Top 10 Adorable Animals That Can Straight-Up KILL You

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  • Top 10 Adorable Animals That Can Straight-Up KILL You // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
    CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! Cute but deadly animals are definitely something to look out for; small but strong animals with powerful secret weapons. Whether it’s the poison dart frog, a pufferfish, a dingo or a swan, there are some animals that look nice but are MEAN. WatchMojo counts down ten cute animals that are secretly terrifying.

    If you want to know what other animals you should watch out for, check out our lists of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals in the World:, Top 10 Terrifyingly Deadly Sea Creatures: and Top 10 Surprisingly Dangerous Animals:

    00:38 #10: Wolverine
    01:22 #9: Dingo
    02:14 #8: Pufferfish
    03:00 #7: Glaucus Atlanticus
    03:48 #6: Swan
    04:50 #5: Poison Dart Frog
    05:38 #4: Monkey / Primate
    06:27 #3, #2 & #1???

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  •  3 months ago

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    • ryuga
      ryuga 3 months ago

      no deer??

    • Gavin The Wolf
      Gavin The Wolf 3 months ago you're awesome Watchmojo!!!!

  • Everyone Dies
    Everyone Dies Day ago

    9:35 I want to punch that girl in the face

  • Donald Donahue
    Donald Donahue Day ago


  • Roth Henderson
    Roth Henderson 2 days ago

    8:02 Dolphin was like BRING DAT ASS HERE GIRL.

  • Sily Ninja
    Sily Ninja 3 days ago

    No joke, I got ran over by a swan when is was 4

  • Sand
    Sand 12 days ago

    Me: so the slow loris can lick its armpit for poison? let me try that.
    My friend: Dude what are you doing
    Me: i'm seeing if i can do what the slow loris can do
    My friend: Ok go ahead
    Me: ok here i go
    My friend: you didn't do anything but drink my coke

  • Merlyn Lear
    Merlyn Lear 21 day ago

    what! no duckbilled platypus?

  • VenomZ
    VenomZ 21 day ago

    I disliked this video because Puss in Boots was not #1!

  • Pekopa Kopa
    Pekopa Kopa 25 days ago

    fuck dolphins man...

  • pssywagn
    pssywagn 27 days ago

    An octopus is never adorable

  • Lil Rome
    Lil Rome 27 days ago +1

    Wheres the Platypus at tho???😭

  • Indiana Bones
    Indiana Bones 29 days ago

    Adorable? These are some ugly ass animals.

  • ItsAllAboutGuitar
    ItsAllAboutGuitar 29 days ago

    Lion, Tiger, Black Bear.

  • The Gaming Cooper
    The Gaming Cooper Month ago

    German shepherd for life.🐶🐻🐶🐻🐶🐻❤❤❤❤

  • Dicidueye gaming
    Dicidueye gaming Month ago

    saw baby dingos and heart melted

  • Adam Clark
    Adam Clark Month ago

    surprised seals were not on here

  • Hypershadic23
    Hypershadic23 2 months ago

    What happened to Mr Puff?
    *clicks lamp*
    She doesn't like to talk about it...

  • Ardil Bahaudeen
    Ardil Bahaudeen 2 months ago

    its illegal to own a slow loris anywhere in the world

  • Ardil Bahaudeen
    Ardil Bahaudeen 2 months ago

    number 7 is called a blue bottle in Australia

  • Eclipse Wolf
    Eclipse Wolf 2 months ago


  • note2owns
    note2owns 2 months ago

    Women could have been an honorable mention........

  • Jessica Foster
    Jessica Foster 2 months ago

    I have to admit #7 does look pretty cool.

  • chris gar
    chris gar 2 months ago

    also chimpanzees and orangutans are monkey watchmojo?

  • chris gar
    chris gar 2 months ago

    canadian geese! or beavers!!

  • JS Pena
    JS Pena 2 months ago

    why aren't Chow Chows on this list?

  • Matt Gerrish
    Matt Gerrish 2 months ago

    7:42 I saw that documentary on National Geographic that's not Dolphins playing. They're actually bullying and harassing that other spotted dolphin. Dolphins have actually been nicknamed the Psychopaths of the sea. Cuz they love to bully and torture their cousins the spotted dolphin.

  • The Weewoo Wombat
    The Weewoo Wombat 2 months ago

    Well now wonder that man in that article got attack, the headline said 'man bites panda after zoo attack'

  • Jerzy Piotrowski
    Jerzy Piotrowski 2 months ago

    killer whales?

    • Electric Storm
      Electric Storm 29 days ago

      Jerzy Piotrowski they don't kill people out in the wild

  • Michael Shade
    Michael Shade 3 months ago

    Ever heard the phrase "killing me with cuteness?" Yeahhhh that just became literal

  • Utkarsh
    Utkarsh 3 months ago

    how can someone be killed by a swan

  • Marvin j
    Marvin j 3 months ago

    Sea lion

  • Majin Sole
    Majin Sole 3 months ago

    Come on!! It's 2017, Watchmojo, so just call him what he is: a GAY cuttlefish. We all accept him, so don't disrespect him with "socially acceptable" euphemism like that. He deserves better... ~_~

  • Cowen K. Gittens
    Cowen K. Gittens 3 months ago

    Most of these aren't even adorable. their names alone sound like instant death.

  • JaxBlueBlade
    JaxBlueBlade 3 months ago

    i live dolphins

  • joshua hallman
    joshua hallman 3 months ago

    Orangutans are my favorite mammal, they are more docile than any other ape.

  • joshua hallman
    joshua hallman 3 months ago

    This still doesn't change how I view these animals.

  • Jem O Scar
    Jem O Scar 3 months ago

    I know what the blue ringed octopus can do to us, and it doesn't help that I live in there natural habitat of port Philip bay

  • tfypt
    tfypt 3 months ago

    What?! No Hippo?! I call BS

  • Jasaad Rogers
    Jasaad Rogers 3 months ago

    the blue ring octopus

  • Ivan Škojo
    Ivan Škojo 3 months ago

    Where is racoon?btw i dont acctualy know if they can kill someone because i dont live In U.S.A. but i only know they are aggresive.

  • DaemonKillar1701 Batstukun

    u forgot the Red Panda they are even more endangered then the Giant Black and White Panda. Red Pandas can maul you too if threatened in the wild

  • Daniel Cervantez
    Daniel Cervantez 3 months ago

    I'm sorry but those octopus and fish are absolutely disgusting looking and I wouldn't want to be anywhere near those things

  • mamc1986
    mamc1986 3 months ago

    I think that the way you need to worry about handling a dart frog, is if you have an open cut. My dad went to Costa Rica, and a tour guide of his touched one of these frogs, nothing happened.

  • Dark Dingo Games
    Dark Dingo Games 3 months ago

    The Dingp is an apex predator you didnt mention that

  • Luna Kitty
    Luna Kitty 3 months ago

    Big cats and wolves.

  • philip sturgeon
    philip sturgeon 3 months ago

    where was the honey badger

  • Jacob Camacho
    Jacob Camacho 3 months ago

    how do the honorable mentions kill you

    • Jacob Camacho
      Jacob Camacho 3 months ago

      I know the blue ringed octopus can with it's toxic bite but what about the giant anteater or the flamboyant cuttlefish

  • Maser209
    Maser209 3 months ago +1

    So there were "adorable" animals on this list somewhere?

  • casey gray
    casey gray 3 months ago

    Pandas are adorable yes, they are also herbivores true, but they are STILL considered BEARS!!!

  • Donnie Pack
    Donnie Pack 3 months ago

    I llok at the Giant Anteater and think "Don't get between him and his dinner man, he'll fuck you up."

  • Mario Caez
    Mario Caez 3 months ago

    maybe the dingo ate your baby(Seinfeld Quote)

  • mrnickbig1
    mrnickbig1 3 months ago

    Of course Dingos are similar to domestic dogs. Their ancestors WERE domestic dogs, brought to Australia by the ancestors of the Aborigines. And puffer fish are NOT VENOMOUS! They do not have venomous spines or venom glands. The narrator also needs to learn what words like "primate" and "monkey" mean. And why in the hell is the Slow Loris listed as #1, when they already covered primates? Was the "research" performed by fifth graders as a class project?

  • Andrey Gutsulyak
    Andrey Gutsulyak 3 months ago

    except that chimpanzees and gorillas aren't monkeys.

  • Jack Tomphson
    Jack Tomphson 3 months ago

    nature is just great! just stay away from it

  • Jan Frackiewicz
    Jan Frackiewicz 3 months ago

    No. 2 = rape culture

  • Mark Butcher
    Mark Butcher 3 months ago

    Fun (ok, sad) fact: when the Slow Loris raises its arms in the air, that means it's terrified, and it's desperately trying to defend itself

  • kryceksangel
    kryceksangel 3 months ago

    You'd think you'd know better than to say our cousin.  We are not from monkeys

  • 胡枫
    胡枫 3 months ago

    who wants to cuddle with puff fish.....

  • Sonic Gamer
    Sonic Gamer 3 months ago

    Adorable killers.

  • Guardian Gabriel
    Guardian Gabriel 3 months ago

    Appearances can be deceiving.

  • Mudkip
    Mudkip 3 months ago

    havent watched yet but im placing my bets on drop bears somewhere on this list

  • Da Dragon Durp
    Da Dragon Durp 3 months ago

    Any body who lived near geese knows how swans can be dangerous

  • Chuck C
    Chuck C 3 months ago


  • devon gadsby
    devon gadsby 3 months ago

    they are to adorable to kill

  • Teresa Lopez
    Teresa Lopez 3 months ago


  • Dante Mallard
    Dante Mallard 3 months ago

    half these animals aren't cute

  • Andrew Ace
    Andrew Ace 3 months ago

    Polar Bear??

  • Andrew Ace
    Andrew Ace 3 months ago

    "That can straight up kill you" - LMFAO!

  • St Bw
    St Bw 3 months ago

    The real Wolverine is far more dangerous than you have indicated. Am First Nation, & have been in the wild with these creatures in Quebec. They can easily leap 4 or more metres in one bound. Have seen attack a brown bear & try to attack humans. They are not that cute.

  • vikram mudholkar
    vikram mudholkar 3 months ago

    the title says "adorable" not "pretty" or "beautiful" watchmojo!!! click bait much!

  • TheRapper10000
    TheRapper10000 3 months ago

    Let Harambe Go!

  • MitchNasty20
    MitchNasty20 3 months ago

    not to mention people that handle slow Loris often cut off their teeth

  • Ava Grace
    Ava Grace 3 months ago

    Wait they have 14 MILLION subscribers?! I didn't know there were even that many people in the world😂

    Jk yes I did, but still that's a lot of subscribers😂

  • Kenny Lam
    Kenny Lam 3 months ago

    i swear theyre trying to scare me away from the ocean

  • Red_Milk
    Red_Milk 3 months ago +2

    2:40 WHY THE * bleep * ARE YOU HOLDING A * bleep * -ING PUFFER-FISH YOU IDIOT!!!

  • Sarfaun Ormsby
    Sarfaun Ormsby 3 months ago +4

    moral of the video don't piss the animals off haha

  • nurullah sine
    nurullah sine 3 months ago

    4:20 They can break arms and blow up houses, as well.

  • dastodavid
    dastodavid 3 months ago

    stay clear of dingos! they will bite your dick right off.

  • Himanshu Bisht
    Himanshu Bisht 3 months ago

    Number 7 looks like a freakin alien !

  • Heather Erice
    Heather Erice 3 months ago

    I dont care if the panda would hurt the crap out of me id still try to hug it !!

  • Mitch Stacey
    Mitch Stacey 3 months ago

    what are they talking about there at the beginning they totally used poison things

  • dondondon matafaka
    dondondon matafaka 3 months ago

    The Slow Loris is considered to be a godly medicine, maybe this is why.

  • Ryan Toth
    Ryan Toth 3 months ago

    Okay, no. Puffer fish are fuckin ugly.

  • SuperDan
    SuperDan 3 months ago +1

    I cant be the only one that didnt know Panda's were vegetarians........ wtf :p haha

  • HornyTrolllololololool
    HornyTrolllololololool 3 months ago

    wolverine can hunt moose? omg

  • Kanta Kanta
    Kanta Kanta 3 months ago

    I was attacked by a swan

  • Wilson Yu
    Wilson Yu 3 months ago

    Just because nature looks cute and beautiful doesn't mean they're touchable.
    Take it for me, I rarely leave my house.

  • Howling Burd19
    Howling Burd19 3 months ago

    Damn, Po is more dangerous than he looks xD

  • Jordan Rhea
    Jordan Rhea 3 months ago

    Who thinks wolverines are adorable?

  • Malik Guerrero
    Malik Guerrero 3 months ago

    god dang it. If you get attacked by a Dingo your'e a dingus.

  • St.ChippyDog Robbinson
    St.ChippyDog Robbinson 3 months ago

    Number 9 should have just been dogs not just dingos. Domestic dogs can kill you, maybe not 1 if you can defend yourself but of my 3 dogs attack me right now with the intent to kill..... I'D DIE!

  • Соболев Дмитрий

    All frogs and octopuses are NOT cute or adorable at all. 😕

    PS HOME 3 months ago +1

    good nature.

  • Fintan Letzelter
    Fintan Letzelter 3 months ago

    why is the slug adorable?

  • Frank Wizard
    Frank Wizard 3 months ago

    Pufferfish aren't cute... at all.

  • Kashif Nasim
    Kashif Nasim 3 months ago

    Most of them are not even cute!

    MACAVEL1 3 months ago +1

    I love animals but if a swan tries to come at me I throwing hands, al least try to

  • rexerexer66
    rexerexer66 3 months ago

    I would've included the kola bear I've heard that while they may seem cute they are actually pretty viscous

  • IsaacGames
    IsaacGames 3 months ago

    8:20 how can that kill you??? Also why is the platypus not on this list?

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