Tomi Lahren - Giving a Voice to Conservative America on "Tomi": The Daily Show

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  • Taylor Petty
    Taylor Petty Hour ago


  • No One
    No One 3 hours ago

    Apparently theres people out there that think Tommi actually destroyed trevor hahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Andres Pascual
    Andres Pascual 3 hours ago

    Those eyes of her. Pure evil.

  • TylerHarmonMusic
    TylerHarmonMusic 5 hours ago

    9:00 Trevor, the answer to your question is actually quite simple. "What is the right way to protest, as a black man in our country?" Don't loot, vandalize, burn property. Don't march down the street screaming, "what do we want? DEAD COPS! When do we want em? NOW!" Don't let the protest turn violent. That would be something called a peaceful protest. The more you know🤗

  • Ruth Cromhout
    Ruth Cromhout 6 hours ago

    I don't think she should open her mouth...ever... and I think she should get another job

  • Gemma Delgado
    Gemma Delgado 6 hours ago

    For me, for me, for me, for me

  • w. scott Hamilton
    w. scott Hamilton 7 hours ago

    Look at the mess Trump is today,worst 7 months by any president!!!!!!!!!

  • w. scott Hamilton
    w. scott Hamilton 7 hours ago

    KKK supported your boy Trump!!!!!!!!!!

  • w. scott Hamilton
    w. scott Hamilton 7 hours ago

    Great sticking it to her Trevor!!!!!!!!!!

  • King_ theKiD
    King_ theKiD 10 hours ago

    She is so ignorant in my opinion

  • ArtificialUnintelligence

    I don't give a damn about the flag or the anthem but I'm still going to serve and protect your right to be an idiot. Don't speak for others please.

  • Liz P.
    Liz P. 11 hours ago

    I actually feel sorry for this hateful and ignorant person... Thank you Trevor for showing these people for who they really are. All rhetoric...

  • Jaqueline Martinez
    Jaqueline Martinez 12 hours ago

    Where's my 19 million dollars?😓

  • G. Clay
    G. Clay 12 hours ago

    this was a lot of dancing around the ring...

  • Suryanwarrior Mowa
    Suryanwarrior Mowa 12 hours ago

    America had a black President please stop this racist bullshit. Loretta lynch etccc

  • TuffGuy Rio
    TuffGuy Rio 13 hours ago

    She's The Definition Of Dumb Blonde!!!

  • Jeremiah Lynn
    Jeremiah Lynn 13 hours ago

    I tend to be very conservative but she seemed a bit off to me haha as much as there are some things in blm I disagree with,its basically a movement based in love and not hate (like the kkk)..

  • Jevaughn Gordon
    Jevaughn Gordon 15 hours ago

    Lol am I the only black person who thinks this Trevor guy is a pompous ignoramus? He's literally going off on tangents, most of what she says he twists to fit a narrative, "I don't see colour." "Then what do you do at a traffic light?" It's quite obvious what she meant by this and a lot more of what she said, shit like this annoys me and as a host are you not supposed to give your guest the opportunity to talk? All he does is cut her off, when he has something to say she shuts up and listens but he can't stop to listen? WHat's the point of inviting her to his show to debate in the first place if he isn't going to let her speak? He can already go off about his opinions every other day. He goes off about people calling him a thug did he not say not to group everyone together? I'm pretty sure not every white person will do that just not all black lives matter people will loot and riot.

  • Jo Vee
    Jo Vee 15 hours ago

    This guy's such an asshole. He shows no class. But what do you expect from leftist shows like this one that are as fake as it's silly audience trained like monkeys to react on cue. Shame on this idiot.

  • MunsterCoffee Successo Ltd.

    She's frustrated all the time due to small titties.

  • Josh Yepez
    Josh Yepez 17 hours ago

    You can feel the sexual tension [Lenny face]

  • Em Em
    Em Em 18 hours ago

    She's *cringeworthy* and this is the first time i've ever used that word

  • Jay Pee
    Jay Pee 18 hours ago

    Wow give her a chance. She's trying to use her big girl words

  • Zizi Mugen
    Zizi Mugen 18 hours ago

    I tried to delete the internet because that's how the featured bitch got big. The button doesn't work though.

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis 19 hours ago

    Lmao she either doesn't know what how means or she's stumped 😳 the bittersweetness of seeing how awkwardly she tries to get her dumb points across is unmatched by anything I've ever seen

  • Fog Lune
    Fog Lune 20 hours ago

    Slavery??? What the fuck does anyone in this country and generation know about slavery..

  • ExMish7
    ExMish7 21 hour ago

    Trevor Noah got owned.

  • Silva Carneiro
    Silva Carneiro 22 hours ago

    This emberrassing

  • Claudia Franco
    Claudia Franco Day ago +1

    Ok, I'd LOVE to see her response now that the KKK and Nazis are saying, " we are doing this because Trump promised to make America great again". They point blank have stated that Trump is their leader, under his name.

  • Jeroen V
    Jeroen V Day ago

    I thought Trevor would make some amazing points, but he's just offering nothing of substance! It's just 50% platitudes said with a terrible "holier-than-thou" arrogance and 50% making fun of her with super lame jokes. Man, I really wanted to like what he said, but this is just unwatchable.

  • Cannacab
    Cannacab Day ago

    Looks like a good fuck, about it

  • Nathan Clifton
    Nathan Clifton Day ago

    id fuck her even though shes a dumb cunt

  • Taylor Lucas
    Taylor Lucas Day ago

    She thinks using big words is making her sound smart but she doesnt even know how to use them in a sentence

  • Andrew mendenhall
    Andrew mendenhall Day ago +1

    How the hell did Tomi get to where she is today? Cause I want to be worth a few million dollars and not know what I'm doing.

  • Con Bonison
    Con Bonison Day ago +1

    Using the word "Narrative" doesn't make you sound smarter.

  • Missy Tatro
    Missy Tatro Day ago

    Okay I actually agree with her thus far. Thats scary. Im onky a couple minutes in...but I agree with her. I hate her rhetoric most times but not today

    • Missy Tatro
      Missy Tatro Day ago

      Okay her makes good points too and her arguments get weak. But i understand what she is trying to say even if she fumbles it

  • Jacob Leavens
    Jacob Leavens Day ago

    these are the same people yelling at progressives for being snowflakes and crying over a flag

  • BeruCampos
    BeruCampos Day ago

    It's funny how this channel deletes and picks people's thoughts.
    A huge fuck you fucking fascists

  • Sean Fitzgerald
    Sean Fitzgerald Day ago

    She realises black people were enslaved by white people, right? she realises that happened.... fucking moron.

  • Alisa Rachelle
    Alisa Rachelle Day ago +1

    "Bill's a little busy" what the fuck?

  • Jakob Virgil
    Jakob Virgil Day ago

    Millenials with their fake anger.

  • THE Mudbuttkilla 3000

    Did anyone realize this bitch didn't answer the question.

  • Max Crowe
    Max Crowe Day ago

    This cunt is delusional... Fuck you bitch... #33percenterCuntSnowflake

  • chris negus
    chris negus Day ago +1

    Love how he cut her joke off

  • animegenius PROD.

    "Perceived Oppression"? Shes uh.....shes definitely on drugs

  • walter baronick
    walter baronick Day ago

    White People are not prey so let me see a foot
    ball game without ghetto motherfuckers attacking old lady's for there purse, which has happened over and over again. In Chicago 800 killed 80% is gang related. It will ease soon.

  • J.D. Brown
    J.D. Brown Day ago

    Am I the only who thinks that Tomi Lahren is probably phenomenal in bed?

  • Jay Pee
    Jay Pee Day ago


  • Jay Pee
    Jay Pee Day ago

    You know what. she's doing what she believes in. She's getting money. Fuck it. Leave her beautiful ass alone

  • Jessy kigen reacts

    All she needs is a long John on her mouth 👄 STFU!!

  • Leonel Martinez
    Leonel Martinez Day ago

    Wow, that was hard to watch. She never answered the question.

  • Levar Young
    Levar Young Day ago

    She's a dimwit!

  • Josh Mosley
    Josh Mosley Day ago

    Trevor is a joke black people need to stop crying about slavery there black people out there that were not around in the times of slavery so why are they crying they can go where ever they like malls restaurants ect. get a life tomi Lauren is one awsome lady

  • Juan Valladares
    Juan Valladares Day ago

    I bet once the camera is off and when she's with her friends her racist talk comes out😏

  • Juan Valladares
    Juan Valladares Day ago

    I bet once the camera is off and when she's with her friends her racist talk comes out😏

  • BLU3Collar TRANCE
    BLU3Collar TRANCE 2 days ago

    Trevor Noah you are a racist. Admit it.

  • David Haggerty
    David Haggerty 2 days ago

    Trevor: 1
    Tomi: - ∞

  • Jory Evans
    Jory Evans 2 days ago

    I love how everyone's taking what she said out of context and blowing that alone out of proportion. Everyone with a developed prefrontal cortex understands what she was getting at, but liberals like to pick and choose what's relevant when it supports their little agenda.

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 2 days ago +1

    It should be so obvious that she is a complete idiot.

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 2 days ago +1

    Trevor Noah only speaks the truth!!!!!! Conservatives are racists! Fact is fact whether we agree with it or not. Trevor won this debate hands down, not because he is smart, but because he uses FACTS to back up what he is saying!!!!!! Listen to the audience, they know he is right!

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 2 days ago +1

    Trump is a racist, which is why he has to be removed from office by any means possible!

  • bladethorn
    bladethorn 2 days ago

    "I don't protest - I'm not a victim." She says this in response to the how question. She has no idea how privileged she is. She who can welcome a man into her tv show to speak about oppression and in the same breath tell him his peaceful, quiet protest is so offensive it makes his message irrelevant.

  • WolfOfSolace
    WolfOfSolace 2 days ago

    When Tomi Lahren "disagrees" with someone, she calls them freaks, thugs, and snowflakes. Practice what you preach, Tomi.

  • Adam Meier
    Adam Meier 2 days ago

    I'm a veteran and nothing pisses me off more than when people like her use my service to justify her bullshit argument.

  • DeepBlack Aquatics
    DeepBlack Aquatics 2 days ago

    Trevor got absolutely nothing accomplished lol

  • Montavis X
    Montavis X 2 days ago

    Young Slave Master's daughter this bitch is the Devil

  • Jeremy Shanks
    Jeremy Shanks 2 days ago

    She just needs some dikkkkk

  • David Lee
    David Lee 2 days ago

    Noah is one of the worst on TV. Can't wait until he goes back to South Africa.

  • Mustang Medic
    Mustang Medic 2 days ago

    Tomi is awesome, free speech is for all. The agenda of Trevor is so obvious but like CNN they just don't understand how a person could disagree with them.

  • Fabiola Rodriguez
    Fabiola Rodriguez 2 days ago

    I lost a lot of brain cells listening her talk.

  • Kelvin Pichardo
    Kelvin Pichardo 2 days ago

    You can tell this bitch is a racist piece of shit

  • Marilyn Martinez
    Marilyn Martinez 2 days ago

    she lacks so much education it makes me sad. she is the actual definition of a person not being a oppressed. of course she doesn't know what type of oppressions black people have been living with because she's never experienced it. she white. she's privileged. she gets what she wants because of the color of her skin and she doesn't know how to work for what she has. it truly is sad to see a person like this in so called the great America.

  • Kay X
    Kay X 2 days ago

    Aw, that little girl can't even fill out her shirt yet.

  • Bella Murray
    Bella Murray 2 days ago

    I cannot explain how pleased I am that I don't have to see her face on my fb anymore.

  • Sniper Dos
    Sniper Dos 2 days ago

    IDC what they say about her she is hot AF

  • Alina Casales
    Alina Casales 2 days ago

    My brain hurts

  • derkcloud
    derkcloud 2 days ago

    Tomi Lahren would be infinitely more interesting if she did these shows while standing on her head.

  • Fleur Rebelle
    Fleur Rebelle 2 days ago

    Here, Tomi Lahren. Let me rephrase that question for you the way you should have asked it. "Why are Black Americans so frustrated with the Flag and with the American people that they kneel to express their oppression?"

  • Joshua Zamora
    Joshua Zamora 2 days ago

    He was touching people grabbing pussies

  • Nick Te Puni
    Nick Te Puni 2 days ago

    You do not get to have job title of Political Commentator if you think that some people being violent in the name of Black Lives Matter is as bad as the KKK! The key difference is that Black Lives Matter are only trying to promote their own rights and have condemned the violence, whereas the KKK's entire purpose was (and maybe still is) to kill African Americans and remove the rights of non-whites. A world of difference.

    She is a gossip columnist and nothing more than a publicity whore who is so privileged she is blinded by her privilege.

  • Eros Hermes
    Eros Hermes 2 days ago

    She only believes in Freedom equality and justice when it suits her.

  • Karabelo Bradley Ditira

    She got murdered politically by a boy from South Africa in her own Country that she defends daily.. What a shame

  • Know Efingclu
    Know Efingclu 2 days ago

    "I'm a Millennial- so I don't really like labels."

  • cratedog64
    cratedog64 2 days ago

    Now that I've watched the entire video and listened carefully to both sides, the answer is relatively simple.  White, black, brown, whatever color you are, you put your color aside; that's what you [ hopefully ] were taught as a young child. You then teall EVERYONE that the following applies to every citizen of this country; respect one another, be kind to one another, and abide by the laws that this country has put in writing. If you break the law, you are a criminal, regardless of color, so stop hiding behind your race card and face the consequences like  everyone else has to. If you are pulled over by police, abide and obey their commands, and if you treat an officer with respect they will do the same for you. If you have a gun or drugs in your car and try to run away, you are breaking the law, and color has no bearing no matter how you try to imply that it does. You are guilty, pay the price, stop blaming others for your stupidity. It IS that damn simple, but some do not want to invest in the effort, they want the table to be turned into their favor, given to them and not lifting a finger to attain it.

  • cratedog64
    cratedog64 2 days ago

    Hilarious, every time Tomi nails this liberal crybaby he has to resort to sarcasm instead of being a man and answering the question and having a real back and forth discussion that MIGHT break some ice.  That's why no one weants to talk to a liberal; as soon as they're cornered they either crack jokes or change the topic.  Loser mentality.

  • Orlando Perez
    Orlando Perez 2 days ago

    Just here to say Trevor Noah is an idiot.

  • snake2
    snake2 2 days ago

    she's so stupid

  • TheHeadMan InCharge
    TheHeadMan InCharge 2 days ago

    This chick lost me when she called Jesse Williams a half breed years ago.

  • Dorothea Perkins
    Dorothea Perkins 2 days ago

    "I'm not the victim", an example of western European logic.

  • Shaun Balie
    Shaun Balie 2 days ago

    make a fool from mandela u american try bt that man make a joke 0f u i hope ny

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 2 days ago

    God, it hurts seeing all these. prone In the comment think Trevor actually knows what she's talking about.

  • Shaun Balie
    Shaun Balie 2 days ago

    that host tommy pus u black must stand up

  • TotoTail
    TotoTail 2 days ago

    It kills me that she thinks she's a millennial XDDD no, sorry. But you're not

  • TheHeidilarae
    TheHeidilarae 2 days ago

    No words, I have no words.

  • MrBktoboca
    MrBktoboca 2 days ago

    lol had to rewatch this.....vocal opponent yet she is m.i.a. with all this, oh yea im mean fired

  • joeb ham
    joeb ham 2 days ago

    fuck this bitch

  • Nellie Martin
    Nellie Martin 2 days ago

    I watch this video as a reminder that you can't reason with stupid

  • Comic Gamer Kids
    Comic Gamer Kids 2 days ago +2

    He came into that interviewed arrogant and biased. I never heard of Tomi before but I definitely will not watch Trevor again. He was patronizing her the entire time. This is not ok

  • Katelyn Deck
    Katelyn Deck 2 days ago

    "I don't protest because I'm not a victim" no wonder she has no ability to have empathy and can't comprehend the black lives matter movement. Such a brat.

  • Danny Lambert
    Danny Lambert 3 days ago

    Trever please go back to where you came from. You not welcome here

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