Emma Watson Plays With Kittens (While Answering Fan Questions)

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  • “I want them all!"


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    Group of British shorthair and longhair kittens sitting
    GlobalP/Getty Images

    Created by www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/13278

    A Certified Animal Safety Representative from the American Humane Association was present for all scenes that involved the participation of the kittens.
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  • Cupcake Pooper
    Cupcake Pooper 54 minutes ago

    Emma Watson is my QUEEN 👏! along with Jenna Coleman

  • wtf bich
    wtf bich 4 hours ago

    Harry ur a wizard

  • adar heiser
    adar heiser 10 hours ago +1

    Emma Watson is very pretty! X3

  • Fariha Mahfuza
    Fariha Mahfuza 11 hours ago

    3 role models in one person

  • Riya Hanifa
    Riya Hanifa 12 hours ago

    i used to have a cat and those kittens are sooooo adorable

  • Riya Hanifa
    Riya Hanifa 12 hours ago


  • Cherif
    Cherif 15 hours ago

    I want to play with her pussy...

  • Bebbe Loo
    Bebbe Loo 15 hours ago

    I fucking hate buzzfeed

  • Fluffytictocclock AJ
    Fluffytictocclock AJ 18 hours ago


  • Evie Poole
    Evie Poole 19 hours ago

    The kittens are so so cute

  • JaxInTheBlox
    JaxInTheBlox 23 hours ago

    Emma is hot

  • Retrova
    Retrova Day ago

    The thumbnail of Emma is her face when I blow my load

  • Kendall B.
    Kendall B. Day ago

    I wish I had kittens that looked and played like that! So cute!! :)

  • Go Away
    Go Away Day ago

    Emma Watson playing with kittens and Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump playing with puppies....... this is too much for me

  • S Kos
    S Kos Day ago

    Liking the video before it even loaded

  • M80yearsold
    M80yearsold Day ago

    Finally, I get to see emma watson stroking pussy!!!

  • Zeina MLG-YT
    Zeina MLG-YT Day ago

    Finds out that buzz feed knows celebs
    Goes to buzz feed
    Me: *points a gun to their head* WHERE DOES EMMA WTSON LIVE

  • Bodi Yasser
    Bodi Yasser Day ago


    IM NOT OK Day ago

    My mom asked me what I'm doing and I yelled "IM WATCHING HERMIO-EMMA, EMMA WATSON I MEANT EMMA WATSON"

  • Natya Azzurra Dharma

    Emma Watson i didn't know you love cats,well it's a good thing if you love them.

  • Taylor Greene
    Taylor Greene 2 days ago

    She is my favorite actor so this was the highlight of my Day!

  • Bren Williams
    Bren Williams 2 days ago

    1:39 what is that cat doing

    • StickFiguresMaster
      StickFiguresMaster Day ago

      since emma answered her fans from that direction in the video, there was probably a fan trying to get the cat to play with them also even if they were away from the cameras view they could've been trying to not blind the camera shot the video was recording at cause they didn't want to ruin the video.

  • Angelina Brongiel
    Angelina Brongiel 2 days ago

    I really hope she keeps that one kitten who she was petting the whole times and names the kitten Hermione or Belle. 😍

  • Glowstone Gaming
    Glowstone Gaming 2 days ago +1

    They HAD to bring feminism into it

  • Spy Natior
    Spy Natior 2 days ago


  • Paradox 2099
    Paradox 2099 2 days ago

    I came for the kittens.

  • Akat suki
    Akat suki 2 days ago

    is emma watson the one who filmed (beauty and the beast?)

  • zozo dionne
    zozo dionne 2 days ago

    They are so CUTE !

  • Brenna S
    Brenna S 2 days ago

    emma watson is so motivational :)

  • Thomas Mills
    Thomas Mills 2 days ago

    Men and women are paid the same. Feminist economists have even said this. I don't know why people still believe this falsehood.

  • HeyItsMariaan x
    HeyItsMariaan x 2 days ago

    hermione strikes again

  • dreadlord
    dreadlord 2 days ago

    my god i love her so much such a sweet women

  • Cyb3rism
    Cyb3rism 2 days ago

    Where dontai at?

  • Brian Tierney
    Brian Tierney 2 days ago

    If they don't like cats, they bad peoples, U better believe it.

  • Brains4Brekkie Is Not Okay

    The two favourite things on Earth in one video. I love life right now.🤗🤗

  • Olivia Watson
    Olivia Watson 3 days ago

    Not to be weird but I love British people, there so polite and they seem so proper and nice

  • Yan Li
    Yan Li 3 days ago


  • Joe D.oreo
    Joe D.oreo 3 days ago

    god i hate how british ppl say "ALL" lol my god it sounds so dumb "uollle" thats how it looks like its spelled

  • #acethemarimba
    #acethemarimba 3 days ago

    3:13 when you try to reach your goals and fail

  • mae -
    mae - 3 days ago

    she reminds me of Martina stoessel

  • Shawn's Rose
    Shawn's Rose 3 days ago

    I'd love Emma to be my mother, I grew up with a mother telling me my opinion on subjects doesn't matter because it's an "adult conversation" Emma changed a lot for me and I owe her the world

  • - AndréMi -
    - AndréMi - 3 days ago

    When you're jealous of Emma, but you're jealous of the cats at the same time. XD
    Look, how they give so much love to each other. I just had a big smile on my face while looking that video. :D

  • Mathilde -
    Mathilde - 3 days ago

    So cute **

  • Gabriela Rodriguez
    Gabriela Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Did anybody see that cat stand up?

  • e zpnta
    e zpnta 3 days ago

    I love her so much.

  • Panchy Interests
    Panchy Interests 3 days ago

    I’m jealous

  • Amelia M
    Amelia M 3 days ago

    And Dog

  • Amelia M
    Amelia M 3 days ago

    I love cat

  • Viola Giannandrea
    Viola Giannandrea 3 days ago

    Ma è bellissima

  • kaya Senuysal
    kaya Senuysal 3 days ago

    omg the kittens is soooo cute! i love cats and kittens

  • Kcey
    Kcey 3 days ago

    Imdontai anyone?

  • My Lilboi
    My Lilboi 3 days ago

    Wuz enjoying this shit, saw buzzfeed

  • mercerdamon
    mercerdamon 3 days ago

    Emma Watson should be the next Minister for Magic.

  • DeadExcuses
    DeadExcuses 4 days ago

    Are people still talking about wage gap?

  • Carlos_Torres210
    Carlos_Torres210 4 days ago

    I disliked when she said women get paid less then men

  • Verrückte Jungs Army

    omg, wer liebt auch katzen und stirbt grade...😵❤

  • jesus walkswithus
    jesus walkswithus 4 days ago

    omg i love cats i love her

  • Ravenclaw Girl
    Ravenclaw Girl 4 days ago

    I love kittens

  • Ravenclaw Girl
    Ravenclaw Girl 4 days ago

    Cute ! <3

  • Mauro Ariel Alegre
    Mauro Ariel Alegre 4 days ago

    A pussy among kittens.

  • Sarah Xo
    Sarah Xo 4 days ago +1

    1:38 watch the black and white kitten because OMG ITS THE CUTEST THING EVER.

  • Rugby Rebel
    Rugby Rebel 4 days ago

    1:31 *cat runs in * *cat to put paw up* Whoah dude slow down

  • Irinaki Roum
    Irinaki Roum 4 days ago

    I am playing with tini kittens my day is brake I hate cats

  • Alexa Rogers
    Alexa Rogers 4 days ago

    Would you rather puppy or kitten

  • StarStable Fan
    StarStable Fan 4 days ago


  • Clarinet Crazed!
    Clarinet Crazed! 4 days ago

    She should name the cute little calm kitten Crookshanks!

  • Kiki van Amen
    Kiki van Amen 4 days ago

    ugh now I love emma watson even more

  • dadevious
    dadevious 5 days ago

    Can I have the one playing with its own shadow behind Emma?

  • Melliegirlz
    Melliegirlz 5 days ago +3

    She's just talking and in the background kittens are just attacking the wall😂😂

  • Maya Hamdan
    Maya Hamdan 5 days ago


  • Kaileigh Haynes
    Kaileigh Haynes 5 days ago

    Did anyone else see the little black cat that was just doing its own thing?

  • Fionne Dowd
    Fionne Dowd 5 days ago

    I just love her

  • Hannah
    Hannah 5 days ago

    How could 5K people dislike this??

  • Isac da ccb Santos
    Isac da ccb Santos 5 days ago


  • achraf Amin
    achraf Amin 5 days ago


  • kathryn doyle
    kathryn doyle 5 days ago

    Those kittens look a bit... not healthy?

  • Lily The Gamer
    Lily The Gamer 5 days ago +1

    This is heaven for me(cats are my favorite especially the small fluffy kittens)

  • Damien Brown
    Damien Brown 5 days ago +1

    Kitten: Hey Emma! I'm gonna catch this shadow for you! Hey Emma! Are you watching?! I'm totally going to get this shadow...Dang! I almost had it! This time, I promise! Emma!? Are you watching?!
    Emma: Is perfection and poise composed into one.

  • Michiii_
    Michiii_ 5 days ago

    This is too cute for me <3

  • Mau Dionela
    Mau Dionela 5 days ago

    question emma do you ever wonder daniel radcliffe and you could possibly dating

  • Onni Doodles
    Onni Doodles 5 days ago

    If I could get as many Cats as I want.
    I would want 4, getting 3 new kittens and keeping my cat Jester.
    I want an orange tabby that would be male,I would name it Popeye
    The other 2 kittens would be female, they would be white kittens named Squishy and Squaishy.

  • StevieSpain D
    StevieSpain D 5 days ago

    Airhead trying to be cerebral.

  • Untitled x Unmatched

    Real niggas looked for this from Dontai's outro

  • Blackfire of Stormclan

    AAHHH GIVE ME THE KITTENS!!!! im in love with them!

  • Ashley S
    Ashley S 5 days ago

    Nice Pussies and one Hot one.

  • Erin Kessel
    Erin Kessel 5 days ago

    They should have more Harry Potter questions

  • big kahuna burger
    big kahuna burger 6 days ago

    She is so cute

  • Coleonwheels Sings Matilda the Musical

    How old is belle

  • ThatGirl
    ThatGirl 6 days ago

    The tiny black one IS ADORABLE

  • Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson 6 days ago

    Every now and again she says something with an american twang !

  • Funtime Marionette Girl 27


  • Holly willard
    Holly willard 6 days ago

    3:17 I found it so hard to listen to her, when that cat is like attacking the background

  • Shunqi Huang
    Shunqi Huang 6 days ago

    Can't agree more with Emma.

  • Amy lấp lánh channel

    so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaitlyn Samsel
    Kaitlyn Samsel 6 days ago

    She took a kitt-interview

  • Jess LittleAngel
    Jess LittleAngel 6 days ago

    i like Emma so much :)

  • Ulf Kal Narcht
    Ulf Kal Narcht 6 days ago

    the last question just threw everything out of the window. god damn it! ruins the picture of emma watson and the movie beauty and the beast it self.

  • Cat Chloe Life
    Cat Chloe Life 6 days ago


  • Lewis Dickinson
    Lewis Dickinson 6 days ago

    Shes like that lady from harry potter (dolorus umbridge)

  • Rkm
    Rkm 6 days ago +1

    so sad that such a beautiful girl turned out to be a feminist😥

    • Rkm
      Rkm 5 days ago

      Silver wolf dude... nowadays the logical feminists are becoming less..all the batshit crazy ones are prevailing.. and honestly, I've reached a point where all feminists are bad in my eyes...and I honestly don't even feel bad about being judgemental now

    • Silver wolf
      Silver wolf 5 days ago

      Rkm seriously dude, can we stop thinking of feminism as bad? I get that there are idiot women out there that the Internet has been told are feminists, but that shouldn't be the example of feminism you think of when you hear the word feminist.

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