Amazing Cat Protecting Babies ✯ Cats Always Love Babies

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  • wolfie Howell
    wolfie Howell 28 minutes ago

    These cats most love these babies

  • Teresa Fedorowicz
    Teresa Fedorowicz 1 hour ago

    Dziwne, bo moje koty uciekały, gdy tylko usłyszały głos wnuka

  • Esme Rico
    Esme Rico 2 hours ago

    Es muy gracioso esto y muy tierno

  • Solongo Batbayar
    Solongo Batbayar 4 hours ago

    Baby Is crying! Release the CAT!

  • Donatas Simaitis
    Donatas Simaitis 5 hours ago

    8:56 good thing that owners knows that a pissed off cat would claw that kids eye out without a second thought. Since some people just blame the animal, but what did they expect when the kid is either pulling their ears or punching them.

  • no nameneeded
    no nameneeded 5 hours ago

    First cat: hooman.exe is broken

  • Julie Barrette
    Julie Barrette 10 hours ago

    I have six--I would love six more! I am constantly amassed at what they do! They are TRULY AMAZING!

  • May J
    May J 12 hours ago

    only one cat protecting baby , others were cute nanny cats...I like the one where the baby is having a conversation with the cat...maybe they were actually communicating..

  • Blu Skai
    Blu Skai 13 hours ago

    It is wrong to say that cats always love babies. Cats are animals, and should always be supervised around children who cannot fend them off if attacked.

  • real life and a gaming chanel with Ashley

    Awwwwwww so cute

  • YaoiAngel00
    YaoiAngel00 17 hours ago

    I wonder if theres been a baby whose first word was "Meow"


  • Sofia Worthington
    Sofia Worthington 21 hour ago

    in the first thing the cat was like stfu and the baby was like never

  • BubbleFeuds S
    BubbleFeuds S 1 day ago

    Mine are like that. When I'm about to have a seizure one of the cats will come over and licker my face.

  • BubbleFeuds S
    BubbleFeuds S 1 day ago


  • komujimaru
    komujimaru 1 day ago

    5:24 - OMFG AMAZING

  • Johana Romano
    Johana Romano 1 day ago

    i wish grumpy cat was like this 🙈👶

  • Marva
    Marva 1 day ago

    Is it just me is that cat talking to baby because if it is then that is the most cutest thing I ever saw

  • Esther Siregar
    Esther Siregar 1 day ago

    its cute for cat n baby, i love it 😘

  • Jessica Weitzman
    Jessica Weitzman 1 day ago

    Cats and babies. All I ever wanted from the internet.

  • colm brock
    colm brock 1 day ago

    Cats are super safe pets, beautiful, playful creatures! I got 2 ginger tom cats 8 yes old hand fed them since 2 wks old there mother died, they have become my best friends!

  • Eunice Swan
    Eunice Swan 1 day ago

    cats like to sit on babies faces. My grandmother would have had a heart attach over these videos

  • wolf and cats lovers

    i love cats so much

  • Yelyahfan88 x
    Yelyahfan88 x 1 day ago

    Came here to see a cute animal/baby combo video and now all I'm wondering is why people are trying to go viral on youtube lettering their pet take care of their crying baby instead of picking up and comforting the damn child.

  • TheZombietyk
    TheZombietyk 1 day ago

    13:00 that is one fierce baby defence cat :)

  • Natalie Dudus
    Natalie Dudus 1 day ago

    13:00 what's the point of this?? :0

  • Bad Gal Riri
    Bad Gal Riri 1 day ago

    The cat tried to eat the baby😭😭😭

  • Isaac Barjis
    Isaac Barjis 1 day ago

    This makes me happy because my kitten died because someone broke into my house and killed her😭

  • Manoj Tamang
    Manoj Tamang 2 days ago

    i miss my mini who licked my hair all time and sleep with me together. He left the home.and didn't come back. miss you mini

  • ThatGeraldineChick
    ThatGeraldineChick 2 days ago

    this went from beautiful cats and their nurturing instincts to "watch cats get mistreated by children"

  • Ann Finger
    Ann Finger 2 days ago

    Awwww so sweet love my 3 kitties!!!

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 days ago

    They are not protecting the babies, the babies are just warm

  • alexandria nguyen
    alexandria nguyen 2 days ago

    cute,checkout my video-----Australian parakeets snuggling

  • JayTheBirdFlyZ
    JayTheBirdFlyZ 2 days ago

    13:00 that cats like "BITCH U BETTER STOP THAS MUH BAYBEH

  • NyanThe PastelQueen

    Cat:mew mew mew
    Cat translator:CONVERTING TO ENGLISH
    Cat translator:These humans are disgusting,let me make you my own child

  • AnimeOtakuGirl 101
    AnimeOtakuGirl 101 2 days ago


  • borasi khang
    borasi khang 2 days ago

    guys and all the world pls subcribe this channel to 1MILOIN

  • Shida Amin Othman
    Shida Amin Othman 2 days ago

    that is so nice and cute🐈🐱

  • Swimming Dolphin
    Swimming Dolphin 2 days ago

    7.30 they really communicate!! omg!!

  • Kawaii Girl
    Kawaii Girl 3 days ago

    aww the first one

  • Ashley Vincent
    Ashley Vincent 3 days ago

    I like how some of the cats even look at their people like: "okay, this is my cub now, I am clearly a better parent than you. You may leave. I've got this."

  • Michelle Flood
    Michelle Flood 3 days ago

    These cats and the way they are with the babies reminds me how my sisters cats 🐱 were with my nieces when they were like this !! cuteness overload !'

  • Saundra Hawkins
    Saundra Hawkins 3 days ago

    Sweet kitties.

  • Yellow Jello
    Yellow Jello 3 days ago

    9:35 wasn't protection lol

  • Yellow Jello
    Yellow Jello 3 days ago

    that 4th one is such a beautiful baby

  • Martin SIGNAVONG
    Martin SIGNAVONG 3 days ago

    Cutee !!!!

  • Thank you Fatber Dean

    so so beautiful

  • Autumn
    Autumn 4 days ago

    Love the first kitty!

  • Jokester 8
    Jokester 8 4 days ago

    1:59 when you give her the good d

  • Manel Momo
    Manel Momo 4 days ago

    yhablou ma7lehom

  • JHN Studio
    JHN Studio 4 days ago

    I like how the black cat puts a paw on that baby to calm it down.. I had seen cat doing this with their kittens..

  • Christy J.
    Christy J. 4 days ago

    Such adorable, loving cats! They must somehow understand it's a "baby" and she/he needs comforting. And for the cats to tolerate loud crying and ear, so patient!

  • C
    C 4 days ago

    Donc un chat qui frappe un bébé c'est amusant...

  • BRIAN_gamer :v 3957 LA


  • ayaan mohamed
    ayaan mohamed 5 days ago

    wow I really love cats

  • Margrette M. Wilson

    I love it ! introducing baby to animals at a young age . I would do the same thing ! 💞

  • sakuranekonekoya
    sakuranekonekoya 5 days ago

    Baby's and cats,

    What a section to be reccomended in

  • melody king
    melody king 5 days ago

    cat and baby ferendship

  • Angela Nguyen
    Angela Nguyen 5 days ago

    The black cat was so cute :) it patted the baby's head till he fell asleep then kissed its head

  • I have bleach
    I have bleach 5 days ago

    3:16 suomi mainittu se on selvä

  • Renee
    Renee 5 days ago

    Not true! My ex didn't think Bogie (his cat) would hurt our infant son, so we tested it and let the cat get up on the bed to see what he would do around the new baby... he immediately went up to him and quickly scratched his cornea. We took our son to the doctor at Kaiser and he confirmed a scratch across his eye. Definitely got rid of the cat. I always heard stories of cats being jealous of babies, some smothering babies by laying across their faces or pumping on their throats with that kneading action they do.

    • Renee
      Renee 4 days ago

      TheGameLordKid: I agree. It was my husband who thought the cat would be OK with our baby. Thanks for your comment.

    • TheGameLordKid
      TheGameLordKid 5 days ago

      The issue is that you can't expect a random cat who didn't grow up with the baby to just love him right away, it's 50% your fault for just assuming that nothing would happen. When cats grow with the infants, it's possible they will treat them as their own kitten. I've seen it myself, but yes cats can get jealous too! I wouldn't let my own cat near my child, unless I knew for 100% that the cat was gentle and sweet enough to not just strike. You just can't assume right away that the cat will get along with the baby.

  • Pete.M.
    Pete.M. 5 days ago not get emotionally attached to your supper, little china baby!

  • Julie Ritchie
    Julie Ritchie 5 days ago

    they are baby whisperer's, love the black one 😽

  • janet rutkowski
    janet rutkowski 5 days ago

    Now those are a set of blue balls if I ever saw a pair!!

  • SelfAudioBook
    SelfAudioBook 5 days ago

    Never ever try telling me again, that cats dont love their owners!!!!!

  • lilli
    lilli 5 days ago

    9.32 what is so funny?the baby could been hurt badly

  • Miami Santiago
    Miami Santiago 5 days ago

    How can people not love cats after watching this video? It's impossible, unless their a psycho/sociopath.

  • Nimsy Kubra
    Nimsy Kubra 5 days ago

    Beutifull! Regades from Puebla city in México

  • mpa1234
    mpa1234 6 days ago

    The first one was so interesting. The way the cat was purring and trilling her meows - thats how mother cats vocalize to their kittens.

  • TheUltimate65
    TheUltimate65 6 days ago

    cats are not so stupid like some people ..

  • Angelo
    Angelo 6 days ago

    That first cat was being a mother to that baby.

  • Michael
    Michael 6 days ago

    Aw, that's so sweet.

  • Ian Knight
    Ian Knight 6 days ago

    he protec but he also attac

  • Lily//924
    Lily//924 6 days ago

    at 6:50 I wonder what the baby and the cat were talking about? it was so cute

  • freecellboo
    freecellboo 6 days ago

    7:42 she could be the world's first Human-Cat translator. She could a hero.

  • Lane Rose
    Lane Rose 6 days ago

    I cannot stand that first child...

  • Dukka The Emperor
    Dukka The Emperor 7 days ago

    Such lovely creatures, wish the whole world was cats&babies

  • Michael Rodriguez
    Michael Rodriguez 7 days ago

    a w w s o cut

  • Mark Anthony Tocmo
    Mark Anthony Tocmo 7 days ago

    The black cat was like, the power of Christ compels you.

  • SemperTrig
    SemperTrig 7 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what breed of cat that is at 1:53 the white and black faced kitty

  • Ida Dimas-Kim
    Ida Dimas-Kim 7 days ago

    This is all fine and cute but unfortunately I have to say that this is quite dangerous for the baby since cats carry microorganisms that are harmful to the infant's health

  • harleybynature
    harleybynature 7 days ago

    that's one way to find out if they're allergic...

  • Patricia Collet
    Patricia Collet 7 days ago

    Sharp claws around a baby's face???

  • Danielle Osmena,
    Danielle Osmena, 8 days ago

    So cute!!! love it

  • Korounet
    Korounet 8 days ago

    Can you imagine how cool it must be for babies to have cats their own size? I think I'm jealous

  • skittysaurus
    skittysaurus 8 days ago

    that first clip was probably the most incredible thing ive ever seen ❤❤

  • Band Geek
    Band Geek 8 days ago

    Don't get me wrong I'm all for cats in fact I have 2 of them but my 2 babies are stuck up. Especially my cat that is half Siamese half Persian.

  • Zineb Boulben
    Zineb Boulben 8 days ago

    Sehr süß 😻

  • Rhonda Blackwell
    Rhonda Blackwell 8 days ago

    Sadly not all cats are desirable around newborns & infants. There are know hundreds of recorded deaths world wide that have occurred by.smothering. The babies head is the warmest part of there body & most cats especially in colder climates wrap around the head & they can also mimic breathing.which is now found to be SIDS related.
    Please understand that I love all animals dearly... I just hope this message is informative for all expectant mums & dads. Cheers 😊💕

  • jay rayne
    jay rayne 9 days ago

    why would any one let a dirty bl--dy cat crawl around a baby , absolutely ridiculous , saying its protecting a baby ,, get real

  • Rosa Lewis
    Rosa Lewis 9 days ago

    Man I hate babies but I love the kitties

  • DityaSangGita
    DityaSangGita 9 days ago

    the first one is amazing. she is acting as if the baby was hers

    at 5:12 this black cat has magic!

  • Ms June98
    Ms June98 9 days ago


  • jax jax
    jax jax 9 days ago

    cats are so amazing.

  • Janie Riddle
    Janie Riddle 9 days ago

    Just saying...Most cats are not into the "Hugging and squeezing' Thing that come with kids but.. if the cat is completely cool with dam near everything. That's a dam good kitty :)

  • Little Purple Playz


  • Patricia Nixon
    Patricia Nixon 9 days ago

    That cat at 14:39 was NOT playing. That kid probably got plenty of swats over some time. I wouldn't have let my kid get that close knowing his temperament. Dangerous.

  • Princess Snowy girl
    Princess Snowy girl 10 days ago

    7:48 only the one and only cats can understand baby language

  • DZrache
    DZrache 10 days ago

    What I love about a lot of these videos is they show the parents really love their cats, as well as their children. Children more ofc but everyone should love and take care of their pets instead of thinking of them as simply decoration or entertainment.

  • Lacharica Floyd
    Lacharica Floyd 10 days ago

    This literary made me cry and
    feel sad about how these cats be in the street with no food but still be surviving

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