Top 10 SUPER CHEAP PS4 Games - $20 or Less!!

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  • lotsofgames
    lotsofgames 5 months ago +570

    I had a lot of fun putting together this list. So many great games on the PS4 to consider. Thanks to everyone for watching!

  • Altair401 98
    Altair401 98 2 days ago

    So months later have you tried Bloodborne yet MJR?

  • Razor Sharp
    Razor Sharp 2 days ago

    Something really cool about the bloodborne cover art, you can flip it for a different design which is really cool

  • Cat Kid
    Cat Kid 3 days ago

    I haven't played Bloodborne yet but everyone's like "GET BLOODBORNE" And I'm like "I never liked those kinda games but I'll try it"

  • Bumpy Bum
    Bumpy Bum 15 days ago

    I would compare shadow of mordor to the assassins creed. I like assassins creed more because it's not so dark but the gameplay is very similar

  • Megamigit23
    Megamigit23 17 days ago

    shadow of mordor is the fun version of assassins creed

  • Vansh Sachdeva
    Vansh Sachdeva 18 days ago

    Can you give me a game for free I have given you 9 subscribe

  • Tyler Sommer
    Tyler Sommer 21 day ago

    This video was cool and all, but it's august 2017 and Uncharted 4 is still $40 not $20

  • SilverDOMO
    SilverDOMO 23 days ago

    I just got Uncharted 4 for 15$

  • Decimate the Soul
    Decimate the Soul 23 days ago

    Fuck ya Opeth!

    ABDULLAH AZIZ 24 days ago

    One of the most under rated gaming channel

  • The Gaming Bat
    The Gaming Bat 24 days ago

    Why is there no rocket league?it's 20$,and it's a good game

    • The Gaming Bat
      The Gaming Bat 23 days ago

      Terrorism GT you get the point😂

    • Terrorism GT
      Terrorism GT 23 days ago

      The Gaming Bat rocket league now is 12$ 😂😂

  • Spectanamo Bae
    Spectanamo Bae 25 days ago

    "one of the best fighters on the ps4" blazblue central fiction?

  • Faron Thompson
    Faron Thompson 25 days ago

    And most of these are ps4 exclusive

  • MrOlliguitar
    MrOlliguitar 26 days ago

    mankind divided is 70€ on psn store but i can get it for 13€on amazon. what the...

    TJ MCHPIE 26 days ago

    Where my boy rb6 at

  • Brunsvikas
    Brunsvikas 27 days ago

    Nice Colaboration video guys. Like a merged comics universe :D More would be nice if possible

  • TheGreatMidgethero
    TheGreatMidgethero 27 days ago

    Just picked up Uncharted 4 for $17.99, loving every second of it. The scenery is just amazing

  • The kriptanium Guy
    The kriptanium Guy 28 days ago

    Rocket league is a cheap game

  • StrictlyAccessed IX
    StrictlyAccessed IX 28 days ago

    I'm going to stop paying full price for release games. It feels like such a waste when they just sell it for 80% less after 6-8 months anways.

  • phinehas Ratnam
    phinehas Ratnam 28 days ago +1

    Infamous second son should be on the list

  • Hodor
    Hodor 29 days ago

    Got deus ex for 10 bucks lmao

  • Phil Up
    Phil Up 29 days ago +2

    If you like PS4 just give me a like

  • Phil Up
    Phil Up 29 days ago +1

    dude I love Mortal Kombat X

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Month ago

    Man bloodborne is such a good game I beat it but now that I beat it I don't do know what to do anymore I wish I can just erase the memory in my head and replay it all over again

  • That Russian YouTuber who is half British Walker

    Uncharted 4 for 20$.....WHAT?!

  • Astronomer Ninety-One

    Yes! Two of my favorite gaming Youtubers together! Love both of your collections!

  • Vampirerockstar
    Vampirerockstar Month ago

    Beat bloodborne my first try

    then I woke up

  • ViiZioN Bulletz
    ViiZioN Bulletz Month ago

    Bloodborn is shit

  • Bee Rice
    Bee Rice Month ago

    "Super cheap games" are on Steam Sales. Actual good games for like $2.00....

  • Smiffmaff
    Smiffmaff Month ago

    You can also find rock band 4 disc only for under 10$ and if you have the accessories it's pretty fun with friends

  • MeChan Ward
    MeChan Ward Month ago

    Shadow of mordor is just a lot of the same thing over and over again.

  • Antwan Prendiz
    Antwan Prendiz Month ago

    watch dogs

  • Marvelous Chester
    Marvelous Chester Month ago

    I would recommend Dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin

  • Stovall Holmes
    Stovall Holmes Month ago

    i wish my dad liked games. he hates them so i dont get to play much and i have to buy all my own

  • DarkFusionGames
    DarkFusionGames Month ago

    8:14 RPG?

  • GamingAlways !
    GamingAlways ! Month ago +1

    PvZ:GardenWarfare around $20

  • GaminGWithZaiN
    GaminGWithZaiN Month ago +2

    why the heck they both look gays :/

  • nima ahh
    nima ahh Month ago

    I'm getting shadow of Mordor

  • StarbucksFromHell
    StarbucksFromHell Month ago

    dont you just love ads that you cant skip!?!!

  • Give Tom 1200 Subscribers

    Where is sleeping dogs?

  • uMADden
    uMADden Month ago +1

    Tsinij I got a gold slim for 200... bought uncharted 4 $8 bucks, I'm on the scuba diving so far. also found injustice 2 for $35 :(

  • Angel Padilla
    Angel Padilla Month ago

    I can't have all of this with only 400 GB, dude

  • Vojin Lekovic
    Vojin Lekovic Month ago

    Best list on YT

  • clayton dorland
    clayton dorland Month ago

    until dawn is free! this month

  • Retribution Assassin

    Damn y'all nerds making hella cash though lol.

  • AA LL
    AA LL Month ago

    You should change the title to top 10 games for 20$

  • Holly Monty
    Holly Monty Month ago

    why was 2k15' was not on it is 15 $

  • Arsen Vancevich
    Arsen Vancevich Month ago

    Get a trim,you need to cut your hair mate

  • Fernando Pacheco
    Fernando Pacheco Month ago

    hey guys, im changing free ps4 plus for Fallout 4 for PS4 (interchanging accounts) tell me in te coments

  • jon doe
    jon doe Month ago

    you couldn't have talked about it for a bunch of hours because you didn't play half of the games you fucking showcase you fucking idiots

  • world wrestling elite

    shadow of mordor deluxe is 6$

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    Nice, I have the same Opeth flag haha

  • Lattrodon
    Lattrodon Month ago

    the original ratchet and clank is sooooo much better

  • ColorJunkie96
    ColorJunkie96 Month ago

    Anyone else bothered that who ever recorded the gameplay footage for blood-borne didn't know how to lock on?

  • Mohamed Razagha
    Mohamed Razagha Month ago +4

    Who got until dawn?

    • straightedge Punk
      straightedge Punk Month ago

      Xxhunterxxwolf Xx yep on psplus finished it in 2 or 3 days incredible game im definitely gonna play it again for different outcomes

  • Trapasaurus Flex
    Trapasaurus Flex Month ago +3

    That bloodborne gameplay hurt my soul....

    I can see why you have trouble with Souls games 😂

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Month ago

    wtf uncharted costs $40 in my country

  • roy hoenen
    roy hoenen Month ago

    PS4 is not capable of much campared to a PC XD

  • Devon Fish
    Devon Fish Month ago

    The Last Of Us, still ne of the best story games I've ever played.

  • Dragonbltz
    Dragonbltz Month ago

    Man thanks I'll try getting some of these

  • get cancer
    get cancer Month ago

    this list makes me want to throw my xbox one out the window

    • shavingculture
      shavingculture Month ago

      rob one trust me the soon you get the PS4 you will want to return that shit back or break it well personality none of the exclusives catch my attention the control is one of the worst controls I ever use the exclusives not my type of games I don't like uncharted or the last of us or blood born none of that the only reason I bought it is because someone sold it to me for cheap $200 in the box and is the pro so when the x comes out ima throw this garbage out of my window lol

  • MyGoldenFro
    MyGoldenFro Month ago

    Shadow of Mordor GOTY Edition was on sale on the PSN store for $4 a little less than a week ago. Haven't played it yet so I definitely bought it at that price.

  • Septicle
    Septicle Month ago

    just picked up metal gear solid 5, dishonored 2 and titanfall 2 for 38 bux

  • Michael Mendoza
    Michael Mendoza Month ago

    Until Dawn is free to download for PS Plus Members this month only !

  • maticr997
    maticr997 Month ago


    You're welcome!

  • Exosted Gamer
    Exosted Gamer Month ago

    lol shadow of marrodor 4 dollars GOTY edition on steam

  • Luis Roman
    Luis Roman Month ago

    I'm fucking pissed because I want only have $100 dollars and want to buy 5 old games that I havnt played but also have to buy gold edetion for sow so I can't 😫

  • Aidencgtv
    Aidencgtv Month ago

    I bought uncharted 4 when it was still 65 dollars a month after its release

  • Maciej Schulz
    Maciej Schulz Month ago

    Uncharted 4 sucked ball sweat, I still play Uncharted 2 to this day

  • DeVille Marlowe
    DeVille Marlowe Month ago

    batman arkham knight

  • MrYouarethecancer
    MrYouarethecancer Month ago

    Haven't watched it all the way through bit DOOM better be on here!

  • LordTime Bomb
    LordTime Bomb Month ago

    Physical copies are cheap but fuck that, all they do is take up space, these games should be the sams price digitally

  • TheManWhoSmilez
    TheManWhoSmilez Month ago

    But U4 is $40 rn....

  • Team Output
    Team Output Month ago


  • AyeItsEli - Rocket League

    Where’s rocket league

  • Guu
    Guu Month ago

    Until dawn is free this month with psn+

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah Month ago

    Until dawn is free this month on psn. Also the witcher 3 is pretty much always on sale on psn for like 20$

  • Gamer Beast
    Gamer Beast Month ago

    It is $12.80 in Walmart

  • Gamer Beast
    Gamer Beast Month ago

    You left out Star Wars battlefront

  • Miku Fan
    Miku Fan Month ago

    UK ebay is so kind to me ;)

  • Mrcat2017
    Mrcat2017 Month ago


  • Pan cakes
    Pan cakes Month ago

    fuck you u look like a fucking long-haired cow, fuck you dislike dislike dislike dislike.

    • Proper Black
      Proper Black 19 days ago

      Jackaboy Is Cool wtf is your problem???

  • FigFigOk
    FigFigOk Month ago

    I hate the way this market is I literally bought most of those games for 64$ and now they're 20$. smh​ I understand that prices go down but seriously Sony.

  • Jayln Dorsey
    Jayln Dorsey Month ago

    Im An Big Fan Of Ratchet and clank

  • Infinity Ripper
    Infinity Ripper Month ago

    bloodborne and the souls games are really not that difficult once you get into the mechanics and start learning the best way to approach fights and pick your spots.

  • Yung Supreme Terror

    Make an xbox one version

  • Eric G
    Eric G Month ago

    professionally done video. i agree with most of your picks. Shadow of mordor was great.. Last of us is the best game ever made.

  • TheCopperhound84
    TheCopperhound84 Month ago

    all the games you showed im not interested in they look like crap too much sci fi too much old school knights in shining armors i dont like fighting games either except for rachet and clank i like platformer games only theirs barely any time to go back to nintendo

  • TheCopperhound84
    TheCopperhound84 Month ago

    Super Cheap Games Because The Games Suck And PlayStation Sucks Xbox One X Is Gonna Blow PlayStation Away For Good

  • GTA ModZ
    GTA ModZ Month ago

    I recommend Far Cry 4

  • Joel Vallejo
    Joel Vallejo Month ago

    where is god of war remastered or dark souls scholar of the first sin?but great video though

  • Joanca Bs
    Joanca Bs Month ago

    I bought fallout 4 for 18 $

  • Mr Slave
    Mr Slave Month ago

    Err so many games, so little time

  • Gareth McConville
    Gareth McConville Month ago

    Guys this is an excellent list, cheers!!

  • NewWaveFan1
    NewWaveFan1 Month ago

    Great list. I hate buying games for $60... Takes forever for the prices to drop as well.

  • AceMeBaby AllTheTime

    ps4 pro or xbox?
    suggestions naman dyan

  • Jeff Krug
    Jeff Krug Month ago

    I would have put Mad Max on the list. Game is unreal

  • Dark side Of the world

    Um rocket league ?

  • Xbow 10
    Xbow 10 Month ago

    how about minecrFt its super cheap

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