Boom truck at work

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  • WilliamsBallMusic
    WilliamsBallMusic 5 years ago

    If you get a remote, you are more likely to place the truck in a more dangerous position where it could flip over or slide in case of an weight imbalance. I do agree that remote controls would be easier, but I'd rather pay a guy to climb up and down the ladder for five years than buy a new truck.

  • nuke mecca
    nuke mecca 6 years ago

    @MrSpliffs using the remote would probably be easier. then u don't have to climb down the ladder to get the spacers, and back up, and back down with each lift.

  • Venomous67
    Venomous67 9 years ago

    Get a remote smoker.

  • jeremie fuson
    jeremie fuson 9 years ago

    ill out boom u any day

    • yz125ryder
      yz125ryder 8 months ago

      you comment on every video saying the same shit.

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