THOR 3: Ragnarok Trailer (2017)

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  • Official "Thor 3: Ragnarok" Movie Trailer 2017 | Subscribe ➤ | Chris Hemsworth Movie #Trailer | Release: 3 Nov 2017 | More
    Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe and finds himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok, the destruction of his homeworld and the end of Asgardian civilization, at the hands of an all-powerful new threat, the ruthless Hela.

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    #Thor #Ragnarok is the new adventure movie by Taika Waititi, starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Ruffalo. The script was written by Eric Pearson.

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  • Runtime: 2:01
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    SUMIT KUMAR Day ago

    the girl converted thor s hammer into small parts this shows that villan is very dander ......................which i like it

    SUMIT KUMAR Day ago

    oh my god i think this bestest ever movie of thor..................................

  • Martin Michaels Drums

    When will it hit theaters?

  • B Wyn
    B Wyn 11 days ago

    Thor is cheezin' his f**king ballz off!

  • RC Zombies
    RC Zombies 11 days ago

    This looks so good !!!

  • Nguyễn Đại Quân
    Nguyễn Đại Quân 12 days ago

    It's so bad

  • Daily Facts Corner
    Daily Facts Corner 14 days ago

    Not the Hammer Again

  • langbo9999
    langbo9999 16 days ago


  • Boss Akram
    Boss Akram 18 days ago

    where is jane?

  • mar cin
    mar cin 18 days ago

    Yeeeeeeeeeeesss ! :D

  • colkeown79136073
    colkeown79136073 19 days ago

    Looks like guardians has rubbed off into Thor.... Not a bad thing, not a bad thing at all :)

  • Andris K
    Andris K 21 day ago

    Я за локки и не ебёт :)

  • Roberto
    Roberto 21 day ago

    I love this movie!

  • Enigma 0205
    Enigma 0205 21 day ago

    This is gonna be the best thor movie the 1st l was good and the 2nd was shit

  • sadece yazar
    sadece yazar 23 days ago

    it will be Taika Waititi's masterpiece.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 23 days ago +1

    As happy as I am, and everybody else, to see that this director is trying to redeem Hulk from the mess he was in The Avengers movies and trying to make him somewhat of a continuation of where he left off in the 2008 movie.
    1: He should have given Hulk his Avengers 1 head and Avengers 2 body.

    2: Should've had Lou voicing him when he talks and all the other people who helped create Hulk's voice in the 2008 movie cuz obviously Mark's voice, even with possible audio changes, cannot fit Hulk (They should also stop trying to connect to them like they are in movies and more specifically like in the Bruce Jones Hulk comics which is what they should have been doing since the first Avengers movie).

    And 3: Also like everyone else: IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME HULK STARTED TALKING MORE IN LIVE-ACTION MOVIES, but obviously he shouldn't be talking like a little kid. He should be using complete sentences by now because he's been around FAR long enough.

  • Green Striker19
    Green Striker19 23 days ago

    Surtur is in movie and cast by Clancy Brown ... now we know the fire which destroyed asgard in trailer is because of surtur

    ROHIN YADAV 23 days ago

    Thor plaese tell me why are you cut your hair

  • Celestia Angel
    Celestia Angel 24 days ago

    I wonder if they are going to acknowledge that Hela or Hel is Loki's daughter?

  • Armaan Ahmed
    Armaan Ahmed 24 days ago


  • Amin Anjri
    Amin Anjri 24 days ago

    "We know eachother, he's a friend from work"

  • Yuvrajsinh Yadav
    Yuvrajsinh Yadav 24 days ago


  • sandeep rajoriya
    sandeep rajoriya 24 days ago +1


  • polimash
    polimash 25 days ago +1

    They said i could not get 10k subscribers in 1 Month without doing ANYTHING! THOR told them they were wrong!!!

  • Tee Miah
    Tee Miah 25 days ago

    Asguardians of the galaxy.....

  • nani atticomsetti
    nani atticomsetti 25 days ago

    Guardians of the galaxy vol.3 is looking good :)

  • Mr D
    Mr D 25 days ago +1

    1:31 ROFLMAO

  • Datebayo!!!
    Datebayo!!! 25 days ago

    i'm still hyped how the avengers and guardians of the galaxy meet each other XD

  • MrYamdut
    MrYamdut 25 days ago

    I loved music

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson 25 days ago

    Is it me or has this got a real "Guardians of the Galaxy" vibe to it?

  • Harry Singh
    Harry Singh 25 days ago

    waiting .......

  • Aditya Dhingra
    Aditya Dhingra 25 days ago

    who's here after watching the 2nd trailer

  • Maciste1970
    Maciste1970 25 days ago

    Trailer and already the best Thor movie so far.

  • Josiah Teng
    Josiah Teng 26 days ago

    Damn Guardians of the Galaxy 3 has really bad CGI

  • AzE BoSS
    AzE BoSS 26 days ago

    Thorun Çekicini kıran o kadın kim ? 0:20

  • Rainy Jane
    Rainy Jane 26 days ago +1

    Just when I thought the Thor franchise was great for being one of the few superhero movies where I wasn't being forced to stare at gratuitous male-oriented fan service , of course they just had to bring in yet another 'hot and sexy' classically pretty young girly girl in skin-tight armor. Remember, kids: a woman can be powerful, so long as she's young, classically pretty, and scantily-clad! After all, we wouldn't want to upset guys by making them have to stare at women they can't properly jerk off to! (Ie, realistic women, with age, imperfections, and real bodies, who don't have every tiny curve of their ass and chest on display). It just really upsets me that after the Thor franchise was clearly immensely popular due to Hiddleston's sex appeal, where loads of females in the audience wanted to see HIM, they somehow managed to twist this movie into yet another one where the focus is 90% on 'hot and sexy young girly-girls in tight clothes" and like a brief glimpse of Hiddles. Is one of those meant to be Loki's female form? I don't give a shit unless they depict him as a realistic looking female for once, not eye candy for horny prepubescent males. And we wanted to see him in his Hiddles form, not some playboy plamate for guys. I guess it's a good thing I mostly got over Hiddles when he started dating Taylor Swift, or I would have been really depressed now after seeing that this is what this movie is going to be like.

  • E.E G.V.
    E.E G.V. 27 days ago

    jajaja q locura mas lindo se ve ahora

  • Sabrina Flores
    Sabrina Flores 27 days ago

    Hulk is such a badass!

  • Sabrina Flores
    Sabrina Flores 27 days ago +1

    When the Hulk showed up out of nowhere, me and my brother were like "Is that the HULK?!" lol can't wait to watch that

    BOOM SNYPER 27 days ago

    Trailer is amazing hope the movie will be too.

  • Michael Carranza
    Michael Carranza 27 days ago

    It looks crap. Too much CGI

  • Amit Srivastava
    Amit Srivastava 27 days ago

    whatever movie would b 👍👎.....but the Music is so fucking good👍👍👍👍👍

  • Uppala Maneeshwar
    Uppala Maneeshwar 27 days ago +1

    I think doctor strange helps Thor to get back his hammer by using timestone.This strikes the one who watched doctor strange

  • Kenin Jacob Cherian
    Kenin Jacob Cherian 28 days ago

    if it wasn't for justice league, Marvel would not have shown Thor's hammer breaking or hulk.
    imagine if both wasn't shown in the trailer.

  • Qulsoom Razaque
    Qulsoom Razaque 29 days ago

    i was just looking out for loki....

  • Aks J
    Aks J 29 days ago +3

    This music is so catching

  • Carlos Gauna jr
    Carlos Gauna jr Month ago

    this is a cool new Thor movie The Hulk is ready to battle Thor who's going to win Thor or Hulk I think they're going to make a new Hulk movie

  • benian ezgi
    benian ezgi Month ago

    Dude didn't snow white from shrek sang this??

  • Vikas dhiman
    Vikas dhiman Month ago

    ya kb release hogi..

  • CokeCup
    CokeCup Month ago

    Does anyone else notice Loki at 1:34? He might be in with the Grandmaster in capturing hulk.

  • Nick Halloway
    Nick Halloway Month ago


  • Princesse 182
    Princesse 182 Month ago

    Ok but like lets take a moment gor how FRICKING hot thor is with short hair like omg

  • Clown Lives Matter
    Clown Lives Matter Month ago

    we Wuz Kangz!

  • ben emlaw
    ben emlaw Month ago

    I like whatever the fuck it was I just saw.

  • bobak oskolaee
    bobak oskolaee Month ago

    This make so much sence !

  • Travence Reedy
    Travence Reedy Month ago

    Please Taika my money

  • WolfFangGaming
    WolfFangGaming Month ago


    Check this out

    (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  • Fighter Kaulitz
    Fighter Kaulitz Month ago


  • Brenda Carville
    Brenda Carville Month ago

    I can't wait to see Thor

  • Becky Thompson
    Becky Thompson Month ago

    Pls guys how can I download this movieThor 3

  • Marcia Quinonez
    Marcia Quinonez Month ago

    omg its going to be a good movir

  • Ameen akelei
    Ameen akelei Month ago

    i hope thor to seek wisdom and end the cycle of ragnarok and all the exiting sh*t that we read in the comics

  • Arialise
    Arialise Month ago

    Can we just talk about how grateful I am that my fav is back! Loki girl forever 💍😊🙌🏽

  • burak eski
    burak eski Month ago

    HULK 👑👑

    VARUN VIJAY SINGH Month ago +1

    subscribe and share my channel plss

  • Mani Pippiri
    Mani Pippiri Month ago

    does anyone know the song??

  • Wasi ah
    Wasi ah Month ago

    I like it when he says yes we know each other

  • colors creation
    colors creation Month ago


  • IIIrandomIII
    IIIrandomIII Month ago

    OMG mewmew got broken!!!

  • Chinmaya Samal
    Chinmaya Samal Month ago


  • Noor Ashraf
    Noor Ashraf Month ago

    who's thinking this gonna be fucking good??!

  • Elxaime
    Elxaime Month ago

    At 0:55

    "I like you Thor. Well, not personally. But I like you for this job."

  • lklkolkol lklololokl

    Orichimaro? lol

  • SrgtTroll // // Legacy

    This trailer is actually fucking retarded only thing anyone can really get out of this is that he losts his hammer hes chained up he fighting hulk again and his home is gone cool trailer.... shit music for the trailer too :/

    MANU V.JYOTHI Month ago

    what an exciting video

    MANU V.JYOTHI Month ago

    chetta fight full video Ido.. please..

  • Team Trees
    Team Trees Month ago


  • 3ukiw
    3ukiw Month ago

    โลกิ ♥ miss loki

  • Infinity Stones
    Infinity Stones Month ago +1

    what kind of stupid, miserable piece of shit dislikes this?

  • Aekin Shovkovskiy
    Aekin Shovkovskiy Month ago

    Is it me or just does she look like Alice from Resident Evil at *0:21*

  • Brozshock Killer
    Brozshock Killer Month ago

    thors hammer?

  • Connor walker
    Connor walker Month ago +3

    justice league is better than this who agree like😏😏

  • AK super
    AK super Month ago


  • welladian rodriguez landinez

    soy el unico que habla español????

  • SUpER JUniOR
    SUpER JUniOR Month ago

    where is gain ?

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson Month ago

    when, on youtube, will we be able to *Purchase* this beautiful work of art? -_-

    or at least pre-order ahead of time!!!!

  • zeynep er
    zeynep er Month ago

    i watched this promo 4 times!!!

  • #FF0000AnubisFace
    #FF0000AnubisFace Month ago

    damn, when will i get to see captain's shield broken in half?

  • Heitor Neto
    Heitor Neto Month ago


  • Jose
    Jose Month ago +1


  • shuy
    shuy Month ago

    wow this movie looks to be a joke. shame is not anymore like b4.

  • Kevin Kidd
    Kevin Kidd Month ago

    Bad Ass

  • Suvi Gupta
    Suvi Gupta Month ago

    yeah.... cool 😘💙

  • john gialpas
    john gialpas Month ago

    hes a friend from work lmao

  • Ketan Sharma
    Ketan Sharma Month ago

    Such amazing direction

  • badsha malik
    badsha malik Month ago

    i love thor

  • Moussa Kane
    Moussa Kane Month ago

    Moussa KANE

  • Sliman Mirzai
    Sliman Mirzai Month ago

    Lokis still alive I swear. At the end of Thor 2 he was like to Thor thank you. He was a figure of his father

  • Zeed Zeed
    Zeed Zeed Month ago

    fucking hollwod movei is so bad now

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