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  • grav3yardgirl
    grav3yardgirl  5 months ago +3035

    who remembers poot? ---------> 🐊

    • Kidoslot
      Kidoslot 3 days ago

      grav3yardgirl I love ur channel

    • hannaxoxo
      hannaxoxo 3 days ago

      grav3yardgirl me!

    • Kidoslot
      Kidoslot 3 days ago

      grav3yardgirl I

    • Júlia de Backer
      Júlia de Backer 5 days ago

      hey you shoukd try that shill Black mask PLEASE

    • Challenges Lol
      Challenges Lol 6 days ago

      grav3yardgirl love you so much can I plz win your giveaway

  • Lele Pons fan
    Lele Pons fan 58 minutes ago

    I was scared of you when I was 6, idk way I'm 10, know so yeah I subbed

  • Mr. Boma's Balloons
    Mr. Boma's Balloons 3 hours ago

    Folding a membrane in on itself is called "invagination"

  • Jay Esoteric
    Jay Esoteric 6 hours ago

    +grav3yardgirl what camera do you use ?

  • CELYN 674
    CELYN 674 15 hours ago


  • lohana garcia
    lohana garcia 2 days ago


  • Elizabeth Wilcox
    Elizabeth Wilcox 3 days ago


  • Amna Noor
    Amna Noor 3 days ago +1

    Love the way she's soooo energetic!!

  • Falling Psycho
    Falling Psycho 4 days ago

    Goes from watching asmr to watching bunny and gets ears blown out

  • James Spinelli
    James Spinelli 4 days ago

    Try light up subtle bubble ball

  • Skylar Grae
    Skylar Grae 5 days ago

    how do some of her videos not even have 1 mill views?? so weird since she has 8 million subs

  • vixella Koshy
    vixella Koshy 5 days ago +1

    I remember when i was Little i was playing with a baloon and it popt in my eye😨😨

  • Smugu But Cooru
    Smugu But Cooru 6 days ago

    I used these a few weeks ago and we used them like baby bumps

  • Mckayla Johnson
    Mckayla Johnson 7 days ago +1

    I was dying of laughter

  • Kawaii Ramirez
    Kawaii Ramirez 8 days ago

    I haven't watched her in a while and saw on her profile that she lives in Texas and I live in Texas so I can see her

  • Tammy's Make-up Treats

    This was fun hugs 🤗❤

  • Tammy's Make-up Treats

    Hey Bunny 🤗❤

  • Tristen Cook
    Tristen Cook 10 days ago

    grav3yardgirl I LOOOOVE POOT!

  • Twinpossible
    Twinpossible 11 days ago

    The TWINPOSSIBLE CLAN loves you bunny :). U R ONE OF OUR FAVE YT-ERS :). Yup, these worked for us quite well!! XOXOXO

  • Joe Dix
    Joe Dix 11 days ago +2

    Why do you call him dog man. Me and my sister used to watch you all the time. I still

  • Michele Pole
    Michele Pole 12 days ago +2

    LOL!! I jumped when it popped :-D

    • NatsterM04
      NatsterM04 12 days ago

      I thought I was still on the original so I was like, REALLY A FAKE SPOILER? But no, it's a real spoiler...

  • Deseree Wilson
    Deseree Wilson 12 days ago

    Did you guys move houses 🏡

  • Jeffrey Otte
    Jeffrey Otte 12 days ago

    Can you do a swimsuit collection 🐊

  • Принц от Дю
    Принц от Дю 13 days ago +4

    "You can fill it with bath water!"
    "...It's a bubble-bath"

    Ba dum tssss.

  • CcosmicC Pro
    CcosmicC Pro 13 days ago

    I got these and broke them lol

  • samira khan
    samira khan 13 days ago

    Love your amazing videos xx love u

  • Lien Nguyen
    Lien Nguyen 13 days ago

    POOT! 🐊

  • Crafty Cooking
    Crafty Cooking 14 days ago +1

    I NEED YOUR SHIRT!!!!!!!!

  • Chloe Meehan
    Chloe Meehan 14 days ago +2

    Dog mans hair is longer than mine I love his hair and her hair tho

  • Cassandra Mapanao
    Cassandra Mapanao 14 days ago +2

    I feel like when it poped i got splashed too 😂😂

  • Lee
    Lee 16 days ago +3


  • Lee
    Lee 16 days ago +1


  • Kyle Dowdeswell
    Kyle Dowdeswell 17 days ago +4

    How did she get sweet tea with Spit???? Questionable.......

  • Harold Lartigue
    Harold Lartigue 18 days ago +6

    7:07 I'm dead

  • Fuzzlebuttzz
    Fuzzlebuttzz 18 days ago +4

    are bunny and dog man married

  • Rare Channel
    Rare Channel 18 days ago

    Your stupid they didnt pop they just opend😾

    • Blake death
      Blake death 17 days ago

      Rare Channel don't mad be she just didn't see the the opening open😐😐😐

  • Sarah Woodward
    Sarah Woodward 18 days ago +3

    "Looks like an episode of hoarders" omg🤣🤣Bunny

  • jade chernecke
    jade chernecke 18 days ago +3

    I love how dog man just stood there like a model and wasn't even phased by getting hit😂

  • Phương Trần
    Phương Trần 19 days ago +7

    love your legging

  • Nici Teichmann
    Nici Teichmann 19 days ago +2

    So cool 😎 kan we be friends

  • Nessa_Cupcakes
    Nessa_Cupcakes 19 days ago +9

    Her eyes are so pretty

  • gymnastics time
    gymnastics time 19 days ago +2

    Love ya
    So mucj

  • Inspired by beauty 985
    Inspired by beauty 985 20 days ago +7

    You should do a tub full of tea

  • Alison Jones
    Alison Jones 21 day ago +9

    still as weird as she was 3 YRS AGO

  • Willa Smith
    Willa Smith 21 day ago +9

    Try putting up to a pool jet it gets so big you can't hold it

  • Pardees N
    Pardees N 21 day ago +7

    5:34 Bunnys Laugh!

  • Squad Girls
    Squad Girls 22 days ago +13

    I died when bunny through the thing over the fence🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Norwegian Girl
    Norwegian Girl 22 days ago +2

    Thats sick!

  • All Lyrics
    All Lyrics 22 days ago +9

    bring back this series!

  • LocalWeirdo21
    LocalWeirdo21 23 days ago +4

    i love your leggings!!!!

  • Autumn Miller
    Autumn Miller 23 days ago +2

    Lol they do have so much wubbles 😂

  • Žana Larisa Jordan
    Žana Larisa Jordan 23 days ago +16

    Shane would stick his d*ck in that opening. For sure.😂😂

  • ScummyGurl
    ScummyGurl 23 days ago +5

    whoa i never realized how long dogman's hair is!

  • Dee Ca.
    Dee Ca. 23 days ago +6

    i'm pretty sure you can do this with condoms, they are more durable than balloons

    • Lauren Alexa
      Lauren Alexa 21 day ago

      Dee Ca. At my school that argument seems invalid

  • NaturalEsta C.
    NaturalEsta C. 24 days ago +7

    Their house❤️❤️❤️

  • Brianna B
    Brianna B 25 days ago +8

    you guys are adorable !

  • Lilly Lamothe
    Lilly Lamothe 26 days ago +11

    When she popped into the frame and yelled "IT DIDN'T POP!"😂

  • fun with Sydney \ love my dolls

    if u get in the pool and open it wide u can make of big . + I love u

  • Akame Akamari
    Akame Akamari 26 days ago +10

    The leggings I believe are Attack On Titan!

  • Reaction time 2
    Reaction time 2 27 days ago +2

    When you put the blue ones in the pool just take it and quickly fill it up when your in the pool then just throw it and the person your throwing it at will be like'where did you even get that from you didn't even get out of the pool'

  • Kate - Little
    Kate - Little 28 days ago +2

    I am impressed with this product also sub to me

  • Melissa Torres
    Melissa Torres 29 days ago +2

    love you're videos !! 🍍🍍🌴🌴🍍🍍

  • Ricardo Cardoza
    Ricardo Cardoza Month ago +5

    I knew that it would go over the wall

  • LilaBean
    LilaBean Month ago +4

    OMG! Your eyes❤️😍😍😍

  • George Castillo
    George Castillo Month ago +4

    Rip ur water bills

  • Justin Martinez
    Justin Martinez Month ago +3

    I've been here since 1, 000, 000 im your biggest fan

  • Lps_Ralley_
    Lps_Ralley_ Month ago +5

    why is he named dog man

    • sarasthoughts
      sarasthoughts 22 days ago

      Lps_Moon_ she was sarcastix calm down

    • Alyssa Paris
      Alyssa Paris Month ago

      Musically Queen dude. She's just asking why she is calling him dog man

    • Jace Gryder
      Jace Gryder Month ago

      Musically Queen calm down they just asked a question??? stop being so salty

    • Lps_Ralley_
      Lps_Ralley_ Month ago

      Musically Queen Bruh I just asked a qestion

    • Musically Queen
      Musically Queen Month ago

      KittyTigerGirl why you named kitty tiger girl HUH YOU WANT TO AWNSER THAT

  • Penny_may
    Penny_may Month ago +4

    Her eyes are so blue!

  • Hannah Lightner
    Hannah Lightner Month ago +4

    I NEED her shirt

  • Rianne England
    Rianne England Month ago +3

    Did anyone else rewind the "la la laaa!" part over and over again?😂

  • maria velasquez
    maria velasquez Month ago

    You guys make me crack Lol

  • Kaitlyn Purvis
    Kaitlyn Purvis Month ago +5

    why is dogmans hair better than mine

  • Liliana Latkowski
    Liliana Latkowski Month ago +1

    neeeeeed you to do a dttrw on the magnetic false eyelashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gaysha king
    gaysha king Month ago +1

    There's a Dyson hair dryer that supposedly dries your hair fast. I've only seen a couple of ads but it looks interesting

  • Tammy Carson
    Tammy Carson Month ago +1

    This was so much fun lol I can't believe it got so big!! magic material for sure.

  • Ashley Ferraez
    Ashley Ferraez Month ago +2

    Can u plz put some make up on plz plz plz

  • Angie Gaming
    Angie Gaming Month ago +2

    are you going to do a back to school giveaway ?

  • Queen.lillyyy
    Queen.lillyyy Month ago +8


  • ThisTimeAround
    ThisTimeAround Month ago +8

    I wonder how much your water bill will be

  • Reine
    Reine Month ago +9

    Those Attack on Titan leggings though.

  • M & M
    M & M Month ago +3

    Haha, tea-ball!

  • AlyssaThePiggyLover
    AlyssaThePiggyLover Month ago +5


  • Septemberbaby01
    Septemberbaby01 Month ago +2

    1:40 im dyingggg i screamed so loud lmaooo

  • psychonerd
    psychonerd Month ago +5

    i just want to say that your eyes are the bluest blue to ever blue

  • Christian Zimm
    Christian Zimm Month ago +1

    12:07 I laughed so hard XD

  • Izzy Bear
    Izzy Bear Month ago +2

    5:34 MEEEEE

  • Fun With Lib
    Fun With Lib Month ago +1

    In our pool, we have this spout that shoots out water. We filled them with that, and they were HUGE, but they did pop after that,

  • SilverKaldette
    SilverKaldette Month ago

    5:34 i love that laugh

  • SilverKaldette
    SilverKaldette Month ago +1

    dogman has beautiful hair

  • Keith Schmidt
    Keith Schmidt Month ago

    Right when she said hot me, I got an ad 😖

  • jennifer rizo
    jennifer rizo Month ago +3

    looks like implants! lol

  • Nicole
    Nicole Month ago +2

    Omg its like flubber

  • October Baby
    October Baby Month ago +2

    I loved her eyes!!!!

  • Thomas Struck
    Thomas Struck Month ago

    He has skin wein tho

  • Thomas Struck
    Thomas Struck Month ago +2

    Dog man is my favorite I love him so much

  • Slime Works
    Slime Works Month ago +1

    Laaaa la laaaaa

  • We Love Nick Jonas Unconditionally

    Try to freeze it hehehe
    sc: lovelyladyglory - Glory

  • ally32 Corner
    ally32 Corner Month ago +5

    I wish i had her energyy

  • Sarah Perez
    Sarah Perez Month ago +1

    it smells like tea

  • Neila Isakovic
    Neila Isakovic Month ago +2


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