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  • Can you hold your laugh while watching these clips? :) Mix of best and funniest animal & human fails. We bet you will lose this laugh challenge. Anyways, what is your favorite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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  • malen0218
    malen0218 30 minutes ago

    i tried not to laugh. but they're so funny. and i love cats :)

  • Gabriela Benitez
    Gabriela Benitez 34 minutes ago

    6:52 WTFFF hahahhahhaha, thanks for make us laugh !

  • Milan Goranovic
    Milan Goranovic 1 hour ago

    Best moment is at 0:40, very funny

  • Edynson Fernandez
    Edynson Fernandez 1 hour ago

    jajajjaja es muy gracioso me hizo reir mucho

  • BAC 2018
    BAC 2018 1 hour ago

    Hahahah So funny

  • Ricky Saputra
    Ricky Saputra 1 hour ago

    These videos are very entertaining. I like to watch funny videos on my free time.

  • HellXIII
    HellXIII 1 hour ago

    The kid that fell and the drummer were the best. xD

  • Robert Gmajnić
    Robert Gmajnić 1 hour ago

    Awesome video, I couldn't stop laughing

  • Onur Ibryam
    Onur Ibryam 1 hour ago

    lol this video made my day :D

  • Faruk Khan
    Faruk Khan 1 hour ago

    nice and amazing funny clips.. it's cute cat I like this cat...thanks for share... :) ;)

  • BoomBoomBaby
    BoomBoomBaby 1 hour ago

    Hi all,this is a nice funny clips compilation! I love animals videos, they are very sweet and cute ... they make me laugh a lot, thanks for sharing this video.

  • I01YT
    I01YT 1 hour ago

    Amazing video bro,best regards :)

  • George Sioukiouroglou

    He says funny animal fails and the first thing he puts is a black guy

  • Shuvashish paul
    Shuvashish paul 2 hours ago

    the video is awesome

  • World of Information

    i really love this video it's super funny hahaha i can't stop laughing plz upload more videos

  • Black and White
    Black and White 2 hours ago

    My stomach now hurts out laughing .. Keep the job UP!

  • Kenneth Wiedemeier
    Kenneth Wiedemeier 3 hours ago

    tiger production, your stuff is usually so/so. add to that ripping of others videos.
    however you thinking the girl possibly breaking her neck is funny? new level of low even for you.

  • Niresh Perera
    Niresh Perera 7 hours ago

    It was not funny

  • Malik Afzal
    Malik Afzal 7 hours ago

    fg..m QQtR G

  • Stephanie Jackson
    Stephanie Jackson 7 hours ago


  • Elyana Oglesby
    Elyana Oglesby 7 hours ago

    this was not funny at all 😠😠

  • Markita Xo
    Markita Xo 10 hours ago

    It was funny in the beginning

  • Dulce Mendoza
    Dulce Mendoza 11 hours ago

    I cant stop lol

  • Nikki Brinkley
    Nikki Brinkley 12 hours ago

    find the difference

  • Bronx Lover Boy
    Bronx Lover Boy 23 hours ago

    2:20 Dude was not playing games, almost poke his sibling's eye out

  • Catharine Arnold
    Catharine Arnold 1 day ago


  • Cynthia conway
    Cynthia conway 1 day ago

    Very good

  • Devi Baskaran
    Devi Baskaran 1 day ago

    super channel

  • Devi Baskaran
    Devi Baskaran 1 day ago

    i subcribe

  • Anna th
    Anna th 1 day ago

    Cats are gay

  • ej gonzaga
    ej gonzaga 1 day ago


  • Arny Steinwand
    Arny Steinwand 1 day ago

    I did not laugh

  • Chris Gomez
    Chris Gomez 1 day ago

    2:13 was laughing my ass off

  • DeathCh!kken Tilley

    Wow couldn't stop laughing guy throws ball into hoop, dog jumps out of car... this channel is shit

  • EightDirectorGames

    music sucks

  • Tiffany Owens
    Tiffany Owens 1 day ago

    not funny at all

  • Janice Gibbons
    Janice Gibbons 1 day ago

    Dog in outfit playing golf looked terrified, poor wee dog, probably been battered. I want to punch the person frightening the wee monkey. VERY CRUEL. NOT FUNNY.

  • caitlyn Marie
    caitlyn Marie 1 day ago

  • simers filmers
    simers filmers 1 day ago

    tira essas músicas de fundo cara

  • Sarah Khaled
    Sarah Khaled 1 day ago

    Not funny

  • rich5817
    rich5817 1 day ago

    6;20 was wrong very wrong

  • Jen S
    Jen S 1 day ago

    LoL love it

  • Vast Horizon
    Vast Horizon 1 day ago

    1:40 poor kid he never had the chance to not be a faggot

  • Kelly Bradford
    Kelly Bradford 1 day ago

    on this video you cant help but laugh

  • Kelly Bradford
    Kelly Bradford 1 day ago

    I loved and injoyed this try not to laugh video it was awesome and funny

  • Gabriel Brown
    Gabriel Brown 1 day ago


  • Sugarshack24
    Sugarshack24 1 day ago

    not funny... some cute ones though

  • Slammer
    Slammer 1 day ago

    i dont l ike the cat sx a t th4e enmd

  • ayalaherlinda100
    ayalaherlinda100 1 day ago


  • Agoes Occe
    Agoes Occe 1 day ago

    1:35 👏👏👏

  • Bonnie Fazbear
    Bonnie Fazbear 1 day ago

    I couldn't stop laughing but I never did start laughing

  • Adam Smith Illustrator

    People getting hurt is not funny, you're just a jerk

  • Scrub Chan
    Scrub Chan 2 days ago

    Only thing i laughed at was the title

  • Kitty Puppy gaming
    Kitty Puppy gaming 2 days ago

    A nut for a jar of tuna

    Read that backwards

    It's the same

  • Ali
    Ali 2 days ago


  • Gael Cruz
    Gael Cruz 2 days ago

    if the video was called "if you were bored you lose"i lose

  • Kawaii Kitty
    Kawaii Kitty 2 days ago

    I only watching because if you laugh I loose weight

  • Gamer XD64
    Gamer XD64 2 days ago


  • Tomi Åke
    Tomi Åke 2 days ago

    I stopped laughing right after i started this video.

  • AndrewFreyitup
    AndrewFreyitup 2 days ago

    The music makes it suck

  • Joe Unpingco
    Joe Unpingco 2 days ago

    And she never returned

  • Mr X
    Mr X 2 days ago

    where is the video of the cat standing on its back legs ?????????
    Click Bait

  • Travis Gordon
    Travis Gordon 2 days ago

    not so funny but just a littel

  • Jonteee 123
    Jonteee 123 2 days ago

    aids music

  • mrva1957
    mrva1957 2 days ago

    funny ?

  • We Own The Night
    We Own The Night 2 days ago

    if you watch at 08:14 you can see all these cats eating some breakfast. then when the camera moves back you can see some kitten eating mommy's ass....

    SHANMAN35 2 days ago


  • XO Julia OX
    XO Julia OX 2 days ago

    What do you think this means weirdo !? *shocked face*

  • Le Furalicious
    Le Furalicious 2 days ago

    the one with the deer and baby was so cute

  • Thejus Krishna
    Thejus Krishna 2 days ago

    its very hard to laugh when people gets hurt

  • Lina Rocks
    Lina Rocks 2 days ago

    (the one why the cat pushed the boy in the water)
    boy: oh no my ball
    Adult: oh no
    cat: *jumps* *pushes* there u go

  • Lina Rocks
    Lina Rocks 2 days ago

    the people who are in the video lost

  • Samantha shymansky
    Samantha shymansky 3 days ago

    these videos are not funny

  • Andrew Ivanov
    Andrew Ivanov 3 days ago

    Why would I be laughing while seeing people fall and get hurt? What's wrong with you people?

  • Maniax Gamer
    Maniax Gamer 3 days ago

    It was so easy

  • poopy bloom cookie
    poopy bloom cookie 3 days ago


  • D T
    D T 3 days ago


  • Mayuri is King
    Mayuri is King 3 days ago


  • BK Vids
    BK Vids 3 days ago

    Funny but it would be much better if there was no music

  • Swidman1000
    Swidman1000 3 days ago

    Nice ending

  • J.R. Rydah
    J.R. Rydah 3 days ago

    nah not funny

  • Glacé Pod
    Glacé Pod 3 days ago

    I think those are your kittens Tiger like if u agree

  • MrGrizlis
    MrGrizlis 3 days ago

    i'm not laugh...

  • kathesierra2005 gaturra

    i did not laugh

  • Zeoli123
    Zeoli123 3 days ago

    Don't see humor in little kid repeatedly falling and being laughed at.

  • Justyna Wylaź
    Justyna Wylaź 4 days ago

    how is a child breaking her neck at 1:26 funny ? i hate such vids.

  • kayla francis
    kayla francis 4 days ago


  • Haunted Girl Has A Dream

    @1:46 she didnt even bother to see if he was ok

  • Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones 4 days ago


  • Michelle Hayes
    Michelle Hayes 4 days ago

    i suck a this

  • Luna and bonnie
    Luna and bonnie 4 days ago

    i laughed so hard at 1:13

  • Sodi
    Sodi 4 days ago

    Fuck you no comedy!

  • LightningTsunami666 benham

    nice video I'm new to YouTube so can I get 200 to sub to me  and ill do a cod Easter egg hack on call of duty ghosts black ops 3plzplzplz

  • It's Lukas
    It's Lukas 4 days ago


  • Mr. furret Pokemon
    Mr. furret Pokemon 4 days ago

    Dude stop making this videos it's not funny

  • sodanapalli yaasmin

    I like this vedio

  • Alessio-Dragon xD
    Alessio-Dragon xD 5 days ago

    fuck yooooo

  • Brenda Mackenzie
    Brenda Mackenzie 5 days ago

    Deaf funny uk

  • Joshua Lordan
    Joshua Lordan 5 days ago

    it aint even funny

  • Sky Willmart
    Sky Willmart 5 days ago

    This is the least funny thing I have ever seen

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