Dark Phoenix 2018 - Jessica Chastain - Beyond The Trailer

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  • A Stafford
    A Stafford 2 days ago

    Why such hate for Jessica Chastain?? I really don't get it, she's such a classy ginger! Her agent just sucks.

  • Steven Turner
    Steven Turner 12 days ago

    I want this to be good but my like why do we need magneto and mystique in this they have smithing to do with the Phoenix😟 this should be about Sophie turner

  • Mark Murex
    Mark Murex 21 day ago

    I'm sad. This should be the best X-Men movie, but it looks like it will suck.

  • antychan
    antychan 24 days ago

    Oh, Grace. You are so competent and yet I unfollowed your channel because these days, you sound like you belong to Men Going Their Own Way, assuring your fellow members and anybody else uneasy with women or minorities that they need not be scared by a creative work (certainly not by Wonder Woman when its first half hour takes place on an island of only women and yet, the movie barely passes the Bechdel test) or by people (women, African Americans...) explicitly expressing an attitude. But it's alright to be pissed off when faced with inequality. You don't need to be "fun" about it. You don't need to hide it behind a "Smile!" (as they like to tell girls). And you certainly don't need to produce a creative work without an "agenda" to please those who are reactionary. To quote Toni Morrison: "Anybody can make up a story. All good art is political! And the ones that try hard not to be political are political by saying, ‘We love the status quo.’"

  • Maarten van Die
    Maarten van Die 24 days ago

    Grace, Lilandra isn't an ally in The Dark Phoenix Saga!
    She wanted to kill Jean and with that the Phoenix Force.

  • Dustin Boland
    Dustin Boland 26 days ago

    I'd love a movie set in the future with the OG cast - bring back Halle berry, famke jansen, Rebecca romijn, Alan cumming, Kelsey grammer, Ian mckellan, Ellen page. With X-Men there is no limit to what you can do. But I agree with the majority that I don't care for Lawrence as mystique.

  • crhartilsitfifan
    crhartilsitfifan 28 days ago

    BRING Rebecca Romijn BACK

  • Lana Del Taco
    Lana Del Taco 28 days ago

    Bye Poison Ivy

  • David
    David Month ago

    WOW! this was cool... if this is true i can wait, I Love phoenix! and all the Female X-Men.

  • Dr. Matthew Hertert

    Woah! SJFGrace hates a strong woman? Because she's a strong woman? wut?

  • joneshugh
    joneshugh Month ago

    Imperial guard = LofS

  • Dr Zaius
    Dr Zaius Month ago

    It will suck. And if I must explain, you'll never understand. Fox does not understand the franchise and only sees them as a cash cow. Throw some expensive cosplayers up on screen and hope for the best. People want cosmic? We'll shoe horn in Lilandra. And because nobody is asking for another Dark Phoenix movie, we're gonna make another Dark Phoenix movie. Just stop it Fox! Make a deal with Marvel Studios, do a hard reboot and bring the characters into the MCU. Make bling! Because that's all you really wanted in the first place.

  • Maarten van Die
    Maarten van Die Month ago

    I get that some people don't like Jennifer Lawrence.
    But she does NOT write the script!
    The writers should give her an amazing action sequence!
    And for the hate, what has she done to deserve that?
    I am sure that you all have done stupid things!

  • J Christopher
    J Christopher Month ago

    Jennifer Lawrence only wants to make money and could give a shit how terrible she is in the movie!!

  • Mike Johns
    Mike Johns Month ago

    I hope gladiator is in this!!!!

  • Richie Manuta
    Richie Manuta Month ago +1

    WAIT!!!! Fox have their filthy claws in the shi'ar empire. FUCK!!!!!!! Oh God please don't tell me the imperial gaurd belong to Fox too Oh God please Noooo!!!!😲😲😲😩😩😩😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Jack Dennis
    Jack Dennis Month ago

    I think Simon Kinberg is an interesting choice and we won't know if it's a generic choice until we see the movie. For all we know he could be the next Steven Spielberg.

  • Kosh Naranek
    Kosh Naranek Month ago

    I'm a fan of katniss. I never liked her as mystique.

  • Hidden Storm
    Hidden Storm Month ago

    Not seeing forward to this movie because of mentioned reasons also not a fan of Jessica

  • James Avila
    James Avila Month ago

    I'm keeping my expectations low. It's sad to see my favorite marvel comic team go down the toilet. The Phoenix Saga is a big undertaking and I hope they capture what Disney marvel universe is doing. Be kind to the creators in its authenticity.

  • Manuel David Rendon Acevedo

    I'm fucking excited to see Jennifer Lawrence again as Mystique, done

  • L.A.B ART
    L.A.B ART Month ago

    5:36 - 5:39 my mind couldn't help but run wild lol I See You Grace!

  • hluvuko mabasa
    hluvuko mabasa Month ago

    Beееуyyyoоoond hd mооvie hеееrеeе => twitter.com/ba8896cf22da9c191/status/824452619267567616

  • alanch90
    alanch90 2 months ago

    So if she has an extremist personality, could make for a good Poison Ivy

    NATsoHIGH H 2 months ago

    if Jennifer puts in that piss poor (I can't be arsed) attitude to her Mystique character like in Apocalypse, then she needs to go

  • Down The Plot Hole
    Down The Plot Hole 2 months ago +1

    I was hoping after Apocalypse and Logan, they'd do a reboot of the X-Men franchise. It's in such a mess at the moment, continuity-wise, and I'm sick of Jennifer Lawrence. Even at the best of times she's an average, generic actress. You could tell she didn't want to be there in Apocalypse.

  • JonnyCashh
    JonnyCashh 2 months ago

    Xmen will never be great............well scratch that.....xmen first class was great....but it ended there..........this franchise needs better actors

  • snakebitgoat
    snakebitgoat 2 months ago +1

    Jessica Chastain reminds me of my estranged sister. I can totally see why you don't like her. Oddly she's like Bizzaro my sister appearance wise lol.

  • M PG
    M PG 2 months ago

    Jessica Chastain is a seriously talented actress. Who cares what you think about her politics and personality! Silly video.

    ROGEN PARAMIO 2 months ago

    2 many comments either bad or good it means it would be a big hit, congrats in advance

  • Bryan gee
    Bryan gee 2 months ago +1

    who watching this in bed

  • benjovi55
    benjovi55 2 months ago

    I love your analyses of sci fi movie trends.

  • Harpie Elitist
    Harpie Elitist 2 months ago

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  • Harpie Elitist
    Harpie Elitist 2 months ago

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  • Harpie Elitist
    Harpie Elitist 2 months ago

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  • GuitarGuruTim
    GuitarGuruTim 2 months ago

    So much Jessica Chastain bashing. Can you imagine if a dude did it? Oh the cries of "sexism" that would commence!! <3

  • Harpie Elitist
    Harpie Elitist 2 months ago

    I touched raven as a minor n now she not want no men don't touch the bitchesss dik lick n yo treated like a guy yo the one to boast men win beggin a lay come on u suk dik beat up u get that accomplished good luck

  • Harpie Elitist
    Harpie Elitist 2 months ago

    her ex all faggle u gave another man blow doesn't that mean by definition I'm nott a ho okay

  • Harpie Elitist
    Harpie Elitist 2 months ago

    blooooooooooooooooooooowww I told u they support the stall lilandra can hit or miss dependin on her supportin cast d'ken n deathbird are must n her guardians cause I don't kno lilandra in literature y is raven never playable they almost always  give some1 else the pistol her exxxx whos team r they on yo not there bro

  • Keith Burns
    Keith Burns 2 months ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if they make Mystique the Dark Phoenix...I'm done with this franchise.

  • Jacqueline Lane
    Jacqueline Lane 2 months ago

    seriously Grace stop shitty on all these great female actresses. first Rooney and now Jessica. Both 2 x oscar nominee (Jessica won a Golden Globe for 0 Dark 30) and both have been in movies that have been nominated for Oscars. its up their with your hate for J-Law. you dont shit on the male actors as much as you do the women. reverses feminization maybe? But seriously stop it. i love Jessica. shes one of the best actresses gone round. maybe her movies arent your style cos u love comic books so much but some of us who like the smaller movies actually these womens work. So just take it back a a notch with your dislike. it off putting for those who like their other work! 😠😠😠

  • conner fehrenbach
    conner fehrenbach 2 months ago

    where can i buy your 'Supurbia' comic it looks like something I would be interested in.

  • Ilijas Avdic
    Ilijas Avdic 2 months ago

    fuck the imperial guards, i want gladiator

  • anthony maloney
    anthony maloney 2 months ago

    The quicker this flops the better. So they can do a proper full reboot of the x-men films incorporating them into the MCU.

  • heber soto gonzalez
    heber soto gonzalez 2 months ago

    I can't wait to watch the movie I love the comic of the dark phoenix saga and as well the character

  • Chris Ferreira
    Chris Ferreira 2 months ago

    Actually Cable is the son of Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey's clone) and Scott Summers that's why his existence is kind of problematic. I thought Jessica Chastain was gonna play her, in my opinion it would have been a better character to adapt.

  • Urban King
    Urban King 2 months ago

    Jennifer Lawrence demanding more more money?! I don't even want her in the X-men franchize period...

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 2 months ago

    Great video!

  • ShnNar1000x
    ShnNar1000x 2 months ago

    I'm afraid that Mystique is just a drain on the X-Men movies now. Mystique is just unnecessary and a plot-suck. This film should focus on Jean and the circumstances around her, not shoe-horning in unnecessary stuff on Mystique.

  • Felipe Vargas Pineda
    Felipe Vargas Pineda 2 months ago

    I love you Grace!

  • Joel Sam
    Joel Sam 2 months ago

    what about cyclops????

  • Mekhi Prinze Harrison
    Mekhi Prinze Harrison 2 months ago

    I WILL NOT BEING SEEING THIS MOVIE....nor will I be seeing Tomb Raider...

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B 2 months ago

    This is the first time i disagree with grace

  • HabituallyObsessed
    HabituallyObsessed 2 months ago +1

    Eat my shit, Grace.

  • Luke C.
    Luke C. 2 months ago +1

    Sorry but even me the most phoenix enthused fan boy doesn't want to see this with Mystique and magneto thrown in the mix... the day my hope for x-men actually died

  • Mezmerized4Life Jay
    Mezmerized4Life Jay 2 months ago

    Im so freaking tired of Jennifer L, i just can't even believe it smh. Just go away and leave X-Men please.

  • Gerard Monroe
    Gerard Monroe 2 months ago

    I'll never forget watching the X-Men Phoenix Saga on Fox Kids & seeing Gladiator single handed throw Juggernaut across the ocean. Didn't imagine one day I would see the Shi'ar Empire represented on screen. My personal opinion is they should have did a hard reboot after Days of Future Past, but anyway.

  • Naiv 69
    Naiv 69 2 months ago

    apocalypse was such a disappointment, i hope this one is better

  • Edward Green
    Edward Green 2 months ago

    this is a chance for fox to take the xmen intergalactic, lets hope they dont muck it up.

  • Tom Powers
    Tom Powers 2 months ago


  • Henry V
    Henry V 2 months ago +1


  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    blonde Katniss? more like BLAND Katniss....

  • Countfoscolikesmice
    Countfoscolikesmice 2 months ago

    Bryan Singer knows the X-men franchise well?

  • Dai 大
    Dai 大 2 months ago

    Lawrence thought she was too god for an xmen movie.. I bet she can't get a job on another role after her latest space movie (which wasn't very good)

  • JDM Horror
    JDM Horror 2 months ago

    Jessica Chastain is the reason people, including me, think 3rd wave feminism is cancer.

  • llcruize
    llcruize 2 months ago

    I think Singer fully understands the pathos and mythos of superheroes. I don't think there is any question about it. But as evidenced by the first X-Men film and Superman Returns, he struggles mightily with the action. I absolutely loved his take on Supes, but readily can admit Returns suffers from not being "Super" enough. I think had he been able to do another one, Returns would be seen more favorably today, but as is, it has nothing to help support it, unlike the original X-Men film which Singer was able to come back in United and build more action. I think he has learned from his Supes experience as evidenced by Days and Apocalypse, so I say bring him in and do more.

  • virtualee2000
    virtualee2000 2 months ago

    This movie has been gifted to Kinberg. It's one of those careless Hollywood favours after years of 'mixed bag' service. Ironic this is the same storyline as the one Brett Ratner screwed up in X-Men 3. It was the biggest film he was ever given to direct and it was a stinker.

    • llcruize
      llcruize 2 months ago

      I am by no means a Ratner apologist, but when it comes to Final Stand, he was brought in at the 11th hour and told to shoot what they had in place. Any faults of the film story-wise and preproduction fall on the studio itself. His biggest creative input was how the film was shot and from that stand point, it is one of the best action-centric of the franchise. Like I said, he can put out a disappointment like anyone else (Rush Hour 3 comes to mind), but he gets a lot of the blame for Final Stand when his input to that film was minimal beyond shooting it.

  • Jonny P
    Jonny P 2 months ago

    I adore both Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain both wonderful actresses and both deserve more praise can't wait to see this next film :), also i'm so glad the main cast of the previous x-men origin films are coming back...YES!

  • General Zod
    General Zod 2 months ago

    If Charles and Magneto don't start to show their age in this movie I don't know how I'll be able to take them seriously.

  • Cassandra
    Cassandra 2 months ago

    As soon as you stated "Jennifer Lawrence is returning" I just said ugh and lost all interest in the movie

  • su lu
    su lu 2 months ago +1

    WTF....Jennifer Lawrence is returning?WHY?!!!God dammit!!!!

  • Zazen Zach
    Zazen Zach 2 months ago

    Luc Besson's Dark Pheonix... my mind just asploded

  • The Real Lindsay
    The Real Lindsay 2 months ago

    Jessica Chastain may be a good actress, but she is one of the most off putting actresses out there because of her extremism, at points. People who defend her need to realize that there is a difference between siding with something you believe in and being an activist who happens to be a actress.

  • Joseph Bianco
    Joseph Bianco 2 months ago

    I love watching stuff like this.. I would love to have a tea party with you and just go back and forth about topics.. sometimes when you say things and I agree or disagree.. I find myself talking back as of you can hear and see me lmao.. big fan🖤🖤

  • popeye697
    popeye697 2 months ago

    Cable is Madalyn Pryor and Scott Summers daughter, not Jean Grey. I know genetically, there's no difference because Madalyn is Jean's clone, but it's still important. D'Ken probably won't be in this because it is too much for one movie

  • ScorpiousDelectus
    ScorpiousDelectus 2 months ago +1

    Grace, can you please stop hating on women who speak up about equality industries in the film industry? It's really starting to grate.

  • leocmen
    leocmen 2 months ago +1

    +Beyond The Trailer C'mon Grace... Please do not be so keen against Jessica...

  • Max Halle-Podell
    Max Halle-Podell 2 months ago

    this is a bad idea and will, at it's best, be another generic comic book movie that is neither good nor bad but simply there

  • King Blandon
    King Blandon 2 months ago

    Jean Grey is by far my favorite character and I'm scared now that JLaw is returning, not enough focus will be on Jean. My expectations are now low, and it's disheartening.

  • Oscar X
    Oscar X 2 months ago +1

    the Phoenix saga + the dark Phoenix saga is a long and amaizing story that can not be in just one movie, if they do, it will be trash. Should they make a trilogy??

    • King Blandon
      King Blandon 2 months ago

      Oscar X yeah, just like the comic.

    • Oscar X
      Oscar X 2 months ago

      King Blandon yes, in the first part the XMen can help Lilandra to fight her brother and save the Mkraan crystal

    • King Blandon
      King Blandon 2 months ago

      Oscar X I think a trilogy is the only way to actually do a good job with it. Spend some time with Jean as Phoenix, then have her corrupted by the hellfire club, finally the X-Men fight dark Phoenix is space with the Shi'ar.

  • Dea Divi
    Dea Divi 2 months ago +1

    why would say chastin ruins everything she touches? get off your dumb horse about that. get your opinion out of thete. 😐

  • Aodhan Moria O'Hara
    Aodhan Moria O'Hara 2 months ago

    "Really Roll with it..." Wow thats harsh Grace😂

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones 2 months ago

    Directly competing with Guardians of the Galaxy and losing.

  • Michael Mc
    Michael Mc 2 months ago

    I'd like to know grace's thoughts on Sophie Taylor as jean grey. Not sure she is right for the role.

  • marco39120
    marco39120 2 months ago

    Actually, Cable is the son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey. Common mistake

  • Chris B
    Chris B 2 months ago +1

    Randolph v Chastain: Dawn of Criticism

  • keekeebooks
    keekeebooks 2 months ago

    Jessica chastain is good actress but I to have the same problem with her on outspoken on some things her comments on the martian wes ridditulous😛

  • Jordan Tate
    Jordan Tate 2 months ago +1

    Jessica Chastain openly criticised female treatment in media and thats a reason to dislike her? Is she supposed to address these very real issues with a smile and a laugh? You're dislike for her seems very unwarranted. As for her 'jumping on bandwagons' so does half of Hollywood. Why is it only shocking for her to do so?

  • Stone Cold
    Stone Cold 2 months ago

    This movie will suck big time. Jessica Chastain sux, J-law only do it for the money and Sophie Turner isnt just good enough actriss and charismatic enough to carry the lead as Jean Grey. I know its probably not possible but imagine Margot Robbie as Jean Grey instead. Harley Quinn in dc universe and Jean Grey in Marvel universe, that would be awesome,hehe.

  • Syntox
    Syntox 2 months ago

    Dark Phoenix is going to be a shitty disaster.

  • Syntox
    Syntox 2 months ago

    Damn, Grace really loves her some Jessica Chastain.

  • SarinChoko
    SarinChoko 2 months ago

    How can actresses make a difference in the industry without speaking about the actual problem?? I'm just curious, please do not attack me.

  • samuraigundam0079
    samuraigundam0079 2 months ago

    I don't think he did a good job with the last installment. Apocalypse wasn't nearly as menacing as he should have been. That Apocalypse may actually be dead throws the entire Cable and Bishop storylines into a bad place.

    You can't have Cable, Bishop, and Stryfe, without a future ruled by Apocalypse.

  • Mickey Makpolo
    Mickey Makpolo 2 months ago

    You think the Brian Singer X-Men films were good? And you're a comic book fan? I would love to see you have this conversation with Comic Book Girl 19.

  • Elsa Grey
    Elsa Grey 2 months ago

    interesting story, but bad casting...

  • Chandler Ingram
    Chandler Ingram 2 months ago

    I never understand why people don't want ones with no experience to do work, how else are they supposed to get experience of you don't want them to work. I'm happy for Simon Kinberg and can't wait to see this movie.

  • anna
    anna 2 months ago

    Grace I love you girl, but Jessica is the new Meryl, she can play anything, I just adore her. I wanted her as Poison Ivy, but I'll take anything superhero with Jessica in it and I'll love it.

  • Kimberlee Cory
    Kimberlee Cory 2 months ago

    I don't see Jessica Chastain as a comic book actress, Famke Janssen is always going to be Phoenix to me. I'm also not a big fan of Jessica Chastain... something I can't put my finger on annoys me about her (I did like her in Lawless)...

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