Samsung Galaxy S8 Display Burn-In: Should You Be Worried?

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  • Runtime: 4:30
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Comments: 1 579

  • jdfor Jzoy
    jdfor Jzoy Day ago

    No burn in on my s8. I just love Samsung phone. :)

  • here in my GARAGE
    here in my GARAGE 5 days ago

    my s6 edge plus had screen burn in problems...but after a few emails and tweets to Samsung they fixed the problem under the 2 year warranty.

  • Dejan Murariu
    Dejan Murariu 5 days ago

    Unfortunately I have Google Maps burned into my S8's display :|

  • inf714
    inf714 5 days ago

    My phone has burn in marks on half the screen horizontally and vertically I was told by samsung to bring it in for service is there any way to fix this My self?

    • inf714
      inf714 5 days ago

      I have a samsung galaxy 8 plus

  • Lucio Briones
    Lucio Briones 5 days ago

    This happened to my S4. Now I have to turn negative ob

  • Dead Parasite
    Dead Parasite 6 days ago

    I've had the horizontal gray lines on my s7 edge. and Samsung won't fix it under warranty

  • Antichrist 666
    Antichrist 666 7 days ago

    Those are in store demo units so yeah burn in happens

  • Youssuf M.
    Youssuf M. 7 days ago

    Where can i get the wallpaper from ?

  • ๖The Notorious
    ๖The Notorious 7 days ago

    Ive had burn in a couple of my Galaxy devices, My S3 was and is still somehow to this day save from ANY burn in! Same goes for my S4 no burn in whatsoever, my S5 on the other hand has a huge burn in markings! My S6 is burn in free but my current S7 Edge has a burn in mark 50% of the display from the middle to the bottom has like yellower whites, and the above from the middle part has good whites... im thinking it has to do with luck! Because i used to use my old S3 on max brightness at all times and i used that phone most of all of them! and it has litterly 0 burn in markings! Im hoping that if i purchase a S8+ that i wont be unlucky and get a burn in model because it can really hinder your experience especially in Gear VR when you see half of your screen showing worse whites and the other half showing good whites...
    My brothers S7 edge has 0 burn in markings so im kinda jeleaus because he uses his phone more often and at a high brightness, im hoping that the S8+ im gonna get will be burn in free like some of my older S devices! Because burn in markings isn't sadly a big enough reason to return in Samsungs return policy opinion...

  • Michael Gravitore
    Michael Gravitore 7 days ago

    I have burn-in on my S7...

  • Anthony Ortiz
    Anthony Ortiz 10 days ago

    To be brutally honest, all my oled phones have had burn, but that's my fault. Clash of Clans image burn in from long periods of gaming sessions, and again dumb me had brightness set at max. This time I'll learn with my S8 plus.

  • Adam Abdullah
    Adam Abdullah 11 days ago

    My S7 has burn in problem as I use Waze regularly. Can see the navigation buttons like a slight shadow. The phone is slightly more than a year old. Very disappointing... !

  • Miro Vujanovic
    Miro Vujanovic 11 days ago

    Can sombody post a link of wallpaper on 1:13?

  • Light is greater than darkness

    Just as a precaution I have my bottom menu to autohide and my sidebar as fully transparent. I've owned 90% Android smartphones with the only exception being an iPhone 7+ that I traded in 5 days ago for my S8+. I still have most of my Androids and NONE of them have screen burn. I believe all of my Androids have an AMOLED display of some sort. If screen burn WAS an issue, I'm either somehow avoiding it with care or I don't use them enough years for it to happen. The longest I have kept one phone is almost 3 years. Believe it or not, I have NEVER in all the years of buying smartphones had ANY issues besides accidentally cracking my screen on my HTC One S.
    I ISF calibrate HDTVs and setup professional surround systems as my hobby, I know about screen issues. The worst display technology I have worked with is plasma. Plasma has the most God awful white balance of ANY display technology I have ever worked with! The most issues, screen burn and display defects came from plasma technology without exception. This is comming from someone who bought a $10,000 Pioneer KURO when it was the hottest display out. After enjoying that display for a while I saw a backlit local-dimming LED 1080p HDTV from LG and HAD to have it! It was the most beautiful and accurate display out at the time, the LG42LH90.
    Anyways... I caught myself rambling again! 🤐

  • AlexKing 22
    AlexKing 22 11 days ago

    This guy kinda sounds like Trump (as in his voice)

  • 1234enzor
    1234enzor 13 days ago


  • Roberto Angileri
    Roberto Angileri 15 days ago

    My s8 just got a really horrible burn at the nav bar, i m so dissapointed.

  • Akos Fekete
    Akos Fekete 18 days ago

    My S7 Edge has notification bar burn-in, after 7 months. All amoled displays will get it eventually, it comes with the technology.

  • Zarsa
    Zarsa 19 days ago

    I got burn in from the YouTube app. I fell asleep while a long playlist was playing. It was it portrait mode the entire time and know the bottom half of my has a slight yellow tint.

  • Ruben Fugate
    Ruben Fugate 19 days ago

    There was an update just today that now lets you hide the navigation bar while in all apps. Swipe up from the bottom to bring the buttons back. This should help with apps that don't follow the nav bar color back ground.

  • Korax Gaming
    Korax Gaming 20 days ago

    my whatsapp keyboard is in my screen i dont know wtf is this shit

  • WillDev_13
    WillDev_13 20 days ago

    My notification bar has burnt in and so has my nav bar :|

  • hidayet baysal
    hidayet baysal 21 day ago

    My old s5 and s6+ had that problem for whatsapp i could see my gf's name on top but im not having the same problem with s8+ since she left

  • Brandon Martin
    Brandon Martin 22 days ago

    I've had all recent Samsung phones including my most recent galaxy S8+ and I literally never experienced this. I didn't even know what screen burn in was before this video lol

  • SamDGAF
    SamDGAF 22 days ago

    Just noticed on my S8 that over half the screen is an orange tint and ig it's a burn and I'm pretty pissed off so I'm gonna take it to the Verizon store tomorrow and hopefully I don't have to pay anything to get it fixed.

  • surya susetyo
    surya susetyo 22 days ago

    Thats why htc and friends are better than samsung, why, because they are not samsung.

  • sel2179
    sel2179 24 days ago

    My screen has got this problem used google maps for a extended time and burnt my screen it's always there I hate it would the warranty cover it please reply

  • Capix Shawty
    Capix Shawty 24 days ago

    my s8+ just doing fine. just rarely turn on the always on display mode

    CRAZY 26 days ago +1

    My j3 2016, microsoft lumia 950, lumia 925 have burned screens, j3 has the notification bar and the youtube frame thingy, the lumias have the microsoft edge browser bar and lumia 950 has navbar too should i return the lumia and samsung to the repair?

    GREEN SHOES 27 days ago

    Oh now I know why my galaxy A8 have something like that. After using it for 2 years I switch to galaxy S8.

  • Ervin Shakirov
    Ervin Shakirov 27 days ago

    Damn those Amoleds are fuckup , i have S7 edge 6 months old , and i send it to repair , i got screen burns !! guys be really carefull with your displays out there ! they will burn on some point !! move icons , change wallpapers more offen !! Lcd wasn't so bad !

  • Abdul Raheem Kamran Khan

    I had s6 and moto x both had burn-in.

  • Joo Gl
    Joo Gl 28 days ago

    I have note4 in the past and i have the problem

  • Peter Puan
    Peter Puan 29 days ago

    Always on Display notification did not show after 2 days use ... now, it just show the clock and date ... plus battery %

  • Nate Dogg99
    Nate Dogg99 Month ago

    I think that's with all galaxy's because my galaxy 3, 4, and 5 did that

  • Benjamin Trif
    Benjamin Trif Month ago

    A simple yes or no would be fine.

  • Jackson Hoover
    Jackson Hoover Month ago



    i have burn in problem how to resolve this

  • KobeJaxxx
    KobeJaxxx Month ago

    I have this problem with my S8 from using too much youtube for some reason.

  • webslinger2011
    webslinger2011 Month ago

    Just had my recently bought s8 sent for replacement due to flickering display, color stains and shadows. Might be a manufacturing defect.

  • elijah knisley(queen)

    my OnePlus 3 has really bad burn in on the notification bar🙁

  • Alejandro                                                                                           Alejandro Galaviz

    People who think this is just a trick to make Samsung look bad, stfu, OLED technology IS likely to suffer from this, lookup what OLED screens are made out of, I have had these problems in ALL the OLED phones i've owned, not just Samsung

  • JohnnyZenith
    JohnnyZenith Month ago

    I had terrible burn in with the S 1. I'd be gobsmacked and appalled of the S8 suffers it too.

  • Marty Van Doren
    Marty Van Doren Month ago

    my galaxy s6 has burn in where the notification bar is and where YouTube videos play in portrait view

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago

    i had a galaxy s6 and some parts of the facebook interface were burnt in to the top of the screen

  • Christopher Delcastillo

    my replacement note 4 has screen burn have to until Thursday to get replacement of the replacement lol

  • Aniket Gowardhan
    Aniket Gowardhan Month ago

    my god no no not again😞😞😞😞😵😵😵😵😵😵😱😱😱

  • UzzyTUBE
    UzzyTUBE Month ago

    look like apple or someone paid you a hugs amount of money to broadcasr bullshit on samsung! i never heard of this issue and i love my S8+ more than my iPhone 7 Plus!!

  • iAmmarXGames
    iAmmarXGames Month ago +1

    i havent experinced a burn in

  • Striking Blitz
    Striking Blitz Month ago

    Is there a way to fix burn in?

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Month ago

    Shitty phone...

  • Myka TV
    Myka TV Month ago

    i have my second burn-in problem.. i have the s8 +.... my first one was the s6 edge.... ill have to send in my s8 Plus for the burn-in problem

  • Gene Yanenko
    Gene Yanenko Month ago

    Just noticed I have burn-in on a pure white screen you can see my widget buttons (White-PowerAmp buttons). I had this phone 2 weeks (insurance replacement). Running a burn-in fixer app. I'll post the results. If that doesn't help I'm going to go though warranty to get it fixed.

  • stormrider777
    stormrider777 Month ago

    I do have slight burn in on my s7 edge. looks like I got it from watching youtube apparently. the line is right where the white and black meet when watching in minimized mode.

  • ROCKER19943
    ROCKER19943 Month ago

    yeah i do have some green stuck pixel :(

  • Night Zamora
    Night Zamora Month ago

    I've owned several phones from Samsung and I have never had this issue.
    I have the S8+ and no issues here.

    I think people are just nitpicking and trying to cause drama or just unfortunately had a bad phone out of the box.

  • Aus Cro
    Aus Cro Month ago

    No, it's not bullshit. I have a couple of different moderate burn-ins on my S7 Edge and they are bugging me off so hard. This is a legit issue that Samsung seriously needs to solve :/

  • John Wilkinson
    John Wilkinson Month ago

    Yea I've got an s8+ about 5 weeks old and I have a burn in , ghosting of you tube, I sometimes play relaxation music, waves, rain etc to help me fall asleep so as you can imagine the screen would be on hours as I'm not sure the screen time out would kick in whilst you tube plays, most of the time it might be a picture with sound that I use ear buds on, but Yea I'm surprised but I can see the outline of you tube on say emails or something with a white background and can even make it out slightly still on my home screen, never happened before on other phones, love the phone it jumps through hoops as a device but pretty annoyed at the burn in, gonna send it back to carrier to see what they can do.

  • Samsqanch
    Samsqanch Month ago

    1:13 whats that walpaper?

  • The Giving Groot 715

    This happens to my Ipad 2 alot, but it goes away

  • Jose Mercado
    Jose Mercado Month ago

    No burn-in issue with my phone

  • Rakesh Poddar
    Rakesh Poddar Month ago

    amoled: Overated, Over saturated unrealistic shit.

  • Nas Salvatore
    Nas Salvatore Month ago

    every Samsung phone I've owned has had the burn in problem regardless of how long an image has been "static" the issue is the higher the brightness the higher the chance of the screen heating and causing the burn effect manufacturers know this but yet they still use the same technology also consumers know this but still buy the ptoducts. common sense people stop buying the dam products and the companies that are currently ripping you off with this stupid screen technology will be forced to change from (burnOled) to something that won't burn. think about it you spend a small fortune on these products do you really want such bad faults I know I don't.

  • Luka Dinic
    Luka Dinic Month ago

    i jave the same problem with my s7

  • AmbSwizag
    AmbSwizag Month ago

    I had an app called telegram on my galaxy s7 and it caused my phone to stay awke on the youtube app and burnt the top 1/3 of the screen into a different shade.

  • Malick Toure
    Malick Toure Month ago

    Turn down your brightness. Its a good way to reduce the probability of it happening

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar Month ago

    sir I am experiencing this burning effect on my Redmi Note 4

  • Edwin G.
    Edwin G. Month ago

    annoying burn in on my s8+

  • tolga1cool
    tolga1cool Month ago

    Not s8 but I have a OnePlus 3 and my screen has quite bad burn in on the status bar. it's really visible when you go landscape and have a bright background.

    have used the phone for about a year now

  • ICICspyTV 2
    ICICspyTV 2 Month ago

    Why do you look so tired

  • wafflehacks67
    wafflehacks67 Month ago

    Me personally don't like the "Always on display" feature so I turn it off right away when I got mine. So far I haven't experience burn-in display.

  • Xistence Xplains Theology

    I have burn in issue on my a7-15 , used too much YouTube in portrait

  • Xistence Xplains Theology

    not only the s8's issue all AMOLED displays have the same issue if you keep the same image on screen

  • james cargill
    james cargill Month ago +1

    my s8 screen burn is gettin bad now got to go into samsung shop so they can take a look at it

    • Rick T
      Rick T Month ago

      james cargill Bro i think i have a burn in aswell, i have one a line in the nav bar with different shade and one 1/3 from the top of the phone.

  • MR. T
    MR. T Month ago

    I noticed most of the displaymS7's at the verizon wireless stores have image burn in.. For whatever that's worth...

  • Bailey Campbell
    Bailey Campbell Month ago

    I've had the S7 since release and my always on display clock as not burn in to the screen.
    This issue happens on all tv's regardless of brand.

  • Allen Calhoun
    Allen Calhoun Month ago

    If you drive for uber or Lyft and use either google maps or waze expect screen burn on your Samsung phone.I have the s7 edge and have permanently etched google maps into the screen. Yes the warranty will cover these issues but Samsung will need your phone for a week and unless you have an extra phone you are outta work. If you depend on an always on mapping program for your employment I would stay away from these screens.

  • Ask Wintersborg Govertsen

    no burn ins here

  • Duck _of_warfare
    Duck _of_warfare Month ago

    don't leave the brightness all the way up then

  • LostinOC
    LostinOC Month ago

    my iPhone has a big apple burned in the center of the screen

  • Shazzkid
    Shazzkid Month ago +1

    My S3 got burn in, so i bought an S4, it got burn in, so i got an S5, it also got burn in, now im gonna buy S8+, oh dear god don't follow the same trend

  • BlueEyePCGuy
    BlueEyePCGuy Month ago

    No problems here on my S8.

  • Feger9
    Feger9 Month ago

    MY S8 burned..... It gets kinda annoying ....... I hate it

  • Suckmysanta
    Suckmysanta Month ago

    I have a burnin problem with my S7 edge. the upper part is white and the bottom part is more of a yellow tone. That happend while playing youtube videos in portrait mode. it is somehow annoying😐

  • Ashot Dallakyan
    Ashot Dallakyan 2 months ago

    I just Noted that my s8+ has this issue. that sucks

  • Dillon Fosa
    Dillon Fosa 2 months ago

    go to any Verizon store they have burn in on almost every s8 or s8+ granted they are on all the time but still.

  • MadMetalManiac74
    MadMetalManiac74 2 months ago

    reminds me of Andre from the league lol.

  • Samuel Davis
    Samuel Davis 2 months ago

    This is only somewhat related but my Google Pixel has burn in from the navigation bar but I almost never notice it. It most likely came from me activating the keep screen awake toggle in developer options. But the potential for burn-in with the S8/S8+ has me really considering the G6 with its cheaper price and fantastic LCD display

  • Riste Tanceski
    Riste Tanceski 2 months ago

    iv had the s2 s4 s5 note 4 and note 10.1 and no burn i issues but i got a old s6 and the previous owner has put bad burn on the screen how do you even do that

    AMDRADEONRUBY 2 months ago

    I had Panasonic Plasma tv and zero burn in i used this tv with video game and zero problem like my phones

  • fallenwout
    fallenwout 2 months ago

    You looked at this wrong. It does not burn in, the pixels burn OUT (especially the blue ones). So the pixels just get used up. Moving the image will prevent burn in, but not burn out. The homebutton will burn out more quickly than the other pixels. Every short time it is on the display, it is still more and longer than the neighbouring pixels so they degrade faster. There is nothing you can do about it.
    Imagine you have 3 batteries and you swap(=moving image) them every 10 second. But the first battery is sometimes swapped after 15sec (=home button). That first battery will wear out more quickly, not matter how much or fast you swap them(=move the image).
    Amoled, how beautiful it may be, it not the best choice for mobile phones with statusbars, navigationbars, clock and the same icon layout. It will degrade if you want to keep it longer than 1yrs. Amoled for TVs is a very good application, except maybe for the channel's logo, the pixels will degrade more evenly making wear less noticable.

  • allie tirad
    allie tirad 2 months ago

    I'm a loyal Samsung flagship phone fan and never had that type of experience or problem eversince i started using Samsung ahahaha. U guys are "PAID" commentators against Samsung just bcoz iPhone is coming out. Nice marketing strategy.

  • Chris Eckman
    Chris Eckman 2 months ago +1

    it's an issue on almost all AMOLED displays I've had. Even if the buttons text shift around the bars will eventually start burning in.

  • Geovanni Soto
    Geovanni Soto 2 months ago

    I searched for this....because my S8+ has burn in. My note 4 had the same issue...

  • IAmNerd
    IAmNerd 2 months ago

    My s7 has burn in from the youtube app as I leave it on overnight

  • Timofey Kopmar
    Timofey Kopmar 2 months ago

    Love my new S8+ but did notice some burn in on the nav bar. The whole nav bar is slightly different color than the rest of the screen. I have a s6 edge as well with some extensive burn in. The weird thing is that it was never noticeable until I updated to nougat. Upon booting first time in nougat had major burn in on screen.

  • chris perez
    chris perez 2 months ago

    i blame YouTube for my screen burn on my s8+.

  • gröFazz
    gröFazz 2 months ago

    My S5, two S7 edges had burn in. I hope S8+ wont have this problem

  • james cargill
    james cargill 2 months ago

    had really bad burnin on my s7 edge now ha the s8 since it came out an have a tiny bit of burnin alreay not happy

  • Kris K. Raspur
    Kris K. Raspur 2 months ago

    I got my unlocked version burn in within​ a week. the color is slightly different on navigation bar just like the arrow on the right in this video. sometimes not noticable depending on the the background color. No home, back, and recent buttons got burned in the screen yet.

    • Kris K. Raspur
      Kris K. Raspur 2 months ago

      I meant home screen

    • Kris K. Raspur
      Kris K. Raspur 2 months ago

      I don't stay at home when using the phone. I do watch a lot of YouTube videos and always in full screen mode. I don't know how this could have happened when I do something​ El, I put phone to sleep right away when I'm done with it. Nicest screen of all smart phones doesn't mean much if there's line/slightly different color on the nav bar. It totally ruined the experience especially this high price tag you paid for.

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