The science behind dog cloning

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  • Joshua Blewett
    Joshua Blewett 5 hours ago

    Who saw the thumbnail and thought of kong?

  • CuteCake DIY
    CuteCake DIY 5 hours ago

    OHHH I WILL PAY A $1000,000,000,0000,000

  • Hitman 4Hire
    Hitman 4Hire 5 hours ago

    This is actually fvcked up imagine if the dogs were human

  • Epik Liam
    Epik Liam 7 hours ago

    So... technically we could clone humans using the sane method?

  • Kitty Kalavera
    Kitty Kalavera 9 hours ago

    ehhh... would you clone your baby if it died at birth ? that's how I see it no you can't replace a living thing you should go to a shelter and find one that's a puppy or close to being killed off there

  • Handy FX
    Handy FX 20 hours ago

    i will clone myself 500++ times and you can call me minions...

  • Diana Rose
    Diana Rose 20 hours ago

    fuck this is too cruel...fucking freaks!!!!!!!!

  • DahBabyTigerx
    DahBabyTigerx 1 day ago

    I wanna clone my dick to suck it

  • Ríona Coyne
    Ríona Coyne 1 day ago

    Just take lots of pics and videos of your old dog and/or make a robot ver.

  • Boss Bros
    Boss Bros 1 day ago

    Bro you can't just keep dogs in a cage and cut them open every week

  • Boss Bros
    Boss Bros 1 day ago


  • jazzy sweet
    jazzy sweet 1 day ago

    Its kinda cool in a way but seems very painful.for the dogs

  • Some guy from Khonjin and Khonjin House

    This could be useful to breed rare types of breeds

  • Revant Productions
    Revant Productions 1 day ago

    So cute .his name should be cutesy

  • Zange3r :D
    Zange3r :D 1 day ago

    If only I had a dog

  • Hung To
    Hung To 1 day ago

    0:27-0:30 the dog is like LEMME OUT BOI

  • Josh Alarcon
    Josh Alarcon 2 days ago


  • Jorge Serrano
    Jorge Serrano 2 days ago

    Because you are probably killing the other two dogs

  • Jorge Serrano
    Jorge Serrano 2 days ago

    I'd rather buy a new dog than clone one

  • Kubz
    Kubz 2 days ago

    Theyll probably keep cloning a clone until they reach one with "pure genes." Then breed that out with genes they want like a super fast, bigger pitbull.

  • Joey Graceffa Queen
    Joey Graceffa Queen 2 days ago

    But then u have to hurt 2 dogs just to get the clone that isn't even exactly the same and if ur dog is alive u have to hurt it as well to get the skin sample

  • Lape14 !
    Lape14 ! 2 days ago


  • Steven Gerrard
    Steven Gerrard 2 days ago

    dose it realy work

  • Gustavo Denis
    Gustavo Denis 2 days ago

    What if he pays for it and as soon as he gets out with the dogs it gets hit by a car

  • Josh Dargan
    Josh Dargan 2 days ago

    Can u clone humans if dogs

  • Corrector Metrica
    Corrector Metrica 2 days ago

    my question is (i can understand they are two different species but,) what is the difference making it only animals can be cloned?

  • ruby long
    ruby long 2 days ago

    Um WOAH! Weird, but awesome and cool. ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪
    But also messed up, cruel and OK WHAT!

  • Not A Serial Killer
    Not A Serial Killer 2 days ago +1

    Do you gay if you have s*x with your clone ?

  • XkingXofXthrones X
    XkingXofXthrones X 3 days ago

    You can never clone zues he's loyal and one of a kind 💗💗💗rip zues

  • bruhchill itskya
    bruhchill itskya 3 days ago

    I would clone my cousins dog ziggy

  • Dark Soul
    Dark Soul 3 days ago

    a pug is worth 400 dollars so if he buys that dog again it's 800 so the money should depend on the breed and if it's not that hard to clone it then it should not be 100 grande

  • Zachary Dieke
    Zachary Dieke 3 days ago

    Her eyes

  • Ari
    Ari 3 days ago

    They need to bring gabe back

  • Big reyyd
    Big reyyd 3 days ago

    Every dog is different , this is stupid , just pay 1k and get a nice new buddy

  • Maxcraftx03
    Maxcraftx03 3 days ago

    Kong da savage

  • daniel silva
    daniel silva 3 days ago


  • daniel silva
    daniel silva 3 days ago


  • Wolfie Mystic
    Wolfie Mystic 3 days ago

    This is so mean to dogs I'm disgusted and mad

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 days ago

    this is dumb

  • David Vallejera
    David Vallejera 3 days ago

    Dont need to clone my dog. My dog already has a twin👍

  • EpicZombieSlayer4
    EpicZombieSlayer4 3 days ago

    Clone gabe!

  • Lemonade Nerd
    Lemonade Nerd 3 days ago

    A dog is one of a kind you shouldn't clone a dog that personality is gone I know you loved it but still

  • Snickers MSP
    Snickers MSP 3 days ago

    Those poor dogs who had to give birth to puppies they cant even keep :(

  • A. S.
    A. S. 3 days ago

    No i would not

  • Tigerle
    Tigerle 3 days ago

    i want to clone Maru the cat ^ . ^ he's so cute.

  • Golden Gaming
    Golden Gaming 3 days ago

    Check how cute the pomeriain is climbing on 0:28

  • Jack Peyton Whitehouse

    We should try this with humans

  • Mr Cloiuse
    Mr Cloiuse 4 days ago +1

    The dog is sooooo cute

  • Tivel Britt
    Tivel Britt 4 days ago

    Ain't that Like Taking The other dogs babys and replacing them with another dogs

  • Stephanie Menei
    Stephanie Menei 4 days ago

    I don't like this this is way too cruel. They should stop doing this.

    KING DARK LORD 4 days ago +1

    Hey didn't some of you just press this vid because the thumbnail had a dog that looked like kong from Logan Paul

  • Gazed Awesome
    Gazed Awesome 4 days ago

    That should be in 50/50 that vet surgery thing

  • Tafa Fa
    Tafa Fa 4 days ago


  • Ze Pineapple
    Ze Pineapple 4 days ago

    I love dogs they are so cute

  • Vova Music
    Vova Music 4 days ago

    How can you clone a dog like wtf

  • The Glitter Girls
    The Glitter Girls 4 days ago

    I would never do this because your putting your dead dog that you want to clone in the fridge and taking it to the vet for surgery that would cost a lot too. When pigs fly I still won't do this!

  • Dongseong Hwang
    Dongseong Hwang 4 days ago

    Don't say what to do and how to do. Every people is different, which drives human civilization.

  • Judith Ortiz
    Judith Ortiz 4 days ago +1

    Why clone your dog if it wont have the same personality as your old one

    YOU_ARE NEXT-_- 4 days ago

    Bro the thumb nail looks like kongdasavge

  • antonio Martinez
    antonio Martinez 4 days ago

    i already cloned my dog thanks for the video

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 days ago

    I want all of the puppies

  • agender.wolf.16
    agender.wolf.16 5 days ago +1

    I would never clone my dog, not in a million years.
    There are so many shelters and rescues full of dogs who need homes, why not just get one of those dogs? Not only is it less money but it is much worth it to help an animal who deserves it.

  • stayros P.
    stayros P. 5 days ago

    this is horrible

  • LPS Corgi
    LPS Corgi 5 days ago

    Top 10 amazon drunk purchases

  • Michał Składanowski

    Fuck dogs and cats! Just tell me whether I can clone *Harambe!*

  • Riri Cabs
    Riri Cabs 5 days ago

    for sure next few years Cloning of human will be invented by the scientist.

  • Chandler West
    Chandler West 5 days ago

    thats so sweet

  • jonny the gamer
    jonny the gamer 5 days ago


  • JNW 1212
    JNW 1212 5 days ago

    When can we clone humans

  • Bernie Dankers
    Bernie Dankers 5 days ago +1

    One step closer to bringing back my boy Harambe.

  • Alxson
    Alxson 5 days ago +1

    Adopt DONT shop

  • EmeraldPotato
    EmeraldPotato 5 days ago

    And thus the dog clone wars began

  • Deja Anne
    Deja Anne 5 days ago

    What clone mean

  • Dangelo George
    Dangelo George 6 days ago

    this king of look like animal abuse

  • Shane G
    Shane G 6 days ago

    That's so disturbing

  • Pi 9
    Pi 9 6 days ago


  • Mr l
    Mr l 6 days ago

    I did this with my check from some ^ gambling ^

  • Leonardo Castañeda
    Leonardo Castañeda 6 days ago +1

    Thats not a human thing to do

  • Desicates
    Desicates 6 days ago

    God is played ..

  • Josanda
    Josanda 6 days ago

    longest video ever seen in tech insider

  • Michał Składanowski

    Don't give a fuck about dogs - the real question is can you *CLONE YOUR CAT?!?!*

  • Doing things with ginger Naziya

    I would rather buy another dog then spend 100000$ on a clone

  • Isaac Cruz
    Isaac Cruz 6 days ago

    Nvm I don't even have a dog🐶

  • Isaac Cruz
    Isaac Cruz 6 days ago

    Yes but for only 5$

  • Caleb Namikaze
    Caleb Namikaze 6 days ago

    Its sad

  • iAntelope Markus
    iAntelope Markus 6 days ago

    Imagine, guys in two perspectives.
    The dead dog: Imagine you're the dead dog, watching over from heaven. Your formal owner makes a clone of you, cutting your body up instead of burying it. How would you feel?

    Clone dog: Imagine you're the clone dog. Your owner tells you that you are the clone of their formal dead dog. How would you feel?
    See what i mean? This is mean, selfish, and vain. Please stop now. You can meet your dead dog in heaven when YOU die anyways. Also, you can always make sure your new dog actually likes you by adopting one.

  • Jalen Kirk
    Jalen Kirk 6 days ago

    can't wait to see if it eventually works on humans

  • Joao Marcelo
    Joao Marcelo 6 days ago

    hell no i wouldnt pay 100k to clone my annoying ass nigga. dont get me wrong, i love that nigga, but he annoying as fuck bruh. my mans poopin all over the carpet and shit. had to swap the whole carpet cause it got stained. but i still love him.

  • Kabir Sekhon
    Kabir Sekhon 6 days ago

    Can't u do this to humans????

  • Mario S
    Mario S 6 days ago


  • Robayat Rahman
    Robayat Rahman 6 days ago

    So if we can clone animals then we can surely clone ourselves 🤔🤔🤔

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode 6 days ago

    it wouldn't even act the same. I didn't need to watch this video to know that it would be a look alike that was nothing like the original. it needs to go through the life experiences to do the same things.

  • fixmypcguy
    fixmypcguy 6 days ago

    if there clones how come the spots on those puppies are not the same.

  • Edward Brock Toxin
    Edward Brock Toxin 6 days ago

    Can we clone harambe?

  • Sir Moo Moo
    Sir Moo Moo 7 days ago

    Those donor dogs aren't donors! They are forced

  • Gustavo Valls
    Gustavo Valls 7 days ago

    do not clone other dog dies so do no please

  • HATis watermeloon
    HATis watermeloon 7 days ago


  • L étoile verte [ 360456

    If only bismarck my boxer was alive
    1 like = 1 more year for your pet

  • woodslap
    woodslap 7 days ago

    I wish I could do that to my best friend buddy 😭😭

  • Jackson Inman
    Jackson Inman 7 days ago


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