'Stranger Things' Cast Accepts the Award For Show of the Year | 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards

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  • Manuela M
    Manuela M 11 hours ago

    I can't wait them to grow up and be in more shows

  • Jung Rezende
    Jung Rezende 14 hours ago


  • yes
    yes 1 day ago

    3:27 he looks familiar

  • yes
    yes 1 day ago

    Will is my favorite character
    he is nice too as you see in 3:19
    but he wasn't in the whole show but caused it

  • T R
    T R 1 day ago

    Noah is so cute

  • T R
    T R 1 day ago

    Noah is so cute

  • NekoMitch
    NekoMitch 1 day ago

    um was that guy wearing a dress?

  • shook as fuck finn
    shook as fuck finn 1 day ago


  • shook as fuck finn
    shook as fuck finn 1 day ago

    1:26 D E N I E D

  • Bianca .G
    Bianca .G 2 days ago

    3:28 who is he? where have i seen him?

  • Jailynn Custodia
    Jailynn Custodia 4 days ago

    When the cast of 13RW presented the award, I instantly died!!

  • Lucía Pérez
    Lucía Pérez 5 days ago

    Hi. Hi. Hi.

  • zaza ziaz
    zaza ziaz 5 days ago

    I scream when i see nick at the end 😍

  • Gabriel coronel
    Gabriel coronel 5 days ago

    #Stranger Things...felicitaciones!!! saludos desde #Argentina ..

  • hannah yasay
    hannah yasay 7 days ago

    "Oh my goodness gracious me" Millie is so adorable ❤️

  • Hachicko Kawaii
    Hachicko Kawaii 8 days ago

    3:30 OMFG

  • Alex Dos Santos
    Alex Dos Santos 8 days ago

    Is just me or they grew up so fast :X

  • lo
    lo 8 days ago

    why'd nick look so mad at the end

  • Tessa Thiry
    Tessa Thiry 9 days ago

    the actress that plays barb I so beautiful

  • Doctor Edward Potter
    Doctor Edward Potter 10 days ago

    My second favorite show introducing my first favorite show XD

  • Ruben Gonzalez
    Ruben Gonzalez 10 days ago

    it's nice I love this show

  • The Real Jacob Butcher

    I would kiiill for a ST and 13RW crossover

  • Alicia Jordan
    Alicia Jordan 12 days ago +1

    Ahhh. Did u guys see my Bae Dylan ❤️💦

  • Mr. Waterme1on
    Mr. Waterme1on 12 days ago

    bruhhhh i mean like it was a good show but GAME of THRONES and Atlanta lost to that show......makes no sense. you telling me this NETFLIX original with only 8 episodes beat Game of Thrones, people must really crave That 80s nostalgic feeling.

  • Sally Durf
    Sally Durf 12 days ago

    Millie looked constipated

  • Shark and bait
    Shark and bait 13 days ago

    I lov this tv show!

  • Tvdforever 138
    Tvdforever 138 14 days ago

    13 reasons why and stranger things 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • mike wolfhard
    mike wolfhard 15 days ago

    also, y u no put Gaten in the thumbnail?? :(

  • mike wolfhard
    mike wolfhard 15 days ago

    I didn't know Hannah baker was British

  • BeanToes 1
    BeanToes 1 18 days ago

    ok. may I have my season 2 of ST now?

  • Hey It's Aniya
    Hey It's Aniya 18 days ago

    at the end casually screening over nick robinson

  • unnamed unnamed
    unnamed unnamed 20 days ago

    algum brasileiro por aqui ?

    BRAIN WATCHER 21 day ago

    Lol i thought This is Us will win

  • iHeartPranks
    iHeartPranks 21 day ago

    the guys face at the end tho😂😂

  • carolina picanco
    carolina picanco 21 day ago

    1:37 is she actually saying: "so untrue? "

  • Joe Whitehead
    Joe Whitehead 21 day ago

    I'll bet the 13 reasons cast watched Stranger Things during their off-time of filming

  • Hannah Cook
    Hannah Cook 23 days ago

    1:38 what'd she say

  • Joeie Isabella
    Joeie Isabella 23 days ago

    Finn: Hi...Hi... Hi

  • Mateo Alejandro Blananquicett Acosta

    Pll deserved it

  • Biscuit
    Biscuit 25 days ago

    Hi!.... Hi..... hi.

  • Veronica Cintron
    Veronica Cintron 26 days ago

    So much Netflix on one stage

  • declan mangan
    declan mangan 1 month ago

    I have a THEROY: Cartoon Network will fall to the ground disneyxd and nick will stay for a while then fall and then Netflix will be the newest channel on top that has great live action shows and animated shows I mean they own marvel shows that are good except for iron fist then they own dreamworks stuff thir most popular being troll hunters and how to train your dragon and nick shows with a new seris for avatar the last air bender and miraculous ladybug season 2 and 3 so congrats Netflix you have won the channel wars

  • eleven's powers
    eleven's powers 1 month ago

    i had my finals the day before this came on and i stayed up all night screaming/crying and it was totally worth it

  • Bella Bays
    Bella Bays 1 month ago

    oh my god i've never been so happy

  • TheMysticGamer
    TheMysticGamer 1 month ago


  • Mari Anna
    Mari Anna 1 month ago

    finn's voice is changed a lot

  • ØmgUrØnFire
    ØmgUrØnFire 1 month ago

    13RW,Stranger Things, AND Nick Robinson at the end I'm sh00k

  • Hailey Singleton
    Hailey Singleton 1 month ago

    Finns three hi's got me feelin some type of way

  • Jade Msp
    Jade Msp 1 month ago

    i smiled when caleb talked

  • Lana Queen
    Lana Queen 1 month ago

    Finn is cutie i love him

  • Islam Izzy
    Islam Izzy 1 month ago

    They all look so flawless bye

  • Camila Fernandes
    Camila Fernandes 1 month ago


  • GeeCeeZ Gamer
    GeeCeeZ Gamer 1 month ago

    Why did my body just start shaking and i couldn’t move for like 5 mins when i saw this...

  • Eduardo SzéLL
    Eduardo SzéLL 1 month ago

    barb is so pretty bbw hot

  • Marilyn E
    Marilyn E 1 month ago

    I'm sad to see how much these kids have grown up..

  • Chryssa Kokkinou
    Chryssa Kokkinou 1 month ago

    3:27 to 3:29

  • Sivan Orbiso
    Sivan Orbiso 1 month ago


  • Melanie G
    Melanie G 1 month ago

    Got and ST 😍

  • Andiee Martinez
    Andiee Martinez 1 month ago

    Wow some of these celebrities were giving them that look like wtf we should of got an award not them, boo who stop crying.

  • Ana Sofía Rovalo Vera

    And all the 13 reasons why cast looks pissed or at least a little bit upset.

  • Ana Sofía Rovalo Vera

    I didn't even know that show existed. 😂😂😂😂

  • Aslı Weasley
    Aslı Weasley 1 month ago

    My favourite cast gives an award to my other favourite cast💕. love it!

  • Isabella Key
    Isabella Key 1 month ago +1

    Barb looked so good

  • Daniel Hernández L.
    Daniel Hernández L. 1 month ago

    Game of thrones should win, here's where I notice that this awards are payed

  • Slime DIY fun
    Slime DIY fun 1 month ago +1

    I kind of wish pretty little liars would have won but stranger things is a good show too :)

  • Mukul Shekhawat
    Mukul Shekhawat 1 month ago

    Ummm i love this show too but WHAT ABOUT GAME OF THRONES !?? Battle of bastards ? Winds of winter ? No ? Okay.

  • Nahuel Ciruzzi
    Nahuel Ciruzzi 1 month ago +1


  • 7.sınıfa giden kız
    7.sınıfa giden kız 1 month ago


  • PettyBre _
    PettyBre _ 1 month ago

    Atlanta should have won

  • DanTUtilizer
    DanTUtilizer 1 month ago

    boy are there a lot of unsupervised kids on that stage

  • XAN19936
    XAN19936 1 month ago

    How Hanna is there? Isn't she dead???

  • Xtra The Best
    Xtra The Best 1 month ago +1

    I'd be dead without Netflix

  • Hazel Jame
    Hazel Jame 1 month ago +3

    I find it funny that the teens are fading in the background and letting the kids speak 😂😂😂

  • A random Squid
    A random Squid 1 month ago


  • Taylor YT
    Taylor YT 1 month ago

    Boi dats what I call some steamy hot cringe

  • Mark Petrie
    Mark Petrie 1 month ago

    That Stranger Things music gives me chills every time.

  • Nik Woodfield
    Nik Woodfield 1 month ago

    My two fav shows on one stage :)

  • Moonlight Avenue
    Moonlight Avenue 1 month ago

    MY TOP TWO FAVE SHOWS ON NETFLIX.... *tries to calm*

  • Aliyah Mshaiful
    Aliyah Mshaiful 1 month ago

    everyone talking about the cast but i need to just emphasise on nick robinsons appearance at the end, goodness what a beautiful man

  • Florencia Navarro
    Florencia Navarro 2 months ago

    que hermoso es Jeff por Dios!!

  • Laura
    Laura 2 months ago

    los amo

  • A N X I E T Y
    A N X I E T Y 2 months ago

    I cried
    Is that weird?

  • Italo Arantes
    Italo Arantes 2 months ago

    Finаllу I'vе fоund hd Strаngеr Тhings mоviе heеrе => https://twitter.com/d8e738c8c9691384e/status/858502542182842368

  • Platinum Box
    Platinum Box 2 months ago

    best show ive ever seen

  • Jax
    Jax 2 months ago

    Netflix is becoming a liberal breeding ground...

  • Aishwarya Deep
    Aishwarya Deep 2 months ago

    puberty is hitting Finn and he is biting his nails like a kid😍😍😍

  • Aishwarya Deep
    Aishwarya Deep 2 months ago

    puberty is hitting Finn and he is biting his nails like a kid😍😍😍

  • Jasmine Bautista
    Jasmine Bautista 2 months ago

    Really greеаt mоviе. I fоoоund it hеre => https://twitter.com/d8e738c8c9691384e/status/858502542182842368

  • Jasmine Howlter
    Jasmine Howlter 2 months ago

    OMFG she has a British accent I had no idea

  • SpikeArtwork
    SpikeArtwork 2 months ago

    holy shit she has an australian accent?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

  • Gavin Keller
    Gavin Keller 2 months ago

    If your having a bad day what do u do when u get home

    Jerk off

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 2 months ago

    finn has a dank freaking deep voice now

  • Marionette :v
    Marionette :v 2 months ago

    Netflix give an award to Netflix.
    How crazy is that?

  • Emmeline Joseph
    Emmeline Joseph 2 months ago

    LMAOOOO Nick Robinson's face at the end!!

  • Lily Oldkkow
    Lily Oldkkow 2 months ago

    Sorry no hate I love stranger things but I think pretty little lairs should of won

  • NavyLamb FkYurFav
    NavyLamb FkYurFav 2 months ago

    3:27 well that guy was having a blast.

  • John Caral
    John Caral 2 months ago

    Lasting imagery

    -Katherine Langford

    Me:*thinks of suicide scene*

  • Lily McDowell
    Lily McDowell 2 months ago

    My good friend Phoebe LOVES Stranger Things like she literally won't stop talking about it and because of this show her favourite number is eleven and my favourite number is twelve (no particular reason) and we constantly have arguments (funny ones not mean ones) about which number is better and it is hilarious how determined she is about how 11 is the best number

    I know this sounds silly but what I'm trying to say is CONGRATULATIONS ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • gold what
    gold what 2 months ago +1

    finn looks os much older and omg his voice I'm in loveeee

  • Mike Tidbits
    Mike Tidbits 2 months ago

    I love Stranger Things so much, but season 6 of GoT was the best one yet, and it is the best show ever created (in my personal opinion), so I think GoT should've gotten this one.

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