KINGDOM HEARTS III – D23 2017 Toy Story Trailer

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  • “Don’t assume your dreams are just fantasy. If you can imagine a world, believe in it…and dive in.”

    Originally aired at Disney’s D23 2017, this trailer provides an in depth look at an incredible new world Sora, Donald, and Goofy will explore in KINGDOM HEARTS 3.

    New friends, Toy Story-themed looks, and Keyblade transformations are also revealed as KINGDOM HEARTS goes to infinity…and beyond!

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3 is coming to Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation® 4 in 2018.

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  • Runtime: 5:39
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  • Wayne Tang
    Wayne Tang 1 hour ago

    Elsa: WTF? Am i not worthy to be a pure light heart princess? That's it, i am going to build my own icy castle and make a real living snowtoy to keep me company.

  • Huy Lê
    Huy Lê 4 hours ago

    Buzz Lightyear has a manly Japanese voice... My life is complete.

  • Lauren F.
    Lauren F. 7 hours ago

    I would shell out all the money I have in my wallet to hear Tom Hanks talk about heartless and keyblades

  • WafflekingGamingHD
    WafflekingGamingHD 8 hours ago

    everything is english not the voices acting :C

  • Nicholas Christie
    Nicholas Christie 9 hours ago

    What about Star vs the Forces of Evil in Kingdom Hearts 3? I just think both shows deal with strange creatures and magic. Also, who wouldn't want to see how Sora reacts to Star, Marco, Ludo, Toffee, etc XD

  • Emillia Nosdyne
    Emillia Nosdyne 10 hours ago

    Omg! You story is finally going to be in the game!!! :D

  • Soron66
    Soron66 16 hours ago

    why can't it be in english because i got used to Kingdom Hearts in english(watching it on youtube) and goofy and donald don't sound right in japanese same goes for all the other disney characters.

  • The Nameless King
    The Nameless King 17 hours ago

    am i the only one who doesn't like the new game designs they made? this makes it look like for kids when it should be a teen game

  • Lefty Dimitriadis
    Lefty Dimitriadis 17 hours ago

    God I hope Frankenweenie is in Kingdom Hearts 3

  • Jabarri Weston
    Jabarri Weston 17 hours ago

    This game is gonna be so damn dope

  • Ash
    Ash 17 hours ago +1

    Ahhh toy story 4 looks awesome!

  • T100 Germinator
    T100 Germinator 18 hours ago +1

    I hope they have some marvel characters in this 😊😊😊

  • Jeremy Page
    Jeremy Page 18 hours ago +2

    Japanese Donald is tripping me out…

  • Angel LM
    Angel LM 21 hour ago

    *goes to kill myself because no half life 3 *
    *this shows up in notifications*
    *_Well... Shit_*

  • Richard Serpa
    Richard Serpa 21 hour ago +1

    We'll they Sora and the others go to the Cars World?

  • Brian Jorahua
    Brian Jorahua 21 hour ago

    One question that has been on my mind since 2015 was who will be the English voice to Master Xehanort? I heard Bill Farmer state he finished his voice acting for Goofy around that year so I'm hoping that maybe Leonard Nimoy finished his work for Master Xehanort before his death.

    If not then, I hope they got one of these actors to take over; Patrick Stewart, Ian Mckellen, David Warner, or even Adam Nimoy. But honestly, no one will ever replace Leonard Nimoy.

  • charlie fox
    charlie fox 21 hour ago

    Someone told me there was a snake in my boot.
    I told the man "what kind of heartless person would do that"
    I went to check my boot but there was nothing there.
    I turned to ask the man what he was talking about, but there was nobody there...


  • Xlartie
    Xlartie 22 hours ago

    Japanese Woody is the funniest shit

  • Galga Project
    Galga Project 22 hours ago +1


  • ShitpostingAtheist
    ShitpostingAtheist 23 hours ago +1


  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 23 hours ago

    3,000 heartless are attacking this video!!

  • MouseCrusader
    MouseCrusader 23 hours ago

    Ever since the trailer's been put, something's been bothering me....
    For their friends to be kidnapped, Woody and the gang seem rather calm. Is it just me? I would expect Woody to be flailing his arms all over the place, lol. Other than that.......2018 can not come fast enough ☺☺

  • Shadow spectre 777
    Shadow spectre 777 1 day ago

    Woody: Look a heartless

  • Kori Jenkins
    Kori Jenkins 1 day ago

    Speak engrish...

  • Sonic Lover
    Sonic Lover 1 day ago

    Andy can't here that out side the toys are causing ridiculous damage

  • Aidan Knox
    Aidan Knox 1 day ago

    Could you guys make kingdom hearts birth by sleep for the app

  • Mynson Anderson
    Mynson Anderson 1 day ago +2

    I wish Cory in the house was a world in kingdom hearts 3

  • Reyhana Noorsham
    Reyhana Noorsham 1 day ago


  • ThePikachu65
    ThePikachu65 1 day ago +1


  • Hair Ball
    Hair Ball 1 day ago

    shit game, shit graphics, shit gameplay. i can play this on my pc with max settings 60 fps + mods at 4k. console peasants are still stuck in 2005 with their ancient consoles running at 720p at 25 fps with only 2 shitty exclusives which are kingdom hearts 3 and red dead redemption. pc has more and much cheaper exclusives on steam, undertale, gmod, dayz, diablo 3, civilization etc


    • mark robles
      mark robles 1 day ago

      troll comment right ^^^above^^^so don't get triggered

  • Ollie Nix
    Ollie Nix 1 day ago

    Some kid told me about this is gym I'm curious

  • AsciiGDL
    AsciiGDL 1 day ago +1

    Right in the childhood! ( >.<)

  • Wrath's Turntable Time Machine Rocksmash Attack (AKA The Mysterious Reuploader, Ace-edo Mask!)

    LOL No one notices the Civil War happening on Andy's lawn?

  • Anthoni Hermanto
    Anthoni Hermanto 1 day ago

    So they find the missing darkness from the world...
    That means the light is already complete...

  • jalemonman
    jalemonman 1 day ago

    I swear to god if there's no English dub I'm going to be so pissed.

  • Medieval Nightmare
    Medieval Nightmare 1 day ago +1

    I hope they fix Xemnas. He looks like a kawaii teenage girl rather than a ruthless nobody.

  • noname goodguy
    noname goodguy 1 day ago

    Is this going to be like recoded where all world's have different play types or styles or whatever you want to call it

  • Cartoon Crash
    Cartoon Crash 1 day ago

    tom hanks better come back to play woody, because Haley Joel Osmet plays Sora, so we could have a Forrest Gump reunion.

  • TheMasserPVP
    TheMasserPVP 1 day ago

    Half of the time I didn't even know what was happening it was that quick

  • Dominic Uccelli
    Dominic Uccelli 1 day ago

    My only gripe is how quickly the situation commands, especially for keyblade transformations, become available. While you don't need to use them when made available, it still doesn't look like a lot of work needs to be put into getting them. Maybe it's only for the trailer and in the dev environment. Maybe it will be fixed before the release. I just hope that they're not handed to the player every 5 seconds. Other than that though, this looks like a lot of fun.

  • Spi-Fy Bailey
    Spi-Fy Bailey 1 day ago

    Lol its so strange to hear all these disney characters in japanese. Are disney films/cartoons popular over there?

  • jibooty is life
    jibooty is life 1 day ago

    Donald's fucking Japanese voice is literal cancer

  • Fonso120
    Fonso120 1 day ago

    Woody sama

  • Coldness958
    Coldness958 2 days ago

    was that xenord or whatever his name. he look like sephiroth in this game

  • Luminoxie
    Luminoxie 2 days ago

    Still waiting for an ATLANTIS WORLD

  • Joseph Parrish
    Joseph Parrish 2 days ago

    Lol the Japanese voice actors don't fit the toy story characters at all.

    • StarButterflyRocks
      StarButterflyRocks 2 days ago

      Joseph Parrish the actors from Toy Story actually fit the characters from Toy Story l

  • Damian Smith
    Damian Smith 2 days ago

    ...I never thought that anyone took WatchMojo seriously.

  • Mushe
    Mushe 2 days ago

    This game looks so amazing, can't wait to have it on PC.

  • mj6400
    mj6400 2 days ago

    4 million views!? Let's let Papa Nomura know we want that release date!

  • Jimmy The Nerd's Otaku Funhouse

    3:39 Nora, break their legs

  • Stan Baas
    Stan Baas 2 days ago

    Elect assistant kind increase depict reporting suit training chain practically.

  • r3dwrath 185ze581
    r3dwrath 185ze581 2 days ago

    gimme gimme I need this now :( pliz I have to have this.

    quick thing though, why does goofy sound... different to that I remember?

  • ObiTrev
    ObiTrev 2 days ago


  • MudkipMonkey
    MudkipMonkey 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that the music that starts playing at 1:20 sounds a lot like the Flintstones theme?

    GRAND DAD???

  • The V-Blade
    The V-Blade 2 days ago +2


  • Xavier Compton
    Xavier Compton 2 days ago

    The Gameplay is Lit!!!

  • KoTheSaVage
    KoTheSaVage 2 days ago


  • Johnny Gallegos
    Johnny Gallegos 2 days ago

    ps4 and Xbox one why not on pc? I want more frames the ps4 and Xbox just can't keep up.

  • Lucio Briones
    Lucio Briones 2 days ago


  • ilvpowerrangers
    ilvpowerrangers 2 days ago

    Okay that was just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DarthCruciare87
    DarthCruciare87 2 days ago +1

    If they get Tim Allen and Tom Hanks to reprise their roles, I am so buying the shit out of this game, and I'm not even a Kingdom Hearts fan.

  • The Player
    The Player 2 days ago

    That's sick as fuck

  • nuuskafuzi
    nuuskafuzi 2 days ago

    *Heavy breathing*

  • Clauria Spencer
    Clauria Spencer 2 days ago

    The characters in this animation are so funny I love it

  • tracy allen
    tracy allen 2 days ago +2

    I hope they include Atlantis: Lost Empire!!!

  • Mert Cetin
    Mert Cetin 2 days ago

    I Hope a Star Wars or Marvel will be a world

  • Sporenbulle
    Sporenbulle 2 days ago

    OMG This weapons, that enimies, this fucking spacefull leveldesing. So must be Kingdom Hearts, I always wished. I believe, I get a gamer orgasm. A gamorgasm. You too?

  • Tristan Kuhn
    Tristan Kuhn 2 days ago

    Ohh and big hero 6

  • Tristan Kuhn
    Tristan Kuhn 2 days ago

    Hope these world will come

    1. Meet the robinsons
    2. inside out
    3. Zootropolis
    4. Frozen
    5. Princes and the frog
    6. Incredebles
    7. Ratatouille

    I hope these worlds will come

  • Njunge1284
    Njunge1284 2 days ago +1

    Yup. Definately gonna be worth the wait.

  • Amy Kim
    Amy Kim 2 days ago


  • Mekeo Gaming
    Mekeo Gaming 2 days ago

    Japan Res OMG XD

  • World of Fortsyn
    World of Fortsyn 2 days ago

    wheres slinky

  • Mjay Apusa
    Mjay Apusa 3 days ago

    4:18 I thought I skipped to a over watch gameplay

  • MT Echo
    MT Echo 3 days ago

    check out our reaction to this kingdom hearts 3 trailer

  • FlameAndMan
    FlameAndMan 3 days ago

    Is it possible for animated TV series to be in there?(Like Gravity Falls or Phineas and Ferb)

  • Jordan Martin
    Jordan Martin 3 days ago

    So this is where all the Toy Story memes have been coming from

  • Nikki Brown
    Nikki Brown 3 days ago

    I just reacted to this its on my channal sorry for the bad spelling... i hope you understand...

  • TheGreatChallenger Hub

    I swear Donald speaking Japanese is even worst

  • Suhee  Lee
    Suhee Lee 3 days ago

    What the fucking hell

  • XoticWolf
    XoticWolf 3 days ago

    This series is the best

  • Sora Sly
    Sora Sly 3 days ago

    Hey did you guys know that if you scramble up the letters in Kingdom Hearts you can get the words Something Dark!

  • XoticWolf
    XoticWolf 3 days ago

    4 million views yeeee let's go

  • Cody Tavares
    Cody Tavares 3 days ago

    WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE FUCKING WORDS STILL DOING ON THE SCREEN FIVE MINUTES INTO THE TRAILER?! For fuck sakes, i cant even watch this trailer even though im excited af!

  • Luuk van der Boor
    Luuk van der Boor 3 days ago

    assumption available gain now amazing noise vision reach.

  • Twiztid Rodimus
    Twiztid Rodimus 3 days ago +1

    The japanese voice really fuck this up. Can't wait for the English dub

  • IgorR0
    IgorR0 3 days ago

    2:12 Andy Touching a kid...

  • Tropezando
    Tropezando 3 days ago

    This series has made zero sense from day one, but it's just so pretty and fun and hits me right in the nostalgia gland.

    My one nitpick: Donald should have been a rubber ducky!

  • anand altantsog
    anand altantsog 3 days ago

    they say its a kids game boooo nooooo
    this game is fucking gooooooddd

  • Lucky
    Lucky 3 days ago

    Oh good only 10 years too late.

    • Lucky
      Lucky 2 days ago

      Star wars is just the same stuff over and over.

    • Team Luxury LifeStyle
      Team Luxury LifeStyle 3 days ago

      Lucky, people like u are never fucking satisfied . Go hate on another franchise

  • Crysp Bytes
    Crysp Bytes 3 days ago

    Open areas and pulling titanfalls..... seems legit

  • Andre Bailey
    Andre Bailey 3 days ago

    Nigga woody look tall go grab me some rebounds g

  • Kirito
    Kirito 3 days ago +1

    A Toy's Life

  • Agent Bananna
    Agent Bananna 3 days ago

    so basicly the toy story world is titanfall 2

  • maria alonzo
    maria alonzo 3 days ago

    They should add monster inc , tom and jerry , looney toons

    • StarButterflyRocks
      StarButterflyRocks 2 days ago

      maria alonzo Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry actually belongs to Warner Bros.

  • Dovahgatr
    Dovahgatr 3 days ago +2

    Just saying, they better have Woody and Buzz's original voice actors. If they don't, I'mma riot.

    • XoticWolf
      XoticWolf 3 days ago

      Dovahgatr I hope so to but idk man

  • Haven Todd
    Haven Todd 3 days ago +1

    Is it going to be dubbed in English?

  • samael rodriguez
    samael rodriguez 3 days ago

    ohhhhh my god

  • ggyghghgbgh
    ggyghghgbgh 3 days ago

    andy is gonna be mad lol

  • Captain Doomsday
    Captain Doomsday 3 days ago

    Dude it's REALLY messing me up seeing Woody talk in Japanese.

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