The Other | Guardians of the Galaxy Big Missing Easter Egg FOUND

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  • MasterTainment
    MasterTainment 5 days ago

    It's a no-go yet again. I will find this.

    • Joseph Wolfson
      Joseph Wolfson 2 days ago

      Thanos could be reflecting on how the Avengers were able to stop Loki.
      The Battle of New York is like the first time anybody was able to stand up to Thanos's armies.
      Also, he's probably regretting the fact he actually gave Loki a f^cking infinity stone and has to find it again!

      So, I think you should focus on Thanos and not any other (pun) characters.
      Honestly, Chthon would just kill Thanos - not side with him!
      The other could just be a "child of Thanos" that had his eyes removed or something.
      The guy that had weird skin and was screaming could just be a part of Thanos's collection.

      Trust me, Thanos is the key to finding any easter egg.

    • Joseph Wolfson
      Joseph Wolfson 2 days ago

      Maybe Thanos is looking at Earth's sun.

    • Relugus
      Relugus 3 days ago

      octo pi Yeah, However, I do think he is spot on that The Other was indeed Chthon (though that's not to do with Gunn). I find it funny that so many so-called comic experts on YouTube don't know who he is. Well done to Master Tainment on knowing his facts.

    • octo pi
      octo pi 4 days ago

      MasterTainment: But just because it's not James Gunn's "special" easter egg, doesn't mean it's not true. You could still be right, it's just not the one that Gunn was talking about.

  • Cody Montgomery
    Cody Montgomery 2 days ago

    I love your channel, better get control of it again soon! :P

  • Marvel Fan!!!
    Marvel Fan!!! 3 days ago

    Continue you are very good I subscribed you

  • Jason Maes
    Jason Maes 3 days ago

    I was watching this thinking, "I kind of like this dude.". Could this be a new nerd channel for me to watch? Then it happened......

    You had me at Ovary Detonator.
    A "Like" and Subscribe to you, Good Sir.

  • RococoSuccster
    RococoSuccster 4 days ago

    In the lego marvel avengers he says he is acuallly a chitauri i think

  • Sam Abate
    Sam Abate 4 days ago

    can't crack open a cold one with out the boys. Posted on a saturday.... SAFTB

  • Captain X_X KillerSavage2

    best Theory

  • Assaf Paz
    Assaf Paz 4 days ago

    Moses the A-hole celestial ;D

  • Rolando Correa
    Rolando Correa 5 days ago

    A good friend would tell you to stop, but a better friend and subscriber like us would tell you "give me more!!!"

  • War Zone
    War Zone 5 days ago

    Makes sense great theory... MT = Master Tetective

  • Angelica Caraballo
    Angelica Caraballo 5 days ago


  • TheOMGsee
    TheOMGsee 5 days ago

    "Ahh Society, it burns!"

  • Rick Broadhurst
    Rick Broadhurst 5 days ago

    The QUEST is the QUEST!

  • Xander Sayed
    Xander Sayed 5 days ago

    lets start a petitions so that james gunn can tell mt

  • Malcolm Judah short


  • tk stack money
    tk stack money 5 days ago

    Since we're your babies, we are going to need some child support...

  • Funk O'Matic
    Funk O'Matic 5 days ago

    fun vid dude... kudos...

  • Ashik Hussain
    Ashik Hussain 5 days ago

    you are Neil Degrasse of gtog

  • Cosmic Ranger
    Cosmic Ranger 5 days ago

    I think the missing Easter egg is Howard the duck

  • Peter Strophic
    Peter Strophic 5 days ago

    Under rated youtuber.

  • Evander Johnson
    Evander Johnson 5 days ago


  • GemBros More
    GemBros More 5 days ago

    *MT uploads a new video*

    *Looks at noose* Not today old friend.

  • juan botero
    juan botero 5 days ago

    When MT cracks this I will go out streaking for a week

  • DeKuTree
    DeKuTree 5 days ago

    You are honestly one of the most entertaining channels I've ever seen

  • Meik
    Meik 5 days ago

    I can't keep up xD

  • Μαρία Τσιγκρη

    Can you, please, make a theory video that proves that Quicksilver is alive or that he can at least came back at the Infinity War? Because he was really a great and cool character and it is very bad that he is the only Avenger who died and has stay dead!
    I want him back!!!

  • wumbology 101
    wumbology 101 5 days ago

    What would happen if we cracked open that egg head of your and saw what was inside?

  • Vibrant Santana
    Vibrant Santana 5 days ago

    DID YOU try the dog......the dog in the beginning of the film is i believe james Gunn dog...maybe their is something else their..

  • Aristarkh4
    Aristarkh4 5 days ago

    ok, that actually sounded alright

  • Zachary Roberts
    Zachary Roberts 5 days ago

    This one marked since

  • Jess Taylor
    Jess Taylor 5 days ago

    MT, have you ever read Ready Player One? You remind me of a very avid gunter (egg hunter) 😁

  • Neirad Shiruani
    Neirad Shiruani 5 days ago

    Even if this is wrong. I enjoy all of these Easter Egg videos.

  • The Real Outsider
    The Real Outsider 6 days ago

    this is another form or self harm, we need to stop this now

  • symbiote89
    symbiote89 6 days ago

    You are the best MT!

  • IshikawaGoemon
    IshikawaGoemon 6 days ago

    MT is my father. I'm okay with this.

  • Wubalubadubdub !
    Wubalubadubdub ! 6 days ago

    This is like hunting a shiny Pokémon

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      Майя Щербакова 5 days ago

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  • Dusty Partition
    Dusty Partition 6 days ago

    Dude's just Xûr.

  • KingGaming187
    KingGaming187 6 days ago

    MT can you make a video on white wolf

  • Enzo
    Enzo 6 days ago

    I love your positive depression. Or is it depressive possitivity?

  • schedar2012
    schedar2012 6 days ago

    According to NASA. . . . Lol

  • MasterTainment
    MasterTainment 6 days ago

    Thank you to everyone who has tweeted James so far! You guys are my favorite. No word yet! <3

    • Michael O'Neill
      Michael O'Neill 6 days ago

      Have you looked on the dvd case to see if it's there? That might be crazy. But who knows

  • Mixyz
    Mixyz 6 days ago

    What GotG movie is this?

  • Marcus Eaton
    Marcus Eaton 6 days ago

    heroin is bad says NASA yet they are all on it

  • MOOFAMDEEZ the Holy Cow

    I think the comic book industry could use infinitely more weird nerdy black doods ^u^

  • Isai Cortes
    Isai Cortes 6 days ago

    Why don't you take a lil 2 week Vacation..

    • Isai Cortes
      Isai Cortes 6 days ago

      Also MASSIVE FLAW in your theory.......... Black Don't Crack.

  • Andhitama Damanik
    Andhitama Damanik 6 days ago

    I have no idea why I'm watching this, I haven't even watched Guardian of the Galaxy vol 2 yet.

  • Fire
    Fire 6 days ago

    I love you.

  • Spooky Biscuits
    Spooky Biscuits 6 days ago

    I am the upstairs neighbor to somebody *shifty eyes*
    Great theory! Hope it turns out to be fruitful

  • LV1mage
    LV1mage 6 days ago

    I dont want eggs no more

  • Magnamic
    Magnamic 6 days ago

    6:25 into the video, died of laughter, immediately paused to write this comments.
    This is your best video...and I'm not even done watching all of it!

    Keep up the great work, MT.

  • Ken Scherer
    Ken Scherer 6 days ago

    Happy time again!

  • Cierra Nicole
    Cierra Nicole 6 days ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if James Gunn is just enjoying your channel, and these videos, so much that he's just not telling you that you got it right long ago. xD

  • Nick Krostag
    Nick Krostag 6 days ago

    Where is my MODOK theory?!

    • MasterTainment
      MasterTainment 6 days ago

      Well, considering that the entire MCU is just a MODOK simulation, technically every theory is a MODOK theory.

  • xAdamBr
    xAdamBr 6 days ago

    Dude, you've gotta get this at some point. It's ridiculous XD

  • wowantonlavey
    wowantonlavey 6 days ago

    best theory yet

    • MasterTainment
      MasterTainment 6 days ago

      Ayyeeee! Thanks for thinking so, Beautiful Friend!

  • Brad Stern
    Brad Stern 6 days ago

    I look forward to these videos every week. I laugh every time.

    • MasterTainment
      MasterTainment 6 days ago

      D'aww...Thank you for being such a loyal and kind subscriber, Brad!

      I'm bro hugging you in my mind (and in my heart).

      **Phil Collins' "You'll Be In My Heart" starts playing**

  • D Davi
    D Davi 6 days ago

    You brighten my day, MT

  • Dade Cross
    Dade Cross 6 days ago

    sup mt

    • Dade Cross
      Dade Cross 6 days ago

      MasterTainment yea cant wait the "trailer" thingy was funny asl, why dont u stream on twitch?

    • MasterTainment
      MasterTainment 6 days ago

      Sup, Dade! You excited for Deadpool 2!?

  • Hamza Kh
    Hamza Kh 6 days ago

    Videos are still great MT. Good luck!!!

  • DunderOnion
    DunderOnion 6 days ago

    please do heroine, stop this madness thx

    • MasterTainment
      MasterTainment 6 days ago

      I'M ON IT! Wait...Can I get this over the counter at CVS or is it more of a Walgreens thing?

  • Josephine Chadwick
    Josephine Chadwick 6 days ago

    Poor poor MT, all he wants to do is crack the Easter egg hunt. I hope he gets it

  • Gothmolg
    Gothmolg 6 days ago

    The Easter Egg hunt is not stupid, it is EPIC!!!

    • Kannon  Silva
      Kannon Silva 6 days ago

      MasterTainment Mt did you hear about the infinity war footage at D23 there is description for it

    • MasterTainment
      MasterTainment 6 days ago

      You are too kind! Thank you!

  • MamaWantsWaffles
    MamaWantsWaffles 6 days ago

    MT don't worry, we all love these videos! keep up the great work

    • Julian Farnum
      Julian Farnum 6 days ago

      MasterTainment They may have changed the origin of Thanos to be that dude inside the planet. He absorbs all of the power and knows what the stones can do. That light he is watching is maybe where the celestials bounced to when they finished.

      Elder gods... yeah Gaia got busy. So is the Thanos wishing star Atum former sun god / God killer?

    • Erich Landroff
      Erich Landroff 6 days ago

      I'm am concerned with his health

    • MasterTainment
      MasterTainment 6 days ago

      Thanks, Friend! :)

  • Lorenzo Uria
    Lorenzo Uria 6 days ago

    hi mt 1 one

    • Lorenzo Uria
      Lorenzo Uria 6 days ago

      Hey mt, how much time does it take you to make this good ass videos , there's a hell of editing and tons of hilarious hidden puns, keep up the awesome work

    • MasterTainment
      MasterTainment 6 days ago

      Henlo! ^_^

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