The 100 4x07 Sneak Peek "Gimme Shelter" (HD) Season 4 Episode 7 Sneak Peek

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  • Rigo Hernandez
    Rigo Hernandez 3 months ago

    Isn't the same thing as creating nightblood tho? I'm still so confused

  • rainbow unicorn
    rainbow unicorn 4 months ago

    Why do people call them Mountain Men?
    It was Luna's choice and also the situations are completely different. The Mountain Men did all this to be able to live outside of the Mountain, but they have to to this or _everyone_ is dead in two months.

  • Labogi
    Labogi 4 months ago

    Even if Luna's bone marrow works, she can only donate so much bone marrow before they take too much and kill her (as we have seen from the mountain men in S2). Unless they turn a small group of people with Luna's bone marrow, and then take bone marrow from that small group to turn even more people so on and so forth, but that's going to take a lot of time....and how are they ever going to have enough time to turn Skaikru, Trikru, Azgeda and all the other 12 clans into nightbloods before radiation hits and kills everyone who's not nightblood?

    Also, because I'm still hopeful for a Lexa cameo, Clarke could turn into nightblood, put the AI2.0 in herself and since all the past commanders are supposedly in there, she'll be able to reunite with Lexa again?

  • Michael Grimes
    Michael Grimes 4 months ago

    They could test it on the guy from Arkadia who was caught in the black rain?

  • Loud Fun Strawberry
    Loud Fun Strawberry 4 months ago

    You can test it on emori.

  • andres2157
    andres2157 4 months ago

    so..... what happen with blood types lmao? they just gonna inject themselves regardless of type?

  • Bacox
    Bacox 4 months ago

    They literally showed the person in the trailer for season 4. It's some grounder dude that we don't know about.

  • Desirée Spiro
    Desirée Spiro 4 months ago


  • Jemima Vaya
    Jemima Vaya 4 months ago

    Ok... but with that many people to turn into night bloods they are gonna freaking kill Luna. Why the hell wasn't Claire freaked out when Abby said this????

  • Dan Ford
    Dan Ford 4 months ago

    unless clarke is offering herself she should stfu

  • Tate Thurgood
    Tate Thurgood 4 months ago


  • Minos
    Minos 4 months ago

    I didn't start season yet what is this place

    • Ice cream Guru
      Ice cream Guru 4 months ago

      Minos oml someplace that you SHOULDN'T KNOW ABOUT YET if you haven't seen the season

  • Asil
    Asil 4 months ago

    Im 200% sure that Kane will do that

  • wolfie the vampwolf
    wolfie the vampwolf 4 months ago

    uh isn't this just like cage??

  • The Swift
    The Swift 4 months ago

    Clarke is so beautiful

  • NuggetKhalid
    NuggetKhalid 4 months ago

    lmao Clarke dumb b why don't u be the test subject ugh I'm so over her superiority complex

  • RavenVixen
    RavenVixen 4 months ago

    Guys, watch the trailer for season 4
    turn to 00:25
    and you see who it is they test on
    and it is NOT Murphy (thank god)
    probably roan... (not good either :( definitly a grounder

  • Lieblich
    Lieblich 4 months ago

    It's Murphy. Go watch the trailer for this season again. First of all, Murphy has radiation signs all over his body and he's screaming. And then, at the end of the trailer, Emori tells him, “Survive. Please.” Which just proves my theory even more. Goddamnit.

  • Rita R
    Rita R 4 months ago

    As long as it's not raven I'm fine

  • Starlysh
    Starlysh 4 months ago

    This is quite a pickle, but I would not be mad if they tested on Echo.

  • jorge rodriguez
    jorge rodriguez 4 months ago

    Is raven dead

  • davidas davida
    davidas davida 4 months ago

    Aww Clarke looks like she just came back from school with her lil backpack. S'cute

  • RachelRooneyR
    RachelRooneyR 4 months ago

    The bone marrow harvesting and exposing someone to radiation sounds a lot like what happened in Mount Weather. I think this episode will be hard on Abby and Clarke and see them faced with an ethical dilemma. I am glad that Abby responded to Clarke "we have no choice" with "we have to make a choice" because Abby and Jackson don't want to have to kill someone. However Clarke is willing to do whatever it takes to save everyone.

  • cos
    cos 4 months ago

    just leave my baby raven alone ffs

  • muhammad faizan
    muhammad faizan 4 months ago

    for all those guessing who the test person would be .Let it be known then that its" KING ROAN"
    just watch the reason 4 trailer you'll find him in being tested

  • Amira Shimin
    Amira Shimin 4 months ago

    "We have no choice"
    "We have to MAKE a choice"
    SO GLAD someone finally acknowledging how Clarke can't always use I had no choice as an excuse. Jasper did that when he said "it's the only choice you gave yourself." Seriously though just because you had no choice doesn't mean anyone's actions are any less immoral.

    • Kynthia Miryam
      Kynthia Miryam 4 months ago

      TheReconJacob my problem is I haven't seen pure PTSD manifest itself in this way in kids that age. The happy go lucky attitude and going directly against the best interests of people he should care about in the manner that has been portrayed this far isn't pure PTSD. He has it to an extent, then again I think others do too on the show. There is another mental health disorder he is struggling with or the writers didn't research well. I have seen that kind of behavior more in an ODD diagnosis. Also, he has been into drugs and alcohol so he might be dealing with an addiction disease of some sort too. The explanation isn't there to fully justify his actions. I am specifically looking at intentionally doing things that could negatively impact others.

    • TheReconJacob
      TheReconJacob 4 months ago

      Jasper knew Maya for a good few weeks if not a month. I can understand why people hate him but the reason they do is because the writers are doing a terrible job at giving the details of what he's going through. He is going through PTSD, which the writers haven't aknowledged since season 1, he is also only 15/16, so a lot younger than the others. When someone is going through PTSD, they struggle to cope with things a lot more than the other characters. That is why he still isn't over Maya, and why Raven got over Finn a lot quicker (also there is the fact she is 19 I believe).

    • Kynthia Miryam
      Kynthia Miryam 4 months ago

      Amira Shimin I get with and agree with what your saying. However, Jasper didn't handle it right on the delivery and he is making poor choices that effect others negatively now too. I felt as if he is still trying to hurt Clarke and punish her, not guide her to acknowledgement like Raven.

      As far as the clip, I didn't quite interpret it that way. After, she said we have to make a choice there was no lesson about morality or arguments. I watched it a few times because it is worded tricky and is out of context. It seemed like that at first, but then I noticed some things. I took it as Clarke was shocked they had to choose, that Abby would consider it as an option. She just told Clarke that she and Jackson agreed it wasn't an option and Clarke asked why it was off the table. At no time did Clarke suggest to do it in that clip. Nor did she argue it was a necessity. to survive. Then after make a choice, Clarke said of who we test not it is our only choice. This conversation in this clip is out of context. Was there a conversation that happened prior to this? Either in the lab or a flashback? Not saying what you said is wrong, I just took it differently. If it is how you perceived it as shown in the episode as a whole, I hope there is an actual discussion about it or the point will seem almost mute. I think it is one of those clips that is hard to judge until we hear the whole thing. :)

    • Amira Shimin
      Amira Shimin 4 months ago

      I'm not saying in any way I like Jasper. All I'm saying is that Jasper telling Clarke that "it's the only choice you gave yourself" is very accurate. There is no such thing as having no choice as you always have one. Clarke however frankly always uses that excuse during situations in which they do immoral things. That is the problem. I'm not saying anything about Jasper's character only what he said.

    • Vina Isabella
      Vina Isabella 4 months ago

      I agree, I wish Jasper die's his sooo annoying now and his so whiny all the time! He only knew Maya for like what a day or two like seriously, he should really grow up what would he do if he was in Clarke's shoes and to make all these hard decisions in these tough times!!

  • voidxgrimes
    voidxgrimes 4 months ago

    I will say this. The decisions may be immoral, however they are NOT the mountain men. The situations are very different. The mountain men were using this strategy purely for their own benefit, out of selfishness and craving to be outside. However, the sky people are using the strategy to save the human race. They are not holding Luna captive. She has free reign of the place, and she has an option. She could have said no but feels obligated to save the people. The sky people are not doing this to be selfish, they are willing to share what they discover. This may be a harsh choice to make, but at least they are doing for the benefit of the people, not the benefit for themselves.

  • HPFan101
    HPFan101 4 months ago

    I just know they'll test it on Murphy...

    • bilieboo leblanc
      bilieboo leblanc 4 months ago

      HPFan101 it's roan actually. we see it in the season 4 trailer

  • Lydia Martin
    Lydia Martin 4 months ago

    not Raven pls
    not Murphy pls
    Emori definitely yes

    • jaxon3333
      jaxon3333 4 months ago

      Khaos that already happened on the show. It wasn't real, it was Abby's hallucination.

    • yung kha0s
      yung kha0s 4 months ago

      its clarke, its seen in the season 4 trailers, she's in there with tumors

    • Vina Isabella
      Vina Isabella 4 months ago

      it should be one of the guys idk if Roan is there but the arm looked really skinny and pale I think it might be Murphy but they wouldn't kill him off this early, i know by the end of this season someone might die but idk who yet we'll see i guess. I love THE 100 Forever!!!

    • never mind
      never mind 4 months ago

      jaxon3333 i hope so but in the trailer you can see it's a man and there are 3 posibilities : Jackson Murphy or roan
      Murphy = not gonna happen he's too much important
      roan : he's a King and what's the point To kill him now? so unfortunately jackson

    • Fiffi Flower
      Fiffi Flower 4 months ago

      +jaxon3333 Yeah I think so too, Abby and Jackson are so important.
      Maybe Murphy will sacrifice himself...? Let's see

  • Aria Faline
    Aria Faline 4 months ago

    I wish people would stop calling them the mountain men. The situations are very different. For starters, they are not holding Luna captive. They are not locking her in a cage, stringing her up, and draining her of her blood. Luna has the freedom to walk away. Would there be drama is she said "no"? Absolutely. However, Abby and Raven were both "tortured" (for lack of a better word) by the mountain men. Bellamy was almost drained of his blood. They experienced what the mountain men did first hand, so I sincerely doubt they would do that to Luna. That being said, we don't know what would/will happen if/when Luna says "no."

    There is obviously a certain amount of pressure on Luna to go along with things, but she is not being forced. So, it's not the same as the mountain men.

    • StrongImaginationA
      StrongImaginationA 4 months ago

      Aria Faline - Oh no, that's why they are creating this completely obvious parallel storyline: being able to survive in a world full of radioactive radiation thanks to a cure based on bonemarrow extractable from a very small group of people. Nope, no danger of making the same mistakes as the Mountain Men. None at all. [/sarcasm]

    • Sammy Moynihan
      Sammy Moynihan 4 months ago

      Maybe not yet but they're certainly heading that way. Remember, new nightbloods are on the way so even if Luna doesn't say no, somebody is bound to. And what happens when there isn't enough for everybody? This is why I love this show. They are absolutely setting up Skycrew to be the new Mountain Men. Hard choices! Ethical dilemmas! People doing whatever it takes to survive! Welcome to The 100 my friend.

    • Vina Isabella
      Vina Isabella 4 months ago

      I agree with you 100% they are nothing alike!!

  • Nathan Schneider
    Nathan Schneider 4 months ago

    Once they become nightbloods I'm curious who is going to put alie 2.0 in their head. I'm sure their will be a war over Alie

    • Kynthia Miryam
      Kynthia Miryam 4 months ago

      Nathan Schneider I get that they would all have the night blood IF Abby can get it to work, thus the issue of a war if the passphrase was easy to come by. What I meant was only Skaikru has the passphrase knowledge currently. Unless Gaia got it from Tidus between when Clarke left and Roan dragged him up to the commanders chambers. So Skaikru is in charge of who ascends if nobody else knows it. The only other means to obtain the passphrase is the journal. Meaning Gaia knows how to read Latin or she is taught the ritual. Currently the only people known to have heard the passphrase to activate the flame is Clarke, Raven, Murphy, Abby, Monty and Bellamy. Then there is the passphrase to deactivate it so it can be removed. Only Abby, Clarke and Murphy are shown to have heard it. I don't count Luna as knowing it because I am not sure if she heard it, let alone remember it at this point.

    • Nathan Schneider
      Nathan Schneider 4 months ago

      Anyone can use it if they have nightblood and the pass phrase

    • Kynthia Miryam
      Kynthia Miryam 4 months ago

      Nathan Schneider I thought the same thing. However, I don't think Indra's daughter knows the passphrase if we go by what Tidus said of why he was still alive after killing Lexa. So only Skaikru know how to do this that we are currently aware of. Plus, it becomes genetic to the offspring with a rare chance of having it. So in time it wouldn't be as bad.

  • Joanna Chung
    Joanna Chung 4 months ago

    Kind of scared for raven's life .... 😕

    • jaxon3333
      jaxon3333 4 months ago

      Joanna Chung na if she is gonna die it will be when she goes to space. But I think it will be Abby. Remember in season one when the were both supposed to go down to earth together, yet Abby protected Raven by staying behind. It would be like that except she would be the one going in the rocket this time.

    • Joanna Chung
      Joanna Chung 4 months ago

      jaxon3333 I'm worried because last episode (spoiler) she had a seizure at the end and it's slowly killing her.

    • jaxon3333
      jaxon3333 4 months ago

      Joanna Chung do you honestly think they will sacrifice the person who has part of Becca's (the creator of their cure) memory in her.

  • ARatPlayingtheSaxophone WithSkills

    So who thinks it's murphy???

  • Elizabeth Czarick
    Elizabeth Czarick 4 months ago

    It does work bc they did it in mount weather

  • Nino Khitarishvili
    Nino Khitarishvili 4 months ago

    They'll test it on Roan, you can see him in S4 trailer.

  • Ashley Neves
    Ashley Neves 4 months ago

    I know people don't understand why they are following in the footsteps of the Mountain Men, and the answer is simple. Although technically Luna has a choice, she feels obligated to help save humanity, which means she is being guilted into donating her bone marrow. When people get angry that the protagonists of the show are doing this, we must remember: There are no clear boundaries between protagonists and antagonists in this show, just loyalties and circumstances. This show proves that, just as Abby once said to Clarke, and Clarke said to Bellamy, "There are no good guys". It's another way this show pushed boundaries like no other. Long ass rant but a feel it was necessary.

  • tresk plesk
    tresk plesk 4 months ago

    This series is clearly the logical flaws. Solving see in nightblood but of which they will live will perish if all animals and insects, the soil will be poisoned? Then figure Clarke, previously presented as a faithful and serious type, now that mourn for the great love and her writers to Nyilah Levels? Just for LGBT? In this way deal with grief Yanks? Because Europeans are not. I have nothing against ships as you call it, but rather less links but quality. Sorry my English.

    • tresk plesk
      tresk plesk 4 months ago

      Another mistake: Where we all suddenly aware of the relationship and Clarke Lexa? While I take the series with a reserve, but this is no longer a joke, suddenly aware of how every relationship.

  • Kynthia Miryam
    Kynthia Miryam 4 months ago

    Luna gave the bone marrow willingly and it was the last resort. That is the difference between them and the mountain men thus far. If you think about it, we have medical trials going on all the time with medicines where they get the sugar pill rather than the treatment. Yes, this isn't ethical and they know it.

    My question is how will they make it work. They could only take 3 samples of the 100 before they would die. Unless Becca had a better method in the lab, not sure how this would work.

    • marie laberge
      marie laberge 4 months ago

      +Kynthia Miryam I am hoping Becca's lab has something similar to cloning technology or a more advanced version of whatever it is some hospitals are doing right now by growing organs in labs. But yeah, I don't see how they could possibly produce enough of it in time. From what I understand of the Mountain Men POV, they couldn't afford to wait for each kid to recover from a transplant and they couldn't afford to ask them for their help. As soon as Clarke escaped, they knew they were running out of time before the adults came to fight them for the kids and they'd already told the kids no one had survived the crash by that point.

    • Kynthia Miryam
      Kynthia Miryam 4 months ago

      marie laberge I am sorry to hear she had to go through that. I hope it worked as planned! Thank you for sharing that information. I wasn't sure how that worked on that level and I didn't want to speak incorrectly, nor did I have the time to look it up. Still though, it seems like it would take a while for the change to occur. Question is would it happen as fast as they need it to? Although their futuristic tech accompanied with Becca's research might help and this is the 100. I wonder if Clarke running the night blood thorough her system, if that would make her an unknown variable for a test run of the cure.

      Just inconsistencies from the Mountain Men to this next episode or so is what I am curious about. The Mountain Men could have waited on the process to harvest the bone marrow from others of their people rather than wipe out the remaining 100 then.

    • marie laberge
      marie laberge 4 months ago

      +Kynthia Miryam My mother got a bone marrow transplant a few years ago because her immune system wasn't doing its job. So the doctors used radiation treatment to get rid of the ineffective white blood cells that might try to fight what the donated marrow would bring. The new bone marrow rebooted the entire system and changed her blood type. It's her marrow now, even if it's not the original one she had.

    • Kynthia Miryam
      Kynthia Miryam 4 months ago

      +marie laberge I had thought of that, but at this point would it be in their bone marrow as it isn't genetic?

    • marie laberge
      marie laberge 4 months ago

      Someone is injected with Luna's marrow and becomes a nightblood. That person's marrow is used to cure someone else and it goes on, creating more and more donors.

  • petrinajc
    petrinajc 4 months ago

    So gustus was right since S2; they are just like the mountain men. Wow.
    This is getting worse and worse. At the end Skikru survives and to hell with everyone else who have helped them aka the grounders.
    Nice message being sent by this show.

    • ColineBdl
      ColineBdl 4 months ago

      As others have pointed out, the stakes are much higher as it involves all of humanity, and Luna gave the bone marrow willingly, so pretty different from the mountain men. Plus you are making a lot of assumptions on how the season will end, and this show has a history of delivering surprising and bold plot twists, so I wouldn't give up on the grounders just yet. Finally, this show has never been about sending messages to people on how to live their lives and make decisions. The characters are basically constantly faced with terrible decisions, where each choice has both good and bad repercussions. This one is no different...they have to make a decision, and whatever they decide to do, both good and bad things will come out of it.

    • Sugakookies
      Sugakookies 4 months ago

      Correct me if I'm wrong but in this case, Luna agreed voluntarily and already gave them some marrow, right? That was what Abby was looking at.
      With the mountain men, they forcefully drilled into teenagers' bones to extract their marrow.

    • Angelique Canty
      Angelique Canty 4 months ago

      thank you people just don't listen clearly or understand watch the show

    • voidxgrimes
      voidxgrimes 4 months ago

      petrinajc The mountain men were doing it purely out of selfishness. They are doing it to save the whole population, not just themselves.

    • marie laberge
      marie laberge 4 months ago

      why? Neither of them said they would only cure Sky People. Someone is injected with Luna's bone marrow, which makes them nightblood. And as nightblood, that person can use her bone marrow to cure someone else, I guess. It starts a chain reaction that produces more and more donors and has the potential to save everyone.

  • Svetlana Fenech
    Svetlana Fenech 4 months ago

    I'll be the naive person here ... maybe, just maybe it works so the person they test it on won't die maybe. At least I hope so.

    • jaxon3333
      jaxon3333 4 months ago

      Svetlana Fenech that's what I hope. It seems that it might not be Murphy like people say because the pictures show him with a long sleeve shirt on. And in the trailer when he is screaming at Clarke he has some sort of coat on. Now if they do inject the person this episode, then Murphy yelling at Clarke will have to take place next episode. I'm really just trying to find ways that it's not Murphy. I'm pretty sure it is and it's making me upset.

  • Spencer Wattamaniuk
    Spencer Wattamaniuk 4 months ago

    So that's how Emori gets shot then. She goes to warn the others and Clarke shoots her.

    • Spencer Wattamaniuk
      Spencer Wattamaniuk 4 months ago

      Yeah I was way off lol.

    • Steven Van Belois
      Steven Van Belois 4 months ago

      And to bad noone bet ya, cause youre wrong as hell mate

    • Spencer Wattamaniuk
      Spencer Wattamaniuk 4 months ago

      I would put a bet on it. That or she's being affected by radiation or pregnant.

    • Stephanie Lieu
      Stephanie Lieu 4 months ago

      That doesn't mean she got shot lmao.

    • Spencer Wattamaniuk
      Spencer Wattamaniuk 4 months ago

      Yes there's a still with Emori leaning heavily on Murphy and then Clarke with a gun in her hand.

  • ShowtimeFilms
    ShowtimeFilms 4 months ago

    this really proving my theory that emori is going to die this episode. I wish we have more time to learn more of her backstory.

    • Blondie /
      Blondie / 4 months ago

      I don't like Emori, I have a very bad feeling that something terrible is about to happen everytime she appears on screen

    • jaxon3333
      jaxon3333 4 months ago

      ShowtimeFilms apparently we learn more about her past this episode. That seems like a sign that she might die.

  • Esmeralda Rosales
    Esmeralda Rosales 4 months ago

    So now it's okay for them to be mountain men?

    • Shaani Grace
      Shaani Grace 4 months ago


    • Bacox
      Bacox 4 months ago

      Sammy Moynihan though, the mountain men just wanted to live outside the mountain, they also could have let skaikru donate the marrow but they didn't care about that.

    • LopeForestLope
      LopeForestLope 4 months ago

      I'm sure someone will volunteer for the radiation poisoning. And I'm positive Clarke or Bellamy would step up if no one else did. As for Luna, I do admit it would probably get tricky if she said no, but for some reason I doubt she will. She cares about her people and wants them to survive, she already proved that a few episodes back.

    • Sammy Moynihan
      Sammy Moynihan 4 months ago

      Yes, but what if Luna says no? Nobody starts out wanting to be like the Mountain Men but the situation will get more and more desperate. Even now, they're considering giving somebody radiation poisoning. They are on a slippery slope to darkness.

    • LopeForestLope
      LopeForestLope 4 months ago

      I think the biggest difference is that they won't force Luna to do it. She has a say when the mountain men kept the grounders in cages and forced them into it.

  • Julie Power
    Julie Power 4 months ago

    Maybe they're gonna test it on Emori

  • John Wildermuth
    John Wildermuth 4 months ago

    So they are both completely fine becoming the mountain men?? Like wtf

  • Sansa Stark
    Sansa Stark 4 months ago

    leave john murphy alone please

    ANKIT SINGH 4 months ago

    plz do not kill Raven kill Clark 2 times but not Raven she is completely badass

    • KrampusPlague
      KrampusPlague 4 months ago

      +ANKIT SINGH saving her from the drones*

      ANKIT SINGH 4 months ago

      by shooting her

    • KrampusPlague
      KrampusPlague 4 months ago

      +ANKIT SINGH Murphy saved her life 🅱

      ANKIT SINGH 4 months ago

      if somebody shot me and made u half paralyzed I would probably gonna do more than shouting

    • KrampusPlague
      KrampusPlague 4 months ago

      Raven was bitching at my nigga Murphy. I don't care what they do with her.

    ANKIT SINGH 4 months ago

    it's like season 2 mountain men also need bone marrow of sky crew

  • Ben Wasserman
    Ben Wasserman 4 months ago

    Well, I guess we all better prepare ourselves for more heartbreak

  • starlight
    starlight 4 months ago

    omg clarke looks so pretty bellamy deserves to see that

    • Clem Lavil
      Clem Lavil 4 months ago

      starlight that's what I was thinking 😅👍🏻

  • FitnessGoals!
    FitnessGoals! 4 months ago

    PLZ do not kill Luna

    PLZ do not kill Raven


  • Dark Curse
    Dark Curse 4 months ago

    They better not test on Murphy...

    • Trouble D
      Trouble D 4 months ago

      +Victoria Avila he is a new main character i dont think he will die this quickly

    • Victoria Avila
      Victoria Avila 4 months ago

      They test Roan.

    • Mina Foss
      Mina Foss 4 months ago

      Or Emori.

    • Jesus Hel
      Jesus Hel 4 months ago

      look the first trailer of The 100 season 4, it`s Murphy

    • Trouble D
      Trouble D 4 months ago

      AshBenzo Obsessor is he even on the Island?

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