Ramsay Forced to Spit Out BACON & CHOCOLATE PIZZA! | Hotel Hell

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  • Spessartite Star
    Spessartite Star 6 minutes ago

    Why does bacon and chocolate pizza exist

  • Geekins
    Geekins 16 minutes ago


  • TGM Memes
    TGM Memes 27 minutes ago

    It's RAWwwwwwwwwwwww

  • amanda ries
    amanda ries 46 minutes ago

    This is the one where the chef faints and 912 gets called

  • Simplyfentti
    Simplyfentti 1 hour ago


  • mariomania
    mariomania 2 hours ago

    waste of food for a waste of a human

  • goodshow man
    goodshow man 3 hours ago

    I fucking hate PineApple On My Pizza.

  • riptorn
    riptorn 3 hours ago

    bacon and chocolate

  • Shadow Cubing
    Shadow Cubing 3 hours ago

    Me: *reads title*
    Also me: 😀🔫

  • Ball Control Productions

    I died when he said, "O-M-F-G"

  • The CLAWaholic
    The CLAWaholic 5 hours ago


  • Gwen Salador
    Gwen Salador 5 hours ago

    I think he exagerates

  • Owen Mitchell
    Owen Mitchell 6 hours ago

    Almost as bad but not quite as bad as the M&M's Pizza the boss got the other day

  • AntagonistChan
    AntagonistChan 6 hours ago

    I feel so sorry for that manager. He's just.... he's just clearly completely given up.

  • John Pettersen
    John Pettersen 7 hours ago

    Even Nino couldn't clean this mess.....

  • YuhNinja
    YuhNinja 8 hours ago

    *I mean, chocolate always looks like shit.. but that shit tastes good as shit*

  • James Marcino
    James Marcino 9 hours ago

    You don't put fucking pineapple on a pizza! And you damn sure don't PUT CHOCOLATE ON A PIZZA YOU PILLOCK!

  • Sanghoo Lee
    Sanghoo Lee 9 hours ago

    "How can anyone resist that?"

  • Scott McGillivray
    Scott McGillivray 10 hours ago

    He's such a d*ck. I don't care if he's right. I don't care if the food is bad. Treat people like human beings. Nothing productive ever came out of "You suck and you're worthless."

  • hfbpdgfpyb
    hfbpdgfpyb 11 hours ago

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  • Cat Girl 333
    Cat Girl 333 11 hours ago

    I'm sorry, But I don't think bacon, chocolate and strawberries mix..

  • siddharth katiyar
    siddharth katiyar 11 hours ago

    the restaurants packed, can't say if its that bad!!

  • Johnny Cage
    Johnny Cage 12 hours ago

    Lmao he went into the restaurant and took the fuck over

  • Franck Marcotte
    Franck Marcotte 12 hours ago

    These videos are cringy and depressing, make a channel dedicated to Hotel Hell and please go back to actual recipes and cooking with your kids ;_;

  • Weak akser
    Weak akser 12 hours ago

    should put the lamb sauce instead.of.chocolate

  • unreal1298
    unreal1298 13 hours ago

    ITS SO DRYYY lol what a bitch. I can see the juices on the plate.

  • StrawHat Central
    StrawHat Central 13 hours ago

    Bacon and chocolate pizza? What the fuck?

  • PinaKoala
    PinaKoala 13 hours ago

    the poor manager is admitting it's terrible

  • MrHoodey
    MrHoodey 14 hours ago


  • Max Gannon
    Max Gannon 14 hours ago

    what episode is this anyone know?

  • TheWiseYoutubeCommentor

    Sounds good...
    doesn't work.

  • Will Murray
    Will Murray 15 hours ago

    This show is so obviously fake and staged.....reality TV does not exist

  • cristian villavicencio

    well it actually looks better than more of the stuff he normally try from restaurants except for chocolate bacon pizza it does sound disgusting

  • Saskiequelle
    Saskiequelle 16 hours ago

    2:24 O M F G...

  • Jason Cochran
    Jason Cochran 16 hours ago

    Wow - Owen Wilson

    KASHMAR SUICIDE 17 hours ago

    looks like somebody shat a brick omg gordon xddddd

  • Marcin Kierzkowski
    Marcin Kierzkowski 19 hours ago

    fuck me

  • MrSkyhippowdon
    MrSkyhippowdon 20 hours ago

    I feel really bad for the co manager, you can tell he's just a nice guy who genuinely wants help.

  • ConiCore McMahon
    ConiCore McMahon 22 hours ago

    Dominos Chocolate Pizza ( Actually A Thing )


    My dumbass thought the manager threatened to kill Gordon or something if he didn't spit out the food

  • wethezan
    wethezan 22 hours ago

    No one forced him to spit it out, he did it by himself.

  • dpaki
    dpaki 22 hours ago

    I love how @0:33 it says dave oliver - ASSISTANT REST. MANAGER.
    hahahahaha - the other Rest Manager

  • dragonborn975
    dragonborn975 1 day ago

    At least it was 🅱oneless.

  • Lego Stylez
    Lego Stylez 1 day ago

    Why the hell didn't NINOOOOOOOO clean this up before Ramsay saw

  • Puggie 2115
    Puggie 2115 1 day ago

    At least the plating was nice.

  • Cornelius Pildershmidt

    I fucking love his voice. "OMFG" sounds like a teenage girl lol. Also how he's just like "fuck me" at the end

  • Connor Little
    Connor Little 1 day ago


  • Asem G
    Asem G 1 day ago

    Is everyone here ignores the fact that this is scripted or is it so obvious that there is no need to mention it?

  • The Chad'
    The Chad' 1 day ago

    love this guy. the one man left in the world who says it how it is!

  • zombieninja11750
    zombieninja11750 1 day ago

    He judges my looks but that doesn’t mean it’s nasty like most Mexican food looks bad but it’s delicious

  • SemperAugustusBubble

    Giving your kid a chocolate and bacon pizza as their birthday cake would be a nice way to say "Fuck you, I shoulda used a rubber."

  • U Just Got [BEANED]

    *O M F G*

  • Michael Chan
    Michael Chan 1 day ago

    Why are people complaining about Ramsey?
    He may be a jerk but he's also the one tasting the food.

    Been to many restaurants and many of them do Overcook the chicken in their chicken dishes esp. if it's a chicken breast.
    Remember that the cooks/chefs are Rushed into making many meals at the same time so many can't particularly pay that much attention to the 'quality'.

    Chocolate and strawberry pizza... trying to be fancy while charging a high price... Get out!

  • Barry Bee Benson
    Barry Bee Benson 1 day ago

    Damn when i was in Italy, i Ate a pizza with Nutella and strawberries... It was one of the best things ever . Thank god Italians are smart enough not 2 put bacon on there Lol

  • J.D. Saldivar
    J.D. Saldivar 1 day ago

    And then?????? And then??????? And then?????

  • Always Curious
    Always Curious 1 day ago

    They literally just spread Nutella on pizza dough and baked it!

  • Alyzeh
    Alyzeh 1 day ago

    FUCK ME...

  • Cold Nobility
    Cold Nobility 1 day ago

    I must have low standards because it looked decent

  • Akrom Z
    Akrom Z 1 day ago

    Which season and episode is this

  • ToastyReaper
    ToastyReaper 1 day ago


  • The monkey experience

    I'm curious to know how these restaurants get customers after Gordon criticises them to another level!😲

  • Bridgette aoki
    Bridgette aoki 1 day ago

    "it's like someone wipe their ass on the dough" toilet paper alert!!😂😂

  • Brittany Wilson
    Brittany Wilson 1 day ago

    Is this finally back on tv??????

  • HSPaint
    HSPaint 1 day ago

    Ok I'm lost, can someone explain the Nino joke?

  • Brenden V
    Brenden V 1 day ago

    And people think Pineapple on pizza is bad...

  • Peridot Facid 2A5L CUT XG

    The pizza looks like the knock off version of diabetes

  • Crushi.com
    Crushi.com 1 day ago

    The gimick is he is on tv and he has to entertain the viewer. you can do this at home. make snide comments about any food. it's easy... it's a slight of hand... he gets food and says nasty things. it makes viewers think that the food is shit (which it probably is) but I'd like to see someone eat with him and give another opinion. He can just make up anything since we can't taste it. it's the oldest trick in the book.

  • Bialex
    Bialex 1 day ago

    That actually sounds like something Epic Meal Time would create.

    AOURUS 1 day ago

    Americans trying to rape Italian food...

  • Zack WhoAmI
    Zack WhoAmI 1 day ago

    He was so darn speechless, that he could only say "fuck me" LOL

  • Edison Zhang
    Edison Zhang 1 day ago

    If the chocolate is shit and pizza dough is toilet paper, does that make the strawberries blood? Poor guy

  • john jonson
    john jonson 1 day ago


  • Wlad Figgs
    Wlad Figgs 1 day ago

    I know I'm from the other side of the planet but, what show is this? Can I see the whole thing online?

    • JamesD
      JamesD 1 day ago

      hotel hell, dont know the episode

  • Caleb HO
    Caleb HO 1 day ago

    1 like = 1% more chance for Gordon Ramsey to find the lamb sauce

  • Daron French
    Daron French 1 day ago

    I don't get why people watch his shows? He's always a asshole.

  • Shadow Ambush
    Shadow Ambush 1 day ago

    Two much good is bad this is a good example

  • Nicole Ismailova
    Nicole Ismailova 1 day ago

    I defiantly think chef Ramsay has really different taste...

    (Not trying to be mean)

  • John Smith
    John Smith 1 day ago

    I've gotta say it looks good though

  • TechieBunny
    TechieBunny 1 day ago

    I just want the episode name and number........someone please help future me with this info. thankyou.

  • Shiori
    Shiori 1 day ago

    British Man killed for putting bacon on chocolate pizza by a fat 12 y.o who apparently is the biggest fan of pizza


    Pizza Hut always put a little piece of pork in my beef pizza

  • LOFI
    LOFI 1 day ago

    1:34 his shook

  • Khmer Story
    Khmer Story 1 day ago

    awesome if have in my country

  • Hồ Huy
    Hồ Huy 1 day ago

    Woah?! He's a cook? Bet he can't make anything better than me

  • Feminazi Rein Francks


  • happyunicornbabyfurry6969XD

    I guess I'm weird for liking bacon and chocolate together

  • The Real Flenuan
    The Real Flenuan 2 days ago

    I love his reaction. He seems sad for the state of the menu and just done trying to describe its lackluster. Priceless

  • 조규현
    조규현 2 days ago

    chocolate pizza?! ramsey just activated hotel's trap card

  • Robert Peters
    Robert Peters 2 days ago

    I'm with Gordon on the bacon & chocolate pizza..........GROSS! 🤢💩👎

  • Lovely Bun
    Lovely Bun 2 days ago

    Me: I'm going to watch wwe.
    Gordon: Which one?
    Me: Raw
    Gordon: FUCK'N HECK!
    Me: okay, calm I'll watch smackdown

  • set clock --:--
    set clock --:-- 2 days ago

    O M F G!!!!!!

  • orasis
    orasis 2 days ago

    Because of you Microwave sales are down. Way down. Yeah, I work for a microwave company, Sammy!

  • Oda
    Oda 2 days ago

    One day somebody gonna take a shit in his food before serving it.

  • Pikabob
    Pikabob 2 days ago

    you should try chicken in a can like if you agree for a reaction xD

  • Jonathan Chi-Olsen
    Jonathan Chi-Olsen 2 days ago

    Gordon should make a 4 $ pizza vs 125 $ pizza

  • John Cavicchia
    John Cavicchia 2 days ago

    I feel so bad for the chefs and fellow co-workers

  • junior rippin
    junior rippin 2 days ago

    Gordan please go to the crown hotel in Stamford I used to work there they keep food from a week old and plus your the best chef out there prove them that it's shit food aha

  • Max Birnberg
    Max Birnberg 2 days ago

    I want to criticize your food it's probably terribel

  • its Ryzze
    its Ryzze 2 days ago


  • devojose1025
    devojose1025 2 days ago

    One of the few managers I've seen on Hotel Hell or Kitchen Nightmares to admit the food is shit lol.

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