Jaws Dukbokki: Your Gateway Drug to Korean Street Food

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  • Fettys cous 1738 waza dragons

    I might be able to take the heat cuz I'm Mexican😛😜😋😉

  • Diana Jeong
    Diana Jeong Month ago

    I'm Korean, and this is literally killing me

  • Julia Woods
    Julia Woods Month ago

    I watch these videos just to listen to your guys voices!! You should do podcasts lol

  • Yola Sekarini
    Yola Sekarini 2 months ago


  • Pureblood
    Pureblood 2 months ago

    The way Simon steals food makes me think he grew up with siblings 😂

  • Tin Rmrz
    Tin Rmrz 3 months ago

    still watching this because it feels like I'm talking to both of you. It makes me happy and contented everyday. 😍😍😍

  • icah aguairo
    icah aguairo 4 months ago

    in Lebanon, there's a version of stuffed peppers or squash called gusa

  • DieKraeuterfee
    DieKraeuterfee 4 months ago

    whats that triangle shaped stuff inside the tteokbokki?

  • Sheen Padilla
    Sheen Padilla 5 months ago

    love your Videos, all the way from #Honduras

  • Lucas Vidal
    Lucas Vidal 5 months ago

    I've never seen someone go through a complete transformation as Simon did. If you go back to their early videos, it's like he's a completely different person. Such an attractive couple!

  • Gisele
    Gisele 5 months ago

    You guys were thinking of drake best I ever had idk if that's the actual name but it's from drake

  • 박영현
    박영현 5 months ago


  • 박영현
    박영현 5 months ago

    떡볶이 맛있어요

  • Stelios20 Gkrekass
    Stelios20 Gkrekass 6 months ago

    these peppers arent croatian , they are greek , we call them gemista

  • KaelleB
    KaelleB 6 months ago +1

    Martina!! I'm still desperately waiting for a dukbokki Martina's Midnight Cooking!!

  • iiRedDarkAngel
    iiRedDarkAngel 7 months ago

    Stil waiting for a ddeokbokki midnight cooking video ><

  • Neko Naccha
    Neko Naccha 7 months ago +3

    When Martina said "I need to make dukbokki, and make it for Martinas Midnight cooking!" And then I remember the first EVR video from them which Martina makes dukbokki GASP

  • AnaxErik4ever
    AnaxErik4ever 8 months ago

    Martina, do you ever get Simon back for when he pulls these "Mr. Miyagi", "You talk too much, so I'll just eat." things on you?

  • Quan Nguyen
    Quan Nguyen 8 months ago

    It's funny how you guys talked about it a lot but didn't tell us where the restaurant was located.

  • Chelsi Soriano
    Chelsi Soriano 9 months ago

    Go to the Philippines!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Square Fenix
    Square Fenix 9 months ago

    You were remembering the pokemon song.

  • Dreamstate Gaming
    Dreamstate Gaming 9 months ago


  • Rakibul Islam
    Rakibul Islam 9 months ago


  • Kylie Wang Ching Mun
    Kylie Wang Ching Mun 10 months ago

    Hi there! May I know which exit of Hongdae is this? I really want to try them out :)

  • iiRedDarkAngel
    iiRedDarkAngel 10 months ago

    Still waiting for that ddeokbokki video 😢

  • Paul Tanguay
    Paul Tanguay 11 months ago

    Ok Macklemor.

  • iiRedDarkAngel
    iiRedDarkAngel 11 months ago

    Im still waiting for that ddeokbokki video.

  • Alyssa Campbell
    Alyssa Campbell 11 months ago

    Dukbokki recipe !!!!!

  • BobbyJay
    BobbyJay Year ago

    It must be really really hard to just not devour all that food and record every 2-3 minutes of your meal (which means you have to stop eating and take turns to complete your meal lol). If i was in there it would've all been gone by the time the food hit the table..

  • Gerad Vindicating

    Fuck you guys now I'm hungry 😩

  • Cira Wright
    Cira Wright Year ago

    Lol that is a real song by Drake.

  • Cira Wright
    Cira Wright Year ago

    Lol that is a real song by Drake.

  • Ichigo Senpai
    Ichigo Senpai Year ago

    Deokbokki is sooo good but my favorite thing in it isn't the rice cakes, it's actually the boiled egg! Boiled egg in deokbokki is unbelievably good

  • senora blanco
    senora blanco Year ago +1

    Where is the dokboki Martina's midnight cooking

  • bangtanikon 77
    bangtanikon 77 Year ago

    Where is this !! I need to know !! It looks good

  • Shailourie Nieves
    Shailourie Nieves Year ago +1

    I need to stop watching your food videos because I'm starving and on a diet 😢

  • paranoiaprincess
    paranoiaprincess Year ago

    You guys always make me so hungry!

  • Taehyung's tongue Jimin's hair

    I'm waiting for my sushi order to arrive while watching you guys eat.😩 it looks soooo good

  • Big Raven
    Big Raven Year ago

    i thought Martina was singing "The best you never had" by Leona Lewis

  • Athaya Yumni
    Athaya Yumni Year ago

    does anyone know what's the filling for the gochu?

    • Jin Haru
      Jin Haru Year ago

      Mandu Fillings I think? Martina said it, well, I think Meat, Glassnoodles, Vegetables. Look at 2:22

  • dsgrsggjgfj
    dsgrsggjgfj Year ago

    "too spicey" LOL Mann as an Asian man myself, NOTHING is ever too spicy. Spicy=Good

  • christmas9lights
    christmas9lights Year ago


  • bob wantscookies
    bob wantscookies Year ago

    whats the song in the background/start??

  • Patricia Kerep
    Patricia Kerep Year ago +3

    Croatian person here! Croatian stuffed peppers are the best tho. 😄

  • Anthony
    Anthony Year ago

    I think you guys were trying to sing Best I ever had by Gavin Degraw

    it sounded kinda like it

  • Simon and Martina
    Simon and Martina  Year ago +6

    Thank you +Lucie for the French subtitles! We really appreciate it :D

  • Kim Wonpil
    Kim Wonpil Year ago

    How to get here from subway or hello kitty café?? Thank you :)

  • Nicole Blas
    Nicole Blas Year ago +2

    I would love to see a homemade version of this!!!!! PLEEEEEEEASE!!!!!

  • Sarah Vans Mootoo

    i'll never get over them singing drake at the end and then deeming that song didn't exist HAHAHAHA

  • Cameron Aero
    Cameron Aero Year ago

    Thanks for this! I plan on visiting korea regularly (when I can lol) when I get my new job here in the states. :)

  • Darrell barron
    Darrell barron Year ago

    lol id die in korea i cant have spice at all.heat spice that is

  • Terri Jones
    Terri Jones Year ago

    Best I ever had is a Drake song. I want to live in Korea now 😁

  • Ami Scherson
    Ami Scherson Year ago

    Dokbokki Midnight Cooking PLZ!

  • Watermelon
    Watermelon Year ago


  • Erin Sun
    Erin Sun Year ago +1

    I feel like I re-watch this video at least once a week to get over my cravings T^T

  • strawberry bubblepop

    I think I just had a foodgasm

  • cynni momm
    cynni momm Year ago

    Yes it is its "best I ever had" by drake

  • Owen Price
    Owen Price Year ago

    You guys just make my day every time I watch one of your videos thank you!😄😄

  • iluvspoongeebubble

    Please come to hong kong! You'll love the food here!

  • #daelyn Mitchener

    Make more vids or me and my friends will unsubscribe and we love your Chanel

  • Maha Al-Magrhabi
    Maha Al-Magrhabi Year ago

    this is literally the worst thing to watch when you're starving

  • Mad Alfalfa
    Mad Alfalfa Year ago

    That song Martine was sis Ning at the end was definitely Mad World. I don't know who originally wrote or sang it, but it was in the movie Donnie Darko and Adam Lambert did a cover of it.

  • Mostafa Gym
    Mostafa Gym Year ago

    hello im an egyptian subscriber

  • flibbertygibbet
    flibbertygibbet Year ago

    After seeing the hangul I have to ask Jaws?

  • Sandqvist
    Sandqvist Year ago

    Best I Ever Had: Gavin DeGraw?

  • Christopher George

    Try whale meat in japan!

  • nurul farhan Zahari

    is it hard to find a halal street food for muslims?

  • Al Pal
    Al Pal Year ago


  • Grayce Curry
    Grayce Curry Year ago

    So on do you like it with yoUr beard or whthout it

  • LaulenaHarvey
    LaulenaHarvey Year ago

    Martina's song at the end "the best I've ever had" is a song by Lit. It was popular in the 90's.

  • Amin Razak
    Amin Razak Year ago

    What meat is Mandoo usually filled with?

  • Griselda Martinez
    Griselda Martinez Year ago +1

    It was Drake....

  • coolkid23
    coolkid23 Year ago

    Simons not ur typical YouTuber LOOLL😂 "don't let your friends see this video!"

  • eikkuboy93
    eikkuboy93 Year ago

    b-but....k-pop....:'( y u do this guys

  • Oscar Lam
    Oscar Lam Year ago +1

    Best I ever had is a song by Drake, Martina's right, Simon, you are not a music expert.

  • Rita Webster Ayuso

    hi guys! I have a question: I'm really alergic to seafood and I'm no too keen on really spicy food. Would this prove to be an inconventient if I was to visit Korea? I've obsreved that most of the food you are eating is in eather or bothof these categories :(

    Love your videos! Keep up the good work ;)

  • elistic
    elistic Year ago

    I ate this in Korea it was so good and it wasn't that spicy or maybe its just because in Korean...

  • MrFluckerz
    MrFluckerz Year ago


  • Monisha Joya
    Monisha Joya Year ago +1

    Who else is hungry? 😔

  • Akubi girl
    Akubi girl Year ago

    김말이 ~ not 김말리 :)

  • michelle matos
    michelle matos Year ago

    I'm watching all your videos because I randomly decided to book a trip to south Korean for my birthday in march I don't know why,but I'm realizing now that i don't know any Korean and I'm going by myself should i be worried?? please help me!!

  • Alesha Shukor
    Alesha Shukor Year ago

    Is there any Korean sub?

  • Simon and Martina
    Simon and Martina  Year ago +3

    Yay! Dutch subtitles now up, too! Thank you!

  • will Taylor
    will Taylor Year ago

    the little pocket things look like japanese kinchaku that they have in oden :P

  • Ale Aguilera
    Ale Aguilera Year ago +1

    I think you're thinking of the Drake song "Best I Ever Had" 😂 ya'll both Canadians omgg

  • J Kim
    J Kim Year ago

    I always ask my mom to make the dukbokki HOT, but she thinks I can't take it and does it barely hot.

  • Minnie Me
    Minnie Me Year ago

    omg that sex appeal, that food tho..😵😍

  • Rachel O'Dubhuir
    Rachel O'Dubhuir Year ago

    My friend works at a Deokkbokki restaurant, I went to visit and the owner gave us like all of the fried things and it was so wonderful.

  • I loved foxes before the song

    I've been watching you guys for 3 years now For some reason it feels like I know you lol

  • erikataniguchi
    erikataniguchi Year ago

    Looks so yum!

  • Denise Smith
    Denise Smith Year ago +2

    I am waiting for the dukbokki lesson! So far I've made the soondoboo and all sorts of pancakes. My husband thinks I am a genius. Little does he know...(laughing maniacally)

  • Maheen Fatima
    Maheen Fatima Year ago


  • Shavonne TV
    Shavonne TV Year ago +3

    You two always do the best Korean food porn. Love it.  I'm going to miss it once you move to Japan, but I'm going to enjoy your Japanese food porn!  LOL

  • Julianne Kim
    Julianne Kim Year ago

    OMG this is my favorite place to get ddukbokki in korea AHA as an avid ddukbokki eating korean teen i completely agree this is the best place to start :)

  • Steven Le
    Steven Le Year ago

    The song is actually it's the best you ever had

  • shay nailz
    shay nailz Year ago

    How do you pay money in Korea !!!!!????$$$$$

  • Axes and  Rainbows

    martina simon lied to you best I ever had is a song

  • 03271992dsw
    03271992dsw Year ago

    Simon and Martina it is a real song by Drake lol...great vid as always

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