Kylie Jenner Bronze Glam With HUGE Lips & Lashes

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  • WELL I uploaded this pic on insta and so many of you were keen to see the vid earlier than I planned... so I shuffled some things around and here we are! Love this pic of Kylie Jenner and that was my inspiration. Hope you Luh luh luv this look as much as I do.

    What I used:
    -Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
    -NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Liquid Foundation
    -Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Brown
    -Too Faced Chocolate Palette
    -Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow in Comex Copper
    -A pad/liner lol
    -YSL Shocking Eyeliner
    -Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner
    -Benefit Roller Lash
    -Ardell 116 Lash
    -Make Up Store Individual Lashes (use code 'ChloeMorello' at checkout for a special discount!)
    -Socialeyes Minx 2.0 Lash
    -Mac Studio Finish Concealer Palette in Medium
    -NARS All Day Luminous Powder Foundation
    -Australis AC On Tour Palette
    -Make Up Store High Tech Lighter in Venus (use code 'ChloeMorello' at checkout for a special discount!)
    -Make Up Store Gold Digger Eyeliner (use code 'ChloeMorello' at checkout for a special discount!)
    -Fullips (
    -Edward Bess Lipliner
    -MAC Lipliner in Hover
    -MAC Lipliner in Naked Liner
    -Hourglass Ambient Blush in Mood Exposure

    Hope you all enjoyed!

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    *Please note I am not currently available for makeup artist services*

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  • Melissa Sherriff
    Melissa Sherriff 6 days ago

    You are so funny. Love the make up

  • amy Jolley
    amy Jolley 20 days ago

    I loooooove the look!!!!😍

  • Noelle Hart
    Noelle Hart 25 days ago

    She quoted "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret." 😍

  • Mikayla Fulper
    Mikayla Fulper Month ago

    Looks like Rosie Huntington at end

  • yuni doni
    yuni doni Month ago

    love ur make up tutorial

  • Exci Gold
    Exci Gold Month ago

    You ar so gud & beautiful...

  • Nezrin Elizade
    Nezrin Elizade Month ago


  • adriana beacham
    adriana beacham 2 months ago

    pretty 😁😁

  • Kimberleigh Carol
    Kimberleigh Carol 2 months ago

    you cant even see what shadows you're pointing to

  • ItsbabyAnnabelle
    ItsbabyAnnabelle 2 months ago

    you look like angelina jolie

  • Sandra Kasandra
    Sandra Kasandra 2 months ago

    youre face is beutiful withaout make up

  • Sandra Kasandra
    Sandra Kasandra 2 months ago


  • dinna dayana
    dinna dayana 2 months ago

    without make up u already very beautifulll

  • שרה
    שרה 2 months ago

    wow just wow

  • Belsi Bel
    Belsi Bel 2 months ago

    Like way better than Kylie

  • Nazz M.
    Nazz M. 2 months ago +1

    your face is incredibly beautiful and so symmetrical, youre gorgeous💖💓💓❤💐

  • AshE
    AshE 2 months ago

    I'm getting Spice Girls vibes from this look! Fun and glamorous!

  • zul izzamree zolkepli
    zul izzamree zolkepli 3 months ago

    chloe, maybe you could do Perrie Edwards from Little Mix makeup because you look alike her :*****

  • Sally Beckins
    Sally Beckins 3 months ago

    you look like jessica alba with this look :D

  • giselle rossi brxl
    giselle rossi brxl 3 months ago

    I love. It

  • chari chari
    chari chari 3 months ago

    IM DYING about your EYE COLOR !!! OMG !!! in LOVE !! haha ;-)

  • Dimi Ts
    Dimi Ts 3 months ago

    This is my fav Kylie Jenner makeup look tutorial cause I feel like this is the closest you can get to her makeup

  • Jessica Ray
    Jessica Ray 3 months ago

    You look a bit like Tyra Banks here

  • rose yildiz
    rose yildiz 3 months ago

    Killer eyes!

  • Jenn Derksen
    Jenn Derksen 3 months ago

    This is still my favourite tutorial of yours! So entertaining!

  • Bladexwing
    Bladexwing 3 months ago

    you are gorgeous. i miss my younger skin!! what was that lip 'device' you used?

  • Anna Maria Arp
    Anna Maria Arp 4 months ago

    Cant stop watching this😂🙄

  • Slush Dove
    Slush Dove 4 months ago

    Much more beautiful. It's a compliment to Kylie Jenner. She looks nothing close to Chloe.

  • Nikki Tanner
    Nikki Tanner 4 months ago

    This is my all time fav video on youtube i watch it at least once a month

  • Lauren Kurtz
    Lauren Kurtz 4 months ago

    Leighton and Candice combined you would get Chloe

  • Angie Dávila Ebanks
    Angie Dávila Ebanks 4 months ago

    Does she never use highlighter?

  • Eser Gezgic
    Eser Gezgic 4 months ago

    hi, I was go back and I watched this tutorial, I really like this hair color it s so good on you kiss & hug

  • English Rose
    English Rose 4 months ago

    great video. . I have a health and beauty channel..

  • Mia
    Mia 4 months ago

    Gosh she looks like Leighton Meester!

  • Dawn Delarosa
    Dawn Delarosa 4 months ago +1


  • Tangina Maria
    Tangina Maria 4 months ago

    U r the funniest bitch of my life, ur awesome with a great personality! Good on u, hun dont think ive watched many of your videos but can u do some tutorials if u havent already n be like full in depth about wot ur doing n explain to a T, to make it easier when we try ever so hard to get our make up to come up like yours. Can u do like a cheapy look similar to this one from products from priceline, not like savvy or maybe like maybelline, nyx and australis. Super duper mucho appreciato x

  • Katharina Nikol
    Katharina Nikol 4 months ago

    It looks amazing and the same with your contour, dont know what they have for an issue, but really good that u dont hear about it!!:) Every single look u create is amazing, your make up skills are for me the same like NikkiTutorials, you inspiring me so much and the way you made your chanel, your own way i love so much!!! glG from austria, katharina :**

  • Kitty
    Kitty 5 months ago

    I love your hair color here, even though this is an old video. I think this color brings out your eyes even more than the current darker color. Just imho. Love your sense of humour :-).

  • Marie Gaffney
    Marie Gaffney 5 months ago

    Love your personality! 😂

  • Devin Vance
    Devin Vance 5 months ago

    angelina jolie and leighton meister

  • Tammy Carey
    Tammy Carey 5 months ago

    My favorite look on Chloe!! EVER!!! Gorgeous!!!😍❤️

  • Jazzy Parntz
    Jazzy Parntz 5 months ago

    Love it - stack those lashes!

  • Molly Tuberose
    Molly Tuberose 5 months ago

    "I make my own rules"... Yaaasss queen!! 👸🏻

  • Jasmin Del Rio
    Jasmin Del Rio 5 months ago

    Love this

  • Shantell Juarez
    Shantell Juarez 5 months ago

    U r sooo beautiful and talented!! ;-) ✌💖💖💖

  • ldbagge
    ldbagge 5 months ago

    when I've watched this over and over and over? only thing I love more is your dark hair😍😘

  • Sandra Kasandra
    Sandra Kasandra 5 months ago


  • mitali khakhar
    mitali khakhar 5 months ago

    Chloe you're soul sister !!

  • Meghan Orne
    Meghan Orne 5 months ago

    Haha STOP I love u

  • Tiffany Pace
    Tiffany Pace 6 months ago

    Lmao!! That pad!!! I fucking love her.

  • Laura Gliebe
    Laura Gliebe 6 months ago

    what was that red thing you used on your lips?

  • Maddie Brown
    Maddie Brown 6 months ago +1

    You have such pretty eyes

  • Cortni HollyWood
    Cortni HollyWood 6 months ago

    OMG i think your so hilarious and vibrant!!! awesome personality and love the look! new sub! 💞

  • Lauren Bolster
    Lauren Bolster 6 months ago

    I will never get bored of this video! ❤️😂

  • Samantha Weiss
    Samantha Weiss 6 months ago

    she looks just like candance swanepoel!!! 😍

  • Sara V.
    Sara V. 6 months ago


  • Celia B
    Celia B 6 months ago

    chloeeeee you look like a BRATZ love you Xoxo <3

  • Diana Garcia
    Diana Garcia 6 months ago

    I am amazed of your natural beauty but Also of your talent for makeup. congrats!!! keep it Up!!

  • Angel Scarlett
    Angel Scarlett 6 months ago

    I'm gonna wear this for Valentine's Day ❤️

  • Kaylee Kaylee
    Kaylee Kaylee 6 months ago

    this is more of a Victoria secret look. lovee

  • Gina Marquez
    Gina Marquez 6 months ago


  • Katie Buss
    Katie Buss 7 months ago +1

    Love this but u need some music in the background

  • julie romero
    julie romero 7 months ago


  • Courtney Mona
    Courtney Mona 7 months ago

    Can we be friends? You made my night!

  • Myka Garcia
    Myka Garcia 7 months ago

    Funny lady

  • MidaKasalis
    MidaKasalis 7 months ago

    Huge lips... lmao

  • dlla 7ajwlaka
    dlla 7ajwlaka 7 months ago


  • Brave Nasra
    Brave Nasra 7 months ago

    i like your character chloe u r soo jolly n happy n pyutiful 😘

  • Chantelle Denae
    Chantelle Denae 7 months ago

    umm i could tell that u were bored ms. chloe 😂😘

  • French Farmy
    French Farmy 7 months ago

    U looks super amazing and gorgeous

  • Hannah Lemke
    Hannah Lemke 7 months ago

    you should try getting a morphe palette

  • Chantelle Denae
    Chantelle Denae 8 months ago

    lol u r soooo cute bae 😗😗😗

  • Lala Sanchez
    Lala Sanchez 8 months ago +1

    This looks reminds me a little more of Kendall, I love it!' thumbs up!!

  • Zulma Lopez
    Zulma Lopez 8 months ago +5

    You are funny but beautiful, thank you for sharing. Blessings

    • dayof thelords
      dayof thelords 7 months ago

      thank you for answering. I hope you understood that i wasnt insulting you in any way! c:

    • dayof thelords
      dayof thelords 7 months ago

      how is that rude? i didnt insult her or didnt say anything negative about her account? do we not have the right to question comments anymore? go get a life and stop getting involved with a conversation that never invited you in the first place

    • Susanne Quigley
      Susanne Quigley 7 months ago

      Zulma Lopez You're so sweet! <3

    • Susanne Quigley
      Susanne Quigley 7 months ago

      dayof thelords Like that's just rude and you know better than to say something like that.

    • Zulma Lopez
      Zulma Lopez 7 months ago

      No never , that's not what I meant, so sorry if that's what you understood, I just meant you are a beautiful and funny girl , and that is a good quality in a person. Happy blessed new year to you and your family.

  • Savanah Navin
    Savanah Navin 8 months ago

    This may sound strange, but I love your eyebrows in this video!

  • Maya Zundel
    Maya Zundel 8 months ago

    I actually love everything about the look

  • Nicole Andrews
    Nicole Andrews 8 months ago

    You're such a babe it hits

  • Kathleen Donnelly
    Kathleen Donnelly 8 months ago

    I desperately need to know the color of that George Bess lip liner..

  • 30.07. 2014
    30.07. 2014 8 months ago

    Sooo wonderful!

  • Caroline Deshayes
    Caroline Deshayes 8 months ago

    Oh my god, this is the first video I'm watching from your channel, love it, and you're the funniest!

  • Kayla Burke
    Kayla Burke 8 months ago

    This is my all time favorite makeup look of yours SLAY

  • Edwin coetzee
    Edwin coetzee 8 months ago

    u should try angelina jolie

  • Amy Anderson
    Amy Anderson 8 months ago +1

    I had to sub after this. You had me at "this is a sanitary pad...that I cut in half...and now it's on my face...."!

    • Amy Anderson
      Amy Anderson 8 months ago

      And then there is "you are welcome".....

  • Diyxlx
    Diyxlx 8 months ago +7

    I always thought that Chloe looked like Angelina Jolie but in this video she looks so much like Aishwarya Rai

  • Ella McFarlane
    Ella McFarlane 8 months ago

    We have such a similar eye colour, this eye look is stunning on you oh my!! xx

  • julieta higyed
    julieta higyed 9 months ago

    All i can say wowowowowowowowowowwo u r amazing!

  • Meghan Smith
    Meghan Smith 9 months ago

    you should do a video where you try to make a good look out of little 3&4 y/o kids "fail" makeup looks

  • shoreguyeast
    shoreguyeast 9 months ago +1

    Yum! So hot!!!!

  • Sienna Brown
    Sienna Brown 9 months ago +2

    She looks like Angelina Jolie in this! That should def be a video tutorial

  • Cookiecat202
    Cookiecat202 9 months ago

    And she gave me a free make up kit

  • Cookiecat202
    Cookiecat202 9 months ago

    I know her mum I'm actually staying at Chloe's mums hotel

  • Otaku Index
    Otaku Index 9 months ago +1

    Everything is on point this is one of my fav videos!

  • eleanor ager-cantley
    eleanor ager-cantley 9 months ago +2

    Omg please do an Ariana Grande inspired look😍😭

  • Aubrey Addison
    Aubrey Addison 9 months ago +1

    youre too pretty stop that :)

  • Laura Schulze
    Laura Schulze 10 months ago +31

    you look like a mix of Candice swanepoel Angelina jolie and Leighton meester

  • Kyron Kay Gottwald
    Kyron Kay Gottwald 10 months ago

    *2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway*

  • littlemisscupization
    littlemisscupization 10 months ago

    I am honestly obsessed with your videos like out of all the youtubers out there I feel like you're the most down to earth and funny and I love all your sexual little inserts (sounds so creepy holy heck but I definitely did not mean it in a creepy way honest to god)

  • Malwene Bierbrauer
    Malwene Bierbrauer 10 months ago

    This is really sexy... i will do this this saturday

  • Bango Lacika
    Bango Lacika 10 months ago


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