Tony Shaffer on the rise in extremism on the left

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  • Jester2b04
    Jester2b04 Month ago

    When Trumpcare is bound to take off 23million people our of Healthcare, phase out Medicare and give huge tax cuts to the very Rich ... You bet your Ass people will revolt. It's merely a reaction to the depravity of the right.

  • Brian H
    Brian H 2 months ago

    If you haven't armed up to protect your family and friends yet, gun and ammo prices are at their lowest since before Obama took office.

  • Brian H
    Brian H 2 months ago +1

    It's all by design. Communists destabilize to create chaos in order to reorganize. They will keep pushing until they get the chaos that they want. Arrest the instigators and we may avoid this. But you are probably going to need to arrest the Soros/Clinton/Obama types right away.

  • Beerrunner81
    Beerrunner81 2 months ago +1

    The Governments around the world are dividing the people. That's what's going on. The Muslims are just a pawn in this game of theirs. The population should get smart real fast before it's to late.

  • Justin Walsh
    Justin Walsh 2 months ago

    I guess the Right forgot it's heroes of the armed militia that took over an Oregon Parks & Rec. 18 months ago. Oh and the abortion clinic in Arkansas and the guy who killed an Iraq veteran and the other innocent in Portland. Tell me again why it's wrong to punch a Nazi?

  • My ways of thinking!
    My ways of thinking! 2 months ago +1

    It's almost cute how slow some people are. It MAY be time to worry about the left? They have been burning shit to the ground for several years now. It is getting worse by the day. And now people are STARTING to be concerned? They are all terrorists and should be treated as such!

  • All Day
    All Day 2 months ago


  • letch man
    letch man 2 months ago +1

    antifa is just the democrats new klan

  • Retired
    Retired 2 months ago

    Left-wing lunatics really need to take a good, hard look at all those red counties on the last election map and ask themselves ...
    "Do we really want to push another civil war?"

  • Ether The Angry Fox
    Ether The Angry Fox 2 months ago

    Authoritarian socialist marxism backed by the weaponized religious Islamic extremism, backed by Chinese interest towards communism for a one world government. The Clinton Mafia administration is either a Chinese plant, Chinese spy, collaborator or treasonous profiteer, one thing is certain they are guilty of the highest treason of our country(in its history) and should be relentlessly interrogated, questioned and punished. They wanted to sell America to China, its that simple. And they almost did it. Thank whatever twist of fate threw Trumps ass into the president seat. I'd be dead today if he hadn't and probably most of the viewers of Fox News. They have a purge list on the left side collected by Obama's illegal spying on all citizens in America. There are concentration camps all over America attached to the cog head job company Walmart (the most evil entity on earth) They take evil to the next level with culpable negligence (even I'm amused). China's finger prints are ALL OVER that company, look at all the consumer goods mostly made China at Walmart. That Obama turd "MARTIAL LAW BILL" got MURDERED By the Trump on his first day ^^ I bet some Chinese people were pissed ^^

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 2 months ago

    Rushing the stage is in no way similar to driving a car into people. We know exactly what correlation these people are trying to draw. It is immoral.

  • Meade Music
    Meade Music 2 months ago

    Abe Lincoln launched a war on half of America and then he violated the U.S. Constitution. The left has a known history of violating the law.

  • uncensoredClassics VEVO
    uncensoredClassics VEVO 2 months ago +1

    "PROPAGANDA is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state." - Noam Chomsky

  • liam madden
    liam madden 2 months ago +1

    Leftist pussies go to hell

  • Travis John Henry
    Travis John Henry 2 months ago

    The Left: Anarchists/"Complete equality"/chaos ensues.
    The Right: Tyrannical/defeatists.

  • jaydee_007
    jaydee_007 2 months ago +2

    It's not the Rhetoric on the Left.
    It's the Tacit Approval of the Leftist Officials allowing the Behavior with No Consequences when AntiFA and other Groups Riot and do Damage

  • Jabril woodzz
    Jabril woodzz 2 months ago

    keep blaming the left instead of creating reasonable gun that will work, let me guess the cracker that did that wasn't called a terrorist by yall .

  • Leonard Wong
    Leonard Wong 2 months ago

    They walk a very thin line between domestic terrorists and politician.

    STORMY NATERO 2 months ago


      STORMY NATERO 2 months ago


  • imiss toronto
    imiss toronto 2 months ago

    So? The rise of extremism on the left merely balances the extremism on the right. The GOP loves guns and wants crazies to be allowed to buy them without checks. How does it feel to have Crazy staring you down from the barrel of a rifle?

    Don't complain about it. YOU WANTED IT.

  • malcolm jones
    malcolm jones 2 months ago

    the left and right are cancers in my book .

  • Joyce S.
    Joyce S. 2 months ago

    Republicans are in power!
    Tough luck demshits, lol. We won!
    We keep winning! Lol!

  • Joyce S.
    Joyce S. 2 months ago

    Islamic extremism has got hold of the left. Most of the left is Muslim and dumb college sheep.
    Republicans are the Americans. Let them kill eachother. Stand down. Don't buy into their Muslim bullshit. Defend yourself if necessary.

  • Sumbamotor1
    Sumbamotor1 2 months ago

    The corrupted government officials are to be blamed for all this violence in the streets. No one else.

  • Jello Biafra
    Jello Biafra 2 months ago

    So Kathy Griffith and Shakespeare in the Park are turning the Left into ISIS? Fox News speaks to the lowest common denominator, always has, and always will.

  • Dom inic
    Dom inic 2 months ago +4

    Comon be honest, there are just as many shit heads on both sides, The vast majority on both sides are decent people. There's always been just a few idiots that take things too far

    • jaydee_007
      jaydee_007 2 months ago

      Just as soon as you provide the example of a Right Wing Protest which included Property Damage and Fires in which the Republican City Officials ordered Police to Stand Down, then to limit arrests to as few as possible, followed by charges dropped, or Slap on the Wrist Fines for the perpetrators.

  • Davorian Ware
    Davorian Ware 2 months ago

    There's no rational way to stop extremism

  • Defiant Christian Infidels

    Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Prepare to defend the constitution and your family and fellow patriots from the leftist jihad.

  • Gerald Trice
    Gerald Trice 2 months ago +15

    Interesting how the liberal left is becoming more and more like the "religion of peace."

    • Gerald Trice
      Gerald Trice Month ago

      Jester2b04: Their is no connection between Christian and sharia law. A little research on your part would help before replying to my comments.

    • Jester2b04
      Jester2b04 Month ago

      Gerald Trice it's not the left who want to run this country under "Christian Sharia " .. take Ted Cruz, Mike Pence. These are the Real religious nuts that wanna force their Christian ideology down our throats and turn them into Law.

  • Jester Avrgjoe
    Jester Avrgjoe 2 months ago


  • 1mickings
    1mickings 2 months ago +3

    Fox News = Iraq War cheerleaders. $6-Trillion wasted. 25k US military deaths. 1-Million civilian Iraqi murders (aka collateral damage). So sad that this is basically what Rupert Murdoch wanted.

  • Michael Hahn
    Michael Hahn 2 months ago +4

    They just called the left terrorist as if you may have to kill a democrat to protect yourself, Even Fox has lost it's mind!

    • John B
      John B 2 months ago

      That's because actual Communists have taken over the DNC and Left, and Communists believe only in world domination and the overthrow of all governments using violence. I have no problem with non-Communist Left-wingers even if I don't agree with them about everything, but they have lost to the Stalinists in their party who want civil war.

      AMERICA FIRST 2 months ago

      Michael Hahn well it's coming to that, the left are violent, pedophiles.

    • Dibblydooda
      Dibblydooda 2 months ago

      They had to kill Hutchenson didn't they

  • 1mickings
    1mickings 2 months ago

    It's becoming more convincing that Rupert Murdoch is succeeding where Hitler failed. So sad.

  • hellavadeal
    hellavadeal 2 months ago +1

    One good thing coming out of this crap; The classic liberal atheist and the conservative Christians have found a common enemy in the Progressive PC crowd.
    The price of a free society is that you must pit up with differing ideas. You can only win in the world of ideas with logical arguments for them. The progressive doesn't like that because it is emotionally based not logically based. So they must stop free exchange of ideas in order to control the narrative.

  • Miss Miami
    Miss Miami 2 months ago


  • Feleyra Sims
    Feleyra Sims 2 months ago +14

    It's been the adgenda from the left side all along. There have been so many examples of violence from the left that everyone has been over-looking, I am glad someone is telling it like it is. We are heading for a civil war, and it will happen sooner than everyone thinks.

      AMERICA FIRST 2 months ago

      Feleyra Sims i can only hope.

    • Joyce S.
      Joyce S. 2 months ago

      If they have no one to fight with...They lose!
      They are losers.
      Have a happy republican day!!!

    • Afi James
      Afi James 2 months ago

      Feleyra Sims believe me

  • Jack The Giant Killer
    Jack The Giant Killer 2 months ago +25

    This is the result's of Common Core in our education system.

    • Brian H
      Brian H 2 months ago

      It's part of it. As CC was designed to separate children from their parents. But this destabilization has been in the works for generations now.

    • It's A Mom Blog
      It's A Mom Blog 2 months ago

      Jack The Giant Killer this and the general dumbing down of the population...

    • themanofamerica and puppit
      themanofamerica and puppit 2 months ago

      nascardood fl you have 9990 to go

    • nascardood fl
      nascardood fl 2 months ago

      Jack The Giant Killer unfortunately they would only let me give you one thumbs up, i tried to give you 10,000.

  • Guest4703
    Guest4703 2 months ago +45

    Unfortunately, the violence on the left probably won't stop until it is addressed with violence from the right. The irony of ironies here, of course, is that the left has always positioned itself as the party of peace and tolerance and painted the right as the party of violence and intolerance. That narrative can't pass the laugh test in today's day and age.

    • Michael McCurley
      Michael McCurley 2 months ago

      Yvette Felarca for one...
      Almost forgot, Eric Clanton for another...
      Oh yeah, the deranged libtard bernie supporter who shot senator Scalise...
      Want more, loud mouth ???

    • Justin Walsh
      Justin Walsh 2 months ago

      No activity on your account. Very popular trend in FOX NEWS Comments. There should be an objective study to flesh this all out. "Why Does Fox News Comments Sections Have So Many Trolls/Fake Accounts?" Although the internet seems to be littered with Racist Trolls like you falsely claiming equivalence.

    • Justin Walsh
      Justin Walsh 2 months ago

      HA HA FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! Name them! What are the names of the LIBERALS calling for Violence? And you expect me to believe you when you have no evidence of right extremism. Ha ha! FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!

    • Guest4703
      Guest4703 2 months ago

      Justin Walsh The two are incomparable. There have been recent objective studies fleshing all of this out. It is not simply one of those "well you guys did it too"-type situations, although the internet seems to be littered with liberals like you falsely claiming equivalence.

    • Justin Walsh
      Justin Walsh 2 months ago

      There is no activity on your account. Troll accounts are really easy to spot. TROLL.

  • Don Parker
    Don Parker 2 months ago

    usury tribe.

  • luobingheng007
    luobingheng007 2 months ago

    What goes around, comes around.

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha 2 months ago +2

    obey your corporate puppets and read your scripts you brainless shills. Read your teleprompters you buttwipes.

  • D E
    D E 2 months ago +3

    This guy may want to to peruse the hundreds of comments here on Fox saying all Muslims should be murdered and get back to us about extremism.

    • The Vapologist
      The Vapologist 2 months ago

      Guest4703 I don't disagree with you that there are people on both sides faking being on the opposite side to increase a negative effect.

      One thing is clear though, there is a definite pattern of the far right, be it The US or UK, of a blanket hatred of Muslims. Regardless if they are a threat or not.

      What is your stance on a working Muslim family living in the US?

    • Calvin Denali
      Calvin Denali 2 months ago

      D E, Mohammed is our enemy, not Muslims. Once the Muslims of the world reject Mohammed & embrace Allah without that false prophet, then we will have world peace. Muhammed is the enemy of ALL..!

    • Guest4703
      Guest4703 2 months ago

      D E: Still waiting on the link from you. Hey, you remember the kind of person in your high school class that got all the good grades, graduated valedictorian and made you look like a fool? That was me.

    • D E
      D E 2 months ago

      How about those comments? Substantiated yet? Next time, just look into it before replying and making a bigger ass of yourself. Keep on keeping on, Loser.

    • Guest4703
      Guest4703 2 months ago

      The Vapologist: I'm not making a claim; I am providing an alternative theory to explain the claim made by D E (which he still hasn't substantiated).

      As for how many hate posts are genuine, neither you nor I will ever know, but to believe that there aren't people, either professionals or amateurs, populating these threads with fake comments in order to gin up conflict and amp up the rhetoric is naive. According to this article (, a single person can have up to 200 accounts on YouTube.

  • Kerkopes
    Kerkopes 2 months ago +4

    Extremism is bi-partisan.

    • Guest4703
      Guest4703 2 months ago

      Kerkopes: I still believe that your original comment suggests not only the possibility of extremism by both sides (which I agree with) but also that both parties have in fact engaged in a roughly equal share of extremism (which I disagree with, for the reasons I have laid out) - a false equivalence I have seen a lot of people make both on YouTube and in the mainstream media generally - but I'll also leave it there.

    • Kerkopes
      Kerkopes 2 months ago

      Guest4703 - You're reading too much into my original comment. You agree that's it's true, yet, you erroneously insist on applying deeper meaning to it than I intended. It's less to do with my implication and more to do with your interpretation. I'll leave it at that. You should try to lighten up on the rudeness and sarcasm. You write well, but your tone is abrasive. Class dismissed.

    • jaydee_007
      jaydee_007 2 months ago

      Kindly provide ONE example of a Right Wing Riot protesting a speaker on a College Campus, complete with Property Damage and Fires!
      Kindly provide ONE example of a Right Wing Riot in Any City because the Democrat Won an Election!
      What you are saying is Nothing Short of Bovine Feces!

    • Guest4703
      Guest4703 2 months ago

      Kerkopes: Ad hominem? Sure, I used it after I destroyed your weak argument. Hasty generalization? No, there was nothing hasty about the way I characterized your intelligence. I only needed a small sampling of your reasoning to understand what I was dealing with. As for your original statement, no, you are misrepresenting my responses, probably because you are having problems following the nuance. The fact is that extremism can be bi-partisan, in the limited sense that it is possible for extremism to exist on both sides of the political aisle, but as I stated previously, your message implies that in fact there is an equal measure of extremism on both the left and the right, and that, my retired friend, is neither factual nor historically accurate. The level of extremism on the left far outweighs any level of extremism on the right. Oh, and as for getting a failing grade in your class, I am afraid I would have been teaching you how to reason if I had been your student. How embarrassing it would have been for you to get schooled by a student.

    • Kerkopes
      Kerkopes 2 months ago

      Guest4703 - I see by your superior debating skills that you find 'argumentum ad hominem' acceptable. Interesting. You've also employed 'hasty generalization'. Either of these would get you a failed grade in my class. And yes ... I'm a retired teacher. As you cautiously admitted, my original statement is indeed factual and historically accurate.

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