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    What up Invaders! Kissing is a fucking art form that every guy MUST master if he wants to be successful with women. Here's the problem, 99% of guys have no clue what they're doing in the kissing department, and wonder why they get friend-zoned soon thereafter.

    In my latest video on YouTube, "How To Kiss", I covered 5 things that must be done every time in order to ensure that good kiss occurs. If you haven't seen it, you're going to want to watch it now and a few times before you go on that first date. You'll thank me later.

    Rule #1 is BE DOMINANT! You're a man. Start acting like one. There's nothing worse than a guy that dithers and acts unsure of himself. I don't give a damn if you're nervous; if your stomach is twisted; or if you feel like you're about to faint. DO NOT LET IT SHOW!

    When the time is right (that's a whole different article), put your hands on her and pull her into you forcefully yet gently. You want her don't you? Girls love being desired and want a man to make them feel wanted. Show her either grabbing her hands or hips and sliding her right into the perfect position to put those lips to good use.

    Rule #2 is TURN YOUR HEAD RIGHT! Don't shoot yourself in the foot before you're lips have even landed on hers. When you lean in to kiss her don't make the mistake of turning your head left or keeping it straight. The unspoken rule of kissing is that your head tilts right! Check out the YouTube video for a perfect demonstration. [/box] Rule #2 is TURN YOUR HEAD RIGHT! Don't shoot yourself in the foot before you're lips have even landed on hers. When you lean in to kiss her don't make the mistake of turning your head left or keeping it straight. The unspoken rule of kissing is that your head tilts right! Check out the YouTube video for a perfect demonstration.

    Rule #3 is Dance With Her Lips! Don't be naive and fall for the bullshit they tell you about the perfect kiss or technique. No one kiss or technique works on all girls; they're all different and thus kiss differently. Some girls open their mouths wide, some narrow, some dart their tongue out, some move their heads back and forth quickly, some will suck on your lip--get the picture? You need to ADAPT! Go into every kiss knowing that within the first second of your lips hitting hers you will have to quickly assess what kind of kisser she is and match her rhythm and flow.

    Even if she sucks at kissing--doesn't matter! Your job is to get in harmony with her. If you want to be cocky and kiss her 'better' but out of harmony with her--it's going to feel weird for her and she's going to think you're a bad kisser. Wrong move Casanova.

    Rule # 4 is Hands on Her Face! This goes right back to dominance. As you kiss her don't be a putz and keep your hands down by your side. Grab her face--thumb in front of the ear and rest of fingers wrapped around her neck. If you need a tutorial, again, I demonstrate this in the video.

    Rule #5 Leave Her with a Gentle Peck! You'll hear this one nowhere else. Want to make the kiss 100000% better for her? After you finish kissing her, pull back in and leave her with a very sweet and gentle peck on the lips. This tells the girl you care about her more than just a piece of meat you want to stick your thing into--even if that's all you want.
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    Emrys Ellis 4 hours ago

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    Cliff 4 hours ago

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  • April Xie
    April Xie 4 hours ago

    Nicole is so pretty

  • Klarrissa Frantz
    Klarrissa Frantz 6 hours ago

    I had my first awkward kiss I thought it was just a peck and he went in with makeout mouth and he ate my face it was right after my first kiss it was like my 3rd time and I was so confused lol

  • Aaron Teoke
    Aaron Teoke 8 hours ago

    👌 good tutorial

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    Naked Flying Man 11 hours ago

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    swananda das 1 day ago

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    Pls do reply

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    Flowerylisi Gamer 1 day ago

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  • Phoenix Jonathan
    Phoenix Jonathan 1 day ago

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  • Yashvardhan Pandey
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    Tanaka Nyoni 1 day ago

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  • CmeowTheMeowMeow :3

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