TOP 5 MEALS of 'Gordon Tries the Food' | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Eric Perez
    Eric Perez 8 months ago +14372

    I have a suggestion for a video:
    Top 5 Nino Moments

    • PP7628
      PP7628 Day ago

      Many of these commenters are desperate for people like you to stop spamming bogus comments...

    • Maggi's Clips Of The Month
      Maggi's Clips Of The Month Day ago

      I have an Idea for a restaurant the" I am Nino" and Nino will personally come to every table with a greeting

    • Любовь Тимофеева
      Любовь Тимофеева 2 days ago

      💝💙 *Маny ȯf thеsе womėn ȧre dеsp̣ėrаtе*
      💝💙 *singlе mоms and mаrried wȯmеn*
      💝💙 *whо want tȯ gėt strаngеrs* .

      💝💙 *Мȧnу of thėsė womėn arė desp̣ėratė*
      💝💙 *singlė mоms ȧnd mȧrriеd wȯmеn*
      💝💙 *whȯ want tȯ get strangеrs* .

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    • Adam Leon
      Adam Leon 5 days ago

      Eric Perez
      They actually pinned this 😂😂😂

    • TheMinarus
      TheMinarus 10 days ago

      "This is a picture of me cleaning....Here is me washing the top of the roof, and the objects on top..." HAHAHAH

  • BLaZe Crimson
    BLaZe Crimson 35 minutes ago

    Gordon Ramsey has eaten everything. Literally everything. Doesn't have to be food

  • Kaitlyn Stewart
    Kaitlyn Stewart 54 minutes ago +1

    These people are so shocked that their food sucks and say that so many people love it but their restaurant is failing??

  • Rose France Dumont
    Rose France Dumont 2 hours ago

    3 j'ai envie de vomir adieu ! beur!

  • Rose France Dumont
    Rose France Dumont 2 hours ago

    2 merde!

  • Rose France Dumont
    Rose France Dumont 2 hours ago

    1 = beurk

  • Earls Log Capuchin
    Earls Log Capuchin 3 hours ago

    that "australian meat pie", as an aussie i take that pie as an insult, does not look at all like a meat pie...

  • Sam Johnstone
    Sam Johnstone 9 hours ago

    16:35 that's fucking disgusting, no excuses.

  • Sam Johnstone
    Sam Johnstone 10 hours ago

    Wow Trevor's a fucktruck.

  • Sam Johnstone
    Sam Johnstone 10 hours ago

    Genevieve is pretty cute, not gonna lie.

  • mitjo
    mitjo 10 hours ago

    gordon ramsay is a savage but i love how he's at least nice to the waiters

  • ej blitz
    ej blitz 16 hours ago

    No one loves your meatball.Not even your wife.

  • Cresela The jedi
    Cresela The jedi 16 hours ago

    Idiot sandwich 😂

  • Roxie's Recipes
    Roxie's Recipes 17 hours ago

    Jeez, the boss in the 2nd restaurant pissed me off so much

  • LuffyDAce2 X
    LuffyDAce2 X 20 hours ago

    You know what....after watching these video....i have some trust issue toward restaurant 😅

  • Browneeentertainment
    Browneeentertainment 21 hour ago

    i love how the waiters don’t take any of the blame

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise 21 hour ago

    Hello. My Name Isss NINOOOOO

  • dat boi
    dat boi 22 hours ago

    Trevor is a savage

  • LastOrangeman
    LastOrangeman 23 hours ago +2

    Wow that 2nd boss was a fucking bitch. Blames her waiter for her own mistakes

  • Ameen Moqbel
    Ameen Moqbel 23 hours ago +1

    Waitress at #4 keeps playing with her hair, that's fuckn disgusting

  • Joe T
    Joe T Day ago

    lol when the chef started taking a bite out of his own disgusting rejected pizza and was like "i'm hungry!"

  • quadrophrenic
    quadrophrenic Day ago

    that second one was the most scripted shit i've ever seen lol

  • Ciaran Mcintyre
    Ciaran Mcintyre Day ago

    the french onion soup looked so dreadfull id rather eat my own shit

  • Nate Landherr
    Nate Landherr Day ago

    Gordon, I love you, but.... Stop eating pizza with a fork

  • SimenGAME
    SimenGAME Day ago

    17:42 that is not how you hold a fucken burger

  • Maggi's Clips Of The Month

    I think what really is going on is that the food they serve is "average" and they make it in kind of a lazy fashion, but Gordon, for dramatic effects tries very hard to find some flaws he is ofc a TV star here. It has been found out that his own restaurants have used frozen foods from time to time, so.. you know..

    • Maggi's Clips Of The Month
      Maggi's Clips Of The Month Day ago

      Btw the denver pizza looks awesome, albeit a little doughy, i know i've worked in many pizza places.

  • Diva Da Goddess
    Diva Da Goddess 2 days ago

    What is she saying to Chef Ramsey? Lmao should be more worried about what you are serving him than what the waitress is saying.

  • Sybren broekmeulen
    Sybren broekmeulen 2 days ago

    I so like how waitresses talk so bad about the food behind the backs of the owners. Lmao

  • daniel cherry
    daniel cherry 2 days ago

    What episode is number 4 from?

  • Saif 403817
    Saif 403817 2 days ago

    I loved all the waitress's

  • lucaine may
    lucaine may 2 days ago

    Worst fucking pie I've ever seen 😂😂😂

  • Buckington Hassleshire

    What episode was #3

  • Misa
    Misa 2 days ago


  • DC news 2.0
    DC news 2.0 2 days ago

    "Whats wrong with it?" " it's fucked!" I'm doneeeeeeee hahaah

  • Shannon Kobayashi
    Shannon Kobayashi 2 days ago

    That waitress keeps touching her hair. Just Eeew.

  • Manch0vy
    Manch0vy 2 days ago

    You know it's got to be bad when they don't even put forth an effort for when Gordon shows up.

  • rapistSJW
    rapistSJW 2 days ago

    how can u fuck up a fucking sheppards pie??

  • Sorai K
    Sorai K 2 days ago

    Does anyone know what episode number 3 came from?

  • Furious Sanity
    Furious Sanity 2 days ago

    He calls it grease on pizza i call it pizza on grease

    ISHD ISHDINA 2 days ago

    Best moment 10:09 - whats wrong with it. - its fucked!!

  • ComicallyAJ
    ComicallyAJ 3 days ago

    But seriously, my mom makes better burgers than that crap.

  • peach tea-irl
    peach tea-irl 3 days ago +1

    14:24 "I have plenty of people and they love my meatball, I am very proud of my meatballs." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • castro sherwood
    castro sherwood 3 days ago

    That was the shittiest pie I've ever seen.

  • Shamus Bob
    Shamus Bob 3 days ago


  • Raffi Spitza
    Raffi Spitza 3 days ago +1

    I LOVE how he is nice to the waitresses that serve him (and how he jokes around with them)

    • Sybren broekmeulen
      Sybren broekmeulen 2 days ago

      Raffi Spitza indeed those are the best parts. Every waitre on the show also knows how bad it is😂

  • Jason Meschino
    Jason Meschino 3 days ago

    *Nuclear war starts and Gorodon stays in bunker"


  • Vahlen
    Vahlen 3 days ago

    Some of these scenes could turn me into a vegetarian....What the heck are they doing with the meat?

  • Paper Man
    Paper Man 4 days ago

    "He just hasn't had a real classic pizza yet"....... OK. That Gordon just isn't worldly enough. He needs to get out more. Try some real pizza.

  • iiTiny_RCPD
    iiTiny_RCPD 4 days ago

    "She doesn't know what to say" -Dat gurl
    The waiter knows her shit.... She's being honest.

  • iiTiny_RCPD
    iiTiny_RCPD 4 days ago

    The rich ones have the shitty foods.., Why the poor ones HAVE BETTER SHIT....

  • Bane
    Bane 4 days ago

    That giant pizza looked good af, tho

    • Brandon Andres
      Brandon Andres Day ago

      Bane I'd definitely eat it, I love food. But Ramsey is there to criticize and not to fill his stomach, so I respect that. :)

  • christian garrison
    christian garrison 4 days ago


  • pokepal1111
    pokepal1111 4 days ago

    11:35 she looks and sounds like she is practising for an audition to play as The Joker

  • Hector T
    Hector T 4 days ago

    Was he humming his ominous music during his meal??? 😂😂😂 omg hilarious

  • The Outsiders Fan14
    The Outsiders Fan14 4 days ago

    Hello my name is NINOOOOOOO

  • Peter Andersen
    Peter Andersen 5 days ago +1

    OMG the guy at 13:19 saying that Ramsey has never tasted a real pizza before, wtf that dude probably has never been outside the fucking US in his life^^ SO fucking ignorant these people from the US.

    • Jermy Carmichael
      Jermy Carmichael 6 minutes ago

      Peter Andersen get rekt dumbass

    • Mark S
      Mark S 5 hours ago

      Yes, the guy with the extremely thick non-american accent has probably never been outside the US. Impeccable logic there. Not only has he been outside the US, he was born in Europe (you know, that continent where you "can just drive for a few hours or hop on a plane for 2-3 hours and be in the country where those dishes originated from"). He immigrated to the US from Greece, so, it looks like you're the ignorant one.

      I swear, the hypocrisy of people like you never ceases to amaze me.

  • Peter Andersen
    Peter Andersen 5 days ago +1

    I think those guys in the US forget, that we here in Europe can just drive for a few hours or hop on a plane for 2-3 hours and be in the country where those dishes originated from, so good luck trying to trick us ^^

  • Journey to somewhere

    I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of these waiters get fired after they're finished filming

  • Frozen Gumwad
    Frozen Gumwad 5 days ago

    Here's a pattern all these morons have in common: They all love their own food. Too bad the customers hate it.

  • ☢ ƬƝƬƁOƳ-Ɗα-Ɓαωz ☢

    I mean you gotta love how they always have loads of people loving their food and no customers. Truly amazing.

  • Limited love
    Limited love 5 days ago +1

    He should try school food...

    I bet u he will die

  • Evil Kitsune
    Evil Kitsune 5 days ago

    what episode is the second one? i didn't see it on Hulu.

  • Idk Whatronamethis
    Idk Whatronamethis 5 days ago

    "I have plenty of people that love my meatballs,i am proud of my meatballs" if u know what i mean😏

  • Musaed Alrasheed
    Musaed Alrasheed 5 days ago

    to be honest, most of the meals were so fucking "soggy" and raw.. it's the pressure, cooking for Chef Ramsay, but still.. they were so bad.

  • Deloth
    Deloth 5 days ago

    "Frutte de mare"... Ma porco dio.

  • ¿S0US4H?
    ¿S0US4H? 5 days ago

    "Here'sh yourh shausaghe pitzzha" 11:22

  • Alan Plummer
    Alan Plummer 6 days ago

    Genevieve is the love of my life

  • oAbraksas
    oAbraksas 6 days ago

    name of episodeS?

  • Keyboard  Ninja
    Keyboard Ninja 6 days ago

    Tatiana just needs a good dickin'

  • niyla lovescigs
    niyla lovescigs 6 days ago

    Gordon ramsey at bobs burgers?

  • Molly O'Hara
    Molly O'Hara 6 days ago

    "The spaghetti is not glazed and is bland, the marinara is watery and the meatballs, you can taste they're frozen" "what's wrong?" "ITS FUCKED" always amuses me

  • Yo mama Yomama
    Yo mama Yomama 6 days ago

    He is so use to fancy food and million dollar steaks that he thinks that every bomb ass restaurant is nasty and (dreadful) 😂😂😂

  • Yo mama Yomama
    Yo mama Yomama 6 days ago

    I thi

  • Galacticpulse Gaming

    "Feel the dough its raw"
    **fingers are not even touching the dough yet**
    "OH WOW IT IS"

  • Galacticpulse Gaming

    I could make better food than this if I never had a limit of buying ingredients

    • Galacticpulse Gaming
      Galacticpulse Gaming 5 days ago

      Daulton Young true, when my mom make kalamari its rubbery

    • Daulton Young
      Daulton Young 5 days ago

      Galacticpulse Gaming To be fair, freezing seafood, which is what Ramsey hates most, is the biggest issue. The water freezes and ruins the texture and taste.

  • Kyoudou Maya
    Kyoudou Maya 6 days ago


  • Ghalib Babar
    Ghalib Babar 6 days ago

    i have plenty of people that love my meat balls ....WUT?

  • KaedeLanyo
    KaedeLanyo 6 days ago

    I think i understand why that "chef" in the second to last clip has a broken-ass nose, he's a prideful shit, but his cooking's the biggest piece of shit!

  • emachine310
    emachine310 6 days ago

    The cowboy burger reminds me of the first time i cooked my Eggplant Burger. I bought an eggplant that was too small so the slices were tiny. The meat was well over the edges and it difficult to eat... lol but, damn was it delicious

  • Kawaii_Sama
    Kawaii_Sama 6 days ago

    Who else would love that pizza crust? It made me hungry looking at it, maybe I don't have go tastes and would just eat anything but that Pizza looked good!

  • Nostalgia 2
    Nostalgia 2 6 days ago

    i dont usually comment abt things like this but i gotta say the waitress at 2 is pretty cute

  • Adrian Jeziorski
    Adrian Jeziorski 6 days ago

    The second to last one actually looked good. He was being too picky with how it looks. That pizza looks delicious I don't care about grease. The meatball hero looked amazing too

  • Adrian Jeziorski
    Adrian Jeziorski 6 days ago

    10:07 only normal worker from that episode: what's wrong with it? Owner: it's fucked. Only normal worker from that episode: *kills self*

  • Scarlett ttelracS
    Scarlett ttelracS 6 days ago


  • Chase
    Chase 6 days ago

    #4 Had the most amazing waitress. Jesus some of these waitress are fucking succulent.

  • EndlessFunctionality

    Turns to tatianna. She gives her an evil look and shakes her head like shes cruela de ville

  • VIII
    VIII 7 days ago +3

    As an Italian these videos are painful to watch

  • Apocalyptic Cow115
    Apocalyptic Cow115 7 days ago

    What episodes were these from?

  • Eleanor Maya
    Eleanor Maya 7 days ago

    Ramsay trying to eat that Cowboy Burger whole was pretty cute and funny. X3

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 7 days ago

    Gordon got mad at BREAD lol

  • Mewtwo420
    Mewtwo420 7 days ago


  • GadgetAndKite
    GadgetAndKite 7 days ago

    Wow, do us humans ever suffer from cognitive dissonance!

  • Thraitor
    Thraitor 8 days ago

    Why are all these guys so disilusioned and think they have good food and fucking microwave everything

  • eagle eye
    eagle eye 8 days ago

    14:25 'I have many people that love my meat balls.' lmfao!! xDD

  • that1guy
    that1guy 8 days ago

    These scallops are so rubbery if you glued 150 of them together they could be used as tires

  • Destercire Ultimatefan

    Compare this to Steve1989

    "Ewww that's disgusting..."
    Keeps eating ;)

  • Shendue
    Shendue 8 days ago

    LOL "Frutte de mare". Even the menu is miswritten.

  • tyrroo
    tyrroo 8 days ago +1

    I think that sausage pizza looks delicious af! Who's with me?

    • j p
      j p 14 hours ago

      you can see the fucking grease bubbling on the pizza

    • Gordon Ramsay
      Gordon Ramsay 5 days ago

      tyrroo No its greasy I rather eat homemade food

  • Liam Bros
    Liam Bros 8 days ago

    This dough is so doughy.

    Gordon Ramsay-

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