An Underground City of Giants Discovered in the Grand Canyon

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  • Wayne Wells
    Wayne Wells 13 days ago

    I believe i have found hundreds of strange things in the Grand canyon over the years on Google earth.Crashed UFOs. Ancient ruins,secret tunnels and giant skulls.The majority of those now have probably been discovered by the Government and removed as they monitor all Google earth activity

  • Dave N
    Dave N 13 days ago

    If you take a cross section of land through the canyon, you notice a rise mid way. How could a river have carved a hill? Or was it a weapon like the mars scar? That caused it. Hence you can't go there. Pre socialization lived on earth and mars then.

  • zane lile
    zane lile 18 days ago

    If true - we could see inside.

  • D. Paul Riderman
    D. Paul Riderman 19 days ago

    Smithsonian "Institution".

    NADΛMS Month ago

    the grand canyon has many right angles and pyramid shaped structures that could not be made by just erosion. also its pretty hard to believe that just a river carved the canyon, id bet it was formed through many floods as civilization has fallen and collapsed many times through cataclysm.

  • Beyond the acting
    Beyond the acting Month ago +1

    yes they've found giants in grant canyon's caves but they were not as tall as buddhist statues above

  • L
    L Month ago +5

    Looks like Buddhist type stuff. Apparently they have found Egyptian stuff in the Grand Canyon too.

    • ivannthegreat1
      ivannthegreat1 Month ago

      L WoW, When it's a good thing that the government or some highly advanced organization hasn't gotten there hands in that place or region.

  • Clarence Youman
    Clarence Youman 2 months ago +2

    keep ya crazy pillzzz my eyes are open with out the discovery

  • Clarence Youman
    Clarence Youman 2 months ago +2

    this is sevral cultures and this isnt the only place open your eyes there shit sealed and obvious in farmington canyon

  • Penney Nile
    Penney Nile 2 months ago +11

    I really, really hate those computerized voices that are used to narrate videos like these. Are the people who make them so disinterested in their production that can't be bothered to have a real person provide the narration?

    • L
      L Month ago

      It's off limits because they don't want us to know our real history. We've been lied to about everything basically.

    • Penney Nile
      Penney Nile 2 months ago

      Or that the people making them will use live folks to narrate them!

    • Penney Nile
      Penney Nile 2 months ago

      By the way, why is it that the government made what should be an invaluable archaeological site off limits to the public? What are they trying to cover up now?

  • Music
    Music 2 months ago +1

    :) WOW

  • Vincent Smith
    Vincent Smith 2 months ago +1


  • lee v
    lee v 2 months ago +3

    Fact, there are areas in the canyon that the feds are working and it is off limits! You cannot fly near it nor approach the area.

  • Jean Falco
    Jean Falco 2 months ago +5


  • Patricia Rhea
    Patricia Rhea 2 months ago


  • Urban Shamen
    Urban Shamen 2 months ago +5

    My brother in law works in the Grand Canyon as a tour guide , and says that this is simply not true.

  • CherryvaleLeatherock
    CherryvaleLeatherock 2 months ago +2

    Remember when either Clinton, or Obama, made part of the GC a World Heritage Site (ie: no common ppl allowed!).  It is known as the GC Escarpment.  At the time, I thought, "well, another park bites the dust - thank you Democrats and NWO dastardly deeds!!

    • Meowmeow
      Meowmeow 2 months ago

      Photo is from asia. You've been bamboozled by people who use your undirected anger to get views.

  • Szabolcs Szederkényi
    Szabolcs Szederkényi 2 months ago

    It limps at several points.

  • Jozsef Molnar
    Jozsef Molnar 3 months ago +1

    I read about the caves in the Grand Canyon about 15 or so years ago.

  • SoCalDualSport
    SoCalDualSport 3 months ago


  • Child of the Creator God
    Child of the Creator God 3 months ago +2

    That entrance oks very small for giant cyclopeans to enter and exit.

  • Kent Bey
    Kent Bey 3 months ago

    Interesting ............................ ????????

  • leilani g
    leilani g 3 months ago +10

    The photo is in Asia not Grand Canyon VERY misleading

    • Annie Louie
      Annie Louie 3 months ago

      leilani g thats what i thought

  • Panepalarama Euripides
    Panepalarama Euripides 3 months ago +4

    He can say and "show" whatever he wants, since we are not allowed to go wherever it is to verify it.
    Places like the abandoned Etruscan copper mine in Canada is available for view. Not this.

    MAGGOT VOMIT 3 months ago +3

    ....sitting cross-legged with a Lotus flower in each hand. = FAG GIANT

  • Dave Sysygy
    Dave Sysygy 4 months ago +3

    So our water shortage is because og giant hot tubs?

  • alchemy philosopher's stone


  • Lanny Cotler
    Lanny Cotler 5 months ago +9

    O, what a gullible creature is the human child person...

  • the gator
    the gator 5 months ago +3


    • the gator
      the gator 3 months ago


      MAGGOT VOMIT 3 months ago

      I got up this morning and thought mine had developed another Eye cause I split-streamed and missed the Terlet.

  • doc thor
    doc thor 5 months ago +4

    i call BS on this .been there many times

    • doc thor
      doc thor 4 months ago

      oh not even 30 years ago wow i got to be wrong bs on you study harder on this

    • Katy Did
      Katy Did 4 months ago

      doc thor I call a BS on you. No one is allowed to see the most recently found and excavated areas underneath Mesa Verde. Just cause you've seen the rim doesnt mean you know it all. Know it all.

    • doc thor
      doc thor 4 months ago

      mineral c0re site soon to be mined

    • doc thor
      doc thor 4 months ago

      believe what you want 7 comes eleven daddy need a new pair of shoes

    • Eternity
      Eternity 4 months ago

      So you have explored all 1.217 million acres and been to every single cave including restricted areas? And I'm just supposed to take your word for it?

  • Michelle strack Province
    Michelle strack Province 5 months ago +4

    no more shall they keep away the truth, you cannot hide it forever, we will find it out and set it free

  • Michelle strack Province
    Michelle strack Province 5 months ago +3

    well if theres a way in then theres hidden tunnels to find another way into the city at grand canyon, ive often felt ive the heart of a giant bc im so short lol

  • randy beard
    randy beard 5 months ago +12

    When a National Area like Grand Canyon has Area's Off Limits to the General Public, You Know something Fishy is Going On.

  • Richard Campbell
    Richard Campbell 5 months ago +5

    I live close to The Grand Canyon..I was abducted and held prisoner by giant lizard creatures. They overtook me with a deadly snakey smell. They proceeded to force me to have sex with a Gila Monster / human hybrid..She was sexy but, had bad breath.

    • Little Shepherd Farm
      Little Shepherd Farm 4 months ago

      I always wanted to be abducted and meet a ghila monster/human hybrid!!! You lucky dog you!!! LOL.

    • signalrecieved
      signalrecieved 4 months ago

      so...anyway....after I fucked her....

    • Paul Cook
      Paul Cook 5 months ago

      Too deadly snakey smell and was sexy but had bad breath...hahahaha.

  • Nova Krowchuk
    Nova Krowchuk 5 months ago +5

    The Earth, and what lives on it belongs to the CREATOR, and not one man, these keepers are condemned.

    • Nova Krowchuk
      Nova Krowchuk 4 months ago

      Yes it can be, depending on ones reality i suppose.

    • Michael Rowland
      Michael Rowland 4 months ago

      Eternity he is very delusional

    • Eternity
      Eternity 4 months ago

      Your pathetic nonsense is not backed up by scripture. You are a hateful racist who needs to repent.

    • Israelite Daggerz
      Israelite Daggerz 5 months ago

      Actually the earth and everything in it including plants, animals, and gentiles was given to us the children of Israel the chosen people of God. Everything on earth belongs to the Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans with negro and Indian descent.

  • ted norberto
    ted norberto 5 months ago

    This content is of the UNshadowy UNclassed type.

  • My Many Vids
    My Many Vids 5 months ago +18

    Interesting how alot of these places around the world are hidden from people and the Govts dont want anyone to know about them or go near these sites. WHY? And so many of these places are never heard of until a regular Joe comes across them and gets the info out. Then the Govts take over and cover alot of them up and block anyone from seeing them. What is it about the past that so much is kept from the public? No wonder we dont or cant trust Govts to tell us the truth when we always see theyre hiding the truth about things.

    • Kid Buu
      Kid Buu 4 months ago

      America aka Red India - Australia aka Aboriginal - Israel aka Palestine - Canada - umm...?

    • Richard Campbell
      Richard Campbell 5 months ago

      Huh ? What history?

    • My Many Vids
      My Many Vids 5 months ago

      Or the history of many diff places across the globe

    • White Sheep
      White Sheep 5 months ago

      Make you wonder why they don't want us to know the History of America.

  • Amber Humphreys
    Amber Humphreys 6 months ago +1

    Such total twaddle.

  • Jim Jimm
    Jim Jimm 6 months ago +1

    It isn't much, but it kept the rain off their heads

  • Jerry Poe
    Jerry Poe 6 months ago +3

    I've seen this giant on three different videos and thee different places. Get your lies straight! This is why I don't believe any of this videos.

  • Kirby
    Kirby 6 months ago +2

    "no visitors" except the Havasupai who haved lived there for thousands of years

  • ZOO Mux
    ZOO Mux 7 months ago +2

    Good science-fiction; should write a book!

    DECO-LUX 7 months ago +2

    I don't understand why you have picture of Buddha to make this point???

    • Sammi Curr
      Sammi Curr 6 months ago

      Yup, Just do a side bar search, the 1st pic is a statue of the Buddha found in Yungang Grottoes Cave 3 Datong China

    • Screaming Dean
      Screaming Dean 6 months ago

      +Ahmed Al-Gendy Really? I thought Buddha was just a fat guy who had his legs crossed and spouted off poetry and ideology.

    • Jan Kowalski
      Jan Kowalski 6 months ago

      Grand Canyon was the world center of all cultures

    • Ahmed Al-Gendy
      Ahmed Al-Gendy 6 months ago

      Buddha are Nephilim.

  • Piutek-Dinatch-Krone 2016 WTM-USA,LLC


    I need to go see it myself.

  • Leah Jones
    Leah Jones 7 months ago

    wow great 😊

  • kongvinter33
    kongvinter33 7 months ago +1

    wow, such great evidence

  • Nidra Blades Dottir
    Nidra Blades Dottir 7 months ago

    2:24 does not look like any Hieroglyphic symbols I've ever seen.  And I have plenty of books on them.    Actually this looks more like a ‘high rise’ with steps leading up to about four floors  and a ‘saucer ship’ sitting on the roof.  To the right of the ‘building’ some grouchy,
    big nosed, bearded dude sits cross legged in a chair. He is wearing a helmet that I swear I have seen in some old black and white cartoon from the forties or fifties.   But it does NOT look like

    • Sammi Curr
      Sammi Curr 6 months ago

      The tablet looks more like a childish attempt at Ancient Sumerian Cuneiform within a crude Egyptian cartouche. Except for the cartouche there's nothing Egyptian about it. All the images in this video have been "borrowed" to try to add authenticity to the "story", including the Buddha's from caves in China.

    • Daniel McLaren
      Daniel McLaren 6 months ago

      Nidra Blades Dottir glyphs don't have to be the same do they? I know nothing about them by the way

    • Ahmed Al-Gendy
      Ahmed Al-Gendy 6 months ago

      what's the last picture depicting?

  • creature chaser
    creature chaser 7 months ago

    Don't believe everything you here, i havent seen any soldiers

    • cliffh5
      cliffh5 5 months ago

      There would have to be a whole bunch of them to cover the job of watching the entrance 24/7. That would mean they would need a barracks, food, etc. There would have to be a road for trucks to get all this stuff in and out. In other words, there would be a lot of evidence of something going on.

  • conspiracyminstrel
    conspiracyminstrel 7 months ago +1

    Not sure if i can handle anymore disclosure,lol I had a feeling there were giants. This is great, Agartha, inner earth!!! Good stuff,

  • Kitty Phom
    Kitty Phom 7 months ago +1


  • Gene F
    Gene F 8 months ago +4

    more machines attempting to talk.

  • Lynda Rose
    Lynda Rose 8 months ago +4

    What are the proportions of a cyckops?

    • Richard Campbell
      Richard Campbell 5 months ago

      Absolutely huge..Their heads peak out above the rim..LOL

    • M A
      M A 5 months ago

      Lynda Poysor Big. lol.

    • signalrecieved
      signalrecieved 8 months ago

      Oh, around 5 chains and 7 cubits or so...big huh?

  • mack bolan
    mack bolan 8 months ago +1


    ECHOMAN 8 months ago +14

    these type of cover ups have been orchestrated by the Smithsonian Institution run by the US government .
    bottom line they are hiding the existence of GOD so humanity can be detached and corrupted

      DIMEBAGONICS 7 months ago

      ECHOMAN maybe but the Smithsonian channel is awesome.

    • k1mpman
      k1mpman 7 months ago

      Man is corrupted even with the presence of god in their life.

    • Lynda Rose
      Lynda Rose 8 months ago

      I do not understand how this can hide the existence of God.

  • Killer Clown
    Killer Clown 8 months ago +3

    Why don't they show the giant

  • grumpy oldmann1254
    grumpy oldmann1254 8 months ago +3

    oh no!!!!! its the White people look out !!!!!

  • Eddie Rodriguez
    Eddie Rodriguez 8 months ago +6

    EVEN if it is not true why is the grand canyon off Iimits and even to park personal?

    • Rob Trubiano
      Rob Trubiano 5 months ago

      Eddie Rodriguez Red Dot or Tomahawk Indians, much easier way to explain

    • Eddie Rodriguez
      Eddie Rodriguez 6 months ago


    • casco rick
      casco rick 6 months ago

      DECO-LUX Native American Indians want and deserve a lot of things do they get them

    • DECO-LUX
      DECO-LUX 7 months ago

      only parts of it and because of Native American/Indian Reservations, the natives consider the place sacred and don't want disturbance

    • Laura Cullen
      Laura Cullen 8 months ago

      Rangers do not want to go rescue total idiots that are likely already dead. John Wesley Powell and companions saw nothing of what you claim are there. You need medication.

  • Bill O Ho
    Bill O Ho 9 months ago +2

    The Location of Kincaid's 'Cave' Revealed

  • Montyballs
    Montyballs 9 months ago


  • Jennifer Davis
    Jennifer Davis 9 months ago +1

    why do they make everything a secret!!!

    • j cloud
      j cloud 6 months ago

      For profits.

    • LA Empire
      LA Empire 7 months ago

      the u.s makes everything a secret..god knows why but if we search on other like the pyramids in mexico and Egypt,china ect.. its kinda hard to hide those places thanks to some other countries governments use them for tourist and make money out of it.

  • Anthony Alexzander
    Anthony Alexzander 9 months ago +10

    The people ranged from 9 to twelve feet tall and they ate human flesh. There are stories of these people in early native American history telling how they killed off the giants when the native americans first migrated to the Americas from asia.

    • Stephanie Mitchell
      Stephanie Mitchell 4 months ago

      Anthony Alexzander : Really? Got the story title so that I may look it up?

    • Ahmed Al-Gendy
      Ahmed Al-Gendy 6 months ago

      Book of Enoch.

    • 321thach
      321thach 7 months ago

      Sokha chhim by looking at your name I think you are Khmer just like myself but I,m from Vietnam n I think you are from Cambodia please correct me if I,m wrong. If you are Khmer or from mainland Southeast you should know that we have a folk tale about a giant being called Yak that eat human

    • Anthony Alexzander
      Anthony Alexzander 9 months ago

      over a thousand skeletons in the Smithsonian this is not new info look it up

    • Sokha chhim
      Sokha chhim 9 months ago

      Anthony Alexzander you are watching way too many anime my friend,do you have any proofs?

  • vaughn parry
    vaughn parry 9 months ago +5

    watch no Forrest's on flat Earth. these giants were probably workers mining the canjon

    • Adolf Lothbrok
      Adolf Lothbrok 9 months ago

      vaughn parry im glad im not the only one to of seen that

      were i live there is a Place called The Lakes it was ment to of been made by Glaziers but since i watched that i went back and had another look and its one huge Quarry with Slag Hills Silt Hills Slate Hills and old Quarrys filled with water

  • Marie Elizabeth McCormick
    Marie Elizabeth McCormick 9 months ago +1

    They have to find VAGAHINAHVONCLIMAX GODDESS OF TROATH to end the World's Atrocities and convert it to AhhThrusthscitiesUunngghhhYeahhh new world order.... Sex is the Answer!

  • Real-Batman
    Real-Batman 9 months ago

    the US made some kind of deal with Egypt to never reveal any Info or artifacts. But there are a couple in the Smith Museum

  • Manny Sereno
    Manny Sereno 9 months ago +3

    non sence ! where ? i live in Arizona .

    • Real-Batman
      Real-Batman 9 months ago

      It is off limits by US Gov. A no fly zone is in effect. They Destroyed the Cave entrance.

    • Jason Helms
      Jason Helms 9 months ago

      me2 my whole life where can i go see this

    JEFFREY G DELABRE 9 months ago +11

    Genesis Chapter 6 Giants. Offspring of fallen angels who mated with human females- Fact.. the Book of Enoch--Fact... Nephelim---Fact.

  • Joel Weidenfeld
    Joel Weidenfeld 10 months ago +3

    shadowy ruling class, so easily accepted by Americans..what a joke, Americans have been going bAckwards since day 1. WhAt a dog and pony show.

    • Alysha D
      Alysha D 9 months ago

      Joel Weidenfeld the illuminati right

    • serbanmike
      serbanmike 10 months ago

      What exactly do you want to say ?

  • Sharon Bertolucci
    Sharon Bertolucci 10 months ago

    these finds are in excellent form

  • alan jewison
    alan jewison 10 months ago +1

    so show us it

  • Christina Whatmore
    Christina Whatmore 10 months ago +5

    Why o why is the USA government hiding what is an amazing discovery that should be shared with all the world? Your gov is fucked up and hiding the truth about man kinds beginnings, religion comes to mind ie Bible thumpers stopping the real truth coming out!

    • N Chafin
      N Chafin 8 months ago

      Appears to be the job of the Smithsonian to hide all artifacts that don't go along with what is taught in the brainwashing school system.

    • xXAwokenXx Mind
      xXAwokenXx Mind 9 months ago

      Christina Whatmore lol all governments of the world are hiding the truth from us all because knowledge is power. It's nieve of you to believe the U.S. Government is the only one doing so. Just look at how they have all banded together to lie about and cover up Antarctica.

  • Seeking The Truth
    Seeking The Truth 10 months ago +5


  • Nishkalanga Prajapathi
    Nishkalanga Prajapathi 10 months ago

    Folks do watch #CHRIS #LASALA and #DEREK #PRINCE and #REBACCA #BROWNS video's on YouTube definitely it will be helpful to your life

  • brujo2u
    brujo2u 10 months ago +5

    I'm a writer researcher and lifelong resident of Arizona. I first heard about the Grand Canyon mystery at the age of 10 and have been researching ever since. I'm not sure exactly when the topic of Giants got mixed in with the Grand Canyon mystery but here it is. We do have evidence from the Spanish conquistadors that a tribe of "giants" were discovered near Pearce Ferry on the west side of the Grand Canyon.

    here is the link to my website where I lay out my findings...

    • brujo2u
      brujo2u 10 months ago

      You can check out my website, research articles, and writing at you can also email me privately from my contact information on the website and I will get back to you immediately. Give me your phone number I'll even give you a call if you want.

    • thesofapizza1
      thesofapizza1 10 months ago

      Need your info

    • brujo2u
      brujo2u 10 months ago

      I'm at the grand canyon once a week...I'm a professional guide....

    • brujo2u
      brujo2u 10 months ago

      I'm at the grand canyon once a week...I'm a professional guide....

    • thesofapizza1
      thesofapizza1 10 months ago

      I live in Phx as well. Have you gone out by chance to see for yourself?
      Im planning my own visit and am curious if you have done the same?

  • Simone King
    Simone King 10 months ago +2

    That a lie, Those statue is ancient Buddhist statues discovered around 1909. Many statue of Buddhist statue including Egyptian artifact found. In Chinese text ancient Meso-America was known as Fu Shang. Native Hopi also have story about Buddhist monk living near Colorado a thousand years before Euoprean settler from Viking to Spainard.....

    • Simone King
      Simone King 10 months ago

      +Christopher of the Stubbs family Wth 2012 Prophesy? What are you talking about the Mayan?

    • Christopher of the Stubbs family
      Christopher of the Stubbs family 10 months ago

      Just like the 2012 prophecy, right?
      That wasn't a lie.

  • Bryan Justin
    Bryan Justin 11 months ago +2

    Here is An excerpt from the alien races book

    " are humans so blind that they do not see what is in the Grand Canyon ? "

    - Message from unknown E.T.

    • Bryan Justin
      Bryan Justin 10 months ago

      Dave's Paranormal & Sasquatch Research but it was the Allen races book not the Bigfoot races book. From my knowledge Bigfoot isn't an alien?

    • Dave's Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Research
      Dave's Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Research 10 months ago

      Those are the words of King Pappa, he is the leader of Bigfoots.

  • Barnabas Collins
    Barnabas Collins 11 months ago +6

    Well folks, now we know.  We know that we cannot discount anything Steve Quayle says.  Steve Quayle broke the news on Coast to Coast 7 years ago when he interviewed the pilot who transported a 12-15 foot red haired, cannibal, 6 finger/6 toed giant from Afghanistan to Germany (the body eventually ended up in Wright Patterson).  The giant was involved in a scrimmage with US soldiers outside a cave in Kandahar Afghanistan.  One of the soldiers was impaled by the giant before it was finally shot dead. 
    Hardly anyone believed the story back then, but now more whistleblower soldiers have come forward and confirmed this story.
    Yes, these Nephilim/Rephaim giants are very real and are probably located in remote regions throughout the world.  One slip-up from us humans in terms of our attention being distracted due to a global calamity resulting in a dramatic population reduction, and these giants are likely to notice and take advantage to repopulate themselves.
    The good news is that we humans are now armed to the hilt.  No longer do we have to rely on stones, spears, and bows and arrows, to deal with these genetic monstrosities.  Another reason not to give up our gun rights.

  • Sheila Lewis
    Sheila Lewis 11 months ago

    They are already are guessing and will add more lies on top of old lies!!Old Americans know they lie!

  • justin natarajan
    justin natarajan Year ago +2

    Why the secrecy? Has anyone been able to explain the reason behind the secrecy? I am a little confused. Why keep it out of bounds for common people. What purpose would it serve?

    Can someone please throw some light. Genuinely interested.

  • Lance Charles
    Lance Charles Year ago +1

    This is really cool thank you.

  • Micha-el Cleveland
    Micha-el Cleveland Year ago +4

    The Hopi know the secrets of the Grand Canyon...ask a Hopi Elder if you wish to know more.

    • brujo2u
      brujo2u 10 months ago

      Roger that micha-el Cleveland...thanks

    • Micha-el Cleveland
      Micha-el Cleveland 10 months ago

      +brujo2u I spent a month with the Hopi two years ago. It is in their oral history, I was provided a book that was not allowed off the reservation. I believe "The Book of the Hopi" had a few pages about the Grand Canyon as well. Talk to an Elder on the reservation for more detailed information.

    • brujo2u
      brujo2u 10 months ago

      some may, I'm sure... however I spent four months this last summer living at the Grand Canyon with a Hopi for my roommate... I'm an esoteric and paranormal researcher myself and asked him many many many questions as you can imagine. He had never heard the story of the Egyptian/Oriental cave at the Grand Canyon...

    • Micha-el Cleveland
      Micha-el Cleveland Year ago

      The Hopi Oral Tradition states that they descended from the Egyptians - the traditionals still cut their hair the same way.

  • Elaine Marie
    Elaine Marie Year ago +2

    Great compilation of the Smithsonian discovery in 1909.
    When I first learned about this story many years ago, I was surprised because I'd never heard of this. The suppression had been quite effective.
    The next time I went to the Grand Canyon, the Isis Temple rock formation, next to the Cheops Pyramid, was easily seen from the south rim tourist vantage point. I also noticed they called a stone layer in the GC Vishnu Basement Rocks.
    All of this is on the park map and on the internet.
    Weird to find the combo of Egyptian & Eastern culture amidst the Native American names common in the region.

    • Jimmy Lee Evans
      Jimmy Lee Evans 6 months ago

      Dave's Paranormal & Sasquatch Research

    • Dave's Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Research
      Dave's Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Research 10 months ago

      Another Thing  Mala is a measuring  and chi can be foot. Malachi can mean RULER or Stick of measure. Ruling Stick. In the bible the curse is that God was mad at being robbed. Could he really mean in Glory or Land rather than tithe?  Just a thought.

    • Dave's Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Research
      Dave's Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Research 10 months ago

      I have made some discoveries that link the stones I found in Spokane, to the Brenan Pallisades which I was just speaking of to Goforitrandy. The pacific northwest I think was Osiris(oasis) and the Oregon Tube Caves(is is=tube tube or to be to be= Is + is) are the Horse(horus) caves. Steens Pillar is Pillar of RA (Rhyolite Ash), meaning that SET (dogman)was the ocean or setting son/sun. Set Slew Osiris(oasis)-flood...Osiris was cut into 14 pieces and the penis was never found by Isis(it is by the IS IS/Tube Tube Caves or the Horse tube caves south of STeens/Steins pillar (the penis never found by ISIS can actually mean the Penis/pillar was never discovered near the ISIS caves.). The islands formed in the flood was Oregon. Osiris was a Green Skinned Man/Land lord/= LAND. The green Skin the Forests of the PNW-Land of bigfoot-MU. JMH theory. The Egyptian stories were CODES of a future time when discoveries were made linked to the BIGFOOT or Creator. Some strange stories link to Bigfoot as Great Spirit himself, and if you look hard at all the cultures, they all basically tell the same story, the north America is and was MU or Lemuria/Lemurha.. And to think Malheur National Forest can rearrange to lemurha....just more proof. The Masons built the first lodge there. I believe the Bigfoot are the Ancient Masons. The cave is behind the Malheur National Refuge Office and is the oldest shrine in the USA. Steens pillar to the west .

  • Kathleen Blachere
    Kathleen Blachere Year ago +6

    Too dangerous?  Guarded 24/7?  Makes you wonder.

  • fran sandling
    fran sandling Year ago +1

    I'd still go with strong lights and oxygen bottles, plus equipment for climbing sheer walls from the waters edge. Fuck getting permission.

    • brujo2u
      brujo2u 10 months ago

      you don't have to. The area is quite accessible and not off-limits by any Grand Canyon Authority.

  • varanasi fanindra
    varanasi fanindra Year ago +1


    • Simone King
      Simone King 10 months ago

      The truth is Mose mention in the bible is really Buddha /Punt/Ptah/Putah this founding is hardcore proof. I believed the real Isarealite wasn't white nor black Africans but brown Asiatic (South Asia to Se-Asia)....

  • Levitie King
    Levitie King Year ago +1


    SUNGEAR59 Year ago

    water is some what clear for the river your quoting !!1:25

  • Angry Rednecks
    Angry Rednecks Year ago

    I knew it

  • Iskandar Iskandalo

    lols the grand canyon was once home to some chinese!

    • Simone King
      Simone King 10 months ago

      Not Chinese but Buddhist Monk. This land was also known as Fu Shang in Chinese text....

    DEWinDCCO Year ago +2

    I personally believe that the reason the highly intelligent of the ancient ones forbade their descendants to make graven images as representation of the physical appearances of the Heavenly Hosts/Lights/Angels/star beings was because of the death hastening behaviors(racial persecution among other things) of humans who had devolved instead of evolved by worship of physical appearance (image of the beast)(which was associated with worship of one's own physical appearance (vanity)as well as that of others [". . causing the whole world to go astray"]Jesus himself said speaking in oneness with the Eternal Creater, "You worship me , but your hearts are far from me (estranged)". The Holy Spirit is Spirit, and not flesh. You can worship physical appearances and venerate them as gods. . and then when a real live compassionate, merciful, and just human being shows up at your doorstep, speaking the truth from the Spirit of the Eternal One,. . shall you slay Him, mistaking him for your enemy, because he has the wrong color of skin than you were taught by your ancestors was Jesus's 'race'. "Search for the truth and you will find it , for it was not hidden in the bowels of the Earth , that you should say, let us dig deeper. . nor was it hidden among the stars, that men should say to one another, "Let us ascend up into the heavens, that we may find it there".

  • Mark Rushing
    Mark Rushing Year ago +4

    the reason is at one time this was one big land mass up to the time of Peleg then God broke up the continents due to Nimrod and the people at Babel.. which is why you have so many same deity structures that are remarkably resembling one another.. they "ALL" are paying homage to the same dude but with many names.. ( NIMROD)..

    • Kelilah Jewels
      Kelilah Jewels Year ago

      You, Sir, are spot on! I'm glad to see that someone knows the truth.

  • William Gibson
    William Gibson Year ago +3

    April 5th 1909 : Well now can they establish the Approximate Timeline its now April 2016. If its not asking too much Can we The Little People Those of Us Interested in Truth the Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth. Can the Smithsonian Identify the Race And Show Photographs And Allow Access by Professional Archaologists. With advanced Electronic Measurement Tools. Could this be Done to Clear up the Historical Bickering. After all 109 years Later Could you Make up your Mind or give Reason for your Non Disclosure. Or why its Restricted And by Whose Authority. We have Enough Institutes of Deception Please Make a Choice.

  • Rad Mage
    Rad Mage Year ago +1

    "it was guarded 24-7 by soldiers carrying M-16 rifles". This is a lie. I seen them and they were clearly carrynig walkie talkies in place of M-16s.

  • MegaTriumph1
    MegaTriumph1 Year ago

    No doubt in mind was the last statement. An underground museum for the ruling class. You bet it is. These beings seem spiritual and the ruling class is not very spiritual so maybe they can learn something.

  • C G J II
    C G J II Year ago +6

    hats off to all who share info! this part of life is truly being enjoyed! enormous amount of info, I truly feel a burning desire to just be! and breathe! 😅😂😍😇

  • Jim Morgan
    Jim Morgan Year ago

    We need to have this opened to us. It is ours not our servants.

  • zonseeker 137
    zonseeker 137 Year ago

    It is entirely possible that this site was recently constructed in order to misdirect and perpetuate fraud. Organized deception is practiced through out the worlds governments. Just like Mt. Ararat  is surrounded by fence and armed guards to prevent the lack of Noah's ark from being discovered as being fraud in order to perpetuate religion. I'm sure creationists are working on creating a fossilized human skeleton alongside their 6,000 year old earth and dinosaurs. Yet none have ever been found in the fossil record on any continent.

    • the movement
      the movement Year ago

      this was actually discovered back in 1930. Smithsonian gathered up the gold relocs, and mummies and hid them away, and blocked off most as national park hiding history that negros were here even before natives, and that slavery was these peoples, and not africans. crazy what evil does to keep people living in fear. much love and light for you all. my heart knows the truth, and tear for us all...peace

  • Bp Don
    Bp Don Year ago +1

    looks like Buddha statues

    • Disgruntled Elf
      Disgruntled Elf Year ago

      They are. They are statues from the Yungang Grottoes in China.

    • Yesenia Diaz
      Yesenia Diaz Year ago

      that's what I thought also!

  • The End Begins
    The End Begins Year ago +7

    Thanks for posting this vid. I am so happy the world is catching up, All Black Americans aren't Africans we have been here on this continent for centuries and the "native" American elders know this.  Soon you will all remember who we are.

    • Alyssa Delgado
      Alyssa Delgado 11 months ago

      It makes me so emotional people dont understand, Natives Blacks and Mexicans/Aztecs lived in America before anyone arrived and slaughtered them

    • Alyssa Delgado
      Alyssa Delgado 11 months ago


    • lisa hayden
      lisa hayden Year ago

      Thank for sharing

    • Higher Self
      Higher Self  Year ago

      +The End Begins Thank you. I will carry on with the videos.

    BEEFNECK ! Year ago

    The Smithsonian put  chained metal doors to the entrance of this cave several years ago.

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