Trump Is Annoyed by the "President Bannon" Meme: A Closer Look

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  • Justin Case
    Justin Case Day ago

    Well done guys

  • Geoff Dearth
    Geoff Dearth 14 days ago

    McConnell is a cross between a jackass and a turtle.

  • joy travis
    joy travis 21 day ago

    we need to do the same thing with Pence and Paul Ryan, spread the word that while Trump plays in the firetruck, Pence and Ryan run the government, maybe we can get rid of them too

  • Kristiana St. Vincent

    The evil Clampet dopplegangers have taken over our country

  • Rayan Martinez
    Rayan Martinez Month ago

    Constantly twenty divorce no television effectiveness youth likely.

  • Evil Gary
    Evil Gary Month ago

    What's a mee-mee, even?

  • AquaticBoardwalkEngineer

    Trumptards> Tired of winning yet?

  • Lacey Melendez
    Lacey Melendez 3 months ago

    Almost faith whose outcome pure.

  • mutantmaster1
    mutantmaster1 3 months ago

    I have ADD, and Trump makes my squirrel brain look like a supercomputer

  • Raptor Man
    Raptor Man 3 months ago

    :-/ BUUUUUUUURN!!!

  • Exarch-of-Sechrima
    Exarch-of-Sechrima 3 months ago

    It's funny because in China, "princeling" is synonymous with nepotism beneficiaries and is pretty derogatory when used to describe those with no actual accomplishments to speak for themselves.

  • ThesightofPeace 97
    ThesightofPeace 97 3 months ago +1

    So basically we can manipulate the president into removing his associates by meme-ing them into the ground and shoving it in the president's face.

  • Jan Crijns
    Jan Crijns 3 months ago

    Imagine if he somehow survives 4 years in office... he'll be the most hated man in the US

  • hrsqsiest
    hrsqsiest 3 months ago

    Mcconnels vibrating butt plug must have been shorting out.

  • TsukiNaito1
    TsukiNaito1 3 months ago

    No mention of the sweet ironic karma of Steve Bannon getting overshadow by a Jew?

  • Objector of invasion
    Objector of invasion 3 months ago

    How can you compare an adult man to a teenager?

  • Objector of invasion
    Objector of invasion 3 months ago

    Seth! How does it feel to have no soul? It is obvious that you are
    trying methods to manipulate people by penalising the victims with word
    games İncludin Mr. Trump while making ways for defending the truly
    undemocratic situations. A president unable to use his powers. You are
    blocking us to use our freewill.

  • needsthetruth now
    needsthetruth now 3 months ago

    trump only hired his so-called friends so that he could humiliate them by fireing them. Right?

  • Stadtpark90
    Stadtpark90 3 months ago


  • 415 s30
    415 s30 3 months ago

    Isn't Drumpf dead from a heart attack yet, man I keep hoping.

  • Patricia MacLeod
    Patricia MacLeod 3 months ago

    Mitch McConnell belongs in a nursing home.

  • GateCrashers
    GateCrashers 3 months ago

    This Nepotism is BEYOND RETARDED !!!

  • pernus
    pernus 3 months ago

    Mitch McConnell is Satan incarnate

  • Sir Ironclad
    Sir Ironclad 3 months ago

    Gags are pretty weak sauce.

  • wiggy1212
    wiggy1212 3 months ago

    more of these please?!

  • Vincent Yau
    Vincent Yau 3 months ago

    What happened to the show???

  • Jack Spratt
    Jack Spratt 3 months ago

    Trump just talks like his asshole supporters.

  • K Clark
    K Clark 3 months ago

    Why do liberals hate the dentist? Because they make teeth STRAIGHT and WHITE!

  • Eunice Garcia Cano
    Eunice Garcia Cano 3 months ago +1

    where are you Seth??/? We miss you ..

  • 2023PerfectDark
    2023PerfectDark 3 months ago +1

    Theres no new videos because of the YouTube boycott I'm assuming. Seth just so happens to stop uploading right when the boycott dropped every YouTubers pay. Most YouTubers are only getting $8 for a 34K view video now

  • Ladonna Brock
    Ladonna Brock 3 months ago +1

    I fucking hate Mitch McConnell. He looks like he died 5 yrs ago and hasn't laid down yet. Throw some dirt on his corpse somebody.

  • Nibelheim
    Nibelheim 3 months ago +1

    Who mocked this idiot to run for President? That's right! It's you Seth!

  • bexstar14
    bexstar14 3 months ago

    Is everything ok? You haven't uploaded any videos in a while

  • edharlingen75
    edharlingen75 3 months ago

    Where's Seth these past 2 weeks?

  • Paul Andersen
    Paul Andersen 3 months ago

    you better start talking about that dams...
    even we europeans know, that you should spend more money on dams, streets, your electric grid.... than on your military :D

  • Fabienne G.
    Fabienne G. 3 months ago

    Why hasn't there been an new upload in 2 weeks?

  • M. M.
    M. M. 3 months ago

    We now know he likes chocolate cake.

  • M. M.
    M. M. 3 months ago

    He is now President Kushner

  • ASMRyouVEGANyet?
    ASMRyouVEGANyet? 3 months ago

    if anyone has seen the movie Nothing But Trouble, do the Trump brothers remind you of Bobo and Lil Debil?

  • Avenarius
    Avenarius 4 months ago

    Please work on a routine on Kori Muhammad Ali the racist rapper jihadist murderer...

  • Brian Knickerbocker
    Brian Knickerbocker 4 months ago +1

    McConnell is a horrible human, if you're not worth millions and a donor he could care less., I am very aware that most are that way to different degrees. But he seem to really feel empowered ever since he got away with saying that the number one job of the republicans is to make sure that Obama does not win a second term. As much as I hate Trump I would never vote for a dem that said that. That is hoping for country to fail just like his Gov shut down. Fine and a good thing to block a bill or what ever they might be doing if their voters don't like it, Not an entire career. Hell even Trump will do something that I like. Wow I really went off, guess I am a bit pissed, sorry

  • Michael Haythorpe
    Michael Haythorpe 4 months ago +3

    Are the Closer Look segments not airing at the moment? Or just not ending up on Youtube? It's been a fortnight since this one.

  • michael
    michael 4 months ago

    You are one funny guy Sloth Meyers.

  • DinoJake
    DinoJake 4 months ago

    You know, I once heard Christopher Titus say on his podcast that he thinks Donald Trump might have early onset Alzheimer's. Sometimes I think he's right.

  • ButterscotchBanana
    ButterscotchBanana 4 months ago

    Mitch McConnell looks like Gary Oldman in Hannibal

  • The Trumpanzee Hunter
    The Trumpanzee Hunter 4 months ago

    DONT WORRY!!!! presidents BANNON AND PENCE are busy looting the usa while TRUMP makes a fool of himself and the usa

  • FUCKtrump FUCKtrump
    FUCKtrump FUCKtrump 4 months ago

    fucktrump Cheeto Hitler

  • Sabrina Shum
    Sabrina Shum 4 months ago

    So... Tuned out not a Big Mac but beautiful chocolate cake the best we've ever seen? Is there anything this person doesn't pull out of his you know what?

  • Richard Somers
    Richard Somers 4 months ago

    ...and then Bigly Bad Donnie went back to playing with Little Delirious Donnie's balls, since there's no way Melania will, anymore...

  • TylerMorganShow
    TylerMorganShow 4 months ago

    ACDC sucks.

  • fed up tax payer
    fed up tax payer 4 months ago

    are there no correspondents in this show

  • Suzanne Nichols
    Suzanne Nichols 4 months ago +1

    I never heard a turtle laugh out loud before...creepy...lolol.

  • Lisi Phyl
    Lisi Phyl 4 months ago

    how can the entire world be worried buy a one five year old. there is a German traffic rule that the life of innocent healthy person crossing the road and spare that of the one in an ambulance being rushed to the hospital. shoot that monkey down before he destroys the world I would say.

  • Adrian Rami
    Adrian Rami 4 months ago

    White Trash named Mitch Rex deserve testicular cancer

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 4 months ago

    2:08 I love that picture.

  • mary alessandra
    mary alessandra 4 months ago

    Seth loser

  • Paul Carpool
    Paul Carpool 4 months ago +1

    ...... where is Seth? I miss him.....

  • Blablablabla
    Blablablabla 4 months ago +2

    Seth you are a gem! Thank you!!!

  • Fourthgirl
    Fourthgirl 4 months ago

    No offense Seth, but not talking about "dams" and levees, which are part of the aging infrastructure all throughout the country is a huge problem. No? Ask the people of New Orleans if this is not important or the residents of Butte County CA earlier this spring. Money needs to be put into upgrading these structures immediately.

  • Something Clever
    Something Clever 4 months ago

    Love the McDonald's comment after hearing Trump rave about the amazing dinner they had at Maralago. There is not one thing this dolt hasn't failed to deliver on or completely reverse position on.

    SPENCER LEGER 4 months ago

    This dudes dick probably doesn't get hard any more he so worried about what Trump is doing.

  • james jamerson
    james jamerson 4 months ago +3

    Like all good dictators and authoritarians, Trump is surrounding himself with family members. Crooks cannot trust anybody and for good reason.

  • multitudeofidols
    multitudeofidols 4 months ago +1

    Mitch McConnell smiling is actually kind of creepy. I just keep screaming, "Just go back to looking like a turtle!"

  • Ian Wall
    Ian Wall 4 months ago

    Rich OLD white men in charge again...welcome to the "Brave new world"...But with Trump it gives that nice toddler feel that we are all looking for in a world leader right?...lmfao.

  • PhillyFrank1
    PhillyFrank1 4 months ago +1

    McConnell chuckling at his own political perversity and partisanship is truly creepy.

  • Acaggs10
    Acaggs10 4 months ago

    Harry Reid is the one that implemented the "nuclear option" you liberal cuck

    ATOMIC SHARK 4 months ago

    hahahaha lol i knew it so glad i left the us now im way better of here in New Zealand im even getting my citizenship soon for those still in the usa good luck to you

  • Mely G
    Mely G 4 months ago

    "Lil Whitie" lol

  • Eli Cab
    Eli Cab 4 months ago +4

    Why the hell are we letting corrupt old politicians such as Mitch MacConell run our country!!? Run for office people! Also join Wolf Pac. Let's get money from big corporations out of politics. Let our politicians get elected on their own merit not on the favors they can get for their wealthy sponsors!

  • MrBlitzNZ
    MrBlitzNZ 4 months ago

    Well at least Bannon is gone, that's one good thing.

  • Chester Micek
    Chester Micek 4 months ago

    President Bannon? Maybe for a week or two, but isn't it President Kushner now? Isn't it Trump's life long MO to find someone smarter than he is to take tests, write papers, author books (Tony Schwartz), and run his business for him? Seriously, does anyone really think a guy who can't spell "tap", or a dum*y who uses quotation marks on a phrase in one tweet, but not in the next, or a sch*uck whose words and tweets can't be taken literally really graduated from an accredited university? Trump allegedly graduated by himself from the Wharton School, but can't spell "tap", or punctuate a sentence? Ha! Ha! Ha! Some investigative reporter should take a close look at the man Mitt Romney called a "fake", a "fraud", and a "phony". Romney aside, I think a president who blows $1M to $3M dollars a weekend on golf trips to Florida  and then cuts funds to Meals on Wheels is a Narcissist. Lots of mental healthcare professionals have agreed with that appraisal in writing.

  • D Howard
    D Howard 4 months ago +1

    If anyone ever needed to be hit in the head with a bat off screen, Mitch McConnell.

  • chuyo caca
    chuyo caca 4 months ago +1

    when Donald miss pronounces the word 'CHINA!" is only because continues to dream about Ivanka's Puzzy!

  • chuyo caca
    chuyo caca 4 months ago

    "He does No0t want to be president of the World" he will leave that to Putin 'What I really Want is to become RULER! of the whole Solar System the Moon included has nice drawn up plans for a Huge Trump Resort in the works for "the Sea of tranquility" where only the Filthy Rich' can come fly for the Weekends ! starting 2020

  • crypt keeper 071
    crypt keeper 071 4 months ago

    I'm worried, with bannon gone who will be president?

  • randomperson8571
    randomperson8571 4 months ago

    Mitch McConnell looks like he has no teeth... does he have to eat baby food?!

  • Lasse Edsvik
    Lasse Edsvik 4 months ago

    That explains it...... he moves his head like otters, and grabs beavers.... put him in a fkn pond :)

  • Mike McGraw
    Mike McGraw 4 months ago

    Writers on this show suck

  • Randy Schoenly
    Randy Schoenly 4 months ago

    Yeee Yup

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown 4 months ago

    So tired of the joke over yet? Having a 'president' that doesn't have a clue is so painful and exhausting.

  • Ian Wall
    Ian Wall 4 months ago

    Something interesting is that Trump often never finishes his sentences..classic conman tactic called plausible deniability.

  • NickBigsmoke
    NickBigsmoke 4 months ago

    whos the funny guy?

  • melloe
    melloe 4 months ago +6

    Mcconnell is a shitstain on our country's history.

  • sylvester slyve
    sylvester slyve 4 months ago

    bannon overshadows trump

  • kyle nicholson
    kyle nicholson 4 months ago

    The president of China must think trump is an IDIOT!

  • drunkrudetat2d
    drunkrudetat2d 4 months ago

    how is this guy on tv?

  • Tracey Jones
    Tracey Jones 4 months ago

    Where is Kellyanne????

  • RogerWilco
    RogerWilco 4 months ago

    His impersonation is really bad.

  • PG 89
    PG 89 4 months ago

    Trump is so weak. He's the most self consciousness weakling ever. Of course, that's how all overcompensating people really are

  • 757WN
    757WN 4 months ago +1

    The irony of course is that all the Republicans (and their voters) did for the last EIGHT YEARS is talk about how Obama and the Democrats were destroying the country...

    and those same Republicans are now willing to fix the rules of the Senate to get a stolen SCOTUS nominee through...

    deregulate business allowing corporations to rip off the middleclass (think credit cards are bad now?)...

    eliminate the clean air and water act...

    and generally bring sleaze to government to a level we haven't seen since Reagan.

    Yeah, it's those democrats destroying the country.

    Too bad we can't herd all the conservatives to the South and give them their own country. That wouldn't last long before they'd come crawling back.

    Just a disgrace this guy is president.

  • Greg Morris
    Greg Morris 4 months ago

    Call your representative and senators and demand they initiate an immediate investigation into Trump's clear violation of the emoluments clause of the constitution. It had to be a phone call. No emails.

  • Greg Morris
    Greg Morris 4 months ago

    This is very disrespectful to the President. Keep up the good work.

  • Eo Tunun
    Eo Tunun 4 months ago

    So what? Now it's President Kushner…

  • Wirefox C
    Wirefox C 4 months ago

    Seth is amazing! I lost it at the "dams" bit.

  • Claudy TheArtist
    Claudy TheArtist 4 months ago

    President Bannon and Comrade have got to go...RESIST AND PROTEST

  • Don Post
    Don Post 4 months ago +1

    McConnell is fuckin' senile. RETIRE this old fossil already!!!

  • Ari Heino
    Ari Heino 4 months ago

    In soviet USA, Trump dams you!

  • Bissrok
    Bissrok 4 months ago

    This has been... a terrifying glimpse at our current events.

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