Top 5 Smartphone Cameras: The Blind Test!

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  • Nafis Fuad
    Nafis Fuad 7 hours ago

    Galaxy S8

  • Mustache Cashstash
    Mustache Cashstash 13 hours ago

    i'd go with C any day. very detailed contrasts. plus you could always change the colors to B in photoshop.

  • Devin Williams
    Devin Williams 18 hours ago

    I picked the LG G6😂😂😂😂

  • Terry Rodbourn
    Terry Rodbourn 20 hours ago

    D in my opinion D had one more choice to me then E!

  • DK Huzaria
    DK Huzaria 21 hour ago

    I didn't like D.
    Turns out its iPhone 7 Plus.
    I have it..

  • Filip
    Filip Day ago

    After a LOT of testing, reaserch and discussing, these are the best smartphone cameras right now.

    Feel free too comment what you think!

    If a smartphone with a good camera is missing is it due to me not knowing anyone who has that phone. (For example moto G5, Mi 5 etc)


    1. Google pixel / HTC U11
    2. Samsung S8
    3. Iphone 7+ / Nexus 6P
    4. LG G6 / LG V20 / Iphone 7
    5. One plus 3T / Huawei P10 / Samsung S7
    6. Sony XZ Premium / Sony XZs
    7. Iphone 6s+ / Iphone 6s
    8. Huawei P9
    9. HTC 10
    10. LG G5 / LG V10 / Nokia 6 / Iphone 6+
    11. Sony XZ / Sony X compact / Iphone 6
    12. LG G4 / Samsung S6 / Nokia Lumia 1020
    13. Sony Z series
    14. ...


    1. Iphone 7+ / Iphone 7
    2. Google Pixel / Samsung S8
    3. Sony XZ premium / Sony XZs / LG V20
    4. Sony XZ / Iphone 6s+ / HTC U11
    5. Sony Z5 / HTC 10
    6. Samsung S7 / LG G6 / LG V10
    7. Sony Z3 / Huawei P10 / Iphone 6+ / Sony X compact
    8. LG G5
    9. Sony Z2 / Iphone 6s
    10. Samsung S6 / LG G4 / Iphone 6
    11. Sony Z1 compact / Nokia Lumia 1020
    12. One Plus 3T
    13. Huawei P9 / Nexus 6P / Nokia 6
    14. ...

  • Thug Krysalid
    Thug Krysalid Day ago

    Next time when you do this post the results in the next video so people dont cheat

  • Dorka Berecz
    Dorka Berecz Day ago

    B, D

  • That-guy-in-class

    Make a updated version of this test! 😁

  • Satyajit Nayak
    Satyajit Nayak Day ago


  • Ben Kachappilly
    Ben Kachappilly Day ago

    oh my god.....oneplus 3t

  • Ben Kachappilly
    Ben Kachappilly Day ago


  • Mary Chan
    Mary Chan Day ago

    😲 whoa, I thought D was Samsung the whole time.

  • Dylan Fernanado
    Dylan Fernanado Day ago

    The S8(B) was the most sharp and had gud HDR

  • Deana B
    Deana B Day ago

    You literally nailed it with this video! It was so informative, yet such a fun video to watch. Nice!

  • Gurwinder Singh
    Gurwinder Singh Day ago

    A and E are what I chose

  • Frost LX
    Frost LX Day ago

    I chose 3T n 7+

  • Ayee Savage Tv
    Ayee Savage Tv 2 days ago

    I liked the iPhone 7+

  • Neon Voice
    Neon Voice 2 days ago

    D has the better brightness, sharpness, contrast and colors. C had the the better low-light visual. D is better, overall. Oh crap! It's an iphone, NO!!!!!!!

  • TooSix Productions
    TooSix Productions 2 days ago

    C, D & E

  • Nenet Curry
    Nenet Curry 3 days ago

    best smartphone for video??

  • Michael Perry
    Michael Perry 3 days ago

    for me pixel xl on first place and iPhone 7 and gs8 on second

  • Denisse Montes
    Denisse Montes 3 days ago

    tie with C and D at the top, then E and B, last for A (as for my picture preference)

  • Charudatt Kumbhare
    Charudatt Kumbhare 3 days ago

    Pixel XL is really great with photos. Kudos to Google.
    Samsung s8 is showing really false photos.

  • Riyas m Riya
    Riyas m Riya 3 days ago

    B and c

  • Ajay Raj
    Ajay Raj 3 days ago


  • Dogepocalypse
    Dogepocalypse 3 days ago

    C, B, D, A, E

  • Sindhu Bobby
    Sindhu Bobby 4 days ago

    Where is Huawei p10

  • Avinash Ekka
    Avinash Ekka 4 days ago

    Google pixel Xl

  • Shakhir Shimanto
    Shakhir Shimanto 4 days ago

    pixel nd iPhone was just fabulous 😍
    i dont think others excelled that much in photography as these 😒
    I've selected pixel most of the time nd the rest goes for iPhone
    but ovetall i think pixel is still the best camera phone out there nd the only smartphone camera will beat this one is pixel 2
    or maybe they'll be the same
    even of so it will be the best one
    I'm not being a fanboy
    i don't even use any of these
    but if i have to choose a phone for it's camera
    then it would be pixel for sure💯

  • Fucking on yo bitch ou im her dad

    I chose s8. Damn. And my second fav was lg g6

  • Fucking on yo bitch ou im her dad

    B and e the best

  • bigtreesfall
    bigtreesfall 4 days ago

    awesome video! !
    I picked A.....watched it again and picked A and C tied for first.

    Thx brother!

  • Jackson4687
    Jackson4687 5 days ago

    Very, very good comparison! Do a Huawei P10 vs Pixel!

  • Apple Donator
    Apple Donator 5 days ago

    Pixel is the best, and here what I picked: CCCCCBCC

  • Shashank Tiwari
    Shashank Tiwari 5 days ago


  • akib ahmed
    akib ahmed 5 days ago

    I think B was the best

  • sai teja kotala
    sai teja kotala 5 days ago

    I loved "C" and "A" and I was sure about "B" being s8 considering the saturation... And I thought A Was iPhone
    However I'm in shocked to see how good the pixel is... Better than iPhone 7+

  • Graeme Nicholl
    Graeme Nicholl 5 days ago

    I like how personal bias was taken out of the decision here. My choices were: DCCCCCEC. I liked the Pixel best and the Galaxy the least. It softened everything and there was less detail in the shots. Of the phones, I liked the G6 for tonal value and the Pixel for the best representation. The 3T wasn't too bad but didn't really stand out to me. As for the iPhone...I didn't mind the photos but thought they were lacking something in most of the shots. I think they get soft as well. Nice comparison video!

  • Vamire George
    Vamire George 5 days ago

    F is the best F=lg g4

  • Prashant Deo Singh
    Prashant Deo Singh 6 days ago

    First choice D Second B

  • Brandon
    Brandon 6 days ago

    c, and e

  • Mohammad Omais
    Mohammad Omais 6 days ago

    C was damn 😍😍

  • Vicki Freegard
    Vicki Freegard 6 days ago

    One plus 1#

  • Jen Diaz
    Jen Diaz 6 days ago

    Omg i got google pixel XL!

  • 長助寿限無
    長助寿限無 6 days ago

    You should do one where you shoot as raw and show how good the sensors actually are. All of the images here are a result of automated software nonsense, rather than the actual quality of the sensor. Anyone who's actually interested in taking pictures would be interested in that.

  • neoo tioo
    neoo tioo 6 days ago

    Duuude not only u forgot to include Sony xperia premium, like whyyy did u not include that amazing phone :(( ????

    but u also forgot to mention the most important thing at every pic comparison and that was to tell what picture letter or pic ex had the most realistic look in real life :P

    u are the one that is taking the pictures and can see what the object really looks like in real life but we the viewers cant…!

    So u need to tell us lik for example this picture, picture C has the most realistic color in this particular shot so we can know and take that in consideration.

    next time add that fact to ur video comparison please cause that is an important fact and not to be forgotten since we the viewers cant know what color that jeans had in real life since every shoot the jeans change color… and i for one would like to know what color did that jeans really have so i can be sure and relize how i want my future phone camera to be and so on…

    i hope u get what i mean and consider that in ur future videos.
    and please add Sony xperia premium to this comparison or make one about it.

    Thaanks for the video.

  • Florent Curk
    Florent Curk 7 days ago

    A = 6 likes
    B = 4 likes
    C = 6 likes
    D = 0 likes
    E = 6 likes

    (when I was looking Iphone photo, I always was think omfg Iphones are so grate... I'll never tell this again. And I don't like Samsung photo actually so that's okay) ;)

  • Vinod Naik
    Vinod Naik 7 days ago

    This is what we call a genuine and clear review...😃. (C)

  • Brighton Kumar
    Brighton Kumar 7 days ago


  • Vijay Shankar
    Vijay Shankar 7 days ago

    Bit late viewer. I guessed the best to be C or E. Pixel forever 👌👌👌👌

  • shasx evolve
    shasx evolve 7 days ago

    I chose C everytime then D and i was amazed that there are phone that can take better images than iphone...

  • Qui est
    Qui est 7 days ago

    C: Pixel
    It was impressive

  • Hygiene
    Hygiene 7 days ago

    I was viewing in a ultra wide 1440p panel and I personally picked the pixel (blindly) and I never ever once thought the s8 had a good photo

  • HazelPineapple
    HazelPineapple 8 days ago

    b and d were my top with the rest very rarely being one of my favorite photos (galaxy s8 and iphone)

  • Patrick Dan
    Patrick Dan 8 days ago

    C > B > A > E > D

  • mark jones
    mark jones 8 days ago +1

    great idea for a video.
    Yep completely worked for me. the phone i wanted to get was the worst. also the one i didn't consider was the best.
    Cheers actually a helpful video.

  • Hasan Ali
    Hasan Ali 8 days ago

    E most realistic!

  • Hasan Ali
    Hasan Ali 8 days ago

    where is Xperia XZ premium......??

  • Camar Williams
    Camar Williams 9 days ago

    E is the best

  • Dan Saghin
    Dan Saghin 9 days ago

    1. E
    2. A
    Could'n't care less for the other 3...
    But once a fanboy, always a fanboy...

  • TheDerpyArmy
    TheDerpyArmy 9 days ago +1

    Shit the google pixel got 4 I thought the iPhone camera was gonna win but It got 1 point

  • Junaid Ahmad
    Junaid Ahmad 10 days ago

    c. xl camera is best

  • Sheela Mamoru
    Sheela Mamoru 10 days ago

    Completely unbiased choices(for me)
    1st: C
    2nd: E
    3rd: D
    4th: A
    5th: B
    Damn.. I love samsung but the colors were just ugh I mean I was shocked that these were even MY picks, Pixel just looks so much better imo

  • Wilz tv
    Wilz tv 10 days ago

    yess i chose my exact phone D

  • Wilz tv
    Wilz tv 10 days ago


  • Jack King
    Jack King 10 days ago


  • Michael Nguyen
    Michael Nguyen 10 days ago

    No Lumia 950 XL?

  • yaboiandu
    yaboiandu 10 days ago

    S8 and Pixel were a point apart but S8 came first, Pixel second, One Plus third and everything else nope. Kinda wish I had the Pixel but I still love the S8 and it's camera

  • KpopisLuvKpopisLife
    KpopisLuvKpopisLife 10 days ago +1


  • Nafets Namla
    Nafets Namla 10 days ago

    C and A i like most, E the least
    But they have all great cameras!

  • Abdelrahman Mohamed
    Abdelrahman Mohamed 11 days ago

    My favorite is the Samsung S8

  • LitoLuvSardine Campbell

    uhm where is the Lumia 950 xl camera in all this?

  • Rakesh Pathak
    Rakesh Pathak 12 days ago +1

    You forget to add HTC U11 in the test. It has highest DXo mark ratings. And may be the best.

  • Geometry Dash Blaze
    Geometry Dash Blaze 12 days ago

    Idk why but I thought B was the worst

  • Joe Anshien
    Joe Anshien 12 days ago

    C Closely followed by D IMHO

  • LeBender
    LeBender 12 days ago


  • Marcus Staddon
    Marcus Staddon 13 days ago

    C won

  • theRickSter
    theRickSter 13 days ago


  • Katarina Reyentovich
    Katarina Reyentovich 13 days ago

    Honestly I was debating whether or not to get a Google pixel or an iPhone 7 and now ig I'm getting a Google pixel😂

  • Hanzallah Rehman
    Hanzallah Rehman 13 days ago

    For me s8 was the best

  • alex rs
    alex rs 13 days ago

    1st B... yeah i was surprised!

  • Sayhoun Ostowar
    Sayhoun Ostowar 13 days ago

    Not sure at first I thought D because of the colours, but then I did not see much difference between C & D, but the low light pictures of B just make it for me then again I want B to have more of D clear colours. I have currently s7 edge (since the realise) I am pretty happy with it, when I play a bit with advanced options I get better pictures than most phones including iPhone 6 though I want even better pictures in low light... 

    Btw @Marques Great video, love what you did to reducing bias, keep up the good work!

  • soogun shongwe
    soogun shongwe 14 days ago

    A & C

  • B Smith
    B Smith 14 days ago


  • Eduard Butkaliuk
    Eduard Butkaliuk 14 days ago +1


  • Stephen Alvarez
    Stephen Alvarez 14 days ago

    Who here is watching because there looking for a new smart phone? Lol me😂

    DC_MINI_SHREDDER 14 days ago +1


  • Stephen Alvarez
    Stephen Alvarez 14 days ago +1


  • rasmus strömberg
    rasmus strömberg 14 days ago


  • Léo Pro
    Léo Pro 14 days ago

    That can be very cool if you do this test with 10 smartphones. Included XZ prenium, HTC U11 and Asus Zoom S ZE553kl, why not.

  • robert rodriguez
    robert rodriguez 15 days ago

    1st, B
    2nd D
    3rd C
    4th D
    5th A
    First and second separated by one point!

  • William Ngai
    William Ngai 15 days ago +1

    C is the best and then E.

  • Adolf Hittler
    Adolf Hittler 15 days ago

    So much echo

  • hoboX10
    hoboX10 15 days ago

    jesus I can't believe how bad the s8 looks

  • Jimichan
    Jimichan 15 days ago

    This was a great comparison. You made a good selection of current phones and the anonymity allowed me to make a really unbiased selection. Your premise that everybody will probably have their own personal favorite is well represented in the comments.
    Good Job, Marques!

  • Richard Fecteau
    Richard Fecteau 15 days ago

    B was best to me.

  • ashutosh anand saras
    ashutosh anand saras 15 days ago


  • Romano D
    Romano D 15 days ago +1

    Great video, I picked C too.

  • Lakshy Goel
    Lakshy Goel 15 days ago


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