North Korea vs US Military Power Compare

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  • Nadejda Schmidt
    Nadejda Schmidt 14 hours ago +1

    If Fat Kim sells
    some of the old WW2 weapons he has to a military museum, he would earn
    enough money to buy new technology to defend his country. some of the wapens are so fucking old, and can bring in alot of monye.

  • bluewind gau
    bluewind gau 15 hours ago

    easily beatable

  • 곰오리tv :D
    곰오리tv :D 15 hours ago

    I'm leave korea plz help me usa....

  • Da PokeMaster
    Da PokeMaster Day ago

    NK fighting US is a suicide move U ARE MESSING WITH THE #1 ARMY!

  • Samuel Andreaz
    Samuel Andreaz Day ago

    Europe blows America loose the ass away .

    Europe already accounts for 76% of NATO's nuclear forces.

    Germany alone fought against Russia, England, America and Canada
    1940-1945 and was hardly to get small and imagine now an EU Army.^^

  • Albert Moore
    Albert Moore Day ago

    So many "analysts" and experts are stupidly oblivious to North Korea's alliances with the Comintern Axis powers, Russia and China.

  • dankmemer
    dankmemer 2 days ago

    The a10 is being retired

    • dankmemer
      dankmemer 2 days ago

      Also its the a10 warthog

  • Sourav Bhai
    Sourav Bhai 2 days ago

    Support USA from INDIA ...👍👍👍✌✌✌

  • Miss Kelly
    Miss Kelly 3 days ago

    I see a lot of cocky comments. Yall forgot about Russia being their ally and probably China.

  • David Seymore
    David Seymore 3 days ago

    50 attack

  • Dylan Howitz
    Dylan Howitz 3 days ago

    I'm really patriotic....This video is saying that the US is bragging of how good of a Military it has....Enemy or not, They're still warriors and I respect that....North Korea might have old shit but guess what you never know what could happen....If we were to go to war with North Korea...There is a chance North Korea could win and there is a chance the United States could win...

  • mlzanercik
    mlzanercik 3 days ago

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  • aku sedö
    aku sedö 3 days ago +1

    America=big army & fat people

  • Hared Mahamoud
    Hared Mahamoud 4 days ago

    God bless Americans army’s

  • Brad Pike
    Brad Pike 4 days ago

    Looks like a before and after video of how military technology advanced over the years, then you realize holy shit that's the Koreans and they're fighting with antiques. Haha. US has more advanced technology in museums.
    Edit to this post. I commented before I watched the entire video.
    When I seen they have 70 more corvettes, it brought back memories of history class lol They were probably sold to the Koreans as scrap after ww2

  • Renato Sousa
    Renato Sousa 4 days ago

    This video should be called ~ ! When a cockroach meets a boot !

  • marcel binken
    marcel binken 4 days ago

    So it's gonna be easy just like in the fifties and sixties, right?

  • Tyler Wickwire
    Tyler Wickwire 5 days ago

    Wait. They forgot about the Legendary AC-130!

  • Wyatt Reed
    Wyatt Reed 5 days ago

    What the fuck no does not have 70 but they do and us does have 75

  • funkmasterjee
    funkmasterjee 5 days ago

    Much of North Korea's military is outdated (MIG 23, T-55, T-62) but just what proportion of America's military can it get into the theatre of operations in a meaningful period of time if all out war suddenly happened between north and South Korea ??
    There is only so much equipment USA can permanently station in South Korea and Japan.
    There is also the issue of how much support China will give to North Korea. That's potentially a LOT of men and equipment just over the border.

    Anyway this is all ignoring the latest missile being developed, the M233-AKJU. When Kim Jong Un was a 17 year old student he was surreptitiously implanted with a tracking device. The AKJU (Anti Kim Jong Un) will specifically home in on Kim Jong Un regardless of where he is in the world.

  • Michael Lizarazu
    Michael Lizarazu 6 days ago

    for NK's attack aircraft, you forgot to add the SU-25 Frogfoot.

  • James Bilal
    James Bilal 6 days ago

    Stop the war shit North Korea is not Iraq or Libya to invade with toy guns. North Korea has nukes can destroy the world

  • Gsr Badell
    Gsr Badell 6 days ago

    U.S Air Force will bomb them back to the Stone age.

  • Hafizin Khairi
    Hafizin Khairi 7 days ago

    America has another secret weapon we don't see that...we call it...


  • Manilyn Reynes
    Manilyn Reynes 7 days ago

    it turns out north korea has way lesser wealth than U.S. but they tried hard to put most of their country's budget to their military..i guess large percent of their national budget goes to military..

  • Muhammad afee
    Muhammad afee 7 days ago

    North Korea have all the necessary weapons in order to defend themselves from usa & as North Korea will physically wont go to usa to fight so they have enough capability to attack usa from their home grounds & sea

  • Snow- Den
    Snow- Den 7 days ago

    It would be better, North Korea vs The State of California, How could N. Korea win against the entire 50 staes of USA?

  • heaty007
    heaty007 7 days ago

    Ok white people. You having been fucking with weaker opponents all your lives. But you need to know that NK has the bomb. Nobody gives a fuck about an army when they have the bomb

  • Mike Abanto
    Mike Abanto 7 days ago

    America has corvettes, they're just called differently. Destroyer Escorts’t-the-US-Navy-ever-built-a-corvette-class-ship

  • Rob Petty
    Rob Petty 8 days ago

    I'll admit, I probably laughed more than I should've when I saw these comparisons!!!!

  • cd4a4f62
    cd4a4f62 8 days ago

    all this arrogance ,an yet remember rice farmers gave us a serious asskicking in the Vietnam war, becareful  what ya wish for...

  • Abigail
    Abigail 8 days ago

    I hope NK nukes America, if not i hope Iran and the middle east help NK

  • The Biggest Controversy

    what a waste of tax dollar

  • Ami Rifatiyaan
    Ami Rifatiyaan 9 days ago

    multiple rocket luncher...and self propelled armour is suck in usa

  • Robert Kitch
    Robert Kitch 9 days ago

    "What are numbers I pulled out of my ass? alex"

  • Masa Cuf
    Masa Cuf 9 days ago

    All of nk stuff is old

  • All kinds of gains
    All kinds of gains 9 days ago

    Nigga, imagine what the most top secret shit the US has up in area 51 or somewhere even more hidden. Sure, we'll get our butts molested but North Korea's butts will look like someone shredded a lasagna.

  • T Dbl
    T Dbl 9 days ago

    And what about the nukes?

  • Jessica Grey
    Jessica Grey 9 days ago +1

    Love from France... I hope my country will help USA to take out that asshole (KJU)... Americans are our friends... even if there was french bashing... May the Christian God bless USA

  • RigX_Drifter
    RigX_Drifter 9 days ago

    Half the Air Force could take them out single handed. 😂😂😂

  • Jon Stepanenkov
    Jon Stepanenkov 9 days ago

    Ay, they fucked.

  • LDub
    LDub 10 days ago

    I would be willing to bet a hand full of F22s could wipe out every last one of their aircraft

  • Joaquin Valdez
    Joaquin Valdez 10 days ago

    You know it is not quantity but quality, right? would be the biggest ass whipping since the Irak war. I hope Cheto resolves this before it is too late. Better a few thousand deaths there than millions here later

  • Anti Hate
    Anti Hate 10 days ago

    America is a cunt. Claim against Iraq: WMDs when there was no evidence. Leadership admits to having destroyed all WMD's, US tried to connect Iraq (Socialisyt Baath party) to 911 (Al-Qaeda, political "Islam" and Jihadist ideology). America 'keeps fucking with the Middle East and Americans wonder why there is terrorism in the world. Noth Korea ADMIT to having nukes and boast of nuking America!!! quote from US to North Korea "YOU ARE NOT OUR ENEMY". All i have to say is FUCK THE USA for their hypocrisy, lies, and wars and the murder of MILLIONS of innocent people all in the name of GREED.

  • joepic85
    joepic85 10 days ago

    Ya, so we have these things called aircraft carriers which carry fighter jets

  • debora silveira
    debora silveira 10 days ago

    AMERICA vs VIETNAM military power compare,everybody knows the score . You guys tell me what you think.

  • Lutor Verde
    Lutor Verde 11 days ago

    WE brazilians will save the world. we are going to send our politicians to destroy north korea and our off duty cops too.

  • Nick C
    Nick C 12 days ago

    a SINGLE B2 and its over

  • Reaper Master of Death

    North Korea is all ready for war but USA isn't but still if North Korea goes up against USA its a sure defeat for North Korea.....coz USA has the most strongest military, better ammunitions than north korea.....but USA will suffer great loss as N.K is ever ready for attack......

  • Mwr Gibb
    Mwr Gibb 13 days ago

    and the point of this is? why even have war?

  • No Narg Pictures Corporation

    how much to lease the ping pong tank?

  • Andy Werner
    Andy Werner 14 days ago

    all I know is that it wouldn't be a easy tasks ... for lots of reasons

  • Max Renaud
    Max Renaud 15 days ago

    operation North Korea freedom... with more Trump.

  • Jeff Debban
    Jeff Debban 16 days ago +1

    why is this up for debate? Our ICBM's and drones could bring the entire country to their knees without a single nuke or person.

  • Ali Akan
    Ali Akan 16 days ago


  • Joshua James
    Joshua James 17 days ago


  • KillingYou WithLogic
    KillingYou WithLogic 18 days ago

    The Biggest issue you say 950,000 NK troops but how many of them are willing soldiers and how many are forced also how many want to stay slaves to there poverty compared to the ones that want to stay a cut off recluse country NK has 950k troops but 850k of them don't want to be there there forced!!

  • Jery 00
    Jery 00 18 days ago

    I live in germany and think north korea does not even have a chance. Small dwarves...

  • RockFire101
    RockFire101 19 days ago

    Russia and China are starting to cut ties with North Korea, as even stated by the prime minister of china and president of Russia. So if North Korea attacks we will have many allies, maybe not Russia and China but many other

  • Miko Venger
    Miko Venger 20 days ago

    Its sufficient to make USA bleed, then the system will collapse. N Korea doesn't have to win, others will finish where they have ended. We just need N Korea to attack, it would be wonderfull to watch. Fuck USA, corrupt nation filled with shit

  • William Turner
    William Turner 22 days ago

    nk already gave USA a good ass kicking in the first Korean war

  • 11BMark
    11BMark 27 days ago

    Kim Jong fat head, justice is coming!

    • Realistic Views
      Realistic Views 15 days ago

      As you said , justice is coming to that Porky--Boy Juvenile Defiant Idiot ,
      but I strongly believe that if it breaks out between us and them , we won't be unscathed neither......even though they'll be worse off.

  • Alex Weiskopf
    Alex Weiskopf Month ago

    America is obviously the strongest country in the world. America is the best at everything.

  • Mr. Moseby
    Mr. Moseby Month ago

    "Mommy look at that army. It's so weird!" "David do not make fun of the disabled! North Korea can't help it"

    • Realistic Views
      Realistic Views 15 days ago


  • Robert Plummer
    Robert Plummer Month ago


  • Nicholas O'Keefe
    Nicholas O'Keefe Month ago

    But who would win?

  • WM George
    WM George Month ago

    Budget not even double the NYPD. lmao

  • Darren Currie
    Darren Currie Month ago

    They're just trying to stop the Zionists taking over , i hope anyone who attacks them gets their arses kicked .

  • Hannu Koistinen
    Hannu Koistinen Month ago

    Do you really think US will send all its power to North Korea?

  • Carat Carot17
    Carat Carot17 Month ago

    nk would be obliterated

  • hogman61mike
    hogman61mike Month ago


  • Huso Deinemutter
    Huso Deinemutter Month ago +1

    Go KOREA!!!!!!

    • Ashton Norman
      Ashton Norman 10 days ago

      Huso Deinemutter to hell they kill there own people you sand monkey.

  • daniel addis
    daniel addis Month ago

    zionist america must wiped from the face of the earth north korea is/will not treat to peace of the world.

  • icvvtc
    icvvtc Month ago

    you all that make that missiles submarines are near to suffer all the
    eternity in hell , if jesus God dont save you , the bad spiritis will
    take you down to there , the same way , and do not commit suicide or
    probably go there , john 3 18

  • Calle Svensson
    Calle Svensson Month ago

    most air wins

  • J Rez
    J Rez Month ago

    HAHAHA defense budget is the best when you see DPR have 7.5B which is like pocket change to the US budget at 581billion dollars.

  • In The Name Of Gaming Studios

    Not to mention we are superior in terms of skill and technology.

  • Snick32Gaming
    Snick32Gaming Month ago

    XD North Korea is such a dumb country, anyone could fuck them up.

  • Filip Nikolic
    Filip Nikolic Month ago

    North korea best korea win obviouselesly!

  • Mr Savage
    Mr Savage Month ago

    Today you just need Nuke the enemys out.. not infantry

  • Blidaru Stefan
    Blidaru Stefan Month ago

    ok so technically, Korea has a bigger army than us, because Us is huge and Kore is tiny.

  • Walter Strong
    Walter Strong Month ago

    NK has a MASSIVE number of artillery positioned on the DMZ border.  When the first shot is fired they'll open up on SK cities with all they've got.  That artillery would have to be the first target if we attack.

  • Aitor Andrew Simoniel Gutierrez

    nobody will win this war 'cause nobody would be able to survive it

  • pinguvell 13
    pinguvell 13 2 months ago

    N.Korea pleas dug up your rockets!

  • maria page
    maria page 2 months ago


    La ONU le ha inpuesto una infinidad de sanciones a Corea del Norte con el fin de ahogarla y matarla de hambre . Cada vez que este pais lanza un misil o hace estallar una bonba, se reune el Consejo de Seguridad, a peticion de Estados Unidos, para condenar siempre a Corea del Norte.
    Para condenar a Corea del Norte, la ONU no toma en cuenta que los Estados Unidos se la pasan haciendo ejercicios militares frente a las costas Norcoreanas desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial, aliados con Japon y Corea del Sur. La ONU no toma en cuenta que Corea del Norte nunca ha ido a Norteamerica a provocar a Estados Unidos. La ONU no toma en cuenta que es Estados Unidos quien se desplaza hacia la peninsula asiatica de Corea para intimidar al pais norteno.
    Si la ONU es lo que pretende ser, un conjunto de naciones, entonces ella deberia sancionar a Estados Unidos por ir a Asia a buscar problemas en latitudes que no le incumben. La ONU deberia imponerle las mismas sanciones a Estados Unidos como a Corea del Norte, si fuera verdad que Corea del Norte lo mereciera.
    Estados Unidos es la unica amenaza globar. Estados Unidos ha estado bombardeando a Siria, ataco a Afganistan, militariza el Mar de China asi como Europa del Este frente a las fronteras con Rusia. Estados Unidos es el unico pais que merece sanciones del Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU.
    Tal parece que la ONU no es ninguna ONU sino mas bien un instrumento que sirve solamente a los intereses de Estados Unidos.
    Estados Unidos nunca pidio permiso a la ONU para bombardear Siria ni Afganistan y la ONU no dijo nada. Estados Unidos militariza el Mar de China y la ONU no dice nada.
    La cobardia de China ha llegado al grado de exigirle a Corea del Norte que acate las resoluciones de la ONU, es decir, que se desarme, que renuncie a defenderse y que desaparezca para que Corea del Sur se extienda hacia Corea del Norte y los Gringos puedan ir a poner bases militares en lo que hoy es Corea del Norte, asi como lo hacen actualmente en Corea del Sur y en Japon. La cobardia de China no tiene limite.
    China deberia exigirle a Estados Unidos que se retire inmediatamente y sin condiciones del Mar de China, ya que la ONU no dice nada al respecto.
    Cualquier persona o pais tiene derecho a construir su defensa sin necesidad que haya una autoaridad que se lo permita o que se lo impida. Una autoridad puede impedirle a una persona portar una arma en la calle, pero no puede ni debe impedirle a alguien portar una arma y permitirle el porte de arma a otra persona. La ley debe aplicarse a todos por igual, no debe haber preferencias para nadie y la ONU le permite a Estados Unidos lanzar misiles, acumular miles de bombas nucleares amenazadoras y hacer ejercicios militares con intencion de invadir pequenos paises indefensos como Irak, Panama, Granada, Libia, Corea del Norte, etc.
    Si llega a estallar una guerra entre Estados Unidos y Corea del Norte, espero que esta ultima nacion lance un misil sobre Nueva York y pulverice la sede de la ONU.

  • Edward Soares
    Edward Soares 2 months ago

    People like to make those silly videos on YouTube comparing armed forces in numbers, as if military strength alone constituted any guarantee of a decisive victory. Any campaign is costly, both in resources and human lives, the invading army will always be in disadvantage, since they are the ones who must take the offensive and force a surrender on their enemy, whereas the attacked force will be in their home country and must simply defend itself long enough to reach a stalemate. An invasion campaign in modern warfare is incredibly complicated, military forces especially in the case of the United States are spread all across the globe, and if you think that would make things easier, you're dead wrong, that makes things INCREDIBLY difficult to manage. The logistics behind it, allocating huge amounts of resources and supplies to thousands of forces, each different in strength and needs, back and forth around the world... it's much more complicated than what numeric terms suggest. Not to mention the human consequences any military campaign implies on either side. There's no victory in war, not for those who fight it, and definitely not for those who manage to live through it. The only ones who gain anything are those who don't care for a human cost anyway, which exhausts any idealistic reason for war. Conflicts are bloody and don't solve anything, in fact, they only make things worse: waste valuable resources and destroy human lives, achieving nothing, except more conflict.

    ADITYA BORA 2 months ago +1



  • blue story
    blue story 2 months ago +1

    no one wants to eat your American junk food.

    • Ashton Norman
      Ashton Norman 10 days ago

      blue story nice comeback idiot. Says your fatass leader.

  • Central Intelligence Agency

    This is like a big brother(US) beating up his baby brother(NK). He(US) can decimate his brother(NK) but he won't because mom(China) and dad(Russia) are watching them.

  • George S. Patton
    George S. Patton 2 months ago

    It's like comparing a 4 year old girl to John Cena.

    • Realistic Views
      Realistic Views 15 days ago

      I don't think so , it is more precise + realistic of a comparison if you , sir , general George--S.--Patton , said it's like between the 4--yr--old Porky--Boy ( North--Korea ) and John Cena ( U.S.A. ).
      And with that statement , then most likely you wouldn't get arguments from anyone. If you do , it would be from the Libtarts--Anus--Licking on North Korea Porky--Boy.......

  • Charles Walker
    Charles Walker 2 months ago

    Every one look up how long America could survive against the world do it its 2 minutes long dooooo it

  • Edward Mynning
    Edward Mynning 2 months ago

    China,, Russia, would never want war with us right now, because of how rich everyone is getting.
    China is communist. yeah right..
    They are so capitalist they can't even see it!!

  • Edward Mynning
    Edward Mynning 2 months ago

    The Chinese and Russians do nothing to help them, a war between the two would be over faster than Desert Storm.
    And I highly doubt China would back them.
    the Chinese government knows North Korean government is nuts!!

  • Walk Khan
    Walk Khan 2 months ago

    best of luck North korea

  • Noe Berengena
    Noe Berengena 2 months ago

    Once that heavy metal stuff started at 1:45 I knew in my gut we'd be kicking some kimchi butt.

  • . 더빙러
    . 더빙러 2 months ago

    if kimjungyeon send up nuclear bomb to us, us will defeat

  • Sebastian Rogers
    Sebastian Rogers 2 months ago

    everyone on the planet needs to wake up... 50,000 years ago there was no countries and borders now just a bunch of idiots who dont know anything creating all these rules and regulations.

  • seo845
    seo845 2 months ago +1

    But now it's a nuclear war.

  • Dimitrije6500 :D
    Dimitrije6500 :D 2 months ago

    I'm sorry but according to the current stats NK has a larger army

  • Ryan Brock
    Ryan Brock 2 months ago

    The US is just waiting for NK to make the first move so any retaliation or invasion would be justifiable.

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