Samsung Galaxy S8 after 2 Months (Almost Great with One Flaw)

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • In this video, I will share my thoughts on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ after 2 months of using it as my daily driver.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are fantastic smartphones and I would like to highlight some high points of this phone, as well as one low point.

    Let's dive in.

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  • Runtime: 8:54
  • Samsung Galaxy S8  Samsung Galaxy S8 Review  Samsung Galaxy S8 After 2 Months  Samsung Galaxy S8+  Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus  after  2 months  

Comments: 385

  • sakitech
    sakitech  Month ago +7

    Watch the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Developments:

  • David X
    David X Day ago

    Awesome review, I have to ask do you work in the tech industry? What do you do ? You seem very in depth in your knowledge.

  • Doburama Senju
    Doburama Senju 11 days ago

    Give the S7 Edge a chance. When you talk about it's battery, you got to acknowledge it over S8 and S8+. Until now, nobody can beat it's battery not even the up coming Note 8.

  • Robert Clark
    Robert Clark 14 days ago

    I absolutely love that you have always done things your way. No loop music sounding like garbage trying to fit in to the over paid commercial copy cat reviewers. I've thought about over the years doing some myself but never have. I have done so much with each phone that released since 2010. That is when I got hooked on smartphones. The rooting went on for a while custom roms etc until few years ago that they make decent handsets I feel no real need other than mods. Thanks man.

  • Basilis Nikolaou
    Basilis Nikolaou 14 days ago

    I sold my s7 edge just to buy the s8 simple as that I was very satisfied with my edge nougat brought stuff ok cameras ok great but now I bought the s8 I am more satisfied just because the size is big but the overall phi e is small 5.8" in a body for 5.5 or so the other is well known stuff so that's all

  • Jacques-Pierre Schmidt

    You are a cool dude. Likeable. Great personality and attitude.

  • MrBryan30
    MrBryan30 18 days ago

    using a galaxy s5 thinking about getting s8

  • Owen Paternoster
    Owen Paternoster 18 days ago

    I've had an s7 Edge for 9 months now, it has done me great, but on the 7th month it started to lag and stutter pretty often. Could be because i never clear cache or reboot it... but I'm about to get the S8 but im afraid its going to be a bit stuttery and laggy which points me to the iPhone for better software but the iPhone just is boring,, not a lot of customization and looks outdated. So idk what i should go for fast software/boring phone or amazing looks and camera/display and ok software

  • jbrei713
    jbrei713 20 days ago

    I'm using S8+ I will not be upgrading to Note 8 I got S8+ for fantastic price..I still have my n7 (international version)
    note 8 will be over 1k not worth it s8+ does fine job...

  • Kim Diana
    Kim Diana 20 days ago

    S8 PLUS...Complete pkg. Thanks

  • Anthony Tarantino
    Anthony Tarantino 20 days ago

    So when are TV’s and tablets going to get bezel-less displays? Apple’s newest iPad Pro models still have a bezel, even if it’s thin. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 and lower end phones still have a home button, even though they said they’re getting rid of it.

  • Anthony Tarantino
    Anthony Tarantino 20 days ago

    Lots of phones have rear fingerprint sensors. Honor 6X, Nexus 6P, Alcatel Idol 5S, Honor 8, etc.

  • Hakija Krasnic
    Hakija Krasnic 22 days ago

    Nice Mercedes-benz

  • Hakija Krasnic
    Hakija Krasnic 22 days ago

    King of the teck 💪👍👌

  • Victor Rivera
    Victor Rivera 23 days ago

    Jumped from iPhone 7Plus to S8+ and no regrets

  • Sander Alphen
    Sander Alphen 24 days ago

    Allso the fingerprintsensor will only work with your bare finger. 😆

  • Franklin M
    Franklin M 27 days ago

    Ditched Apple iPhone 7 and bought Samsung S8+ after watching your videos. Great work bro. Will always support you. Thank you.

  • Kharoubi Oualid
    Kharoubi Oualid 29 days ago

    My daily driver is s8, it's the best, it's more easy to handle compating to the s8+

  • Muhammed Ramshad
    Muhammed Ramshad Month ago

    I want buy a phone... iphone 7 or Samsung S8... which one I should buy....

  • Jennifer Massey
    Jennifer Massey Month ago

    I have an S8 as my daily driver. I love the features available but Verizon cripples the full functionality of the Device Maintenance app. I did use the Samsung + app as you have suggested in a previous video and it gives me a little more of the functionality that the Device Maintenance app has. Overall my S8 experience has been awesome and I have used developer options to dial down animations to zero whice does help with some of the lag. As a left handed person, I find it easier to use the fingerprint sensor, but underneath the camera / heart rate sensor would be a less awkward spot.

  • Elo Isic
    Elo Isic Month ago

    I'm using s8(not s8+) because s8+ is to big for the pocket and for my hands. I love everything ​ about this phone except 2 things : 1.the price 2.i can't find proper glass screen protector that will stick to my screen. I use case all the time so it's the case who peels of the screen protector. But aside from that the phone is apsolutely beautiful. There is probably phone with better camera (Pixel and U11) and better free-of-lag phone (IPhone 7) but there is now better complete phone than the s8. When you put him next to the pixel, iPhone, HTC, s8 looks like a phone from year 2025. Thank you for your videos I really enjoy the information you're giving

  • coolcashew365
    coolcashew365 Month ago

    a maxima

  • Joshowa
    Joshowa Month ago

    like number 1000

  • Betty Sakuma
    Betty Sakuma Month ago

    Using S8 and love it. Still waiting for the Note but not liking some of the schematics I'm hearing about like the glass will not be as curved and the phone will be more square... So, as much as I want a Note, I'm not sure this one will cut it... Especially with no front facing fingerprint scanner. The specs don't seem much better than the S8, which is disappointing and aside from the camera (and I seldom if ever take pictures) there's nothing to get excited about.

  • Mitch C.
    Mitch C. Month ago

    Love my S8 plus! Came from my Note 3. It's like "night & day."

  • Edwin Waddel
    Edwin Waddel Month ago

    Hey Saki..what's a good case and protector screen. Sir

  • Blue Trec
    Blue Trec Month ago

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Plu

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee Month ago

    You sorta look like Sylvester Stallone.

  • nakanek N
    nakanek N Month ago

    i wait for note 8

  • nakanek N
    nakanek N Month ago +1

    why you use gloves ?

  • ronald lazar
    ronald lazar Month ago

    I got the S8+ Love it but since I'm what you consider a Heavy user...from games to apk use and streaming I got to say it's Good(Great, if I had a better service provider) and it offers a lot of user experience overall. I could say I am Satisfied with my care Lol but I'm running on a very limited provider hence some of my service glitch issues but if you reboot the phone once a week it helps and is my number #1 daily driver besides my Old LG G3...can't wait to see what the Note has to offer

  • Carlos Finch
    Carlos Finch Month ago

    Disliked your video because you wear driving gloves. Great review though!

  • dice1331
    dice1331 Month ago

    Whats wrong with doing a normal review inside a house?

  • Joyce Robertson
    Joyce Robertson Month ago

    Our old style telephone network just closed down and with it went the service to my old LG flip phone with no data plan so I was forced to upgrade and I chose the largest screen available with the latest technology so it would last a while so the S8+. I have a huge learning curve now so I appreciate all "how to" video's posted. I appreciate your finger print explanation - can we enable both - a pin or a fingerprint or does it have to be only consistently one form of security? I also bought a wallet style holder so it would stay nice after sliding it in and out of my purse when I go somewhere. But so far so good - I have only had it just over a week.

  • bill billy
    bill billy Month ago

    you look like you just broke into someone's house just to steal their car to make a YouTube video in it, with those gloves on, just so you don't finger prints..lmao
    much love!!!

  • schizowallflower
    schizowallflower Month ago

    When it comes to great smartphone cameras, do you think we'll see another 41 megapixel sometime, like the Lumia 1020 had?

  • Johnny Questt
    Johnny Questt Month ago

    nicely stated, data points🍺~thx !

  • Jawad Elmokhliss
    Jawad Elmokhliss Month ago


  • Sony eSports
    Sony eSports Month ago

    Saki if I played mmm let's say 3 hours of games a day will I still be able to make it through the day?

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson Month ago

    Love your vids! You have lots of great information, well stated and clear. Thanks!!! I am moving to the s8+ from the Note edge and am wondering which case you consider the best. I tend to be a minimalist (use a body glove on the present phone) that will help with that dreaded fingerprint reader.

  • James Lovering
    James Lovering Month ago

    Lovely display but for many these new premium phones ( and prices ) are just not value.

  • Malisa Morgan
    Malisa Morgan Month ago

    the galaxy s8 is my daily driver it's awesome I love this phone way better than expected!

  • Vengeful Spoon
    Vengeful Spoon Month ago

    I have the iphone 5c and i fine with it you know i dont have enough money to get a s8

  • Vengeful Spoon
    Vengeful Spoon Month ago

    I have the iphone 5c and i fine with it you know i dont have enough money to get a s8

  • Mohammad umair
    Mohammad umair Month ago

    I have a doubt ... Can I use my s8 plus without screen protector ? I am really scared that it might get scratched.

  • Amit Sengupta
    Amit Sengupta Month ago +1


  • Kyron Poullard
    Kyron Poullard Month ago +1

    Still rocking with my S7 edge until the S9 comes out

  • Tbow499
    Tbow499 Month ago +1

    Nice video...I'm using as a daily driver the iPhone 7Plus 256GB in black, but since the wife got a new Samsung galaxy S 8, and I've seen the specs and that gorgeous screen and camera; been doing some comparisons also, I'm thinking of jumping ship & going for the S8 Plus. I had done this when the Note 7 came, I got one and thoughly enjoyed it until was forced to turn it in; went back to the iPhone 6splus at that time. So, now that the kinks are out, I'll try that Galaxy S8+ and see how things go..👍

  • John Gardner
    John Gardner Month ago +1

    love my s8 plus wouldn't swap it for anything

  • Najee Simons
    Najee Simons Month ago +1

    I went from Iphone 6s to galaxy 8 and i love it

  • Unbox Zone
    Unbox Zone Month ago

    how you make phones to stand on the table straight

  • jaimit vala
    jaimit vala Month ago

    ohh....its a long drive , let me make a youtube video so I make money while travelling...

  • GodsIlluminatedOne
    GodsIlluminatedOne Month ago +1


  • Ian Nazareno
    Ian Nazareno Month ago

    hey saki was wondering if you do anything special to your device ? such as twinker with developer options and all that? let me know what your set up is and if your using a launcher and if so which one! thanks!

    • Sharky165
      Sharky165 Month ago

      Ian Nazareno He says in the video that he likes and uses standard TouchWiz.

  • abhishek dutta
    abhishek dutta Month ago +1

    Am a proud owner of the Samsung galaxy s8 plus. Using it for 3 days by now. bought it mainly cause of it's stunning gorgeous infinite display. it's my daily diver nowdays. previously was using the one plus 3t. loved the super fast dash charging in that which am surely missing a bit in my galaxy s8plus

  • I Am Shanay Shah
    I Am Shanay Shah Month ago +1


  • poweruser213
    poweruser213 Month ago +1

    with good silicon case fingerprint is absolute no trouble
    very very easy so reach with good case

  • R9delta
    R9delta Month ago +2

    S8+ is my daily but had my Moto Z Play not taken a swim it would likely still be my primary. The camera was shit on it but man the battery life just puts everything else to shame (even the S8+). 2 day battery life on its' own was not uncommon with decent use and with the battery mod pack up to 3.5 days wasn't even out of the ordinary. Absolutely fucking insane. Lag and stutter free too due to the near-stock interface and absence of bloat. Certainly not the most top end specs especially next to an S8 but you wouldn't think it if you hadn't read a spec sheet. Honestly if the design weren't so ugly, the camera wasn't so mediocre, and it had ip68 I would have been content with never upgrading. I considered it the perfect phone otherwise.

    • Kimberly Campos
      Kimberly Campos Month ago

      I also had a moto z play and the battery life just could not be beat! I got tired of the crappy camera - I love to take pictures. So I gave it to my sister and got a pixel xl.

  • Drew Busch
    Drew Busch Month ago

    Patrick L
    +Gøran Greggor think before you try to say anything to me please. you are not at my level and this is the first and last warning.

  • Kathy Smulick
    Kathy Smulick Month ago

    How about the bad and slow voice recongnition compared to the older samsung models

  • Shane Horne
    Shane Horne Month ago

    Just wait for the iPhone 8

  • Shane Horne
    Shane Horne Month ago

    I wish I never got it it is so crap

  • Isaac Salazar
    Isaac Salazar Month ago

    what Apple watch would you recommend for your daily use and can you pair a Apple watch with the Galaxy Note 4 or not

  • Gui Schwertner
    Gui Schwertner Month ago

    What is with the gloves?

    • Sharky165
      Sharky165 Month ago

      Gui Schwertner They're called driving gloves. HELLO ??? lol.

  • Ahmad A.
    Ahmad A. Month ago +1

    Why don't you setup the Iris Scanner at the front and train it with your sunshades on and off. That way, you can easily log-in during those situations where the fingerprint scanner is not convenient.

  • Maher Dawood
    Maher Dawood Month ago +1

    i use the galaxy s7 edge and i think its better thn s8 cos of finger print. s7 edge never lag i really donno why everybody talking about the lag in samsung

  • chris's fire ninja studios

    my daily driver is samsung galaxy s8 (i love getting strait A's)

  • arnoni11
    arnoni11 Month ago +1

    I was going to get the s8plus it's only a couple inches bigger, decided with the s8. my s6 had horrible battery life. such an upgrade

  • Earle Greene
    Earle Greene Month ago

    I've had my LG G4 for 2 years now and it is still getting the job done for me. I'm planning on getting a new phone later this year. The S8+ is on my list of possible purchases. I want to wait, however, until Apple releases the next iPhone so I can do some comparison shopping.

  • snowball the Scottish fold

    badass review dude

  • Fitnesswith Marquise

    thanks bro I hope you check out the note 8 I wanna know if I'm waiting for the best

  • Fit n Fab
    Fit n Fab Month ago

    Are you affiliated with Samsung to promote their phones?

  • Sonja
    Sonja Month ago +1

    I use the S8+ daily. So far I like it very much although I need to learn more about Bixby and why it's on this phone.

  • Tommy Baker
    Tommy Baker Month ago

    Have been following sakitech for over a year, like his in-depth reviews and apps suggestions. But, a guy wearing gloves, complaining about a fingerprint sensor? What's wrong with this picture?

  • azu Fly
    azu Fly Month ago

    What's your ride

  • ffs stop blazing
    ffs stop blazing Month ago +4

    I use the S8 and I literally have no problems with it :D

  • aguysittingonachair

    OMG.. the gloves. I can't even... X-/

  • Darlen De
    Darlen De Month ago +1

    Samsung 8 is my brand new driver, I love it so far, didn't know about the +! Enjoyed your Video sakitech! I totally agree with you about the fingerprint placement, its annoying, to say the least! Who's brainstorm was that placement, not?! Thanks for taking the time to share your info, it helps a new user!

  • Ankit Narsinh
    Ankit Narsinh Month ago

    what car does he drive?

  • XxKazxX xoxo
    XxKazxX xoxo Month ago +1

    imma throw the S7 Edge to T-MOBILE and be like... here's ur fucking replacement phone... now give me my Note 8... and give me half credit towards my new baby Note 8... also need a discount on the Note 8 for what happened last year w my Note 7... thanx

  • Mcdovin
    Mcdovin Month ago +1

    I got my S8 for 24 months at $0 down and I'm loving it.

  • Gøran Greggor
    Gøran Greggor Month ago +1

    I had already switched to Samsung when the S7 came out and now I can't go back to anything else. Currently using the regular S8 and love it. Waiting for the Pixel 2.

  • Sarbjit Singh Brar
    Sarbjit Singh Brar Month ago

    My daily driver is iphone 7

  • Aly Nguyen
    Aly Nguyen Month ago +2

    samsung for life

  • yenaled 306
    yenaled 306 Month ago +1

    s7 has a bad battery? lol k

  • DhrubRaj Giri
    DhrubRaj Giri Month ago

    its seems to have too much money, can you gift me a phone

  • David Dames
    David Dames Month ago

    why you always film in your car 🤔

    • David Dames
      David Dames Month ago

      sakitech I know, I love your videos. I was just curious lol see you more in the car now I guess and felt compelled to ask

    • sakitech
      sakitech  Month ago

      +David Dames I have over 500 videos on my channel, of which over 450 were not filmed in the car, so why are you asking me this fantastic question?

  • wally morgan
    wally morgan Month ago +19

    people really drive with gloves

    • SmartyPantsDash
      SmartyPantsDash Month ago

      I think he uses gloves so the acid that's on human hands, doesn't damage the steering wheel

    • Fatalist
      Fatalist Month ago

      wally morgan If you are a wannabe-thug showing of your car....then yes, you wear gloves ;)

  • Travis Glenn
    Travis Glenn Month ago +1

    can you help me get an S8 Saki?

  • Travis Glenn
    Travis Glenn Month ago

    love your videos Saki! love the way you present them!

    • Travis Glenn
      Travis Glenn Month ago

      Can you put me in to win an S8? I really want one and you are the reason!

  • Moishy Ok
    Moishy Ok Month ago

    using s8+ and I always use the iris scanner and it works gr8 for me since I mostly use my phone indoors.

  • Moishy Ok
    Moishy Ok Month ago +1

    using s8+ and I always use the iris scanner and it works gr8 for me since I mostly use my phone indoors.

  • GtotheB
    GtotheB Month ago +1


  • brian
    brian Month ago

    Why does my s8 plus take beautiful videos but when I send it out person receiving it gets a choppy video?? Any way to fix this ?

  • wannaberichlikeme
    wannaberichlikeme Month ago

    I hope they don't go with this latest design. It is horrible and ugly. If Apple do. I will be sticking with my iPhone 4s. Which I still think is the best phone to date.

  • Vincent Koech
    Vincent Koech Month ago

    No money so i have to like it.

  • Jeff Hartmann
    Jeff Hartmann Month ago +1

    I love the fingerprint sensor on the back loll I'm used to it esp with my otterbox case has cutout but I love the placement

  • Marlous B
    Marlous B Month ago +1

    Great video! S8 plus as daily. Waiting on the Pixel 2.

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