Megan's Night Out with Her Mates | Teen Mum (Season 1) | MTV

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  • Samantha Rausch
    Samantha Rausch 5 days ago

    Love this show

  • Sarah Rosenau
    Sarah Rosenau 7 days ago +3

    oh god....cover them boobies its alil too much...clevage is cute but not the whole titty wtf 😂

    • Samantha Rausch
      Samantha Rausch 5 days ago

      Sarah Rosenau exactly like I'm 100% into women's tats but that's just too much and there's no mystery to it.

  • Alyssa Andrews
    Alyssa Andrews 7 days ago +1

    just because it's your birthday or whatever doesn't mean it's your day to dress like that like your boobs are hanging out ... you're a mother act like one. you can go out and everything but dressing like that seriously I think we might have another wannabe Farrah

  • HL
    HL 7 days ago +3

    Isn't this series just MTV's copy of BBC's Underage & Pregnant?

  • Sharky Splash
    Sharky Splash 7 days ago +1

    Why r they replaying season one all over. Again

  • Star Non
    Star Non 7 days ago

    Is she Gonna make a porno to

  • EveMarie Rios
    EveMarie Rios 7 days ago +4

    We need Teen Wulf 😂😂 !! instead of Teen Mum 😂😂😂

  • Heathersbonnybows
    Heathersbonnybows 7 days ago +14

    What is she wearing🙈

    • Heathersbonnybows
      Heathersbonnybows 6 days ago

      Mariela 100% she deserves a night out but she doesn't need to dress like shes looking to get some

    • Mariela
      Mariela 7 days ago

      Heathersbonnybows that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve to have a good time for a few hours, don't be so judgmental of others.

    • Heathersbonnybows
      Heathersbonnybows 7 days ago

      Mariela shes looks like a slag! Shes 18 years old with a boyfriend and a baby and she out with her mother

    • Mariela
      Mariela 7 days ago

      Heathersbonnybows a jumpsuit. she's looks beautiful

  • Paul Decka
    Paul Decka 7 days ago +2

    Hahaha this so funny

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