How BIG is Volkswagen? (They own Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche..)

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    Wheels: The Lovable Beetle 1996
    Emmisions scandle


    NVOY – Higher

    0:41 Defyant – Echoes

    2:36 Deccies – Subtle

    3:53 Post Pines – Simma

    5:18 Jakatta – American Dream [Afterlife Mix]

    7:12 Taquwami – You R Everything

    7:56 Locked in a Room

    8:35 Young American Primitive – Sunrise

    11:08 DIALS – Paths

    12:08 Fila Brazillia – Pollo De Palo

    13:00 Sonder – Feel Me

    14:54 Nova Nova – Tones

    16:20 The 1975 – Intro Set (Bear//Face Remix)

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Comments: 4 212

  • Gondola
    Gondola 9 hours ago

    I got that sick 1968 Beetle

  • Teagan
    Teagan 12 hours ago

    I wish that that bomb would have ended vw. I hate them. They are the worst unreliable crap cars ever made

  • Zac Fonx
    Zac Fonx 17 hours ago

    Das auto

  • Jordan Ward
    Jordan Ward 18 hours ago

    Why Am I Watching This. I Have A Hyundai.....

  • Nicolai Mohan
    Nicolai Mohan 1 day ago


  • Those Otaku Guys
    Those Otaku Guys 2 days ago

    vw isnt the company is vw group after a restructer it become just a brand owned by vw

  • Professor Liberal Avenger

    I used to own a VW. It was the worst car ever, Ever, EVER. It required engine overhauls as often as my Toyota requires tune ups. VW = CRAP.

  • tricha123ful1
    tricha123ful1 3 days ago

    Don't they own BMW

  • Kiraro The Kitsune
    Kiraro The Kitsune 4 days ago

    When you think VW is a company that makes vans for hippies with their rainbow colors and organic things but in reality they secretly own the world... ouch.

  • ThatPotato
    ThatPotato 4 days ago

    The Golf mk4 is the next Beatle

  • nassimishere
    nassimishere 4 days ago

    It's as big, as the inside of a Jeep grand cherokee.

  • saitharun reddy
    saitharun reddy 4 days ago

    Can u plz made videos like this on top car companies. I loved to watch ur videos

  • Bhushan Nikhar
    Bhushan Nikhar 4 days ago

    video do not give good impression of vw

  • Dr. Chris Senko
    Dr. Chris Senko 5 days ago

    great video. love learning historical facts, no question how world wars shaped the future we live in now. daunting.

  • Yashasvi Pratap
    Yashasvi Pratap 5 days ago

    Hitler was way better than the so called heroes of and after WW2.

  • vojta mal
    vojta mal 5 days ago

    Bohemia actually still exist :D I live there :D but it is part of Czech Republic, like is England part of GB :D

  • Mr Sevenfold
    Mr Sevenfold 6 days ago

    Wow the Autobahn started a long time ago

  • bogoljub djordjevic
    bogoljub djordjevic 7 days ago

    thank you for Golf

  • bogoljub djordjevic
    bogoljub djordjevic 7 days ago

    can't blame man in what time he lived we can't judge now from this position how we know is our decisions good or bad only time can tell

  • Carl Hahn
    Carl Hahn 8 days ago

    pleas do Audi

  • Leroy Zwane
    Leroy Zwane 8 days ago

    By buying any VW product you are supporting NAZIs omg no wonder I always hated VW

  • DoPeKiD
    DoPeKiD 8 days ago +1

    oh boi were they wrong

  • Rishad Mohamed
    Rishad Mohamed 8 days ago

    Correct pronunciation... (f)olkswagen.... porsch(a)

  • ArchmanGaming
    ArchmanGaming 9 days ago


  • Street Ruler
    Street Ruler 9 days ago

    Make a Mercedes video similar to this

  • fradis ibrahim
    fradis ibrahim 10 days ago

    Spanish, please

  • F.M.F 69
    F.M.F 69 11 days ago

    Even now I can still see beetles roaming on the roads

  • Pertamax7
    Pertamax7 11 days ago

    nice sir

  • cpt delta
    cpt delta 11 days ago

    hitler is a killer dont show him as killer a man that kill kids

  • JxBossTheReal
    JxBossTheReal 11 days ago +1

    So what your saying is pretty much Volkswagen sells LAMBO Bentley Alfa Romeo etc.

  • Alexander Herlin
    Alexander Herlin 11 days ago

    Make a video about Toyota! :D

  • Miguel Defares
    Miguel Defares 11 days ago

    Don't forget Volkswagen Marine

  • Paul Horn
    Paul Horn 12 days ago

    Wow good german history lesson... omg some americans acctually care about the rest of the world

  • ???
    ??? 12 days ago

    Heh Volkswagen owns: Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and overseas-brands SEAT and Skoda. The SEAT Leon Cupra is a awesome FWD hatchback car.

  • gaming evrithing
    gaming evrithing 13 days ago

    who lives in czech thums up

  • el gran master
    el gran master 13 days ago

    The 'Vocho' (old Betle) was a car produced ENTIRELY in Mexico. Every part of the car was built in Mexico. People call it 'the most Mexican car ever'. The funny thing it's that it is actually a German car

  • Christian
    Christian 13 days ago

    i like cars but this guy is sooooo boring. he is like a robot

  • Ravi Sharma
    Ravi Sharma 13 days ago +5

    If there is a product and it says German made or engineered I blindly believe that its a quality product because these guys are just too good.

  • Rafael Samardzic
    Rafael Samardzic 14 days ago

    Still doesn't make more money than toyota, wtf is going on

  • River Of Red Official
    River Of Red Official 15 days ago

    dam i knew my whole life from my dad that thay were huge. but I didn't know thay where THAT FUCKING HUGE

  • marcos lemes
    marcos lemes 15 days ago

    I can honestly say that VW is the most successful car make in Brazil

  • jerardo hernandez
    jerardo hernandez 15 days ago

    they should make a vw HyperCar with all the other companies pitching in

  • Cian Bolger
    Cian Bolger 15 days ago

    audi own lambogini actually

  • R1112
    R1112 15 days ago +1

    Somehow you managed to insinuate a "social" connection between hitler & Ferdinand Porsche with comments like "he could have liked hitler" when the Israelis / Americans & no prosecutor / activist has since WW2!

  • John024_ GR
    John024_ GR 15 days ago

    Check Engine :P

  • Aditya Gupta
    Aditya Gupta 15 days ago

    hey its lemon .never ever buy VW .againg ......................

  • Bashkim Salihi
    Bashkim Salihi 15 days ago

    Whenever I see VW Beetle my mind goes to drive my 1303 S

    WORLDBESTWWEUploadv2 15 days ago +1

    love my vw golf 4
    good work vw
    keep it up

  • Arturo Delafuente
    Arturo Delafuente 16 days ago

    do you have something about Toyota?

  • Gummi Leifsson
    Gummi Leifsson 16 days ago

    Wow such an amazing Video, i could really use this for a presentation about Volkswagen for school, so much information that i didnt even know about my fav car company

  • 240Z
    240Z 16 days ago

    How can anyone like a company that cheats, bribes and makes such boring and unreliable cars..

  • Pedro Teixeira
    Pedro Teixeira 16 days ago

    except the fact that it was made by Hitler

  • Jannes Hastedt
    Jannes Hastedt 16 days ago

    Porscheeee! Not porsch....

  • Eldar R
    Eldar R 16 days ago

    1897 Tatra produce first motor engined car in central europa

  • Eldar R
    Eldar R 16 days ago

    So many lies

  • Mattsfarmm01
    Mattsfarmm01 16 days ago

    Can you do Toyota ??? That would be an interesting one. 😀

  • Adhi Suryana
    Adhi Suryana 17 days ago

    VW and Toyota...
    Even when their country didnt win WWII 😅😅

  • harryleaver
    harryleaver 17 days ago

    It’s the Volkswagen-Audi group not just Volkswagen

  • TheSecondProject2
    TheSecondProject2 17 days ago

    Very good, informing video and you get extremely chilled out and I even got goosebumps at one stage.
    But still! Why does noone get the Name "Porsche" right?
    You make a small documentary and don't care about pronounciation of one of it's subject names? I know it's a very stupid thing to critizise, but please call it ~Porsche~ and not ~Porsch~.
    Tell people how its done. Please say that "e" in the end of porsche. It's there for a reason :D

  • Rohitreddy Rohu
    Rohitreddy Rohu 17 days ago

    Ha good voice the video Is relaxing bro thanz

  • Billy Owusu
    Billy Owusu 17 days ago

    They own Audi too.

  • Youjustgot Trolled
    Youjustgot Trolled 17 days ago

    Proud to be an owner of VW car

  • Tobias S.
    Tobias S. 17 days ago

    10:51 The DeLorean <3

  • George Trivanovic
    George Trivanovic 17 days ago

    Wrong Porsche bought vw

  • Fredy De La Mora
    Fredy De La Mora 18 days ago

    Have a 13 Jetta se and it's very bad value of a car it has leather seats but the stereo is ugly no HID lights it lacks quality compared to what you get for other brands

  • Flaming Bass
    Flaming Bass 18 days ago

    don't they own bmw?

  • MrDaishee
    MrDaishee 18 days ago +2

    VW is a A bunch of cheaters

    • Bala
      Bala 2 days ago

      MrDaishee how?

  • ayo30s
    ayo30s 19 days ago

    Thanks Men!!! Now I love my cars more, ✌🏾

  • Gaming Info
    Gaming Info 19 days ago

    what a great channel

  • Sukalpa Kundu
    Sukalpa Kundu 20 days ago

    You haven't mentioned Audi and Ducati in the video caption.

  • sucess before u died
    sucess before u died 20 days ago

    plz make video on space world

  • RoonyKingXL
    RoonyKingXL 20 days ago

    His pronunciation of "Volkswagen" is so funny :D
    *But I've definitely heard worse ones!

  • TeaMan123
    TeaMan123 21 day ago

    volkswagen owns/teamworks
    with lamborngini bugati porshe audi volkswagen transport seat skoda and manh many more and that group is called volkswagen AG (VW AG)

  • Joshy Cheeroth
    Joshy Cheeroth 21 day ago

    how big is not matter in india the service from this company is so pathetic

  • Manuel J. Rojas
    Manuel J. Rojas 26 days ago

    Awesome video! I love this brand. Can you make one of the history of BMW?

  • Charles Cachola
    Charles Cachola 29 days ago +1

    Wtf volkswagon was touched by Hitler holy shit!!

  • Santos 94
    Santos 94 1 month ago

    So actualy, like i said every time, when somebody buy a lamborghini, this somebody sure not know that he just bought a audi.....

  • Milky Way
    Milky Way 1 month ago

    beautiful video man, love this allot!

  • Stelios Gerochristodoulou


  • Dan Lewis
    Dan Lewis 1 month ago

    I'm 3 minutes into this, and you're still telling me history.
    You strongly indicate, by the title, that you're going to tell us HOW BIG Volkswagen is.
    Your dishonesty stinks.

  • Ultra Ryan2004
    Ultra Ryan2004 1 month ago

    Do Toyota next

  • Chris S
    Chris S 1 month ago

    by far the most unreliable car I ever own

  • matthew howett
    matthew howett 1 month ago

    look up the Citi Golf, it's a Golf 1 made in South Africa from 1984-2009

  • F4ncyF4de
    F4ncyF4de 1 month ago

    can't spell Volkswagon

  • Chris Howie
    Chris Howie 1 month ago

    I hate VW with avengeance. Mass marketed crap bought by the masses for its badge. Very similar to Audi. Plastic soft touch interiors with an excellent marketing team that make you believe they are reliable and well engineered. Try working on one, utter junk.

  • swiclabc
    swiclabc 1 month ago

    Volkswagen! not wolkswagen... Porsche! not porsch...

  • Kasa846
    Kasa846 1 month ago

    Please it´s not "Porsch" it is "Porsche!" dont forgett the E!! ;)

  • SimManiac383
    SimManiac383 1 month ago

    Damn, they own all the good brands

  • Dávid Szilágyi
    Dávid Szilágyi 1 month ago

    make a video with skoda pls

  • Spearfisher1970
    Spearfisher1970 1 month ago

    You missed at least two vehicle companies VW is owners, or has part-ownership, in.

  • Pledge of Elegance Blog

    So how big is vogue please

  • Jan Ed
    Jan Ed 1 month ago +1

    can u do one on toyota

  • Branon Fontaine
    Branon Fontaine 1 month ago +1

    Never should've sold my 64 Bug....disc brakes, 5 spd Rhino race tranny, 1835 w/dual Kadron carbs, lowered to the ground, it was sick as fuck...but noooooo, my future EX-wife hated it, so like a real asshole, I sold it.....smmfh what a dumbass....

  • Remy Pettersen
    Remy Pettersen 1 month ago +1

    in Norway vw has sold most cars in like 5 years in a row. and still are and i am pretty proud of that

  • true voice
    true voice 1 month ago


  • Gustavo Mercado
    Gustavo Mercado 1 month ago

    you have to pronounce the "e" at the end of Porsche

  • Samruddh Patil
    Samruddh Patil 1 month ago

    please do a video on lamborgini

  • JayLuTrix GER
    JayLuTrix GER 2 months ago

    Starkes Deutschland von zerbomben Städten zum Export Weltmeister. Ich bin stolz Deutscher zu sein, dass gute muss noch nichtmal nazi sein.

  • Kaycee Brooks
    Kaycee Brooks 2 months ago

    Need for Speed Porsche!!!

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