North Korean Noodles VS. South Korean Noodles

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  • Chancier Hades
    Chancier Hades 2 days ago

    North Koreans eat cooked food?? Thought that they ate the food of the ancestors of human

  • coolandtall
    coolandtall 2 days ago

    He didn't say what the name of the cold noodle dish is......냉면 "nang-myun"

  • Kool Burn
    Kool Burn 3 days ago

    Mikey, to get the full and authentic taste, you need to go to North Korea and try out the noodles for us, and give us a real review!!

  • tcn Brooklyn
    tcn Brooklyn 4 days ago

    dont like cold food even thou the 2nd one looked good

  • DannyMations
    DannyMations 6 days ago

    Have you tried North Korean food? Neither have they!

  • Tsukinocos _
    Tsukinocos _ 8 days ago

    I kinda knew that the North Korean noodles was just going to be Water and noodles

    GUKKI MAN 8 days ago

    why communist food taste like nothing?

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller 9 days ago

    wow he must have fallen asleep in the sun or something because he has a tan line down the middle of his face

  • Jayd Lor
    Jayd Lor 9 days ago

    I literally type searched Korean noodles because I was craving some.

  • Karshyang Kc
    Karshyang Kc 10 days ago

    where is pear u forget it

  • Dr. Turkey
    Dr. Turkey 12 days ago

    That north korean soup looked almost depressing. Also interesting that it had more beef in it considering how rare they get to eat it in NK (at least how I understand it)

  • Lakshay gupta
    Lakshay gupta 13 days ago

    Japanese noodles looks much more attractive

  • guohao shen
    guohao shen 13 days ago

    tofu in the dumplings? what could be lamer? lol

  • guohao shen
    guohao shen 13 days ago

    Please go to northeastern China for the best Korean cold noodles, I wont explain too much, but you would propably forget the ones made with either joy or tears.

  • Jay Jay Johal
    Jay Jay Johal 13 days ago

    Eat if before it gets hot

  • Jason Lurf
    Jason Lurf 13 days ago

    I guess Mike Chen can testify that North Korean noodle tastes like Maruchan....

  • Alex Fülle
    Alex Fülle 14 days ago

    To me, the North Korea's noodles look more appetizing now, because it's summer and they look calm and cooling. :>

  • Ferrit Asia
    Ferrit Asia 14 days ago

    North Korea noodles are delicious but there noodles are so long and hard to swallowing

  • Lee Hailey
    Lee Hailey 15 days ago

    That's too little MEAT!!!

  • Sirry Tassah
    Sirry Tassah 17 days ago

    so many ignorant people in this comment section.

  • French crumpets 778
    French crumpets 778 17 days ago

    If the waiters don't tell you assume it is human meat. Like all meat in North Korea.

  • Dimitri Crotchlickmeov

    Dude, you sure can eat.

  • Philip.Hans. Alexander

    Be really careful using MSG. Not good for you.

  • Jam Slam
    Jam Slam 20 days ago

    You can actually choke to death on these noodles.

  • Kyphon Phoo
    Kyphon Phoo 21 day ago

    They have no noodles in North Korea.

  • Lillian Smith
    Lillian Smith 21 day ago

    Can you guys not make fun of North Korea? It's not really funny for a Korean

  • Master meme
    Master meme 22 days ago

    I stopped watching after you put in the mustard and vinegar lol

  • Kim Kangjeong
    Kim Kangjeong 22 days ago

    trying the soup like that is more Chinese style, not every asian country does that

  • ExistingGamerYT
    ExistingGamerYT 23 days ago

    Those dumplings are the dead North Koreans

  • AnglingNVirginia
    AnglingNVirginia 23 days ago

    North korean's always eats Salt water but they call it soup. There is no food there. Fat jong un is eating all the food, That is what korean's say lol

  • Jisu Han
    Jisu Han 25 days ago

    Pyeongyang(Capital of North Korea, fyi) cold noodles are the soul food of tons of South Korean Foodies, including me. I've never been to North Korea, so basically what I know as Pyeongyang cold noodles woule be South Korean version of Pyeongyang cold noodles, tho.😅

  • Manuel Weror
    Manuel Weror 25 days ago

    He talks too much

  • Too Shy
    Too Shy 25 days ago

    you look like jackie chan

  • Sweeter Sinner
    Sweeter Sinner 27 days ago

    vinagary and spicy? you might like Sinigang from philippines

  • NotQuiteSurprisedAtAll

    You should try Nazi Noodles .... Just don't Jew them too hard

  • Svetlana Lvova
    Svetlana Lvova 1 month ago

    Tastes differ, I don't like starch noodles. Buckwheat noodles, on the other hand, are yummy.

  • Anish Nair
    Anish Nair 1 month ago

    Korean doesn't know Korean................ wow

  • Beard Up Beer Down
    Beard Up Beer Down 1 month ago

    Those grey noodles just look depressing

  • RiverFerret 9803
    RiverFerret 9803 1 month ago

    Did anyone ever know that if scroll down a few times from the top and hover over the name of the first commenter it leads up to the subscribe button. Like if you find this interesting

  • Soleen Bladia
    Soleen Bladia 1 month ago

    Screw north korea

  • Florent Rexhepi
    Florent Rexhepi 1 month ago

    Kim Jon un disliked

  • Tooba Khan
    Tooba Khan 1 month ago

    I just thought that you are going to North Korea just for trying that noodles...boooo

  • Whyou Wannaknow
    Whyou Wannaknow 1 month ago

    north korean broth taste like salt water because of tears.

  • it's maddi
    it's maddi 1 month ago

    I love the north Korean noodles .I only like the spicy south Korean noodles

  • RedJacketCapcomKid
    RedJacketCapcomKid 1 month ago

    I'm surprised that his bowl of "North Korean noodles" didn't have a single wax grapefruit in it.

  • 김일성 คิมอิลซุง

    u better like kim noodle

  • the nerf tikki torch

    NORTH korean noodle soup: tastes like saltwater. Beyong beiyong noodles don't drink soup

  • Nana Elizabeth
    Nana Elizabeth 1 month ago

    North korean food sounds like my type of food... my favourite snack is ice cubes :'3

  • Tsuki Condor
    Tsuki Condor 1 month ago

    In my opinion you guys at Strictly Dumping are truly amazing youtubers,Teaches people about the wonders of Asian food and culture

  • Jinx HD
    Jinx HD 1 month ago

    Anayah sayho is Japanese my dood

  • Arika Chen
    Arika Chen 1 month ago

    cannibalistic tofu unicorn dumpling... lol

  • cmhersweethard !!!
    cmhersweethard !!! 1 month ago

    its human meat in the north korean dumplings

  • NOTfromGORE
    NOTfromGORE 1 month ago

    i had pretty good hotpot in pyongyang, and my friend liked the noodles. but i felt like all the food i ate there was average versions of food that shandong does amazingly.

  • liverzbbk
    liverzbbk 1 month ago

    I can't eat hot food cold

  • Annie Lynn
    Annie Lynn 1 month ago

    Mikey trying to pronounce Korean words is the cutest I can't

  • David Suh
    David Suh 1 month ago

    i'm korean and that north korean version of naengmyun looks horrible

  • DJ
    DJ 1 month ago

    North Korean noodles are probably bland because North Korean people don't use any spices because Kim has all the good stuff in N Korea

  • it's jhkdatfangirl
    it's jhkdatfangirl 1 month ago

    Idk why but the dumpling bit made me laugh super hard

  • Vince Ian
    Vince Ian 1 month ago

    this is the kind of dude who would jump on a battlefield just to eat noodles

  • crazymuncha blitz
    crazymuncha blitz 1 month ago

    he looks like jackie chan

  • Whoa!
    Whoa! 1 month ago

    You do realize that most North Koreans have never tasted or seen eggs or beef? Half a cup of plain rice if you are lucky.

  • blunt raps
    blunt raps 1 month ago

    noth Korea you mean best korea

  • Dan The Watcher
    Dan The Watcher 1 month ago

    Odd, because it has been my experience as a Eastern European that all ex-commy countries have traditional dishes that are vary simple but also vary flavourful. My country of Romania, most doshes we have were invented before commys took over and were the everyday worker's dish (as in hardy and satisfying) and because they were cheep to make and satisfied your hunger they survived the communists. As such I woyld have expected NK to have some vary simple/bland looking dish, but packed with a lot of flavour. My granny would say that poor people make the most delicious foods (as they had been poor during WW2) because they had to compensate the lack of quality cuts or even meat in general with flavour, and she was right.

  • rllok
    rllok 2 months ago

    If it was truly North Korean, than there would be nothing in that bowl

  • neoqueto
    neoqueto 2 months ago

    Top 5 Anime Fights

  • George Murrell
    George Murrell 2 months ago

    North Korean cold noodles are the Asian equivalent of English food .

  • SudanPvP
    SudanPvP 2 months ago

    After reading all the comments makes me sad because it's not the North Koreans fault their government closed their country and made the citizens die.

  • mark nesbitt
    mark nesbitt 2 months ago

    You are suposed to mix in a nuke

    GFINHK 2 months ago

    The NK cold noodles are made with sweat and tears of the dead ppl used to fill the dumplings with

  • Philip Suba
    Philip Suba 2 months ago

    The dumplings have dog meat lol Jk

  • little misa
    little misa 2 months ago

    i like the north style.

  • Foxtrot Felix
    Foxtrot Felix 2 months ago

    North Korean noodles, your fresh taste of communism and oppression, now in one cold bowl!

  • DanielOlsson
    DanielOlsson 2 months ago

    Yep , Communist food looks horrifying

  • BlissinthemiX
    BlissinthemiX 2 months ago

    i click because i saw north Korea.

  • Kim-Taehug
    Kim-Taehug 2 months ago

    North Korean noodles = where

  • Is Calv
    Is Calv 2 months ago

    "That was not smart" 😅

  • Ultronfist
    Ultronfist 2 months ago

    him "I don't think i should do it" he drinks the mustered broth and instantly regrets it

  • lavantais blake
    lavantais blake 2 months ago

    The North Korean soup in the thumb nail looks so sad.

  • Isabella Frank
    Isabella Frank 2 months ago


  • Merve Sürmeli
    Merve Sürmeli 2 months ago

    the scenes where you sit, the focus is so off

  • Bukali Kat
    Bukali Kat 2 months ago

    You tasted food from your worst enemy, and broadcast it to youtube..? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?!?

  • Darick Lim
    Darick Lim 2 months ago

    man, Kim Jong-un gonna pissed with your review about their food. But I guess since you're chinese by descendant, you should be off the hook.

  • ThePrankDudes
    ThePrankDudes 2 months ago

    They wouldn't tell you what's in the dumpling because it's HUMAN!!

  • ninjalemurdude
    ninjalemurdude 2 months ago

    The red noodles' sauce is basically just gochujang and sesame oil. I make it when I'm lazy.

  • IronMike 2021
    IronMike 2021 2 months ago

    Why the heck isn't North Korean Noodles, worms in a bowl filled with in purified water?

  • Aiden G
    Aiden G 2 months ago

    mix them and you get the DMZ noodle special

  • d ick
    d ick 2 months ago

    I never had noodles kill me

  • Polthymnia
    Polthymnia 2 months ago

    his Korean is awful

  • Seth Kim
    Seth Kim 2 months ago

    its both north korean

  • Chef Exellence
    Chef Exellence 2 months ago

    North Korean noodles = nothing

  • Buhu Buhu
    Buhu Buhu 2 months ago

    Them not telling him what are the dumplings made of reminds me of sweeney todd.

  • taylor swift and kpop
    taylor swift and kpop 2 months ago

    why do you look like jAckie chan??!?

  • Get Shrekt
    Get Shrekt 2 months ago

    This guy looks like Jackie Chan

  • Mouhamed sall
    Mouhamed sall 2 months ago

    Salty water hmm more like tears

  • Foxy Loxy West
    Foxy Loxy West 2 months ago

    did I see braces? or a retainer??

  • Jerry Thao
    Jerry Thao 2 months ago

    sorry but korean food sucks

  • What Why
    What Why 2 months ago

    This would've been much more accurate if the north korean noodles was just an empty bowl

  • Cpl. Iffy
    Cpl. Iffy 2 months ago

    North Korean broth is made 90% water and
    10% you don't wanna know.

  • S U C C M E B A B E
    S U C C M E B A B E 2 months ago

    I didn't know North Korea had food..

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