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  • Long Days Pleasant Nights

    I think that chicken was alive

  • ThingsDestroyer
    ThingsDestroyer 21 day ago

    I break you all!

  • jay dogg
    jay dogg 22 days ago


  • MC S
    MC S 26 days ago

    4:13 crackheads

  • 젠킨스안소니
    젠킨스안소니 27 days ago

    what is that song called on 6:00?

  • ☯ P1DA
    ☯ P1DA 29 days ago

    Can someone tell me what the guy with the chocolate was doing?

  • Bobby Zeal
    Bobby Zeal Month ago

    Someone told me to check out this video, because it had a naked chick in it...

  • Bloody Sniper
    Bloody Sniper Month ago +1


  • Seb Kim
    Seb Kim Month ago


  • michelle lei rute
    michelle lei rute Month ago

    why do you put scary background music?? it kinda piss me off..

  • Maja & Nicole
    Maja & Nicole Month ago

    1:19 fluffy slime 😂😂

  • Zac_UnderScore
    Zac_UnderScore Month ago

    1:12 that's Zac from lol xD

    (League of Legends)

  • Tanner Coope
    Tanner Coope Month ago

    didn't like the chicken one

  • Aliya Diaz
    Aliya Diaz Month ago

    4:46 is the definition of non halal chicken. Halal means chicken receives drinking water and is immediately slaughtered followed by time for the blood to drain OUT of the chicken. No touter involved.

    • Aliya Diaz
      Aliya Diaz 29 days ago

      I'm a human.

    • Miin2_
      Miin2_ Month ago

      Aliya Diaz so you're malay or muslim.Same

  • Aliya Diaz
    Aliya Diaz Month ago

    God like?? Lol what an insult to the creator of human beings not to mention the skies and the earth. But let's just get our tongues twisted over watermelons and candy.......

  • Helen Kolousek
    Helen Kolousek Month ago

    What is wrong with you ! That was an animal dying! Why would you put that in your video?!!

  • Cabdulasiis cabdullahi

    Was that chicken alive at 4:50?!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cabdulasiis cabdullahi
      Cabdulasiis cabdullahi Month ago

      +Littlebig L That makes sense. Thanks for replying. have a lovely night.👍👍

    • Littlebig L
      Littlebig L Month ago

      abdifatah yusuf it's a risk move for their job if they did it. And I don't they would film it on camera so it would definitely rule out the fact that the chicken was being defeathered while alive

    • Cabdulasiis cabdullahi
      Cabdulasiis cabdullahi Month ago

      +Littlebig L I thought its legs were moving, it was trying to get out there. you never know my friend these people would do it seriously. they are idiots.

    • Littlebig L
      Littlebig L Month ago

      abdifatah yusuf the sound was the background of other chickens. How can you tell the chicken was moving when it was already in fast motion?

    • Cabdulasiis cabdullahi
      Cabdulasiis cabdullahi Month ago

      +Littlebig L it looked like it was moving and I heard I sound as well.

  • Pasca l
    Pasca l Month ago

    1:05 Spot the skinny person, AMERICA FUCK YEAH

  • Ulfrick Stormcloak: TRUE High King of Skyrim.

    lol the chicken was the best part

  • Truth
    Truth Month ago +1

    That painting at 3:40 is amazing. Some people just see the world differently.

  • tupera1
    tupera1 Month ago

    The only accurate thing about the title is "human"!!!

  • Bec Noir
    Bec Noir Month ago

    Ummmm u put a few in that were sped up dude

  • ZOMBØY !!!!
    ZOMBØY !!!! Month ago

    Theres only one god which is christ

  • TheHorseLady1212
    TheHorseLady1212 Month ago

    counted at least 237 distinct moments where I woulda lost a finger

    OLIVIA WYNN Month ago

    Rip chicken 4:50-5:20

  • Rene Felipe
    Rene Felipe Month ago +1

    0:51 whats the name of the song ?

    • Twirly Donkey
      Twirly Donkey Month ago

      Rene Felipe Far the Days Come- Letter Box

    TINSU TIBET Month ago


  • Ryan Sabater
    Ryan Sabater Month ago

    R.I.P Chicken 2018-2018

  • Fakhrur Ruzi
    Fakhrur Ruzi Month ago

    that old man with chocolate things always in vid but he slow

  • Hector ibarra
    Hector ibarra Month ago

    rip chicken 🍗

  • Azzzi Aser
    Azzzi Aser Month ago


  • Ryuko
    Ryuko Month ago

    3:51 I thought there were making a giant burrito in We Bare Bears
    Btw I'm watching those comments about the lil chick, the guys who commented like are holding chicken nuggets or chicken wings maybe :^)

    THEONLY SAVAGE Month ago

    wow fast fore it

  • Suffbomb10 Minecraft and More!

    I'm sorry but at 4:50 when I saw that chicken I died laughing

  • Addy And Daisy
    Addy And Daisy Month ago

    For some reason I read it as the worlds fattest workers

  • Ana Varea
    Ana Varea Month ago

    4:50 😢

  • OGHD Montages
    OGHD Montages Month ago

    Most of this shit is sped up

  • tebato uma XD
    tebato uma XD Month ago

    oo no copiou BRASIL NUMBER 1

  • M C
    M C Month ago

    I wouldn't hire any of them.

  • I'm lit DAB
    I'm lit DAB Month ago

    These were probably time lapsed

  • Yozzmaster
    Yozzmaster Month ago

    i see a singaporean

  • lonely wolf
    lonely wolf Month ago +3

    4:50 the chicken though it was suffering for long the best way to kill a chicken fast and painlessly for a chicken is to chop the head .trust me it know cause my grandmom does it and she owns chicken's

    • Tunalisous 123
      Tunalisous 123 Month ago

      Bass Knight Didn't seem dead.

    • chloekirk91
      chloekirk91 Month ago

      Bass Knight their not necessarily alive they just continue to move for a while afterwards but yea the chicken was dead by that point

    • Bass Knight
      Bass Knight Month ago

      The chicken was already dead. Also, aren't chickens famous for living after having their heads chopped off?

  • wolf_gang658
    wolf_gang658 Month ago

    The first one is like the workers at sukura like if you agree (I probably spelled it wrong)

  • Buzzy
    Buzzy Month ago

    Some are just machines

  • Jay Tamayo
    Jay Tamayo Month ago

    I was so amaze with the Technology othe guy (if he made them) climbing up the coconut three.

  • Daniel Stewart
    Daniel Stewart Month ago

    The first one just has a good knife

  • Exceedingstew1
    Exceedingstew1 Month ago

    3 40

  • Tipo Anonimo
    Tipo Anonimo Month ago

    poor chicken...i'm indignited

  • Lucas Kolkman
    Lucas Kolkman Month ago

    whats the name of the song at 1:22

    • Twirly Donkey
      Twirly Donkey Month ago

      Lucas Kolkman far the days come- letter box

  • Matt Lucasgammer
    Matt Lucasgammer Month ago

    Im sure the spray painter guy and the girl was standing there a long time 😅

  • starburdi doy
    starburdi doy Month ago

    0:37 WTF!?

  • Life of Natural Foods

    Very modern tool and looking very fast.

  • Abe Coulter
    Abe Coulter Month ago

    stolen video

  • Connor Kogler
    Connor Kogler Month ago

    Poor chicken at 4:59

  • Tina Thirtina
    Tina Thirtina Month ago

    That is not fast workers that is animal abuse!

    • Bass Knight
      Bass Knight Month ago

      How is it animal abuse? The chicken has already died a painless death when it entered the machine.

  • Exterisc
    Exterisc Month ago +2

    6:44 i like this part

  • Josi 2759
    Josi 2759 Month ago +1

    At 3:27 and earlier he speed t up because the people were walking fast

  • THENO2
    THENO2 Month ago

    some other videos were speed up, so its cliccbate almost

  • banhmiso1
    banhmiso1 Month ago

    The dude painting on the side of the street is fast because the video is sped up. The machine plucks the chicken, what is so super human god level about that. Fucking clickbait.

  • Dae Ling
    Dae Ling Month ago

    why are these people being hypocrite abt the chicken? its either the feathers plucked using machine or hand plucked. either way the chicken is already dead and has to be rinsed in hot water first. where do you expect the chicken you ate come from? fall from the sky or grow it in the soil?

  • Fake Duckie
    Fake Duckie Month ago

    Just fast forward it

    edit: still good video tho

  • Meshiah Carton
    Meshiah Carton Month ago

    WO good thing im vegan.

  • Tao rabanowitz
    Tao rabanowitz Month ago

    did you see that fat kid on the 3rd clip looking at the chocolate

  • Farris Huff
    Farris Huff Month ago

    I am crying after what they did to that chicken!!!!!! Seriously, no joke I'm crying!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭

    • Bass Knight
      Bass Knight Month ago

      The chicken was already dead when it went into the machine, calm down.

  • Cole Field
    Cole Field Month ago

    0:52 what is he doing?????

  • Damien Brelay
    Damien Brelay Month ago

    Why put a video of a chicken getting its feathers ripped off then dying

  • Arianne Nation
    Arianne Nation Month ago

    2:00 so fast ^_^

  • Exploding Llamas
    Exploding Llamas Month ago

    These are all time lapsed

  • Danish Maiyyonish
    Danish Maiyyonish Month ago +2

    How is this fastest workers ? Some of them are sped up and replaced with music

  • Clique as Frick
    Clique as Frick Month ago +4

    Okay. With all the people triggered about the chicken and how it's animal abuse,
    The chicken is cut in the throat with a very sharp knife, and totally unaware. The chicken dies quickly, meaning it isn't suffering. Then, they put in boiling water. By the time the defeathering comes along, (which is what the machine is for) the animal is already dead. And, I'm willing to bet nearly everyone who is being offended by it eat chicken products nearly every day.

    • Clique as Frick
      Clique as Frick Month ago

      chad evans exactly, and i bet people who comment that eat chicken on a regular basis. yes, you can keep chickens for eggs / pets, but their main purpose is to be eaten.

    • chad evans
      chad evans Month ago

      Clique as Frick I mean honestly how do people think chicken is killed to be available to be eaten?

    • Clique as Frick
      Clique as Frick Month ago

      chad evans thanks for understanding without being triggered.

    • chad evans
      chad evans Month ago

      Clique as Frick exactly. people are so dumb

  • Christian Wyche
    Christian Wyche Month ago

    woudnt god level be instantly?

  • Rubix _MasterPVP
    Rubix _MasterPVP Month ago +2

    #AnimalAbusing at 4:50

    • chad evans
      chad evans Month ago

      Rubix _MasterPVP lol well who's gonna stop it? no one. dumb fool

    • Bass Knight
      Bass Knight Month ago

      Uhhh no, it wasn't. The chicken was already dead when it was put in there.

  • Little Wolf Team
    Little Wolf Team Month ago

    Someone else who knows the song in the start from "Mordpodden"?

  • Bogdan Bobocea Nicolae

    the one with painting is the best

  • Adam Disney
    Adam Disney Month ago

    Half of these are sped up.......

  • pmd299
    pmd299 Month ago

    making a time lapse of a worker isn't making him a fast worker you know? ..

  • Hypex -plays
    Hypex -plays Month ago


  • EliteRobloxGaming 7

    2:08 bro dont break em

  • Suhas Varma
    Suhas Varma Month ago

    At 2:15 I was thinking " Strong plates"

  • David Bowden
    David Bowden Month ago +1



    1/2 aren't fast and other 1/2 aren't humans, but machines

    *rolls eyes, takes time to write comment

  • Red Blood Productions#1

    No Comment,Fastest Chicken Kill
    at 4:50
    They will go in hell...
    #Butiger , he thinks like me.

    • David Bowden
      David Bowden Month ago

      Relax. The chicken was already dead.

      If you care to know how it
      works. The chickens throat is slit with a very sharp knife, it has no
      idea what is happening. The chicken bleeds out very quickly. It is then
      put into scalding water for a short period of time. Then it is either
      put in the plucker machine, or is hand plucked.

  • Mat Lag
    Mat Lag Month ago

    i haye when people fast forward videos and manipulate things to promote a view m really sad . but still love ya . God Bless you

  • karstenpianoguy
    karstenpianoguy Month ago +1

    4:14 when you got 1 minute of free shopping at walmart.

  • Li Ming
    Li Ming Month ago

    2:29 fast forward

    edit:3:51 also

  • Zero
    Zero Month ago

    1:48 the birth of SPAM!

  • jennifer canoy
    jennifer canoy Month ago


  • jennifer canoy
    jennifer canoy Month ago +1

    please free taste

  • Joseph Casterline
    Joseph Casterline Month ago

    I grew up on a farm where we grew turkeys for Thanksgiving every year. The background turkey cackle's timing during the defeathering machine made me laugh. Only half paying attention to the video, I thought, "They should NOT be making that noise at that point." YouTube after a 16 hour day... Lol

    • David Bowden
      David Bowden Month ago

      If that chicken was making that noise, they were doing it wrong.

  • Fredjuhh
    Fredjuhh Month ago +1

    Omg chicken has to be killed otherway! Im vegetarion and im okay with people that eat chicken or meat, but i dont want them to be killed like that with the turn machine!! Like if you agree

    • pH7oslo
      pH7oslo Month ago

      Relax, they're not killed in/by the plucker machine: First they're killed, then scalded and finally, plucked.

  • William Garrett
    William Garrett Month ago

    whats the name of the song at 1:24???

    • Twirly Donkey
      Twirly Donkey Month ago

      William Garrett far the days come- letter box

  • Lucas Halbritter
    Lucas Halbritter Month ago

    nobody's on God's level get it right brah!

  • Aliah Hernandez
    Aliah Hernandez Month ago

    4:51 that's really fucked up and I hope that person and people along wit it fuckin die in the exact same way if not worse, and also the egg ones right after.

  • Ashley Briggs
    Ashley Briggs Month ago

    R.I.P chicken... you will be missed

  • Tee Wai Sen
    Tee Wai Sen Month ago

    i think they will be promoted if they work even more faster

  • iron vlogs
    iron vlogs Month ago

    3:10 cool painting

  • bucci ramos
    bucci ramos Month ago

    Half of these are done with machines and the other half has been created faster then it really is.

  • Sandra S
    Sandra S Month ago +9

    4:50 fucking sick people

    • chad evans
      chad evans Month ago

      Sandra S don't watch? lol.. its already dead so what

    • Tunalisous 123
      Tunalisous 123 Month ago

      Sandra S I agree

    • pH7oslo
      pH7oslo Month ago

      What's so sick with a plucking machine? The fowl's been killed and scalded before it's being plucked - be it by hand or machine.

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