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Comments: 746

  • MamaGlitz and Kids
    MamaGlitz and Kids 3 hours ago

    The hallway reminds me of the horror movie wrong turn 3 with the hillbillies😅

  • Fire Skull
    Fire Skull 20 hours ago

    Please explore the South Afraican hospital.

  • Mia Isabelle
    Mia Isabelle 20 hours ago

    I don't get why you don't get for praise for your amazing filming skills like the beginning was so beautiful

  • Jacckeyy
    Jacckeyy 1 day ago

    I kinda wish you were more thorough with exploring, I wanted to touch and open every single door!

  • Jacckeyy
    Jacckeyy 1 day ago

    I really wanted them to use the elevators!

  • Mariana Parra
    Mariana Parra 1 day ago

    Why did the hospital close ?

  • Bendy
    Bendy 1 day ago

    How is it so clean?! O.O

  • terry berry
    terry berry 1 day ago

    anyone know what hospital this is

  • Karen Mccroy
    Karen Mccroy 1 day ago

    wow how awesome!! and the port is still on!! way creepy!! gl

  • Steffen2k7
    Steffen2k7 2 days ago

    What hospital is this?

  • Weck Weck
    Weck Weck 2 days ago

    looks like an insane asylum to me, anyone else? oh fuck im getting so creeped out rn

  • Weck Weck
    Weck Weck 2 days ago

    vials are coolllll, i woulda taken them

  • Bumble Bug
    Bumble Bug 2 days ago

    They should film horror movies here

  • EliePel
    EliePel 2 days ago

    I'm always confused to see abandoned hospitals. For starters, the building is so huge why has no one acquired it for development ? One would assume a hospital to be centrally placed i.e prime location real estate. Second, where do sick/inured people now go? Is there a new hospital? If there is a new hospital then why is so much expensive and often unused equipment left behind and not moved to the new place? So. Many. Questions.

  • Marlissa Webb
    Marlissa Webb 2 days ago

    I see the water park video right under this one, and if you're a real ewj fan you'll know how he says water.. kinda dumb Ik but I was just thinking the title of that video should have been have been "Wooter park"

  • Marianna DeBolt
    Marianna DeBolt 2 days ago

    Great places for a horror movie.

  • Marianna DeBolt
    Marianna DeBolt 2 days ago

    So much waste in these places. I'm sure there are places that could reuse some of the furniture at least.

  • Joey Sodano
    Joey Sodano 2 days ago

    What city is that in I live in California I might go there

  • Melissa2087
    Melissa2087 3 days ago

    That place is awesome

  • Lucie Pearse
    Lucie Pearse 3 days ago

    I love stuff like this❤️

  • TonyDracon
    TonyDracon 3 days ago

    they can film movies there

  • bdpchamp
    bdpchamp 3 days ago

    Hey, new to this channel, do they ever run into any homeless people or just randoms camping out in these abandoned places?

  • bobbrooks123
    bobbrooks123 3 days ago

    The surgery room reminds me of house !

  • Matthew Manire
    Matthew Manire 3 days ago

    9:15 You missed some slide film, you should go back and see whats on them!!

  • Johnny Burtnett
    Johnny Burtnett 4 days ago

    i wonder who pays for the water and electricity

  • BeautyMonster1000
    BeautyMonster1000 4 days ago

    Amazing video Josh!

  • Norok Vokun
    Norok Vokun 4 days ago

    I would love to know what that brown stuff was in those two operation rooms... if it was blood... WHAT THE FUCK?! if not... still WHAT THE FUCK?!

  • Exploring with E.T.

    I wonder how many spirits still there. I would like to explore abandoned hospital and I would like to try my spirit box in abandoned hospital.

  • Abandoned Ghostgirl

    I wonder why there's still power.

  • Cecil Lee
    Cecil Lee 4 days ago

    8:47 Telltale sings that you need to leave a fucking room immediately 101

  • Cecil Lee
    Cecil Lee 4 days ago

    Who's the anime girl with you?

  • Loveya_food Love
    Loveya_food Love 4 days ago

    I would love to do this in the future but there might be dust in old abandoned places that I might have an asthma attack. Ughhhhhhh I hate it so much

  • georgina louise
    georgina louise 4 days ago

    ok this is getting ridiculous. I need to do this!!!!! please let me join you 😍 I watch your videos for hours!!!

  • Kile Rozz
    Kile Rozz 4 days ago

    what part of California?

  • Daniel Strong
    Daniel Strong 4 days ago

    Where in California? I think I found it, I just want to confirm

  • BODBROCH Bremner
    BODBROCH Bremner 5 days ago

    A large percentage of dust is human skin that has dried and flaked off like dandruff.

  • cookingwithjesus
    cookingwithjesus 5 days ago

    Morgue! What about the morgue!

  • rjc0234
    rjc0234 5 days ago

    the instagram shot was cool, but decade old abandoned hospital dust? are you mad? you even hear someone cough! i just cant believe you weren't wearing gloves or masks!

  • rjc0234
    rjc0234 5 days ago

    i still dont get how places like this can exist. its just a full unused building, that is probably ok. yes the hospital was probably very outdated and old, but there is also so much stuff still in there. couldn't they sell it, even for scrap?

  • Настя Фастовець

    Have you visited Waverly Hills Sanatorium?

  • mel
    mel 5 days ago

    and today's special episode on grey's anatomy

  • Rendra Raydita
    Rendra Raydita 5 days ago

    since when u started love to explored abandoned place..?

  • Andy M
    Andy M 6 days ago

    8:57 Is that blood?

  • Lil sea Shark
    Lil sea Shark 6 days ago

    Where is this?

  • Aliyah Haun
    Aliyah Haun 6 days ago

    In the "decontamination room" those things are called auto claves. Essentially they use pressure to rid of germs and sterilize items!

  • PRO Gamer
    PRO Gamer 6 days ago

    4:19 NO HE DOSNT!!!!!!

  • Mesude K
    Mesude K 6 days ago

    I love the Abandoned Hospital Videos 😻

  • Cool Bratayley
    Cool Bratayley 6 days ago

    Thats is so cool. I love abandoned bulidings and history. Why they closed it. It like mystery. It rlly cool

  • Bring Your brAy GAME

    I would full out rob the place

  • Bros_R_us
    Bros_R_us 6 days ago

    At 9:00 that looks a bit like blood that had dried out. Except there a lot of it so its probs something else but like if u agree =)

  • mrdilligaf1968
    mrdilligaf1968 6 days ago

    That was awesome. Why are there so many of these abandoned hospitals in the US ?


    any idea why this place was abandoned

  • rayray1983
    rayray1983 6 days ago

    Feels like the day that Rick woke up in that hospital. #TWD

  • Eluhaome7
    Eluhaome7 7 days ago

    Sub spanish pls!!

  • Samantha Noelle
    Samantha Noelle 7 days ago

    Seriously obsessed with these videos! ❤️ y'all are awesome.

  • Nicholas C Maingot
    Nicholas C Maingot 7 days ago

    Give Walter White that shit 7:03

  • rolf sinkgraven
    rolf sinkgraven 7 days ago

    A bit of a fast walkthrough that gem?

  • Johanna Larsson
    Johanna Larsson 7 days ago


  • MikeS Videos
    MikeS Videos 7 days ago

    Absolutely amazing!

  • gabriel chavez
    gabriel chavez 7 days ago

    have you been to the abandoned military base in adelanto ca

  • ImcameLike wrecked ball Rangel

    I think the most freaky part about that hospital is at night

  • Kallus Rourke
    Kallus Rourke 7 days ago

    The chick that is with them is hot as fuck, and has a nice ass.

  • Gary Allsebrook
    Gary Allsebrook 7 days ago

    What no morgue?!?! You MUST have been tired... ;-:

  • Glen Kersul
    Glen Kersul 7 days ago

    The decontamination room....... looked.... contaminated.

  • Lolly Pop
    Lolly Pop 7 days ago

    Can as many people as possible subscribe to my channel and view my videos

  • Skypie!!
    Skypie!! 7 days ago

    I don't know if you have yet, but Josh you should go to the Harville House in Georgia. Many people have said that it's extremely creepy and there are "mad ghosts" inside.

  • iplaybose
    iplaybose 7 days ago


    that looks like a CD/DVD, I would have taken it, would have loved to see whats on it

  • HeadOfRoses
    HeadOfRoses 7 days ago

    The newer the hospital the scarier.

  • Hydrospx
    Hydrospx 7 days ago

    Anyone know what hospital this is?  Just curious.

  • Richard's Adventures

    my mum liked this video, its so cool

  • Nick is Canadian
    Nick is Canadian 7 days ago

    honestly all that lab equiptment is expensive i would totaly steel them and sell them or donate them

  • DonCheto323
    DonCheto323 7 days ago

    Shit , I've been in there when it was still operating back in 2002. They built a new building that's why it's abandoned.

    SINPAI_LEMON 7 days ago

    1000th comment!!!!

  • Walking Exploring Urbex

    Urbex is life!!!!!

  • Joel Hamilton
    Joel Hamilton 7 days ago

    do you need like a special permit or something to explore these places or how does it work

  • Ashie Albo
    Ashie Albo 7 days ago

    if you're ever in Canada specifically manitoba come to Winnipeg full of abandoned places, huge cement factory, creepy old wild slides/water park entire abandoned military base, there used to be a high school, abandoned indoor pool, and ive heard that not far out is a insane asylum like an hour or 2 out of town

  • Maria Castelo
    Maria Castelo 7 days ago

    its freaky seeing all the left over stuff makes it looked like the people their got out in a hurry, like some bad thing went down an just left everything and ran.

  • TheShotgunRuler
    TheShotgunRuler 7 days ago

    9:02 verruckt anyone?

  • Finley Stannard
    Finley Stannard 7 days ago

    Josh does that mean that it hasn't been abandoned long

  • Shagoon Arya
    Shagoon Arya 7 days ago

    what's jess's Youtube channel name?

  • Shagoon Arya
    Shagoon Arya 7 days ago

    Josh should do the 3 am challenge in the hospital, like if you agree.

  • Colton Foster
    Colton Foster 7 days ago

    We're the lights flickering

  • Josephine Maldonado

    The decontamination room is used to clean medical tools used in surgery

  • ShiningButterfly
    ShiningButterfly 7 days ago

    You should come to Ireland, we have lots of abandoned places and heritage houses :) the one I know of is the Boom House located in Derry, North of Ireland, it's supposedly haunted and there's a challenge to go there at night and no one has been able to enter the house at night because of how spooky it is and the feelings people get when they enter the front gate and when they're walking up the path to the house. There's even a forest beside it where the Foyel Rescue people have said that they found people hanging from the trees. It has a lot of history but this comment is getting too long so bye~ 🙃

  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey 7 days ago

    Cool :)

  • Kenzie Berry
    Kenzie Berry 7 days ago

    i like when u look at the news papers or records

  • Noelle D
    Noelle D 7 days ago


  • Kristen Crable
    Kristen Crable 8 days ago

    Awesome explore!

  • Alexis Rivera
    Alexis Rivera 8 days ago

    Could they have even done surgery in that teaching room because doesn't everything have to be completely sanitized and wouldn't that many people leave a high risk for infection and I don't think that room is big enough and doesn't look like an OR. Not a real doctor (yet hopefully in the future) but based off of the knowledge I DO have that's what I think....so what could have the room actually been used for?

  • D UCK
    D UCK 8 days ago

    Josh for your safety please wear rubber gloves and masks when exploring abandoned places you don't know what they left behind don't risk your life

  • moonitessu
    moonitessu 8 days ago


  • Наталья Пертова

    Анатомический театр

  • Dan Coster
    Dan Coster 8 days ago

    2:38 You should have tried the elevators in that hospital

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams 8 days ago

    that hospital definitely has an apocalyptic vibe to it,or end of the world feel to it

    • MeDo V
      MeDo V 8 days ago

      *hay there lovely human* , i won't make this long i'm a boy from Egypt and i just uploaded a vlog exploring an abandoned house in Egypt , so it would mean the world if you actually check it out and give me some feedback , thank you for your time and sorry if i bothered you *have the best day ever*

  • Tessa J
    Tessa J 8 days ago

    Hi Josh, you should go to Utah. There's a bunch of abandoned stuff here. There's a so called fake Uranium mine that was created as a stunt in the 50s, an abandoned mill that 2 people and a dog died in a fire and locals say you can hear a dog barking from the building at night, another abandoned mine in the desert, the famous asylum 49 that's part working old folks home and part haunted attraction with hundreds of ghost sightings. Please please please go to Utah!

  • telsah1
    telsah1 8 days ago

    Great vlog

  • telsah1
    telsah1 8 days ago

    09:04 That looks like it could be dried blood. Someone operated on someone or something and left all the blood there. Did a operation in an abandoned hospital without permission? Could it be? That's not water gone yukky. It's not come from the ceiling. It's just laying there. Dried blood.

  • Queen Maria
    Queen Maria 8 days ago

    All I Kept Thinking About Was Grey's Anatomy 😂

    • MeDo V
      MeDo V 8 days ago

      *hay there lovely human* , i won't make this long i'm a boy from Egypt and i just uploaded a vlog exploring an abandoned house in Egypt , so it would mean the world if you actually check it out and give me some feedback , thank you for your time and sorry if i bothered you *have the best day ever*

  • Layla The westie
    Layla The westie 8 days ago

    ohhhh my god...this is tHE RUM

  • Drago R6
    Drago R6 8 days ago

    just a recommendation do the abandoned New Mexico state penitentiary. a riot that resulted in several deaths happened there and the gas chamber is still there

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