Part 3, Labrador Town Hall Meeting at LCSC - May 5, 2017

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  • carolki13
    carolki13 3 months ago +1

    anyone *and it was all repubs* that voted yes to this bill really don't care about people who would fall into the pre-exisiting clause. anyone can get sick, anyone can have an accident...but this guy and his party voted 'yes' that anyone in those categories can either be denied insurance or have to pay sky-rocket amts.!

  • pc
    pc 3 months ago +2

    Get rid of this fucking moron

  • sarabjit singh
    sarabjit singh 3 months ago +3

    Please vote these people out of office.

    • carolki13
      carolki13 3 months ago

      hey voted 'yes' on the gop plan!!! and that's ironic how obesity is considered a pre-existing condition and he's overweight! he'd be declined in a heartbeat!

    • Chicken Strangler
      Chicken Strangler 3 months ago

      Give a reason why.

    • Chicken Strangler
      Chicken Strangler 3 months ago

      No. He's good.

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