "welcome to the u.s.a." Please send all donation your local NRA

  • Za Warudo
    Za Warudo 5 days ago +2

    She had something that looked like a gun in her hand, she didn't comply with his orders, and she reached for something.

  • Leo nitus
    Leo nitus 6 days ago

    Why did you choose to become a cop? Because I get to use a gun. True story.

  • Sean Brennan
    Sean Brennan 6 days ago

    I am sensing that Minneapolis has/is being taken over by these rag-head f*cking "snackbar" turds...F*CK them ALL

  • slimyish
    slimyish 6 days ago

    Fuck you Americans and your Pathetic fucking gun culture, its the very reason your pathetic cops shot first and talk after, not because they feel threatened knowing everyone has guns, but because they want to shoot. you people only have guns cause you like them, fuck you.
    here in australia if Justine had approached a cop car late at night in her PJ's the cops would have jumped out of the car and asked if she was ok, but no in America they just lean across their partner and shoot through the window.
    Justine was from my area, she was a neighbor, i know her dad, he runs the book store near where i live and he is the nicest guy. everyone has described her as the most wonderful woman, but now she is dead, because you fuckers cant get over your obssesion with guns, YOU DONT FUCKING NEED GUNS!!!!! Fuck you America, dumbest nation in the world, thats why you all voted in the dumbest leader in the world. stupid pricks.

  • William Carter
    William Carter 6 days ago

    i thought you americans would take charge and deport all these fucking muslim inbreed cunts out of your country i mean fuck we only just lost 2 australians in those paris attack a few weeks back and now this... fuck america you muslim loving cunts your all fools

  • li wang
    li wang 6 days ago +2

    Teresa, ONE White Lady gets shot and SUDDENLY, police are EQUAL OPPORTUNITY OFFENDERS?????????........................................GIVE ME A BREAK. That's like these people that say, just because Obama was President, that racism is thereby, dead.

  • li wang
    li wang 6 days ago +1

    I'm OUTRAGED that they're outraged.......................and look at how the media crafts this. They don't do the same when it comes to Blacks. When a Black is killed the reporters goes and finds the biggest most uncouth and educated woman they can find, to make SPECTACLE

  • Bryochemical Intuition

    His name was Mohamed. He looks like he is from Somalia. What's hard to see here. #buildthatwall

  • Jeffery Austin
    Jeffery Austin 6 days ago +1

    this was a Muslim killing plan and simple to hell with all and I mean all Muslims. let them spend all eternity in hell. I will dance at there graves.

  • Starlin Peña
    Starlin Peña 6 days ago

    blue lives matter though so oh well and wtf are these niggas doing crying over a white bitch lol

  • Snake Pliskiin
    Snake Pliskiin 6 days ago +2

    let's make this simple. blue lives matter unless your Muslim and an immigrant. white people don't deserve to be shot while being unarmed. if you are non white and shot while being unarmed, you probably deserved it because blue lives matter. see easy sheep logic

  • Nick Edwards
    Nick Edwards 6 days ago +2

    we need to start a gofundme for the officer

      CKACKAJACKA 1 day ago

      You ain't gonna kill shit.......

  • RJ
    RJ 6 days ago

    Having mentally war scarred Somali refugees as police, is a clear indication of the drop in quality police have come into the ranks

  • Captain Howdy
    Captain Howdy 6 days ago +1

    You brain dead sheep will believe anything,  just another fucking run of the mill hoax.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 6 days ago +1

    man this shit is just fake as fuck mainstream media and the sheep just love this shit

  • Jordan Diddy
    Jordan Diddy 6 days ago

    Been tryna tell yall bout these police

  • Ramona Lee
    Ramona Lee 6 days ago

    The murderer was a MUSLIM Somali police officer. This is the second incident this MUSLIM Somali officer has been involved where a woman was unlawfully treated. MUSLIMS do not respect women. They are taught women have no value and will not be allowed into heaven. Women are expendable like Kleenex. MUSLIMS are animals and have NO business living in our country. Its like asking an alien from outer space to assimilate into Earth Culture.

    • Mike Lopez
      Mike Lopez 6 days ago

      Where were you when white male cops killed unarmed black women for getting mouthy with them? Or when they raped black women for that fact? I see you, you're a fucking hypocrite, your outrage is that the victim was a white woman and the cop a black Muslim.

  • aceshighest
    aceshighest 6 days ago

    Honestly fuck all of you whining about race. You guys are heartless cunts distracting from the issue at hand. If you think it's about race, society never hears the end of it. Even when you know it's not about race society still can't catch a break apparently. But for real the police officer that shot her should be imprisoned if for nothing else killing somebody while knowingly leaving the body cam off. The other officer should be massively fined for the same thing. We can't take chances on these assholes if we can't trust them. A message needs to be sent to the police that if you are provided a body cam. That equipment needs to be active at all times responding to a situation. The issue of race can be discussed when we finally get a leash on these dicks with badges and stop letting them off the hook for nonsense like this. The most important thing that needs to come out of this is accountability on the side of law enforcement. When police start feeling like they're going to be held fully accountable when they pull shit like this, we will see drops in racial motivated killings as well.

  • paul Ontheball
    paul Ontheball 6 days ago

    The day of reckoning is coming for these cops

  • Paul Bernotas
    Paul Bernotas 6 days ago

    that's why they are called Heroes

  • Paul Bernotas
    Paul Bernotas 6 days ago

    what I understand she was on the phone without 9-1-1 when the police came up and shot her.
    if a police officer continue uses the excuse of fearing for their life
    they shouldn't be that profession..

  • attananightshadow
    attananightshadow 6 days ago

    Well white people; time to storm the street and burn down a Starbucks... oh wait, that'd be retarded.

    • Sean Brennan
      Sean Brennan 6 days ago

      attananightshadow Or a CVS (Baltimore style) "Gotz to get me sum 2 ply azz wipe"

  • Mike Rogers
    Mike Rogers 6 days ago

    *Mohamed* Noor: the Somali, Muslim, black bastard who killed a white mother and bride to be, in middle America.

    'body camera turned off before the shooting'

  • Amani L
    Amani L 6 days ago

    #BlueLivesMatter don't forget

  • Ray Allen
    Ray Allen 6 days ago +4

    where are all the police defenders like when it's a white cop shooting a black person?

  • Curt Millie
    Curt Millie 6 days ago +4

    Someone's wife and mother has been killed, and all you guys can do is insult one another? Smh

      CKACKAJACKA 1 day ago

      Curt Millie
      Fuck that white bitch, more than likely she laughed when one of us are gunned down by the police. But apologetic ass niggaz wanna mourn for them when they're killed by the police. Fuck that dead bitch, ho can rot in piss as far as I'm concerned.

  • Anna in Vermont U.S.A


  • SIKE01
    SIKE01 6 days ago +1

    the police mistaken her shadow for a black person. when the shadowy figure didnt folllow the officer's command, he fired a shot "fearing for my life" NOT GUILTY!! (then again, she's white)

  • 1Dudelove
    1Dudelove 6 days ago +2

    I remember another incident where a black special needs carer was shot by a cop as he lay on the ground with his arms high in the air. He had called out that he is the minder of the disabled person who sat next to him and said the man was holding a toy train and NOT a gun....and the cop shot him (the black guy). He didn't die, and as he was being put into an ambulance, he told the cop "why did you shoot me?" the cop replied "I......don't know"

  • david boyd
    david boyd 6 days ago

    the fake scum snake in the grass American panic police and there brilliant policeing ,Like iv said before wrong people in the job ,they just cant hack it,

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen 6 days ago

    Seriously, they NEVER do a big story on it, if it's a white person killed by the cops.
    But, the unusual part about this, is that it was an Australian woman.
    The American MSM could not give a shit about American white people.

  • P Daniel
    P Daniel 6 days ago +2

    Muslim violence against unarmed woman. This is ISLAM. Time once and for all for all of us to shoot back with real guns with real ammo. Get the guns out boys.

  • F.O.A.D.
    F.O.A.D. 7 days ago

    American cops are scum !! when they get killed, I party !!!!

  • wally mack
    wally mack 7 days ago

    Hi fives back at the station.....

  • Sean Brennan
    Sean Brennan 7 days ago

    More straight Bullsh*t from the fucking LIEING , cover their own ass , psychotic cops !! **Oh no !! my comments will be brought up in the future as "anti-police" ....Fuck them!! also: the guy at the end is right...What Exactly the F*CK happened ????

  • Abel Cuevas
    Abel Cuevas 7 days ago

    the cop who shot her is a Somali muslim immigrant. ... alahu akbar!

  • Social Conservative
    Social Conservative 7 days ago +1

    as i said numerous times before, i am not a supporter of the police force even though i am a social conservative. the police force has a long standing culture of violence and brutality.

  • Mike dav
    Mike dav 7 days ago

    Police are just doing their job! Blue Lives Matter!
    This white female thug shouldn't have resisted!
    Not all cops are bad, asshole!
    We should wait till all the facts are in!
    The officer probably feared for his life!
    Why didn't this thug follow police orders????

  • K. A
    K. A 7 days ago


  • Lee Fam
    Lee Fam 7 days ago +1

    blue lives matter....officer feared for his life....no charges....

  • Nunya Bizness
    Nunya Bizness 7 days ago

    She was high on meth and had to be put down. BlueLivesMatter

  • Lion Judah
    Lion Judah 7 days ago


  • Broken Window
    Broken Window 7 days ago

    Muslim Somali Cop murdered Blone White Woman. It was a MUSLIM that killed her. Notice the news is not reporting the Cop was a fucking, murderous MUSLIM. WAKE UP!

  • z anthony
    z anthony 7 days ago

    your safer in Middle East than USA lol

  • Tappa Tappa
    Tappa Tappa 7 days ago

    Fuck the police

  • fabricio Alves
    fabricio Alves 7 days ago

    T.V. Network "News" refused to mention the cop was a muslim. It seems obvious enough that he shut off his body camcorder because he was planning on shooting some white person or muh dikk woman. There is no other reason to hide the evidence that the shooting was wrongful.

  • Sports Fan
    Sports Fan 7 days ago

    Well remeber #Bluelivesmatter down you think so?

  • Scott Wallace
    Scott Wallace 7 days ago

    Killer cop is a Somali Muslim.

  • Sanders Williams
    Sanders Williams 7 days ago +2

    She aint a *Minneapolis woman*... She is a cheap Aussie fucken BOGAN Bitch who deserve to die like a PIG!

  • Markas Rowman
    Markas Rowman 7 days ago +1

    Any fuckin apology from the fuckin Minneapolis department n city of Minneapolis?

  • Silver Surfer
    Silver Surfer 7 days ago

    These officers must be arrested, not on paid leave!

  • Gloria Pittman
    Gloria Pittman 7 days ago

    I wonder if the same people will be outraged when they found out a muslim officer killed her?

  • Andreas 13
    Andreas 13 7 days ago

    Now does every one out there believe the only good cop is a dead cop?

  • Sky Captain
    Sky Captain 7 days ago +1

    The cop who shot this woman was a Somali Muslim.

  • Buttercup Estes
    Buttercup Estes 7 days ago

    She calls the police. Cause, she heard something in the neighborhood. The cop shot her. The body cams and the vehicles cams was turn off. Aren't the cams suppose be turn on? (During work hours)

  • JimboParadox
    JimboParadox 7 days ago +1

    I would personally torture the worthless cop who shot this beautiful blonde white lady.

      CKACKAJACKA 1 day ago

      Fuck that dead cold rotting bitch, may she rot in piss

  • Ben Judah
    Ben Judah 7 days ago

    Sheila dindu nuffin mate! She wuz a Aussie qween n sheeiitt!

  • Bip Bap
    Bip Bap 7 days ago +7

    Somali nigger shoots white woman <- real headline.

    • Bip Bap
      Bip Bap 5 days ago

      Rodge, Somalis aren't us. Stop misplacing patriotism. It doesn't matter whether or not they wear a badge, they are 68 avg IQ violent savages. They have no place on a police force, in Minnesota, in the US, or in the west.

    • abdi jama
      abdi jama 6 days ago

      Bip Bap all lives matter you live my live matter homeless lives matter human soul has value

    • Rodge T
      Rodge T 6 days ago

      If you do not support our officers you can leave my country. MAGA #Backtheblue #Bluelivesmatter

  • Kutthroat General
    Kutthroat General 7 days ago

    Death to Minneapolis

  • Kutthroat General
    Kutthroat General 7 days ago

    This city is a liberal shit hole us whites need to move out so we don't become surrounded by these stupid minorities

    • Sambo Sam
      Sambo Sam 7 days ago

      Kutthroat General .gun control is coming.police shouldn't have guns.

  • george scarlett
    george scarlett 7 days ago +3

    Come on people----- A gorgeous blonde, No Hijab, No Burqa------ No Wonder! String him up by his "Muhamed"!

  • Ben Judah
    Ben Judah 7 days ago

    She was thug! Why didn't she just comply?? Blue Lives Matter

  • trackydog
    trackydog 7 days ago +3

    Oh yeah sitting in the passenger seat of a police car and shooting through the driver's door at someone is standard operating procedure, I'm sure. I can't wait for these cops to spin some wild tale of why this woman deserved this. This black devil police murderer needs to be tried, convicted, and executed.

      CKACKAJACKA 5 days ago

      Why berate a law abiding officer that was just doing his job? He put his life on the line everyday to keep you safe and this is the thanks he gets? I see why he offed that devil worshipping white bitch, may that thug bitch rot in piss.

  • RamZThaMarine
    RamZThaMarine 7 days ago +1

    I'm going to wait until all of the facts come out before I reach a conclusion...

  • Fran Fresno
    Fran Fresno 7 days ago +1

    She was a thug who shouldn't have aggressively aporoached a police vehicle, holding her phone like a gun, reaching into her waistband, shouting aggressively, or making gang signs. If she had done what she was told, and followed simple commands, then she would not have been shot. Right, Fox News viewers? 😏

  • tom
    tom 7 days ago

    another holistic doctor

  • tom
    tom 7 days ago

    something fishy going on here

  • Griffal17
    Griffal17 7 days ago +1

    Didn't she have her white privilege card?

  • eazydee415
    eazydee415 7 days ago +1

    Shouldn't have RESISTED blue lives matter lol You liberal cucks hate the truth

  • De Wu
    De Wu 7 days ago +2

    he was sitting down in the vehicle and shot her through the window while she was talking to them, that's murder, and what a lousy dispatcher as well.

  • TheOwlCreek
    TheOwlCreek 7 days ago


  • ronald moore
    ronald moore 7 days ago

    Not a lot of information being given here. Did she have a weapon? Did she attack the officers? Did she disobey a lawful order (sic)? Just what did she do to provoke that kind of response?

  • TheRealCritique
    TheRealCritique 7 days ago

    First off, no point in body cams if they can be shut off. Tampering with one should be grounds for immediate firing.

    Secondly, I bet this woman, being from a foreign country, thought she could mouth off to police, and probably called this black guy an uncle tom or something like that.

    Thirdly, white american christian police have now succeeded in teaching black muslim officers to kill white women for no reason. That sounds like racial progress to me!


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