Here's the reason why Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a Northwestern fan

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  • Matt Sobby
    Matt Sobby 5 months ago

    Fuck that cunt

  • Junk Email
    Junk Email 5 months ago

    She has no idea what's going on lol

  • jamz
    jamz 5 months ago

    who is this bitch anyway?

  • Marc Adams
    Marc Adams 5 months ago +1

    Honestly, ....WE DONT FLIPPIN' CARE.

  • 23_Knows_ALL
    23_Knows_ALL 5 months ago +3

    Wow, her son sucks that bad?

    • MMA Expert
      MMA Expert 5 months ago

      23_Knows_ALL I was responding to you dumb ass

    • 23_Knows_ALL
      23_Knows_ALL 5 months ago

      Sullivan To answer your second question, yes, he is playing in garbage time, but that's not all. I don't have time to explain everything but the video let's you know his caliber of talent in basketball.

    • 23_Knows_ALL
      23_Knows_ALL 5 months ago

      MMA Expert If that were the case, you wouldn't need to prove it to me on the YouTube comments section.

    • MMA Expert
      MMA Expert 5 months ago

      Sullivan he is playing at a d1 school he is absolutely not garbage. Doesn't matter what his PT is. There are seniors on Kentucky that don't ever play. They're still very good basketball players

    • MMA Expert
      MMA Expert 5 months ago

      23_Knows_ALL sure buddy. Guarantee I've accomplished more in my basketball career than a tubby wanna be like you ever could

  • Tyler Keller
    Tyler Keller 5 months ago +2

    Is she still hitched to Richard Dreyfus? Amazing. Most celebrity marriages don't last so long.

  • Eye of The Cry
    Eye of The Cry 5 months ago +1

    Children of a billionaire, life must be great. Can't help but turn my nose at such privilege.

    • Seth Kelley
      Seth Kelley 5 months ago

      but why did the kid in possession of the drugs get of easier than the kid who said he would just hand the money, doesn't make sense does it, its cause the other kids parents had donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to our small private school. the point is that a kid who didnt do anything got expelled and a kid who broke the law and school rules had basically no punishment, i don't expect to get away with that, but the rich kid did because his family was rich.
      he got a get off free card because he was born privileged and thats f*ed up when the other kid doesn't get it

    • Seth Kelley
      Seth Kelley 5 months ago

      i know he is good at basketball, i dont dislike him because of his money, i was just saying that privilege does exist as a response to gus b statement that it doesn't exist

    • shoop da poop
      shoop da poop 5 months ago

      not his fault dude

    • Mynameis nataS
      Mynameis nataS 5 months ago

      I am privileged enough to keep my nose clean and do the job I am given to get paid so I can live under a roof. Are you really that upset that you cant do something illegal and get away with it? What a child you are. Who cares if somebody else does it and can get away with it, you don't get to pretend to know what it's like to be them.
      Edit: you know that as the middleman you are accepting the risks of being the goddamn middleman? I guess that kid knows now.

    • Seth Kelley
      Seth Kelley 5 months ago

      you know privilege is a real thing right, kid at a school i used to go to bought drugs got of basically scot free (his parents were quite rich and massive donators to the school) kid who was a middle man had parent who weren't massive donators to the school, he got a suspension and was almost expelled for having a lesser part in the issue, so yeah, privilege isn't real

  • Cedrone
    Cedrone 5 months ago +10

    Who gives a shit

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