Your Name Will Be In This Puzzle - Can You Find It?

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  • According to experts, If you can find your name in this word search puzzle, You will have an above average intelligence.

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    Puzzles are designed to test your cognitive abilities in how well you can problem solve as well as testing your overall intelligence.
    I Will Guess Your Age In This Crazy Math Trick! (2017)
    I Will Guess Your Name In This Crazy Math Trick!
    Even though these tests may seem easy, most people get wrong as some of them may prove to be a little bit confusing the first time looking at them.

    Not everyone picks them up so quickly and can even leave you feeling a little silly afterward for not getting it sooner.

    So what better way to see if you're in a part of the top percentage of people. Then a simple idiot test to see how fast and quickly you can solve this word search puzzle.

    Let's start by putting your cleverness to the test,

    The following is a simple word search that will contain 'your name' in among the letters. All you have to do to see if you're above average is to find it.

    However, the primary purpose of these puzzles is for you to have a good time while you are on the internet looking for something to do.

    The best part is that you can to test your friends the same way and
    see if they were just as silly as you were with your answers!

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Comments: 45 898

  • Hero04 Minecraft
    Hero04 Minecraft 14 hours ago

    I foun this: Mind Oddities (in the wordsearch:))

  • Matthew Monreal
    Matthew Monreal 1 day ago

    I found it almost right away and the words mind oddities also that was a pretty easy one but still fun

  • amber_20234 ROBLOX
    amber_20234 ROBLOX 1 day ago +1

    I found sex

  • Zanna
    Zanna 1 day ago

    I can't find my name. Or even my nickname.
    Name = Adeele
    Nname* = Zanna

    Nname* means "Nickname".

  • Dash Pencil
    Dash Pencil 2 days ago

    Oh god he is so troll

    LANDSHARK05 2 days ago

    so ez i found it in under a minuite

  • Cookie Crafter
    Cookie Crafter 4 days ago

    Find the letter n

  • amy lim
    amy lim 4 days ago +2

    find the diffrerence:
    Like if you found it!

  • Angelica Reyes
    Angelica Reyes 5 days ago

    I found your name. Who actually didn't?

    • Angelica Reyes
      Angelica Reyes 5 days ago

      Wow I have above average intelligence. I can't believe it..... 😑

  • Taylor Horn
    Taylor Horn 5 days ago

    who else found subscribe XD

  • Srdan13
    Srdan13 6 days ago

    find the one only s

  • Niña Stephanie Alviso

    um i suddenly found ur name

  • Niña Stephanie Alviso

    My name is Niña

  • Dillon Van Meter
    Dillon Van Meter 6 days ago +2

    Wow all these "find ____ in _____ " how about you try to find the lowercase L among the uppercase i.


    • Zanna
      Zanna 1 day ago

      Dillon Van Meter but im on a phone right now

    • Dillon Van Meter
      Dillon Van Meter 1 day ago

      Zanna on the second row 7 or 8th to the right is slightly taller

    • Zanna
      Zanna 1 day ago

      i found it ?

    • Zanna
      Zanna 1 day ago

      Dillon Van Meter impossible lol

  • Boss Nation
    Boss Nation 7 days ago

    I found your name

  • Wyn Rosser
    Wyn Rosser 7 days ago


  • Vanity Martinez
    Vanity Martinez 7 days ago

    they want you to find subscribe so you sub to them

  • Darkspirit XXX
    Darkspirit XXX 8 days ago

    My name is not here!

  • Regiane Nobre
    Regiane Nobre 8 days ago


  • Emily Nguyen
    Emily Nguyen 8 days ago

    this was stupid 😂

  • Aaron Anglin
    Aaron Anglin 8 days ago

    This was the easiest thing i have ever done. This twist is overused and easy to spot, especially because its not even backwards or diagonal and its directly in the middle.

  • Amanda Meeker
    Amanda Meeker 8 days ago

    i found your name i have intelligence and my friends think i'm stupid

  • alice nilsson
    alice nilsson 10 days ago

    found it ''your name'' XD good one

  • georgia rope
    georgia rope 10 days ago

    I found it. At first I started looking for my name but then when i found "Your Name" I knew that that was what I was meant to me looking for!!

  • mohammad The youtuber
    mohammad The youtuber 10 days ago

    Why is subscribe in the puzzle

  • Cadora Arrington
    Cadora Arrington 10 days ago

    Damn well played

  • Georgia
    Georgia 10 days ago

    lol I understood it I found it now here's a poem by meroses are red clickbait is bad I got the trick those who didn't can suck bickyou red that that wrongthat to

  • Daja Jenkins
    Daja Jenkins 11 days ago +1

    I know 15K disliked this because they were irritating they didn't find 'YOUR NAME' 😂😅y'all rock my world!

  • stop it, get some help

    Find the N in the M


    Like if you found it 🌹🦄🌹

  • cam harley
    cam harley 11 days ago

    Rubbish I couldn't find my name I looked for 24 hours

  • PrimalTheEmperor (primal9000)

    According to experts, If you can find your name in this word search puzzle, You are an egotistical fuckwit.

  • Bomby Bomby
    Bomby Bomby 12 days ago

    Where is Sean I am Sean

  • Diamond mmcd
    Diamond mmcd 12 days ago

    'Your name' 'mind' 'subscribe'

  • Anita Arciniega
    Anita Arciniega 12 days ago

    Find the r fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffrffffffffffffffffff

  • Anita Arciniega
    Anita Arciniega 12 days ago

    I saw it at first I thought it was my name but it wasn't it was the word your name

  • Misty Fox
    Misty Fox 13 days ago


  • nub dupre
    nub dupre 13 days ago

    i think im blind is there nathan.

  • Anzhelika Maniakhina
    Anzhelika Maniakhina 13 days ago


  • Amy Flockhart
    Amy Flockhart 14 days ago

    In the thumbnail along the top row it says nightmares

  • shoyl  price
    shoyl price 14 days ago

    i didn't find my name

  • gardevior's channel
    gardevior's channel 14 days ago

    When I saw this imidetly I got whatsyourname

  • Andrea Denise
    Andrea Denise 14 days ago

    This puzzle was so easy for me

  • Piper Lichtl
    Piper Lichtl 15 days ago


  • Angel Minecraft
    Angel Minecraft 15 days ago

    and im not shareing this with my family

  • Angel Minecraft
    Angel Minecraft 15 days ago

    I didn't found my name CAUSE ITS NOT IN THERE

  • Crystal Bradshaw
    Crystal Bradshaw 16 days ago

    find the letter "s"

  • TheChallengerQuad
    TheChallengerQuad 16 days ago

    this is such a stupid troll does anyone agree with me too?

  • Aby Redwine
    Aby Redwine 16 days ago

    It's a trick, literally YOUR NAME is in it

  • Bianca Lim
    Bianca Lim 16 days ago

    I found the "Your Name" I won't subscribe

  • Lxvin Msp
    Lxvin Msp 17 days ago


  • videfluffy
    videfluffy 17 days ago

    You cheeky cunt

  • Nick Lakey
    Nick Lakey 17 days ago

    I figured out the puzzle pretty fast the first time

  • Nikysonrie
    Nikysonrie 17 days ago

    Find the zero


  • Jacob Carrillo
    Jacob Carrillo 17 days ago

    haha your name

  • kawaii kitten
    kawaii kitten 18 days ago

    my name actually is in their sury

  • William VS
    William VS 18 days ago

    it was easy

  • W. Halalilo
    W. Halalilo 18 days ago +1

    I noticed your name but I didn't find my name.







  • Grace Valverde
    Grace Valverde 18 days ago

    Click bait 😤😒

  • Maebon Puleio
    Maebon Puleio 18 days ago

    I found subscribe mind Babs and your name

  • Blake X Cubing
    Blake X Cubing 19 days ago

    Found "Your name" three seconds in because I know my actual name couldn't be in it, so I knew it was a play on words! 👌

  • TheGoldenPigZ
    TheGoldenPigZ 19 days ago

    i threw my phone at 2:11

  • Jesse Duke
    Jesse Duke 19 days ago

    I found the word subscribe

  • BreakUplist -Riven Main

    in the middle down hahaa its not your name its just the word your name haahahahah

  • Izzy Pearce
    Izzy Pearce 20 days ago

    I knew it straight away

  • vid trooper669
    vid trooper669 20 days ago

    my name isn't in there literally

  • Nicola Petrea
    Nicola Petrea 20 days ago


  • Chan Binoche
    Chan Binoche 20 days ago

    Find the different one

  • Chan Binoche
    Chan Binoche 20 days ago


  • Chan Binoche
    Chan Binoche 20 days ago


  • ThatFireDude 69
    ThatFireDude 69 20 days ago

    On The Thumbnail I Saw The Words:


  • Janice Hibbert
    Janice Hibbert 20 days ago

    who else saw surey

  • Janice Hibbert
    Janice Hibbert 20 days ago

    I saw yourname but not my name and i know it says Janice but my name is Ashleigh

  • Jake Egely
    Jake Egely 21 day ago

    I did find my name!

  • Corinne Moonwatcher
    Corinne Moonwatcher 21 day ago

    wtf i searchd for my name:Emily

  • The Royal Memes
    The Royal Memes 21 day ago

    and i solved it

  • The Royal Memes
    The Royal Memes 21 day ago

    it's stupid it's yourname

  • Miah Filson
    Miah Filson 22 days ago

    I found your names 😺

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 23 days ago

    I actually found my name

  • Huffelpuff Slitherin
    Huffelpuff Slitherin 23 days ago

    Wanna see something cool

    Read more

  • funcoland boi
    funcoland boi 23 days ago

    get paid doing literally nothing

  • David Mirsky
    David Mirsky 24 days ago

    did anyone else find the word " your name"?

  • Emma Tarawhiti
    Emma Tarawhiti 24 days ago

    when I saw name I looked neer it and said this is not funny it was YOUR NAME the hole time it was a prank do you know what else is a prank your face

  • Nethara Subasinghe
    Nethara Subasinghe 25 days ago

    i solved it

  • Nethara Subasinghe
    Nethara Subasinghe 25 days ago

    it said 'YOUR NAME' right in the middle

  • Nethara Subasinghe
    Nethara Subasinghe 25 days ago

    i found it

  • Suraj Ronaldo SCR2
    Suraj Ronaldo SCR2 25 days ago

    on a 6th line there is written Raj your name

  • R NICE
    R NICE 25 days ago

  • SK Anand
    SK Anand 25 days ago

    I found it in once😄😄

  • Johnny Patrick
    Johnny Patrick 26 days ago

    I found "your name"

  • Aya Bazzi
    Aya Bazzi 26 days ago


  • Grecia Diaz
    Grecia Diaz 27 days ago

    find the "3" 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888388888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi 27 days ago

    your not suppose to look for your ACTUAL NAME your suppose to find the word "your name"

  • ABaumstumpf
    ABaumstumpf 27 days ago

    got nothing to do with intelligence - an intelligent person would try to find his name, notice that it isn't there, try to find it with some more unorthodox methods, notices that it still isn't there, and then notices "Oh right, this is on a channel that thinks making jokes and trick-questions is somehow tied to intelligence."

  • Narendra Kumar
    Narendra Kumar 27 days ago

    only 1 question !(disliked)

  • Dêßtîñîê Stovall

    I thought I was suppose to find my name but its asking to find the exact word 'your name'

  • Ryan Modok
    Ryan Modok 28 days ago

    my names not in there I looked at all the rs nope and my name is popular ryan

  • Luna - Robox and more!

    did anyone see the word Sex? its in the 3rd row find the "S" and look down...*_-fml-_*

  • Javen ToyReview
    Javen ToyReview 28 days ago

    Jesse playz I found subscribe too

  • Javen ToyReview
    Javen ToyReview 28 days ago

    I did it

  • Guljar prasad Verma
    Guljar prasad Verma 28 days ago

    I can find it

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