Ass-Kisser of the Month | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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    Bill addresses President Trump's constant need for flattery in a new segment called "Ass-Kisser of the Month."

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  • Video CategoriesFilm & Animation
  • Runtime: 8:11
  • Tags for this video:  Senator Ben Sasse  Republican  Nebraska  The Vanishing American Adult  Our Coming-of-Age Crisis and How to Rebuild a Culture of Self-Reliance  Tristan Harris  Time Well Spent movement  Design Ethics  Product Philosopher  Google  Rebecca Traister  Writer-at-Large  New York Magazine  All the Single Ladies  Eliot Spitzer  Governor of New York  Jim VandeHei  Politico  Axios Media Company  

Comments: 1 420

  • jack jones
    jack jones 43 minutes ago

    love Maher!

  • Stella Moore
    Stella Moore 2 hours ago

    He is so right it is getting really scary billionaires and coolade..wake up American brown shirts

  • MegaLaidback
    MegaLaidback 1 day ago

    Trump wants to be worshiped like some crazed dictator overseas. It ain't happening, this is the USA.

  • Bungalo Bill
    Bungalo Bill 1 day ago

    Hah!! These liberal twads keep pushing their delusional narrative, and Trump keeps on winning. Trump in 2020!!...... Ass Kissing?? Loser Obama is still trying to wipe these liberal twads lipstick off his arse. The only moment of clarity in this clip begins at 7:44

  • Alan Philips
    Alan Philips 1 day ago

    These poor salty losers will have to be patient for ohhh...8 to 16 years and 4 or 5 more conservative supreme court judge appointments. You all will be old and crusty by the time the Democunts get another crack at destroying the country. Life is good.

  • David Turnbole
    David Turnbole 2 days ago

    You people think it was Trump that pulled off this coup but you'd be wrong. He doesn't have enough intelligence or political smarts to do it. Bannon and his gang of thieves did that.

  • latitude
    latitude 2 days ago

    This bull.

  • basil ervin
    basil ervin 2 days ago

    Steve fuck off

  • Manne Feroz
    Manne Feroz 3 days ago

    really fucking funny

  • Ray Anthony
    Ray Anthony 4 days ago

    - after watching this I am hearing a lot of "Oinks" from Trump's base.I'm sure Ted Nugent is in there w/his luv-bud Kid Rock doing the Wang-o Tango with each other...they're such a man's man.

  • Ramone Ritchie
    Ramone Ritchie 4 days ago

    oh my god we elected the 70 year old jofforey from game of thrones

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 4 days ago

    Isn't it "arse" kisser?

  • bill clark
    bill clark 4 days ago

    funny how bill always attacks women, (judge Jeanine) etc.

  • toxictabasco
    toxictabasco 8 days ago

    He's just making america great again, by replacing all the legit leaders in gubment with ass kissers who will do anything, say anything to get promoted. Once the suck asses get in, they will command their subordinates to suck their ass or lose their jobs. And that's just what americans want. Suck ass.

  • niko kutelia
    niko kutelia 8 days ago

    the guy that used "n" word, now make "sexual" remarks... so he's racist and sexist by his own definition

  • Jay Gold
    Jay Gold 8 days ago

    Elliot Spitzer has no business showing his face in public. He's a moral disgrace.

  • Jeff Diamond
    Jeff Diamond 9 days ago

    Bill Maher , hahaha! you wanna suck Trumps dick so bad you drool thinking about him.

  • gamanin8
    gamanin8 9 days ago

    Why does he always have Creepy Wiener there?

  • Jim Allen III
    Jim Allen III 9 days ago

    Cannot believe this tripe show still has ratings

  • Trophy Dave
    Trophy Dave 9 days ago


  • Moisaro1
    Moisaro1 10 days ago

    Trump has more brains than all Libs put together. How about the libtard of the week award.

  • newdude01
    newdude01 10 days ago

    bill, you pegged obama to a " T "

  • stevie Flax
    stevie Flax 11 days ago

    After watching how smart Bill and his guests are , I can't imagine why they don't run for President, unless of course the reason would be they would not get enough votes., Trump actually was smart enough to blow away 15 Republican Candidates and 2 Political dynasties, Bush and Clinton, the later out spent him 2 to 1. Fact. Bill is crying like some little school girl and why ? Because he's just another corporate owned whore . I recommend all these smart people trying running for President and see how far they get and lets evaluate how smart they run their campaign. It's easy to sit back and criticize someone, but much harder to become President of the USA. There is much to be concerned about, not so much Trump, but rather the future of the Democratic Party , they have become Corporate Whores, not working for the American People , but against. We gave Obama 8 years and he sold us out on just about everything he campaigned on, which in my humble opinion wasn't very smart. Bernie would have won, but instead they rigged it for that stinker Hillary again, not very smart. If Bill wasn't such a corporate whore, he'd be pointing these things out instead of going after Trump, which again, isn't very smart. Trump is on track to win in 2020, if Democrats don't get their heads out of there ass'es, but that might be a good thing, one thing we don't need is another sellout.

  • jega thaver
    jega thaver 11 days ago


  • Cheryl Johnson
    Cheryl Johnson 12 days ago

    Calling on Universal; Powers to retire tRUMP & his putin, ASAP...AND, I believe.

  • Albert Boulanger
    Albert Boulanger 12 days ago

    this is great  they are afraid that their destructive liberal agenda is going south

  • rakoczi29
    rakoczi29 14 days ago

    as nixon got his due ending, one would truly hope the same fate's awaiting this clown, but we're living in totally different times, so it is quite doubtful that his surrogates, lapdogs, beneficiaries & apologists will ever allow him to get what he really deserves.

  • liftshaulscooks
    liftshaulscooks 14 days ago

    THANK YOU!!!
    It's about time someone pointed out these parallels!

  • Miguel Reyes
    Miguel Reyes 14 days ago

    The only good thing we get out of this adventure is that when he gets booted out of office and has to return all the loot he's obtained so far nobody would hire him not even the apprentice since now everyone knows him and no country will give him shelter for the same reason. Let's see if he still has model trophy wife then being a lousy -3 nonagenarian

  • Icarus Airways
    Icarus Airways 14 days ago

    I enjoy watching you Liberals dash yourselves' to pieces on the shores of reality.

  • Alfonso Villa
    Alfonso Villa 15 days ago

    Most recent episode for real time with bill maher

  • Goldclaw837
    Goldclaw837 15 days ago

    Liberals are mentally ill rabid dogs that need putting down!--Especially Bill Maher who is a stupid motherfucker!

  • jerry ray
    jerry ray 15 days ago

    old Bill is the biggest kiss ass going he even gave Obama a million dollars An maybe a BJ.

  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 15 days ago

    I just watched this again and what came to mind was John Cleese walking on from stage left with slick hair and a raincoat... (figured it out yet?)
    laughter dies down...
    J.C "Excuse me miss!"
    Bill M, "What do you mean! "Miss"?"
    J.C "I'm sorry, I have a cold"
    J.C "I wish to register a complaint!!!..... (laughter).... about the President wot you elected.....etc)
    Those who know, know!

  • Michael Sullivan
    Michael Sullivan 15 days ago

    I actually learned something from watching Bill Maher! The reason the left can't accept defeat is because for some reason they think they're some sort of intellectual heavyweights and can't fathom Donald Trump outsmarting them. In reality, the left thinks with their feelings, not with facts.

  • Goldclaw837
    Goldclaw837 16 days ago

    Bill Maher is a house nigger!--What does this fucking worthless piece of dog shit know?

  • Yolanda Kelly
    Yolanda Kelly 16 days ago

    That's awesome

  • Byron Micke
    Byron Micke 17 days ago

    Watching libtards in panic mode is more enjoyable than one could ever imagine, hilarious.  I love this shit...

  • chad haire
    chad haire 17 days ago

    TRUMP will win in 2020 assholes

  • Juan Banda
    Juan Banda 17 days ago

    trump supporters are the problem , they are full of spite and race hatred. America would be great again , when trump and Trump tards are swinging from the end of a rope.

  • Paul Brereton
    Paul Brereton 17 days ago

    7:05-7:15 is pretty much all you have to see of this clip!!!!!!

  • TVremote variable
    TVremote variable 17 days ago

    Wtf is that thing, is it a man or a woman?

  • Roman Pesek
    Roman Pesek 18 days ago

    Just wonder, how he (Bill) will do without continuously attacking president Trump. Im watching his show once in a while but when he starts idiotic comments, he is out of my screen...

  • Derek Callaughan
    Derek Callaughan 18 days ago

    I despise our Australian Prime Minister but he DID NOT suck Donald's Trumps ass. He, in fact, did what most Australian's do by mocking politicians with little regard. That's who we are, non-politically correct people with the fortitude to NEVER let people take our truth. Malcolm Turnbull is kinda like the Australian equivalent of Trump (policy-wise at least) without the ignorance and even he sees there can be no positive gain from supporting the feckless buffoon. The only nation leaders who suck up are the ones that see $$$ in this ridiculous president.

  • Reetesh Appadoo
    Reetesh Appadoo 18 days ago

    LOL brilliant

  • ek Der
    ek Der 18 days ago

    "he trained his body so he never needed to urinate or defecate..." which is why he was so full of shit.

  • angelbabe dawg
    angelbabe dawg 18 days ago

    ..i think i love you..

  • Charles Black
    Charles Black 19 days ago

    Judge Piro is an f'ing joke.

  • northshoredon68
    northshoredon68 19 days ago

    So true Bill.

  • Miguel  Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez 19 days ago

    this first comment were said about Obama when he first started as president.

  • Madhav P
    Madhav P 19 days ago

    Democrat loser's feeling good by insulting their president , they say kind of things anywhere on planet media will not dare to say about their president , trump is 1000 times better than obama , they keep repeating the lie , "oh russia fixed this election" but people can see through their lies , days of globalist are over

  • Josh Er
    Josh Er 19 days ago

    5:44 Spitzer, hits the nail on the head!

  • Bahman Talebi
    Bahman Talebi 20 days ago

    if it continues this way soon you will see uniform seminar to colonel qadafi with golden sword and be prepared for the coronation. his wish is to be like king of Saudi Arabia.

  • Bob ap Bob
    Bob ap Bob 20 days ago

    the rope will be let out more and more until the Dixiecrat Republicans are ready to real him in and then put Mike Pence in power. Then we are in for it.

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    7:55 More people voted for Clinton than for Trump. He didn’t outsmart the voters, the Electoral College is always going to be stacked in the Republicans’ favour.

  • Albert Rogers
    Albert Rogers 20 days ago

    It wasn't that Trump outsmarted us, it was that utterly un-collegial Electoral College Out-Stupid-ed us.

  • daniel thompson
    daniel thompson 20 days ago

    I have visited the USA on many occasions and and think you don't realize how stupid many many many Americans are! Although you also have some great minds. Also the current empire of this time.

  • Linda Owens
    Linda Owens 20 days ago

    I like Bill a lot,BUT I didn't feel like laughing I felt like crying because it's so true.

  • Eder Horta
    Eder Horta 20 days ago

    Accurate as fuck

  • Frank Gerlach
    Frank Gerlach 20 days ago

    He may be the ,"decider" to those people whose IQ is the same as their hat size but to me he's the, "great Divider"! I really thought that baby Bush was the worst President I had ever seen but then tRump come on the political scene and I was totally wrong, tRump with out a doubt in my head is the bottom of the political barrel. Where are the Repubs getting these people? You can't just grab anyone off the street because your average politician is smarter than what the Republicans have called to lead their party. Those 10 men they had debating to who was going to run for President were the most ill informed people I have ever seen on the National stage. Maybe the Republicans should make their contenders take an IQ test to see if their above average in brain power because from what I've seen these people are just plain stupid.

  • N.G.H. Calmarena
    N.G.H. Calmarena 20 days ago

    "That's a marker how stupid he is", well, but he knows that there is about a third of the country's population that are EVEN MORE STUPID THAN HE IS! It's that part he is addressing and damn the other two thirds! E.g. Maher and Maddow knows this and there will be no solution to this American dilemma until this stupid part diminishes or, at least, is given a smaller possibility to influence and destroy American politics.

  • Diane Gillespie
    Diane Gillespie 20 days ago

    Aaaauuuggghhhh. Sick. Stupid. He is hideous to watch. The empty condescension.

  • jerry ray
    jerry ray 21 day ago

    This butt pirate is not very funny.

  • friendly ghost
    friendly ghost 21 day ago

    Trump was elected by the poorest, most troubled Americans, living in communities ruined by the addiction epidemic that plagues their neighborhoods, and limited access to opportunities. It is an ugly picture and it bodes poorly for our future.

  • Prince Depalubos
    Prince Depalubos 21 day ago

    Bill Maher is BOSS!

  • George McGeoch
    George McGeoch 22 days ago

    Come on... They thought Obama walked on water (and still do).

  • Dreamer
    Dreamer 22 days ago

    "You love other dictators"? Bill, seriously? Did you deduce this from all the glowing things that Trump says about the dictator of North Korea? Who's zoomin' who?

  • Harry Buttworth
    Harry Buttworth 23 days ago

    This had me in stitches, watched it a few times.

  • pj woo
    pj woo 25 days ago

    Really STUPID

  • Dorothy Potter Snyder

    It's oddly cool to see Elliott Spitzer again. I am surprised to see him. He's also dead right: not so smart to just point fingers and say how stupid Agent Orange is, because he "outsmarted us, and either way, it ain't good." God Elliott, why couldn't you keep your pant zipped?

  • ash irons
    ash irons 26 days ago

    so make c0ck sucker of the month
    it would be you every time you open your c0ck sucker

  • SN1350
    SN1350 27 days ago

    Has to be the best. "His ass is so big because it is full of dreams for America" l00000000000000000000000000000l

    DAH MAH 27 days ago


  • jake spivey
    jake spivey 27 days ago

    What about the WH circle J that had by the cabinet, that proves who the biggest A kisser is.

    PAVANZYL 27 days ago

    I see everywhere the counting of number of days Trump has been in the White House. How about counting down the number of days left? Yea, I know, it's depressing...

  • Glori Oskiola
    Glori Oskiola 27 days ago

    Eww. I needed a good chuckle.


    Pervert Elliot Spitzer, really?


    President Trump is a great American patriot


    Egomaniac Maher sounds jealous . . .


    Maher's a clown . . . really stupid!!!


    China and India, with 9 TIMES as many people as USA and no regulations, are the climate problem, not USA, with only 5% of world population, and onerous regulations . . . . wake up!!! CNN & MSNBC are now entertainment shows for ratings, not news.

    BON JOVI 27 days ago

    This was the job of RUDOLPH HESS to train peoples to worship the fuher

  • Dennis Guillemette
    Dennis Guillemette 27 days ago

    Bill the gay pedophile number one zionist propoganda machine is america's and Mr Trump top enemy who does absolutely anything that nytnyahoo orders him to do just like all liberal congressmen and pentagon traitors.

  • yoland banda
    yoland banda 27 days ago

    Sounds like A beer ad xx Instead of the most interesting Man in the world, It's The most Ignorant man in the world

  • K Maher
    K Maher 27 days ago

    Awesome segment! i miss Spitzer. when i see that orange ape listening to endless praise, it makes me want to punch that stupid smug orange face with his ugly mouth. its hard to admit americans were that stupid to vote for this orange jackass!

  • Debra McCullough
    Debra McCullough 27 days ago

    Eliot Spitzer? Really?

  • Zulu Nation
    Zulu Nation 27 days ago

    The Reason why Trump won is , because left are stupid. they wasted their votes on third parties.. This is the same reason GOP won in Georgia .. third parties.. and that Trump can win again.. yes the Russia help,but what people forgets is that the left are stupid idiots than the tea parties

  • Wendy Rubin
    Wendy Rubin 28 days ago

    Lmao while wanting throw up to the dire reality of Trump and shame!!!

  • charlesredful
    charlesredful 28 days ago

    to all the demacrap out there when your done crying and wipe your nose we the rest of the grown up will accept you back with open arms p.s i dont think ill drink pineapple any more tho

  • SvenXiaoZelicRamKlaus

    Bill, it must be terrible being hillary's ass kisser!

  • Paul  McGarr
    Paul McGarr 28 days ago

    this segment must have been done BEFORE that cabinet roundtable slurpfest.

  • moist faucet
    moist faucet 1 month ago

    American empire.......

  • bermudaguy1
    bermudaguy1 1 month ago

    Maher has played this Trump thing till it's not funny!

  • MyTotalRemedy
    MyTotalRemedy 1 month ago

    Hillary Clinton started out as a very politically Active wife of the president.

  • Justin Roloson
    Justin Roloson 1 month ago

    Damn I thought he was talking about the Clintons.

  • percussion jamz
    percussion jamz 1 month ago

    Hate trump but I'm not gonna sit here and say all his voters are dipshits. To be honest, if your in love with either trump or hate him cause he won and Hilary lost, that makes you just as much as a sucker. Both sides have very stubborn and one sided people who want to be right for the team. But I will say, people that sit here and argue their opinions on something they really can't change is the reason we have presidential elections like we do. Go out and be productive and voice your opinions. Not type them. ( even though I basically just did.) most of the time you people arguing for the sake of your ego instead of logic.

  • Mick The Saxophone King

    You can't ejaculate magma above ground. You can only ejaculate lava above ground!

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 1 month ago

    ignorant fucks

  • Koji seat
    Koji seat 1 month ago

    Russia is the game we are waiting for an answer and Donald is fooling us again, Don the Con and his family did a voter fraud too, he send Jared and his son's to buy people out with force or promises

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