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  • TheMarkz
    TheMarkz 4 hours ago

    Who else is watching this and going on a plane the next day? Im so scared right now.

  • Unicorn Seitz
    Unicorn Seitz 15 hours ago +1


  • Rayoflight 2478
    Rayoflight 2478 23 hours ago

    This was sad

  • Dilip Pawar
    Dilip Pawar Day ago


  • Alv Stuestoel
    Alv Stuestoel Day ago


  • Dust Wax Records

    I feel bad for the pilots and passengers, but something about this video makes life seem meaningful. Espescially when you're at a low point

  • dead face 36
    dead face 36 Day ago

    3:25 holy shit hopefully no passengers

  • Guh Duh Cheese
    Guh Duh Cheese Day ago

    Jet fuel can't melt steel beams

  • Kaley W
    Kaley W 2 days ago

    Those poor ppl had to die because of a stupid airplane and this is why I will never Ride an airplane

  • disney puppy
    disney puppy 2 days ago

    uh boring WOW you ITS NOT BORING its amazing wut its not ITS AMAZING wait thats the people died oh I WILL KILL YOU GOD DAMN ITS not AMAZING oh sorry THATS WHY don't fvck ing DON'T MAKE FUN OF THIS

  • wws
    wws 3 days ago

    It gave me the chills

  • AndreTheGamer5000 Plushies!

    This Is Why I'm Never Ever I Mean Ever Going On A Plane In My Life!

  • Buffy
    Buffy 3 days ago

    omg my dad is a pilot, i fuckin cried😢😢

  • arthur harp
    arthur harp 4 days ago

    Survival at1:41

  • Leighton Kekuewa
    Leighton Kekuewa 4 days ago

    Rip these planes

  • Natalie Gamez
    Natalie Gamez 4 days ago

    Rip people who died

  • LL The Gymnast
    LL The Gymnast 5 days ago

    RIP ❤️❤️

  • Pronob Roy
    Pronob Roy 6 days ago

    very dangerous my thought that "don't ride in a aeroplane"white Hart

  • Snake Dule Gaming
    Snake Dule Gaming 6 days ago

    Who ever did not cry he does not have a soul. For dead peapole. God, please do not let the same things happen again to anyone. God bless the peapole who survived and who dod not.
    Bože blagoslovi ljude koji su preziveli i koji nisu. Nemoj dati da se ovo opet nekome desi.

  • SMHM
    SMHM 6 days ago

    They literally play with lives.

  • IceHawk
    IceHawk 6 days ago

    3:26 sooooooo fake the smoke is fake as shit

  • AllThingsGaming Studios

    The music of this video should be switched to "Gotta go fast"

  • Brendan Chen
    Brendan Chen 6 days ago

    At 4:56, what plane had crashed?

  • Braylon DeKay
    Braylon DeKay 6 days ago

    😭 I wish thoes people were back alive

  • Gary Cervantes
    Gary Cervantes 7 days ago

    Smh that first one was a test🤦🏻‍♂️there was nobody in there and it had camera and stuff just to see what happens when a plane crashes🤦🏻‍♂️yall should look it up

  • bIihzzard
    bIihzzard 7 days ago

    this is why i never go on planes and probably never will

  • Toxikk
    Toxikk 7 days ago

    Is this a thing now

  • Indominus Gaming
    Indominus Gaming 7 days ago

    And i,be seen the vids some of them did not die

  • Indominus Gaming
    Indominus Gaming 7 days ago


  • Indominus Gaming
    Indominus Gaming 7 days ago

    The first one has crash test Denny's

  • Dragon Chap
    Dragon Chap 8 days ago

    intro song?
    (also r.i.p :c)

  • Brezel
    Brezel 8 days ago

    lmao WHO DID THIS 😂😂👌👌💯💯💯

  • ZnEaKySpyNL
    ZnEaKySpyNL 8 days ago

    In two weeks im goin on a plane, i will just listen to the audio when i take off.

  • Jesmar Casanova
    Jesmar Casanova 8 days ago

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 today we was on airplane and we almost crash I'm only 9 years old

  • Shadow Mew
    Shadow Mew 8 days ago

    Why does everyone hate Dope Zyri XD just people like us like people dieing XD

  • NicoleGamings ROBLOX

    This is the reason why I hate planes

  • nick taylor
    nick taylor 9 days ago

    That was so funny sucks to be the people in the plane :) :) :) :)

  • parralel omega
    parralel omega 10 days ago

    4:44 😵😱

  • Austin LaHood
    Austin LaHood 10 days ago

    Obnoxious dubstep intro followed by sad music? Are you dumb?

  • Erik M
    Erik M 10 days ago

    Never used to have a fear of flying, until now.

  • Jlmy Muffin
    Jlmy Muffin 11 days ago

    I would use a car to travel around the us now aaah

  • Jlmy Muffin
    Jlmy Muffin 11 days ago

    Kinda sad tho

  • David A
    David A 11 days ago

    Helton DroneGamingHD Amen

  • MylesGaming1354 .
    MylesGaming1354 . 11 days ago +1

    Rip people on plane like if you feel sorry

  • James r
    James r 12 days ago


  • Creamy_Toxics 125
    Creamy_Toxics 125 12 days ago


  • SuperStandard
    SuperStandard 12 days ago +1

    Alot of these are absolute bs

  • Carlos Palacios
    Carlos Palacios 12 days ago

    Quick question. If you jack off on a plane is it considered hijacking?

  • Esther Terrones
    Esther Terrones 12 days ago

    Yo where's the plane going they can't drive the people just reasting and die

  • More JD
    More JD 12 days ago

    You know the first one it was a test to determine where the best spot to sit is

  • Esther Terrones
    Esther Terrones 12 days ago

    Wow there is a rip for people who die😓

  • Sunshine R
    Sunshine R 13 days ago

    What did I look this up anyways

  • Clash For Cash
    Clash For Cash 14 days ago

    Music change everything

  • Supergay Logan
    Supergay Logan 14 days ago

    If that would happend to me and my family i will pray

  • Awesome Gamer
    Awesome Gamer 14 days ago

    Omg that's scary

  • K to KK
    K to KK 14 days ago +1

    My mom and dad is going to New York and we live in San Jose and I'm scared that they will have a plane crash so

    1 like=no plane crash to my mom and dad
    But if you don't like I will cry god plz don't I'm only 8 years old😭😭😭

  • Wake Up And Live
    Wake Up And Live 14 days ago

    Annoying af intro

  • manuel barajas
    manuel barajas 14 days ago

    What plane @2:15

  • YouDoBlooper
    YouDoBlooper 15 days ago

    Don't worry, the first clip was just a plane test for the plating of the plane, no worries. No one was in the plane.

  • im a sloth
    im a sloth 15 days ago

    this whole video is funny

  • Mariachi Aguilas de la Barca Jalisco

    My god bless thos who didnt surviv abe Also R.I.P FOR FOR THE PEOPLE WHO DIDNT MAKE IT.

  • MLBlizard
    MLBlizard 17 days ago

    The first one is not a real one it was a test crash

  • keetoh
    keetoh 17 days ago

    This video crashed and burned.

  • OfficialSNTClan
    OfficialSNTClan 17 days ago

    I'm going on a plane ride tomorrow why am I Here?

  • Aqil Nurzafri
    Aqil Nurzafri 18 days ago

    ; ( many people die

  • nukelear32
    nukelear32 18 days ago

    anyone know where he got the thumbnail image from?

  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh 18 days ago

    Where is WTC CRASH??

  • Masey
    Masey 18 days ago

    The music is too creepy

  • RektM8Games
    RektM8Games 18 days ago


  • Puppypups101 FlashBack


    This guy can time travel

  • LJReach
    LJReach 19 days ago

    0:43 I swear to god the guy waved before the crash

  • flippy bird
    flippy bird 19 days ago

    OH god I'm almost going to a trip and have to use a plane. Hope I won't die

  • Holden Daugherty
    Holden Daugherty 19 days ago

    Watch this on a plane

  • Shou
    Shou 20 days ago

    This is funny

  • GabriellaNielsen
    GabriellaNielsen 20 days ago

    this is why i always pray and thank god before boarding and after landing.

  • TheEmerald Miner34
    TheEmerald Miner34 20 days ago +1


  • Venessa Sonica
    Venessa Sonica 20 days ago


  • Venessa Sonica
    Venessa Sonica 20 days ago

    This is why I don't like airplanes

  • Keshawn Stacy
    Keshawn Stacy 20 days ago

    Rip baby's and children

  • Adventure Kids
    Adventure Kids 20 days ago

    Im in an air port right know no joke this is scaring me

  • Trickshot Legend
    Trickshot Legend 20 days ago

    thank you for flying a united Airlines

  • Ameline
    Ameline 20 days ago

    Why am I watching this before to hop on the plane ?

  • Cute Cute chihuahua
    Cute Cute chihuahua 20 days ago

    Nope not going to Thailand anymore

  • Carter Chandel
    Carter Chandel 20 days ago

    2:13 wasn't so bad

  • Kasowe_games_ -_-
    Kasowe_games_ -_- 21 day ago

    Whos watching at a airport and about to go on a plane

  • julian portilla
    julian portilla 21 day ago

    The first one was a test

  • yaya duhamam
    yaya duhamam 22 days ago

    Literally watching this in the plane

  • Emma D
    Emma D 22 days ago

    I cried

  • Abra coLadAble
    Abra coLadAble 23 days ago

    That's y I never go on planes

  • Lamiaris, Avatar of Innocence

    ...And why the fuck would someone make a compilation of these things?

  • KianNayeb
    KianNayeb 23 days ago

    The First was a Test crash

  • Juicy Berry
    Juicy Berry 23 days ago



  • Andi claire Edwards
    Andi claire Edwards 23 days ago

    Namaste in bed

  • DJ ocw
    DJ ocw 23 days ago +1

    Rest in peace all people who died 😭

  • Courtney
    Courtney 24 days ago

    So I know this is a coincidence but today my best friends parents died....

  • ToastyIsHere
    ToastyIsHere 24 days ago

    Why am i here im seeing people die and i just dont show Reaction

  • Jgaming 20
    Jgaming 20 24 days ago

    The first one was an rc plane

  • Fortify _it
    Fortify _it 24 days ago

    For of the people who did not survive I am sorry for the families that lost family members to a crash, plane crash, natural disaster, and any other life threatening or other accidental deaths. May they rest in piece

  • Mikkel Wanscher
    Mikkel Wanscher 25 days ago

    1:10 I don't think the person survived

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