Dope Tech: The 4K OLED Wallpaper TV!

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  • LG 4K OLED W: Possibly the most glorious wall-mounted TV of all time. A look into the future of television panels.

    LG 4K OLED W:

    Videos played on the TV:

    Video Gear I use:


    TV provided by LG for video.
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  • Runtime: 5:37
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  • TJ Hutcheson
    TJ Hutcheson Hour ago

    at what point will we run out of innovations for the TV? like whats the point in 8k 20k 100k videos and screens that get down to 3mm thick? will we move to a different type of viewing experience? i think VR is the future, imagine going to a theater putting on an advanced VR headset and watching a 360 degree movie!!! you look to your left and theres spider-man, look to your right and theres Iron-man and your in the middle of them about to kick Doc-ock's ass!! and then one day you will get to watch it in your own home! accessing the internet, Netflix and porn!!! so AWESOME!!!

  • Harsh
    Harsh 2 hours ago

    the price is fat enough to compensate for thinness.

  • CJ HDtech
    CJ HDtech 3 hours ago

    Mkbhd watches at this TV like a world

  • RedPopcorn21
    RedPopcorn21 16 hours ago

    Does that mean you can’t use this tv unless you have the proper soundbar

  • Alex meador
    Alex meador 2 days ago

    If that was on a black wall, at night ughhhhaaaaa

  • Anirudh Singh
    Anirudh Singh 2 days ago

    If you would have mounted on a black background it would be dope

  • Bixby
    Bixby 4 days ago

    korean tech so amazing

  • Goal Troll
    Goal Troll 5 days ago

    MKBHD doesn't look like MKBHD from side ways.

  • Blerim Benny
    Blerim Benny 6 days ago

    mario game name ??

  • Blerim Benny
    Blerim Benny 6 days ago

    game name ?

  • realicepick1
    realicepick1 7 days ago

    Good video. Bad Mario Kart skills. 😂.

  • Šone Zver
    Šone Zver 8 days ago


  • Salatblatt94
    Salatblatt94 9 days ago

    No Scat ??

  • Aljodesign
    Aljodesign 11 days ago

    Does it flex in the mounting process tho?

  • maybe vincent
    maybe vincent 12 days ago

    if you want to hide the Cale in the wall why don't yo just get a normal 4k tv and struck that in the wall except the screen and a suround sound set up and it will still be cheaper right?

  • Prof. Michael O. Zimmermann JCD ECS

    Can you actually use it as a computer screen?

  • Geno Kearney
    Geno Kearney 13 days ago

    Can you tell me how wide the connector at the ENDS of the cable are? Will it fit into 2" conduit? I'm trying to plan an install that meets code.

  • Rob C
    Rob C 13 days ago


  • lee miller
    lee miller 13 days ago


  • james hawkins
    james hawkins 14 days ago

    That is amazing!

  • Peliyx OR
    Peliyx OR 14 days ago

    But is the TV......🅱ONELESS

  • Leondre' Leonard
    Leondre' Leonard 14 days ago

    I really appreciate your dedication to uploading at 4k, it really is beautiful especially if you can watch it in 2017 like me

  • cardplayer85
    cardplayer85 14 days ago

    Will it blend?

  • Ty Brady
    Ty Brady 15 days ago

    Expensive now, but in a few short years OLED will be just a few hundred bucks.

  • dunderflopp
    dunderflopp 15 days ago

    It's a laptop screen. A giant laptop screen, ribbon cable and all. I love it.

  • Trey Demas
    Trey Demas 16 days ago +2

    It's on sale now huh?

  • Caleb dejoun
    Caleb dejoun 16 days ago

    I will buy it don't care about that price

  • ScarredArts
    ScarredArts 20 days ago

    i will get things like these, one day

  • Craigape
    Craigape 22 days ago

    Some of the shots make the screen look really reflective. Does it have any protection against glare?

  • Wu
    Wu 23 days ago

    i would put that in a wall with black piano finish. When off, you wouldnt see the tv, and when u had to turn it on, BUM!

  • Shreyas Kg
    Shreyas Kg 24 days ago +1

    Why don't you just drill a hole in the wall and put a 2000 dollar tv ???? Save 6000 bruh

  • Risto Ride Mikkola
    Risto Ride Mikkola 24 days ago

    I always wonder why people install TV's at sealing.. should be at eye level when you sit. Just don't get it.

  • Daniel Brunner
    Daniel Brunner 24 days ago

    No DisplayPort? Thanks

  • Kristovsky
    Kristovsky 24 days ago

    I don't understand why reviewers test out the TV with Nintendo switch when you can do it with ps4 pro. lol

  • Joey Atwaini
    Joey Atwaini 24 days ago

    like damnn this is so dope. the only downside is the cable! they need to do some wireless connection.

  • Do Not Bother Correcting Me Will Do No Good

    bah only 65 inches lol get 100

  • C. Tacos
    C. Tacos 25 days ago

    Intro song anyone?

  • Govind Sharma
    Govind Sharma 25 days ago

    Next yr i will buy it on 50% discount

  • Daniel Mendiola
    Daniel Mendiola 25 days ago

    I can't wait to buy it in 2046 when the price go down

  • Joshua Anthony
    Joshua Anthony 25 days ago

    Your videos are always very well done.

  • Arne Ragnarsson
    Arne Ragnarsson 26 days ago

    That means "TV are NOT small as 2 SD card". The display are thin as 2 SD card. They TV are still huge. It's a separate box.

  • Roberto Araujo
    Roberto Araujo 27 days ago

    how uninstall this TV?

  • TheStandingsquid
    TheStandingsquid 27 days ago

    I have a 65 inch lg 4k smart tv and it only cost 1,400 US that is about a 6,500 difference for it to be thin. Not worth it

  • Wolfie Boy
    Wolfie Boy 28 days ago

    This is from between $6,000 - $16,000

  • Hew
    Hew 28 days ago

    is it boneless?

  • Eto Hige Gamer Culture

    now color match the thin bezel with your wall lol

  • Qadree J
    Qadree J Month ago

    Jesus Christ this tv is DOPE

  • Samet Kurban
    Samet Kurban Month ago

    wtf. for last 3 days whenever i go to youtube i ALWAYS (not figuratively) see a spider. i dont get this. film theory had 2 videos full of huge spider photos so i couldnt watch it. i watched a savage video which had a spider in it. a newly released unbox theapy video had spiders in it. i mean come on. its unbox therapy. the channel you expect the least to see scary thing in the nature. i watched so many things that was recommended by youtube. and most of them have spiders. by the way the videos that i was talking about earlier were also recommended to me by google. my conspiracy theory is that they are either trying to make me less scared of spiders. or they are just fucking with me. seriously how did i see a spider in a fucking tv review. i can believe this. it is intentional. every time i go into youtube im scared that i will see a fucking goat spider. srsly im.tired of this youtube. stop. (i know this sounds stupid but its really crazy.)

    • Samet Kurban
      Samet Kurban Month ago

      i have been really interested in portugal. the man for the last month. i watch their songs (all your light) music video and see somethif with 6 legs the size of my hand fucking shit man we are being tracked. these guys even know what kind of porn youre watching

  • Martin H. Andersen
    Martin H. Andersen Month ago

    What have you mounted the tv so high?

  • A philly215
    A philly215 Month ago

    can I win't it pls I need that

  • A philly215
    A philly215 Month ago

    I love your job mayn
    eget to touch all new technology

  • Abdul T
    Abdul T Month ago

    TV is sexy again.

  • Ashish Zachariah
    Ashish Zachariah Month ago

    someone should have a WHOLE room with this, so it's like literally wallpaper

  • Gian Lukmana
    Gian Lukmana Month ago

    Shut up and take my money!

    Wait, I'm an engineer. 😭

  • Xdozen
    Xdozen Month ago

    battlefield 1 on this tv .... monitor for me

  • Osiris
    Osiris Month ago

    At that fucking price it better make me fucking sandwiches

  • Godz29
    Godz29 Month ago

    that nintendo switch tho <3

  • Andrew Svärd
    Andrew Svärd Month ago

    Give it 10 years and it will be mainstream

  • Scale Modeling USA
    Scale Modeling USA Month ago

    you sound not as you look

  • AbHotten
    AbHotten Month ago

    Thumbs Up for Elon Musk!

  • Dipkumar Patel
    Dipkumar Patel Month ago

    Hahah " you can colour me impressed"

  • willie hart
    willie hart Month ago

    do you wanna sell it???

  • Fredrick Oloo
    Fredrick Oloo Month ago

    Good. I'm going to buy this in year 2048.

  • Rohit Gupta
    Rohit Gupta Month ago


  • Myah Victoria
    Myah Victoria Month ago

    Lol i just wanted to watch you play mario cart

  • TheGreekAstoria
    TheGreekAstoria Month ago

    I own a new LG OLED model and the top part of the TV has the same thickness as the one on the video. The lower part of the tv is about 8cm thick or so. Not a big deal. It has the same resolution (as I have heard) with all other LG OLED models. Not worth 8.000€ in my opinion. Extremely impressive of course though.

  • Mr Fluffy
    Mr Fluffy Month ago

    乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

  • Mr Fluffy
    Mr Fluffy Month ago

    乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

    TELEVISIBLE Month ago

    finally we are back to future!

  • TV Hovna
    TV Hovna Month ago

    what does he say? Exidera? I am not a native English speaker :D

  • Shinji D
    Shinji D Month ago

    downside of it is that u cant move it at different angle

  • Joshua Adams
    Joshua Adams Month ago

    Just watched this video and soldierknowsbest. both wearing the same shirt. dope

  • Steve arlovski
    Steve arlovski Month ago

    I have 8k to blow on it, but Im not stupid. At some point if or when this is released give it a few years and like all tech it'll go down in price significantly

  • Fiduan Haider
    Fiduan Haider Month ago

    how many kidney's do i need again?(to buy this)

  • Classic Metal
    Classic Metal Month ago

    This is clean asf

  • Gabe Ulrickson
    Gabe Ulrickson Month ago


  • Christopher Finn
    Christopher Finn Month ago

    Get a drywall hanger to come in there and replace some of the drywall or you can do it yourself if you're good at that sort of thing and then the ribbon could just go out the back down the drywall of course behind the piece of drywall and then come back out into the sound bar and then no more unsightly ribbon.

  • Yaman Lalpurwala
    Yaman Lalpurwala Month ago

    This tech is old
    Remember the 2012 ces where Samsung had showcased foldable display

  • chevymuscle4life
    chevymuscle4life Month ago

    Ok I understand it's only 701 people at the moment....but who are the 701 people that disliked this video? Seriously? maybe it's 701 people that are butt hurt they can't afford it or something. I can't afford it either but I'm not going to dislike the video.

  • Afrizal Anoda
    Afrizal Anoda Month ago

    i know i can't afford it 😂 so i just gonna give you some FYI that W (double U) is spelled "whe" like "when" without n in Indonesia, so it just more efficient i think 😂

  • statue Hunter
    statue Hunter Month ago

    what's the price ???

  • amijah
    amijah Month ago

    Man that voice <3

  • Christian Scholte
    Christian Scholte Month ago

    In ten years, TVs like this one will probably cost under a thousand dollar.

  • Padraic McDonnell
    Padraic McDonnell Month ago

    couldn't they connect to the bar with Bluetooth

  • Adam Islam
    Adam Islam Month ago

    Are all the YouTube getting this for free? Ijustine got it too

  • André Jeanpierre
    André Jeanpierre Month ago

    Good God! Ok, so if I win the lotto.....easily this is going to be my daily driver.
    Great review +Marques Brownlee

  • matia92
    matia92 Month ago

    3.8mm thick including wallmount - that doesnt sount right.

  • StoneWolf19
    StoneWolf19 Month ago

    Hey I love ur channel please keep up the great work 👍👏 I'm buying a 4K tv it's gonna be 55 inches but I don't know if I should get a curved or flat panel as I'm going to be mounting it on the wall using an existing mount

  • TheGQBrotha
    TheGQBrotha Month ago

    Wow, I'm getting hard just watching that TV and no porn is even on it. :)
    I'm a minimalist so a TV like this is sexy as heck. Too bad I can't afford it at $8000. :)

  • Sigedno Kastaneer
    Sigedno Kastaneer Month ago

    The Best Tinest Oled Tv Is a Projector And Wireless HAhaha!!

  • Agamaz
    Agamaz Month ago

    i need this

  • Kevin Sarpei
    Kevin Sarpei Month ago

    input lag in game mode?

  • Kevin Sarpei
    Kevin Sarpei Month ago

    why do people not get that youre supposed to sit close to the tv so that its a cinema-like experience :(

  • Jonathan Muniz
    Jonathan Muniz Month ago

    $8000 ?.. no thanks, still amazing though.

  • Dell Goodman
    Dell Goodman Month ago

    I'm not that shocked at how thin it is. It's just a large display screen. Imagine a laptop LCD screen and having the cables fed into something else.

    Cost is way to high for this sort of tech.

  • IIxRaZoRxII
    IIxRaZoRxII Month ago

    I got one, great tv

  • Effs Pablo
    Effs Pablo Month ago +1

    Not thin enough!! THINNER!!!!

  • Thorcody
    Thorcody Month ago

    8000 dollars...

  • lunatrics
    lunatrics Month ago

    soundbar. awfull invention

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