Star Trek Lost Episode - SNL

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  • Jo IJ
    Jo IJ 17 hours ago

    2:27 why does everyone laugh after Sulu says "yeah we've never seen him before"?

  • AyJay
    AyJay 22 hours ago


  • jack flash
    jack flash 1 day ago

    an SNL clip that doesn't involve trump? ok, i'll click on that.

  • Heath Hamilton
    Heath Hamilton 2 days ago

    SNL, still not funny

  • MMLEP95
    MMLEP95 3 days ago

    Chris Pine's impression on point🙌🙌

  • swifty1969
    swifty1969 4 days ago

    this was unbelievably lame and unfunny. They really need to cancel SNL. I feel bad for Chris Pine. That lady playing Uhura.......I would also love to take a bite of her ass. She's prettier than Saldana. You want to see a really funny Star Trek skit, then watch MadTV Hispanic Star Trek.

  • Gunman610
    Gunman610 4 days ago

    Sal Dellabate? Somebody's still a Howard Stern fan...

  • Chris Perry
    Chris Perry 6 days ago

    Good grief that’s a good shattner impression!

  • Aguy Bear&horse
    Aguy Bear&horse 8 days ago

    hey didn't family guy do this whole Spock Italian thing before this, once one SNL, ripping off family guy haha

  • Czech Me Out
    Czech Me Out 10 days ago

    Hello Trekkies, look up "Young William Shatner", that is why Chris Pine was casted.

  • Victor Ha
    Victor Ha 10 days ago

    looks better than discovery

  • firewordsparkler
    firewordsparkler 10 days ago

    I'm still so annoyed that they got the ears wrong.

  • zachary939
    zachary939 10 days ago

    That's a pretty fucking good Shatner.

  • Andy Wilson
    Andy Wilson 12 days ago

    I want those 5 minute of my life back

  • CrustyDM
    CrustyDM 13 days ago

    That is a TERRIBLE Shatner :)) He sounds more like Brain than Shatner.

  • Zoe Lindgren
    Zoe Lindgren 15 days ago

    Is it weird I find Chris Pine's Shatner impression kind of sexy?

  • DemonsLikeZoos
    DemonsLikeZoos 16 days ago

    probably the worst degrasse impression I've ever heard I can do a better one and I'm white......

  • Kalathena Piziks
    Kalathena Piziks 16 days ago

    Still better than Star Trek Five . . .
    Agreed! I lost it there. Too funny.

  • ArsArma
    ArsArma 19 days ago

    Star Trek V which also had Spock's brother. Please don't give Spock brothers.

  • katakisLives
    katakisLives 20 days ago

    In terms of appearance Spock's half brother looks a lot like Ronnie Barker playing Spock in another star trek parody done by the 2 ronnies in the 70's

  • Brayan Pena
    Brayan Pena 22 days ago

    "science makes me silly"🤣🤣🤣

  • Dai'Mon Darmok
    Dai'Mon Darmok 22 days ago

    Spocko is still better than Sybok

  • Eren Cem Tezcan
    Eren Cem Tezcan 23 days ago

    Why do I feel watching low budget star trek porn

  • R. Ive
    R. Ive 24 days ago

    Stupid skit.

  • Alberto Martinez
    Alberto Martinez 25 days ago

    Chris Pine is the best capitán ever in enterprise

  • b
    b 26 days ago

    Kenan Thompson is my favorite cast member of this past generation of SNLers. so funny

  • MaskedMan66
    MaskedMan66 27 days ago

    Who plays Uhura, Scotty, and Chekov?

  • MustangblueNYC
    MustangblueNYC 28 days ago

    Akira Yoshimura (SULU) is the best!!!! he played played SULU every-time they had a Star Trek parody since 1976!!!! I love how everyone is trying to keep a straight face after "sulu's" line

  • Jonathan Hazlett
    Jonathan Hazlett 29 days ago

    Delabate? Hello, hello!

  • birdorienteering
    birdorienteering 1 month ago

    So Lorne should hire Bobby Lee maybe?

  • Whitney D.
    Whitney D. 1 month ago


  • Takeyia Twitty
    Takeyia Twitty 1 month ago

    *squinting * Spock has a half brother, but admitting I know that means admitting Star Trek V exists and I've watched it...Welp looks like Spock-O is canon now. LLAP.

  • M Meraj Hossain
    M Meraj Hossain 1 month ago

    Criss pine almost laughed 😂😂

  • Selton K
    Selton K 1 month ago

    god this whole show blows

  • Charles A Clark
    Charles A Clark 1 month ago


  • Matt Pannell
    Matt Pannell 1 month ago

    The New John Belushi

  • Mr.Christian
    Mr.Christian 1 month ago


  • Rehepapp
    Rehepapp 1 month ago

    Good to see that they've had the same Sulu for over 40 years.

  • yelloduckie05
    yelloduckie05 1 month ago

    Pooper lol

  • InstigationFixation
    InstigationFixation 1 month ago

    Part of me feels like this isn't an actual episode...

  • Dipti Roy
    Dipti Roy 1 month ago

    did not like Neil impersonation

  • Eggs is eggs
    Eggs is eggs 1 month ago

    Are the writers Howard Stern fans? The guy's name is Sal Dell'Abate.

  • Crimson Skies
    Crimson Skies 1 month ago

    Wow, not funny at all.... SNL really got depressing..

  • KittyKatJack
    KittyKatJack 1 month ago


  • Dustin K
    Dustin K 1 month ago

    Sal The Stockbroker Delabate, better known as ma-ma-monkey.

  • Guy Gash
    Guy Gash 1 month ago

    Pathetic. Terrible acting and crap script. Literally the worst Star Trek mock I've ever seen. SNL has seriously deteriorated over the years.

  • Kathleen Osborne
    Kathleen Osborne 1 month ago

    so funny!!!

  • Aditya Joglekar
    Aditya Joglekar 1 month ago

    Who is that guy in the front right? Looks familiar.

  • Sara S
    Sara S 1 month ago

    oh my god chris doing shatner's kirk is such a weird & cool meta mind-fuck

  • Dale Fry
    Dale Fry 1 month ago

    I'll see you in the future 😂

  • ray kelley
    ray kelley 1 month ago

    I guess Sarek got around, populating the galaxy with a bunch of half brothers for Spock to be embarrassed about.

  • Arturo Muñoz
    Arturo Muñoz 1 month ago

    The only funny thing in this skit was Chris Pine doing William Shatner.

  • MaskedMan66
    MaskedMan66 1 month ago

    Sulu is played by Leo Yoshimura, who has played the part in every ST skit done by SNL since "The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise" in 1976!

  • The Devil is A Troller

    sulu looks awesome

  • Geoff P
    Geoff P 1 month ago

    I just wanted the camera to keep homing in on the babe playing Uhura.

  • Haaris Qureshi
    Haaris Qureshi 1 month ago

    Tyson is right. Spocko is not as bad as Sybok!

  • Tommy dean
    Tommy dean 1 month ago

    awful ...dont waste your time on this

  • Ffourteen
    Ffourteen 1 month ago

    I feel bad to have to say this... but Kirk should have asked Chekov to fire the torpedoes, then asked Scotty to fix the problem. So we should have gotten Scotto, not Spocko.

  • Patty Miller
    Patty Miller 1 month ago

    Chris Pine does a fantastic impression of William Shatner.  He nailed it!  He even sounds like him.  Chris didn't over exaggerate the performance which so many have through the years.  Shatner was always made fun of for his classical pauses, but for me, he definitely made the show worth watching.   May they both live long and prosper.

  • scatt jax
    scatt jax 1 month ago

    I don't remember Asian Danny Devito being on Star Trek but he's great!

  • nerdkid Mcgowan1207
    nerdkid Mcgowan1207 1 month ago


  • CountryGent67
    CountryGent67 1 month ago

    Chris Pine went "Full Shant"

  • MGSBigBoss77
    MGSBigBoss77 1 month ago

    4:40 Star Trek V ain't catching a break in 2017, not even 28 years later damn!

  • Bada4ever
    Bada4ever 1 month ago

    Captain's log....erect. Thanks Uhura. Omg, I have a big crush on Sasheer~

  • Diego Lozano
    Diego Lozano 2 months ago



    Dayum Chris Pine looks and acts so much just like William Shatner it gives me chills.

  • DerpySquid 1
    DerpySquid 1 2 months ago

    Better than discovery

  • Ruthlessnoodle
    Ruthlessnoodle 2 months ago

    This was HORRIBLE!!!!

  • Joe Maggi
    Joe Maggi 2 months ago

    It's like Sulu was some random audience member. 🤣

  • iMaDeMoN2012
    iMaDeMoN2012 2 months ago

    Who wrote the closed captioning? 3:00 Juicy Pooper?

  • iMaDeMoN2012
    iMaDeMoN2012 2 months ago

    I think Dr. Ken should be a regular guest star.

  • LinkMEP
    LinkMEP 2 months ago

    Star Trek V is great.

  • Icarus Nicholas
    Icarus Nicholas 2 months ago

    This looks better than Star Trek discovery

  • skyserf
    skyserf 2 months ago

    Looks better than Star Trek : Discovery ಠ_ಠ

  • The Crazy Movie Lover
    The Crazy Movie Lover 2 months ago

    I miss the John blushi star trek

  • Mickey O'Conway
    Mickey O'Conway 2 months ago

    Can we talk about Chris Pine's perfect William Shatner impression?? On the other hand, that's got to be the most half-assed Neil Degrass Tyson I've ever seen. Has Keenan ever even HEARD the dude speak before?!? Seems like Thompson plays the same character every time and trusts that the clothing and makeup will sell it. Zero range.

  • 45580677
    45580677 2 months ago

    Epic 10 out of 10

  • Griffin Sager-Gellerman

    This sketch kills me. I bet they were having a really hard time keeping it together during rehearsals- you can see it on Kyle's face right before the first NOW THAT'S A STAR TREK that he's about to lose it.

    I also think Kenan's NDT impression was amazing. There's this really dorky, childlike innocence to NDT's sense of humor, and I think Kenan/whoever wrote the lines for this part really nailed it. I know this isn't very significant since SNL has the best HMU available, but they really also nailed Neil's hair/mustache.

  • April Gist
    April Gist 2 months ago

    I actually admire Chris Pine a lot more now after seeing him on SNL

  • J J
    J J 2 months ago

    whoa asian representation !

  • Shannon Bradford
    Shannon Bradford 2 months ago

    What a stupid waste of time.

  • Hexan Gonzalez
    Hexan Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Needs A lot! of work on Mr. Tyson...

  • Wolverine Pete
    Wolverine Pete 2 months ago

    What did they do, yank the Asian guy out of the audience to play Sulu? Lmao

    • Wolverine Pete
      Wolverine Pete 2 months ago

      Ruthlessnoodle Well, that changes everything now that he's a professional actor.

    • Ruthlessnoodle
      Ruthlessnoodle 2 months ago

      He was Sulu in the 1980s Trek skit

  • Malek Karim
    Malek Karim 2 months ago

    whos the asian guy

  • Terrell Miller
    Terrell Miller 2 months ago

    I want to take a bite of that big juicy ass, now that's a STARTRAK.

  • Andrewphillips447
    Andrewphillips447 2 months ago


  • mustang6172
    mustang6172 2 months ago

    0:53 That panel in the background says, "LCARS" but LCARS wasn't introduced until TNG. What nerd pulled that blunder?

  • BloodyQuenchedSoul
    BloodyQuenchedSoul 2 months ago

    Jesus Christ loves you and wants a relationship with you, he's the only way to GOD, eternal life and the kingdom of heaven

  • BoingTarash1960s
    BoingTarash1960s 2 months ago

    The guy we've never seen before ALMOST steals the show. XD But Pine's Shatner is just impressive.

  • George Donaldson
    George Donaldson 2 months ago

    ✌ Spocko is a hoot.

  • Wolfoe 3604
    Wolfoe 3604 2 months ago

    Scotty had me dying lol!

  • Rawker101
    Rawker101 2 months ago

    Sulu made the skit for me.

  • TheSilverSkorpious
    TheSilverSkorpious 2 months ago

    Not sure I care for Keenan's NdT. Sorry, I usually like his impressions.

  • Anthony Perez
    Anthony Perez 2 months ago

    kill me now ty

  • Viscera Trocar
    Viscera Trocar 2 months ago

    There's a part of the Beyond gag reel where they're on the Franklin. Sulu breaks, without hesitation, like, "you sounded JUST like Shatner," and Chris is like, "it's gonna be full Shat. Watch out." Worth looking for.

  • GrandNoble
    GrandNoble 2 months ago

    he looks like Neil but didn't act like him at all

  • Tomato Lamp
    Tomato Lamp 2 months ago


  • Matthew Blevins
    Matthew Blevins 2 months ago

    1:01 he still sounds like Vladimir Putin, scotty was not russian....

  • Memo Grajedas Amazing Channel

    The weird thing is... science DOES make him silly.

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