Sh*t You Shouldn’t Say On Cinco De Mayo

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  • Crimson Voices
    Crimson Voices Day ago

    I thought Cinco de Mayo was a war where thousands of Mexicans and Spaniards died

  • Veronica Boykin
    Veronica Boykin 4 days ago

    For real doe

  • Angela Santos
    Angela Santos 4 days ago


  • TheJavw
    TheJavw 10 days ago

    if they celebrated 16th of september the we would be happy about it andit would actually mean something to us

  • Kai Ninja of Fire
    Kai Ninja of Fire 13 days ago


  • Animepony
    Animepony 14 days ago

    0:09 that's right, if you are white then you are not allowed to like cinco de mayo

  • Animepony
    Animepony 14 days ago

    Nobody even does this! Buzzfeed makes it look like all white people are out to get us.

  • kevin sievens
    kevin sievens 18 days ago

    In 0:40 , Jessica looked Emma weird, when Jessica is Mexican.

  • Jules Winnfield
    Jules Winnfield 25 days ago

    Say anything, you like!
    Don't let random assholes on youtube(!) tell you, what you are "allowed" to do or say!!
    Have fun!!! :)

  • RebelBelle
    RebelBelle Month ago

    Come on I know for a fact Mexicans aren't that overly sensitive 🤦🏻‍♀️ I grew up with a lot of them they don't even care

  • KillaBLACKOUT98 the arts

    why.. jus-just why...

  • Who?
    Who? Month ago

    I've been to Mexico and they don't celebrate it

  • Fernando Borcoski
    Fernando Borcoski Month ago

    I born on 5 de mayo

  • Starbucks Lover
    Starbucks Lover Month ago

    When ppl try to talk Spanish and have these theories on why there's cinco de mayo

  • Sos lc Kawaii
    Sos lc Kawaii Month ago

    WTF with this people

  • GGIX random
    GGIX random Month ago

    I mean cinco de mayo, yes dome Mexicans do celebrate it ( a.k.a Pueblanoanos but not all of us dude )

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi Month ago

    I hate gays.

    THEDOOMHELLKNIGHT 2 months ago +1

    What a bunch of ignorant faggots

  • kid belcher
    kid belcher 2 months ago

    We don't even celebrate it 😂😂😂 the only ones who do are chicanos and white people.

  • rouge landin
    rouge landin 2 months ago

    I wanna vomit just from seeing this kind of shit

  • dee rojas
    dee rojas 2 months ago


  • CrĀzY ViRūS
    CrĀzY ViRūS 2 months ago

    It's so funny how Americans make a bigger deal over it then actual Mexicans, dude the culture is so brainwashed to think it's "MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY" even my Mexican-American friend thought it was so, obviously I went off on her but how didn't she know? But I wonder how and why did Americans ASSUMED cinco de mayo WAS our Independence Day?!?!

  • Mariana Rangel
    Mariana Rangel 2 months ago

    on cinco de Mayo my algebra teacher asked the whole classroom who's Mexican, and I was the only one so I raised my hand and she asked me if I knew what it was about and if I celebrated it and I said I don't know cuz I don't celebrate it and she was so surprised and she asked everybody if they knew and some people answered except me lol

  • Mecci'ano El Saucci'ano

    White people just make me 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Querun
    Querun 2 months ago

    White people celebrating about killing white ppl

  • Sunshine Lollipops
    Sunshine Lollipops 2 months ago

    I hate when white people "try" to be Mexican/Latina. I get SUPER pissed off.

  • Versace On the floor
    Versace On the floor 2 months ago

    I don't care about mexico's celebrations cause I live in the bad ass U.S.A 🇺🇸 n yes I'm a Mexican that came to us cause Mexico sucks big balls 👎🏻

  • Versace On the floor
    Versace On the floor 2 months ago

    I'm a Mexican born in Mexico n I don't thing U.S. should celebrate a foreign country's celebration that means the took out of the French army from mexa country. U.S has better things to celebrate than that stupid date on top of that Mexicans get offend they don't even celebrate the 4th of July or the Veterans Day so why United States of America should celebrate them?

  • Pasteldemon
    Pasteldemon 2 months ago

    I'm actually cringing...

  • Mahelat Abraha
    Mahelat Abraha 3 months ago

    On Cinco de Mayo I feel really bad for Mexicans because so many people are so racist on this holiday.

  • Monica Leary
    Monica Leary 3 months ago


  • Jc Torres
    Jc Torres 3 months ago

    Whites in America and people in Puebla only celebrates Vinci de mayo

  • Ruth S
    Ruth S 3 months ago

    The only place where is respectable to celebrate 5 de mayo is in the City of Puebla

  • haruno21
    haruno21 3 months ago

    Also why the fuck they say "sombreros" ?????? to refer to mariachi hats, your speaking in fucking English. say HATS

  • haruno21
    haruno21 3 months ago +1

    Only gringos can invent this shit. I swear

  • Abril Chavez
    Abril Chavez 3 months ago

    over the years I've kind of just learned to accept it. I work for a "Mexican" (not really Mexican, more like tex-mex) restaurant and every Cinco de Mayo they always make a big deal out of it. So I've come to just accept the fact that, these Cinco de Mayo celebrations aren't going anywhere, regardless of whether it's offensive or not!

  • Lizzey Vigil
    Lizzey Vigil 3 months ago

    name of the background song?

  • Catmaniac King
    Catmaniac King 3 months ago

    Whem Whityes try to be Latinx

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez 3 months ago

    what the fuck is this shit

  • Dione's Disciple
    Dione's Disciple 3 months ago

    In México el cinco de mayo isn't even a big deal, it's just like another day. And if you are lucky enough it is a no-work day. . .

  • J To The I To the M To the I To The N

    Is That When Spain freed you?

  • dec home
    dec home 3 months ago


  • vidssurfer
    vidssurfer 3 months ago

    I'm Mexican and I find people who find it offensive annoying

  • Slip Magoo
    Slip Magoo 3 months ago

    the "but i'm Indian" one makes no fucking sense.

  • Juan Moreno
    Juan Moreno 3 months ago

    Iam Mexican and i dont know why i watched this. But this isn't funny or offensive this just sucks vergas grandes.

  • GiGi Roque
    GiGi Roque 3 months ago

    watching this today because I got asked 6 times today what I'm doing for cinco de mayo. I'm Puerto Rican.

  • a_510
    a_510 3 months ago

    "Happy Cinco de Mayo! Whose birthday is it?"

  • kim d
    kim d 3 months ago

    Who cares .let them drink and have fun

  • Aiden Perez
    Aiden Perez 3 months ago

    All of it.

  • Mixed- Chiquita
    Mixed- Chiquita 3 months ago

    When you're a Mexican-American in the U.S. and tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo.

  • Kenyan Legs
    Kenyan Legs 3 months ago

    as half Mexican what I find annoying about Cinco de Mayo is whiny fucks that shit on a good time in the name of "cultural appropriation" EVERYONE ENJOY CINCO DE MAYO!

  • Alexandra Kocis
    Alexandra Kocis 3 months ago

    Could you possibly edit this to make it school-friendly? I'd like to show how NOT to view Cinco de Mayo in my Spanish class. Thanks!

  • H P
    H P 3 months ago

    jajajajajaj me gustan sus videos son muy buenos

    El cinco de mayo - México le gana a Francia en la batalla de puebla, despues vienen los franceses con mas tropas y someten a los Mexicanos por unos cuantos años, cuando finaliza la Guerra Civil en Estados Unidos, USA le brindan apoyo a México, Francia retira su ejercito por que mantener una guerra con México es muy cara.

  • ToToRo 184
    ToToRo 184 3 months ago

    "I'm more Mexican than you"

    Kill yourself

  • corduroy99
    corduroy99 3 months ago

    Drink-O for CinkO ai aiiii aiii andale!!! Bring on the margareetas

  • Pabu's Animations
    Pabu's Animations 3 months ago

    No Mexican actually cares about Cinco De Mayo, unless you are "Mexican" as in less than 5% of your DNA is Hispanic.

  • Gabriella D
    Gabriella D 3 months ago

    Gringos don't even know what September 16th is lmao Cinco de Mayo is just another excuse to get drunk in the U.S.

  • Juliet Bernal
    Juliet Bernal 3 months ago

    i'm mexican, my families mexican and my friends are mostly mexican, none of us have ever celebrated cinco de mayo and we never will

  • Alexandra Mayorga
    Alexandra Mayorga 3 months ago

    boy, your boyfriend is half Mexican not you omgs

  • Paty Luna
    Paty Luna 3 months ago

    5 de Mayo is not that important for mexicans here in Mexico. Actually the most important mexican celebration for us is the mexican Independence Day.

  • Evangeline W
    Evangeline W 4 months ago

    Don't say Cinco de Mayo. It's pronounced THINCO!! Also, I'm really sorry for the people who are surrounded by ignorant sods.

  • Diana Lapin
    Diana Lapin 4 months ago

    implying that non-mexican Hispanics are celebrating. it's like what?

  • {CHeshiRE ChAt}
    {CHeshiRE ChAt} 4 months ago

    I hate when people say that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's Independence day

  • Ariana Yaliz
    Ariana Yaliz 4 months ago

    "does he know we're not mexican?" i relate

  • Melody Sicherman
    Melody Sicherman 4 months ago


  • Moonze MM
    Moonze MM 4 months ago

    Do they even know what happened that day? We dont even celebrate it in mexico,like oh my God

  • FandomTrash1.0
    FandomTrash1.0 4 months ago

    "today we are all mexican" um no wtf

  • Life Is Good, You Should Get One

    I'm a Mexican born in México and I don't lose my shit over white people celebrating it tbh

  • blurry vibes
    blurry vibes 4 months ago

    I found really annoying how they use OUR history just as a excuse to get drunk. It's really disrespectful. Educate yourself, people.

  • Dominik Graf
    Dominik Graf 4 months ago

    ... but I m indian 😂

  • Lya MT
    Lya MT 4 months ago

    I watched to many vines and now I read cinco de mayo like a gringo

  • jose carlos rivera ramirez

    uhh........White People

  • Cris Ana
    Cris Ana 4 months ago

    I liked cinco de Becky lol

  • Goodbye•Reality
    Goodbye•Reality 4 months ago

    I just hate it when someone tells me "man I more Mexican than you"
    I just want to yell at them and rant until they cant hear anymore

  • Gilberto Perez Jr
    Gilberto Perez Jr 4 months ago

    for the people who think that cinco De mayo is it is not your dependenc it is when we beat the French in war

  • Random Codename
    Random Codename 4 months ago

    Coochie Coochie...? W H Y

  • Flash Fan
    Flash Fan 4 months ago

    What annoys me the most when a person says they are more Mexican than you, even though they aren't 😤😤😤

  • J To The I To the M To the I To The N

    When Hears About The Christopher​ Columbus Shit...........BITCH WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?! THATS EL SALVADOR BITCH WHAT THE MOTHER FUCKING FUCK?!?!??! KNOW UR FUCKING PLACES

  • Alex Benson
    Alex Benson 4 months ago

    I've never wanted to punch someone before in my whole life, fir being so ignorant. I know it's a joke but still.

  • Cathy A
    Cathy A 4 months ago

    i wonder how many people go through this same thing on St.paddys day lol

  • kingjongin
    kingjongin 4 months ago

    We don't even celebrate it lol

  • Alice the Smiling
    Alice the Smiling 4 months ago

    we just beat the French!

  • beezzy weezzy
    beezzy weezzy 4 months ago

    i hate it when white people dress with a hat and mustache & try to speak spanish, like stop!

  • M Rodriguez
    M Rodriguez 4 months ago

    omg this was funny let them celebrate it honestly just an excuse for them to drink just like saint Patrick day I mean most Mexican American don't know what is cinco de mayo is lol they thought it was independence day

  • Lunai Midnas Daughter 523

    also no they didn't get drunk we beat a very large French army with a very small Mexican one

    COW MAN 5 months ago

    I don't know why Americans celebrate it when most of the time they really don't even know what happened cause I'm Mexican and from Puebla and my friends go up to me and go like happy sinko da mayo even tho they don't know why I celebrate it

  • Adriana Mercado
    Adriana Mercado 5 months ago

    I agree that these things shouldn't be said

  • Maylen Rodriguez-lemus
    Maylen Rodriguez-lemus 5 months ago

    that cinco de mayo is my birthday and every one expects me to show up to school in a fucking sombrero 😒😒😂😂

  • Neri 4x4
    Neri 4x4 6 months ago

    I think most of our Independence is in September. Even my culture is on september. VIVA SEPTIEMBRE!...

  • jaime saliba
    jaime saliba 6 months ago

    My friend was like " what r u doing for cinco de mayo" me "... nothing" random girl in my school "why would Jaime celebrate cinco de mayo she's not even Mexican she's Hawaiian" me "you have know me for like 5 years now my mom is from Mexico!"

  • Alejandra Gonzalez
    Alejandra Gonzalez 6 months ago +1

    Mexicans don't really celebrate 5 de mayo is just a gringo holiday
    And I focking hate when people say "why are Mexicans so sensitive about this " I'm like bitchy because u make focking stereotypes of Mexicans

  • AngelOfTheTARDIS
    AngelOfTheTARDIS 6 months ago

    When they pronounce 'Mayo' like it's short for mayonnaise. Hey gringos, Mayo is May in Spanish! The 'a' is said the same way you say it in 'apple'

  • Diamond Knight
    Diamond Knight 6 months ago

    That people ask I can speak Mexican better then you. (Bitch it's Spanish)

  • Genos
    Genos 6 months ago

    here's what I don't fucking get, IF these pendejos think that Cinco de Mayo it's Mexico's independence day, then why, why the fuck are THEY celebrating another country's independence day? huh..That has always pissed the hell out of me. Lol siento un chingo por Puebla, ustedes no se merecen esto.

  • Hannia's _life
    Hannia's _life 6 months ago

    This is so true 😂

  • Weirdfri Stuff
    Weirdfri Stuff 6 months ago

    Why do Anericans even celebrate it? It's fucking stupid like, it's the day Mexico defeated France and like that didn't help of did anything at all so what the fuck is wrong with America really

  • Weirdfri Stuff
    Weirdfri Stuff 6 months ago

    This is the most annoying video I've ever seen in my entire life

  • Francesca BOHN
    Francesca BOHN 6 months ago

    Can you do one about St Patrick's day we don't even really celebrate it that much, it pretty much only celebrated in the US.

  • Livie
    Livie 6 months ago +1

    I hate it when everyone in my grade always says happy cinco de mayo and I'm like IM NOT MEXICAN IM ARGENTINE AND VENEZUELAN

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