TOP 5 MEALS of 'Gordon Tries the Food' | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Eric Perez
    Eric Perez 7 months ago +13064

    I have a suggestion for a video:
    Top 5 Nino Moments

    • Tree
      Tree 1 day ago

      How the fuck does this have 12k likes?

    • The Realm Of The Geek
      The Realm Of The Geek 3 days ago

      Lol subscriber counts doesn't effect likes at all xD He/she got 12k likes because it was pinned by Kitchen Nightmares

    • Emin Koroglu
      Emin Koroglu 3 days ago

      Damn 12K likes!!!!

    • shelby3024
      shelby3024 4 days ago

      How did you get 12K likes with 12 subs?? That's a joke?

  • Kris Dey
    Kris Dey 2 hours ago


  • HeySalem
    HeySalem 6 hours ago

    Tatiana is a bitch

  • Kaylee Kat
    Kaylee Kat 6 hours ago

    What episode was number four and what season?

  • Code Name: KidsNextDoor

    genevieve told it alllll

  • Commander1228
    Commander1228 9 hours ago

    i love how nicely ramsey treats the servers

  • JacksonB 123
    JacksonB 123 12 hours ago

    The waitress in #2 is adorable lol

  • Carson CarCar
    Carson CarCar 19 hours ago +1

    Ramsey needs to stop being so picky

  • Eric Ness
    Eric Ness 20 hours ago

    5:02 How dare they put cheese on Italian seafood.

  • Nick Andolino
    Nick Andolino 1 day ago

    Genevieve is fucking THICC

  • IAmRolfie
    IAmRolfie 1 day ago


    I want him just to take the bite lmao..

  • Gabriel Alba
    Gabriel Alba 1 day ago

    Ok that pizza was pretty weak but as a new Yorker the grease is where it's at. That crust on the other hand was a travesty

  • Dr. Kevorkian
    Dr. Kevorkian 1 day ago

    Genevieve is so hot. got that kinky look, shy on the street, freak in the sheet

  • A. N. R.
    A. N. R. 1 day ago

    "It's like eating a patch of soaking wet grass after a cow shat all over it."

  • A. N. R.
    A. N. R. 1 day ago

    I cannot believe that guy ate that pizza that Ramsay sent back. I was truly split between laughing and being completely disgusted.

  • Rachel Chang
    Rachel Chang 1 day ago


  • Molly S
    Molly S 1 day ago

    When he's trying to fit the burger in his mouth 😂

  • Kyle Broflovski
    Kyle Broflovski 1 day ago

    i was pissed when i saw the shepherds pie. how do you mess up shepherds pie? thats gods gift to earth and you mess it up. shame on them.

  • Malcolm Mcdonald
    Malcolm Mcdonald 1 day ago

    Whats so bad with frozen food it's not wasting food?!

  • Hmlsc
    Hmlsc 2 days ago

    Tryna steal our pies?! They aren't even good cmon where's the sauce!!!!

  • IanLEAU
    IanLEAU 2 days ago

    How the fuck do you not serve Shepherds Pie hot? Every Shepherds Pie I've ever had (even from the dingiest bar/restaurants) are almost scorching hot!

  • Ornacia
    Ornacia 2 days ago

    I really don't like the way the waitress walked right past Alan at 15:21

  • Dj Mystery
    Dj Mystery 2 days ago

    Chef:"what's wrong with it"
    Woman: *turns head to her right* "its fucked" 10:08

  • redz
    redz 2 days ago

    gordon: is the ice cream frozen?
    waitress: yes
    gordon: fuck me..

  • Cletus daddy
    Cletus daddy 2 days ago

    I have always appreciated the fact he doesn't shoot the messenger. Not the waitresses fault.

  • Pandacake28
    Pandacake28 2 days ago +1

    OMG that burger is 40 bucks!!!???

  • Pandacake28
    Pandacake28 2 days ago +1

    "It's like eating a patch of soaking wet grass after a cow shat all over it." I'm Dying!!!

  • MrAdriano
    MrAdriano 2 days ago +1

    16:08 Is the waitress showing her nipple by accident or is it just me seeing things?

  • Darko Fist
    Darko Fist 2 days ago

    I'm also very proud of my meatballs

  • CosmosGaming
    CosmosGaming 2 days ago

    What kind of restaurant doesn't allow complaints to the chief? How the fuck will the food ever get better? Fucking retarded

  • Samarchy
    Samarchy 2 days ago

    Don't know what he's on about that pizza looked fucking awesome. I'm hungover af.

  • 666nataS
    666nataS 2 days ago

    snitches get stitches lol

  • Saviola Is God
    Saviola Is God 2 days ago

    You run a restaurant and you don't know the difference between a Shepard's pie and a Cottage pie😂

  • LadyS
    LadyS 2 days ago

    This is a classic pizza
    **camera zooms on pool of grease**

  • LadyS
    LadyS 3 days ago


  • HoavathStef | Geh hea!

    Mom's Spaghetti

  • Infinite Mixer
    Infinite Mixer 3 days ago

    Tatiana actually seems nice .... she looked after her cooks and wanted them to stay calm

  • Eldon Acain
    Eldon Acain 3 days ago

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  • PupperDoge
    PupperDoge 3 days ago

    ok im honestly surprised Chef Ramsay hasnt starved to death yet with how much food he turns down

  • quafeen
    quafeen 3 days ago

    Is it playing with fire to use a window punch as a stylus?

  • Hailey Armentrout
    Hailey Armentrout 3 days ago


  • jojo dashosh
    jojo dashosh 3 days ago

    Theres no pizza like a New York pizza.

  • jojo dashosh
    jojo dashosh 3 days ago

    I like how that one girl Tatiana i think was like Genevieve doesnt shut up and this and that, like hes gonna find problems anyway at least if she spills the beans he'll really know what hes looking at and why tf wouldnt you tell the chefs their foods shit chick didnt know what she was doing clearly

  • MrYosentire ¡0hSh1Zn1T!

    The fly did not like it either 😂😂😂

  • Jen Levine
    Jen Levine 3 days ago

    I always love how honest the waiters are when serving him. I have so much respect for these servers.

  • Tiến Phạm Xuân
    Tiến Phạm Xuân 3 days ago

    That Genevieve waitress 😂😂

  • A Random User
    A Random User 3 days ago

    This is basically it guys:

    Really bad and dreadful: an O.K

    Bad: quite good

    Not that bad: good+

    Quite nice: HELLA GOOD!!

    Liked it: Perfect!!!

  • Golden Nolan - Clash Royale Gaming

    Lol I am an Australian and that was definitly not an Australian meat pie, that looked hideous

  • cami
    cami 4 days ago

    who buys a burger for 39 dollars damn

  • MonsterMolecule
    MonsterMolecule 4 days ago

    GORDON: " It's oil, it's grease"ME: IT'S FREAKING PIZZA!!

    AJTHEBOLD 4 days ago

    Not even kids in Africa want to eat this

  • TheBritishPleb
    TheBritishPleb 4 days ago

    joke when chefs dont agree with ramseys cooking just cause they are mad lol, the guy is one of the best chefs in the world... how can he be wrong? xD

  • Rebecca Koshy
    Rebecca Koshy 4 days ago

    I like that he's never rude to the servers. He's really polite. A lot of people who are disappointed with their food usually take it out on the servers, when it's really not their fault.

  • Tarquin tatafu
    Tarquin tatafu 4 days ago

    Thats not an aussie pie aussie pies have gravy in the centre as well as beef mince and they're crunchy not that shit

  • DJ Kreisberg
    DJ Kreisberg 5 days ago


  • Adam Wolfe
    Adam Wolfe 5 days ago

    Watching Gordon trying to eat that cowboy burger 😂

  • Backin 2004
    Backin 2004 5 days ago

    "She doesn't know what the fuck she's saying"


  • Amber Moon
    Amber Moon 5 days ago

    unhinge the jaw! and swallow!

  • walter rodriguez
    walter rodriguez 5 days ago

    Fook it, I'm gana say it, that big ass pizza and cowboy burger looked delicious...

  • Damian Ortner
    Damian Ortner 5 days ago

    Is it a coincidence that I barfed a bit ij my mouth when thr sheperds pie came out
    Im not kidding

  • Hector Emm
    Hector Emm 5 days ago

    Tatiana: ohh he doesnt like the pizza
    Tatianas mom: no shit bitch

  • Luca2sexii
    Luca2sexii 5 days ago

    If this nigga want to see a kitchen nightmare he should hit a college kitchen.

  • Daniel Crompton
    Daniel Crompton 5 days ago

    A patch of wet grass after a cow shat all over it lol

  • Kohl van Bennekom
    Kohl van Bennekom 5 days ago

    I'm from Australia and if that's what they think our meat pies are they need to come down here so we can sort em out

  • Michael Cornman
    Michael Cornman 5 days ago

    Wow nobody takes responsibility

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 days ago

    that Australian meat pie can fuck off back to australia

  • Hildaleigh Serrano
    Hildaleigh Serrano 5 days ago

    I love watching these videos because of how funny they're yet i know If i were in there position I'd be crying my eyes out Gordon Ramsay roasted my food :0

  • Zoozoo
    Zoozoo 5 days ago

    7:03 isn't it undercooked ?
    Chef : I don't know ! 😂

  • Reggaeman YO
    Reggaeman YO 5 days ago

    I like the quote "But we were under a lot of stress". Sorry but you choose a profession that you should know is stressful as fuck...

  • Nimrod Vlogs
    Nimrod Vlogs 5 days ago

    My burGer, Oh My, My BurGer, Its Soooo Good

  • Vuxvo
    Vuxvo 5 days ago


  • Jermaine Race
    Jermaine Race 5 days ago

    Genevieve a cutie: 9/10 would hire.

  • Spike Spiegel
    Spike Spiegel 5 days ago

    "Fuck me.." Gordon Ramsay.

  • Jan Lakič
    Jan Lakič 5 days ago

    "That Australian pie can fuc* off back to Australia with plessure" I literally died when he said that

  • KingBranden
    KingBranden 5 days ago

    Why isn't anyone taking notes? it's not every day you have a talented chef there to give you advice.

    I swear these people let their pride interfere with their judgement.

  • marco.jr Aguilar
    marco.jr Aguilar 5 days ago

    The pizza at 11:50 looked lowkey good

  • Anthony Templeton
    Anthony Templeton 5 days ago

    Gordon Ransay is a hypocrite because at 17:38 he says he can't fit the burger into his mouth when he himself make a video on how to make a burger like that and it was just as big!!

  • Luthy
    Luthy 5 days ago

    "I am very proud of my meatballs, and for chef Ramsay to say it was a zero, it's very insulting..." lol

  • Eddie B.
    Eddie B. 5 days ago +1

    3:03 Same

  • Ajaws2414
    Ajaws2414 5 days ago

    The buns on he burgers are like the shittiest part for me you don't fuck up a bun

  • Chill Out!
    Chill Out! 5 days ago

    Should list the episodes these are from incase we want to watch the whole episode

  • Tumbling Sierra
    Tumbling Sierra 5 days ago

    Do not even try to put my country's name on that shitty pie, Australian Meat Pie he.
    My Ass

  • Veeti Virtanen
    Veeti Virtanen 5 days ago

    Beach stream craft pswvrv dare abroad daily rent readily friendship

  • SpikedSwords
    SpikedSwords 6 days ago

    this makes me ashamed to live in denver -_-

  • Titus Tecknickal
    Titus Tecknickal 6 days ago

    These people wonder why their restaurants are dying. They think their food is the best in the planet but they're in denial that it is sh*t. Some of these people could shat on a plate and think it's gold

  • Melon Headz
    Melon Headz 6 days ago

    Thank you my darling

  • Paprapple
    Paprapple 6 days ago

    i feel so bad for the owner at 19:30 ish where he was so happily confident about the pie and the chef just crushed his dreams

  • Paprapple
    Paprapple 6 days ago

    you always walk around saying "IM THE HEAD CHEFFF"

  • Marvin Aroban
    Marvin Aroban 6 days ago

    daniela had some nice pair of tits

  • Marvin Aroban
    Marvin Aroban 6 days ago

    soft, bland, dry, rubbery, fuck me

  • Endmai Sufring
    Endmai Sufring 6 days ago

    I wonder what gordon smells like.

  • Dainius Valiūnas
    Dainius Valiūnas 6 days ago

    I just noticed... at 5:09 you can actually hear him humming to the music that is playing in the video itself. Is it Gordon who is savage here or was it the editor of the video? :D Amazing.

    Edit: Seriously I watched it many times. I can't be the only one who hears him humming there :D

  • Rayyan khan
    Rayyan khan 6 days ago +2

    Kitchen nightmare, Excutive Chef is roasted

    Hotel Hell, Owner gets roasted

    while I can't even roast a chicken 😂

  • TheOneTheOnly W
    TheOneTheOnly W 6 days ago

    bitch at 6:12 is just that, a bitch. be glad you have an honest decent employee. I wouldn't go there cause she's a bitch, listen to your workers and customers hoe

  • Zackypooo
    Zackypooo 6 days ago


  • Grace Alba
    Grace Alba 6 days ago +1

    Anyonelse die watching Gordon trying to eat the cowboy burger!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Carson Carpio
    Carson Carpio 6 days ago

    R.I.P. Genevieve

    BLλZING STORM 6 days ago

    15:54 ''Wow. It's roar..''

  • Rocko paws
    Rocko paws 6 days ago

    Why is he so damn mean

  • Hussein Memphis
    Hussein Memphis 6 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey the type to judge how you cook your ramen.

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