Entertainment Videos For Cats and Dogs To Watch - Chipmunks, Squirrel and Bird Fun

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  • Destiny Lopez
    Destiny Lopez 10 days ago +1

    i can't believe it ! my dog actually watched the video for a couple minutes and then started fighting my phone😐 but great video👍🏽

  • InsertEmoticon
    InsertEmoticon 21 day ago +1

    My dog stared at me and left

  • jason stricklin
    jason stricklin 1 month ago

    I just showed like the first 2 minutes of this to my dog moved the screen his head followed then he barked at the screen.

  • Quin's Lps Show!
    Quin's Lps Show! 1 month ago +2

    My dog watched five seconds of the video, cried, then went to play wrestling with her sister.

  • MalachiTheGamer
    MalachiTheGamer 3 months ago +2

    my dog try to eat my tablet

  • 04ra
    04ra 4 months ago +6

    I just realized my cats left the room 20 minutes ago and ive been glued to the screen...

  • McKenna Wangen
    McKenna Wangen 5 months ago +5

    my dog fell asleep watching this awh

  • Makato Bae
    Makato Bae 6 months ago +2

    my dog watched 10 seconds and then turned around.

  • Galaxy Mapping
    Galaxy Mapping 6 months ago +8

    My dog liked it but then walked away

  • Galaxy Mapping
    Galaxy Mapping 6 months ago +2

    🇬🇧gonna show my dog this

  • buterflycandy
    buterflycandy 9 months ago +3

    loses sound about 40 mins in

  • Crazy Funny Cats
    Crazy Funny Cats 10 months ago +1

    Eye candy for cats 🐱

    Some of the best critter footage on youtube 🍻🍪🍪🍪💐👽👽

    Thankyou very much 👍🇨🇦

  • ana melendez  BBW
    ana melendez BBW 11 months ago +3

    my cat loves it she even fall sleep watching it

  • binbinky78
    binbinky78 11 months ago +3

    amazing! my cat tunes in!

  • Paul A Hays
    Paul A Hays 11 months ago +2

    Entertainment for my grand-daughter! Bird! BIRD!

  • Cane Corso
    Cane Corso 1 year ago +2

    Thanks, i play this for my parrot. Lovely to see nature. :)

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