10 People Who Were Struck By Lightning

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  • Top 10 amazing people who survived lightning strikes

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    For most of us, lightning is that thing that freaks your dog out and tells you when the big final scene is coming in a horror movie, for a select few, it’s had a more direct impact, no pun intended. Being hit by lightning can have some dramatic effects on the human body but we don’t recommend it as a health treatment.

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  • KaptnStabby
    KaptnStabby 6 days ago

    Fucking click bait. Tired of seeing false thumbnails

  • Lenny Studios
    Lenny Studios 9 days ago

    So is anyone the flash now?

  • Theo Holland
    Theo Holland 10 days ago

    I was hit by a BUS this morning. No serious injures, but a fractured rib so BEAT THAT lol.

  • Jennifer Brust
    Jennifer Brust 10 days ago


  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 11 days ago

    Any time now :D
    *Ten hours later*
    Any time now.....
    *10 years later*

  • FNAF Universe Crafter
    FNAF Universe Crafter 11 days ago

    I got struck by lightnig when i was a baby it toched me because I struck the car

  • Mr Tinfoil Reacts
    Mr Tinfoil Reacts 11 days ago +1

    Before I been came great I was Struck By Lightning now greatness follows me

  • septiplier fangirl
    septiplier fangirl 12 days ago

    Where is my dumb fucking brother who thought it was a good idea to sit on a roof

    ANGEL _HURTADO 12 days ago

    My sisters friend hunter got struck by lightning in Las cruses new Mexico where I live

    ANGEL _HURTADO 12 days ago

    I live in new mexico

  • Dazzling DiamondThree
    Dazzling DiamondThree 13 days ago +1

    My grandpa was struck by lightning, twice

  • YT - Roblox & more!
    YT - Roblox & more! 14 days ago

    i thought u would turn into flash

  • Maxobb
    Maxobb 15 days ago

    That guy on the thumbnail looks like it's a really badass tattoo.

  • bigboybjj 175
    bigboybjj 175 16 days ago

    To me these look like badass tattoos
    The thumbnail

  • lizzie
    lizzie 19 days ago

    a 13 year old boy got struck on Friday the 13th, at 1:13/13:13 am.

    I'm turning 13 in 5 months

    wish me luck..

  • Mia Ramos
    Mia Ramos 21 day ago


  • Aleksander Augestad
    Aleksander Augestad 22 days ago

    i was struck by ligtning just when i got in the car so i dident get hurt :D

  • Alan YouTube
    Alan YouTube 23 days ago

    All the people that were strike by lightning were boys besides the wife

  • David Udovč
    David Udovč 27 days ago +1

    And none of them became the Flash?

  • Heather Alexander
    Heather Alexander 27 days ago +1

    I thought it said 9 out of 10

  • vabavavavava
    vabavavavava Month ago +1

    They forgot Barry Allen

  • Blood Raven
    Blood Raven Month ago

    Chuck Norris flosses with lightning.

  • Rachelle Swyers
    Rachelle Swyers Month ago

    The subscribe button is a total lie. I was just a nun subcrided.

  • ArtBy80
    ArtBy80 Month ago

    my grandma was struck by lighting when she was a kid (she still alive) she looks normal

  • Butterman
    Butterman Month ago

    I pressed the button and it said unsubscribed and I forgot were to press again

  • Wormy Chapman lizard worm reptile

    im roys grat grat grat grat grand son

  • Domi B.
    Domi B. Month ago

    I came here for veins bro, VEINS

  • gta palmateer
    gta palmateer Month ago

    Closer closer closer to my dick

  • leilani tunnicliff
    leilani tunnicliff Month ago

    Why do ppl hate Mel Gibson (sorry if spelt wrong) I just dont get it. What happened to make everyone hate him??

  • Nat The Unicorn
    Nat The Unicorn Month ago

    1:15 Today for meh is the 4th of July 2017 xD 😂

  • Blood D. Aaron
    Blood D. Aaron Month ago

    I thought 69 was a good thing

  • XxbluelightningxX 79

    Sorry guys I did that

  • Ryan Kelm
    Ryan Kelm Month ago

    My friend was struck by lightning in the foot

  • Unicorn Sami
    Unicorn Sami 2 months ago

    The subscribe thing made me cringe...

  • Adie Pfeifle
    Adie Pfeifle 2 months ago

    My grandma got struck

  • George Frangeh
    George Frangeh 2 months ago

    well all they nided was a partical accelerator explosion

  • shadow striker
    shadow striker 2 months ago

    wait only 2 weeks early

  • CookiesnOreos
    CookiesnOreos 2 months ago +1

    Friday 13th is my birthday!!!!!

  • Faih K.
    Faih K. 2 months ago

    Not the only people that have been hit by lightning 😂

    • bac4mor
      bac4mor 2 months ago

      Faih K. you must be missing chromosomes, title doesnt say the only people, aswell as her saying 23,000 people die to lightening a year... jesus people are fucking stupid.

  • NerdygamerTV NGTV
    NerdygamerTV NGTV 2 months ago

    Wheres is Barry Allen hmm? were is the scarlet speedster hmm ?

  • Kadyn Goodson
    Kadyn Goodson 2 months ago

    copy cat hub richist did this video before you

  • brenden shifflett
    brenden shifflett 2 months ago

    Such a lieeee

  • scorpio slash123
    scorpio slash123 2 months ago +21

    Your forgot one..

    Usain bolt...

    The flash of earth 778

    • Annie Cross
      Annie Cross 18 days ago

      Usain Bolt was naturally given to us and he has never been strike by lightning!!! #PROUD OF USAIN BOLT#PROUDJAMAICAN

  • Emma Terry
    Emma Terry 2 months ago

    you forgot about my friend owen lindermen who almost got hit by lightning when he was a baby

    SYLVIA SANTOS 2 months ago +16

    the thumbnail is special FX makeup, I would know i did the makeup on the right!!! I should sue you for copyright infringement!!

  • NerdyMegan
    NerdyMegan 2 months ago +4

    You want a cool and unique tattoo!? Lucky for you, I know exactly how to get one.
    Go outside during a storm, and do as many things as you can to get struck by lightning! Then you are bound to be the only person to have such a unique tattoo. Even other people who do the same as you to get one won't even have the exact same pattern!

    I am *not* to blame for any injuries caused to whatever idiot actually tries this. It is their own fault for having such a "faulty" way of thinking. Maybe even as "faulty" as my pun game.... I'll stop now.

  • Mr. Piggy
    Mr. Piggy 2 months ago +3

    who else came from the richest oh and by the way roses are red violets are blue I came for the thumbnail and so did you

  • Jude Richardson
    Jude Richardson 2 months ago +1

    You now that was a lie at the begging but I liked ordedy now I'm dis liking

  • Jacob
    Jacob 2 months ago +1

    Lictenburg figures are so fucking cool!

  • Balkanski Jutjuber
    Balkanski Jutjuber 2 months ago

    i know 3 people who survived it...

  • Call Of Duty Master
    Call Of Duty Master 2 months ago

    alberqerqe New Mexico is where I live

  • Tutorials for SCHOOL
    Tutorials for SCHOOL 2 months ago

    I live in New Mexico Albuquerque

  • William Dodson
    William Dodson 2 months ago +28

    Stop telling me to click the subscribe button, I DONT CARE!

  • Alvin Hartsfield
    Alvin Hartsfield 2 months ago


  • Yanjing Yang
    Yanjing Yang 2 months ago

    Wow what a coincidence
    In my neighborhood it's having a thunderstorm

  • 라피최
    라피최 2 months ago

    now im afraid to click subscribe.maybe ill get struck by lightning

  • DDomster
    DDomster 2 months ago

    1000th likes

  • Aarmau 4ever ;3
    Aarmau 4ever ;3 3 months ago

    when it said that when the lady was stuck with lightning I was there and I also live in New Mexico

  • BluishRosche 23
    BluishRosche 23 3 months ago


  • ImAGirl ThatGames
    ImAGirl ThatGames 3 months ago +8

    lol I was born on Friday October 13 and my last name is bad luck in Irish. so yea 😃

  • Jayden Tucker
    Jayden Tucker 3 months ago

    I think I understood the directions wrong on how to become a member, I got my foot stuck in the attic.

  • Ridglee
    Ridglee 3 months ago

    I fell in I fire and lived and I seriously not kiding

  • Allie Knobloch
    Allie Knobloch 3 months ago

    😂😂😂stealing that Cooper top hat joke!!

  • rodger grant
    rodger grant 3 months ago


  • 01Lisler
    01Lisler 3 months ago +2

    closer, closer, closer... dammit hit the X of the Browserah... nevermind

  • Portalerm
    Portalerm 3 months ago +28

    1:35, it says the baby survived even after being born 2 weeks early. Boy! I was born a month early!

    • Green •
      Green • 10 days ago

      Portalerm Deformed?

    • Monore Msp
      Monore Msp 12 days ago

      I was born in January but i was suppose to be born in Febuary

    • Portalerm
      Portalerm 28 days ago

      EDIT: Are you fraternal or identical (I'm identical)

    • Chaos ROBLOX
      Chaos ROBLOX 28 days ago

      I was born as a twin 2 months early. lol

  • Megan Ortiz
    Megan Ortiz 3 months ago

    He is called the Ice Man

  • Marcia Walkes
    Marcia Walkes 3 months ago

    the hub nice try with getting me to press the button today because i been subcribed live forever

  • Asaad Iqbal
    Asaad Iqbal 3 months ago +204

    i clicked on the button and it got me unsubscribed :D

  • but2star
    but2star 3 months ago +14

    Beautiful, just beautiful 0:25, it is like a pine leaves marking ... much more beautiful than any man made tattoo that i ever came across. An art from heaven.

  • Rmineshafter
    Rmineshafter 4 months ago

    i have ruend my self im afrad of the sea the sky closets under my bed and storms + the howl world

  • My Lollipop
    My Lollipop 4 months ago +5

    Wait, 9 out of 10 people survive geting hit by lightning. 24,000 people die each year from getting hit. That means 216,000 people get hit and survive every year. So I'd be way more lucky if I die when getting hit?? I dont think im going to pick up the next penny I find on the ground

    • Toni S
      Toni S 24 days ago

      Actually she DID say 9 out of 10 people survived the lightning strike.

    • Rafale
      Rafale Month ago

      My Lollipop 910 not 9 out of 10

  • jatko mummo
    jatko mummo 4 months ago

    once i was in some lake and lighting stroke in middle of the lake and i was like 6 years

  • fynn karn-wadden
    fynn karn-wadden 4 months ago

    My Birthday Is Sometimes On Friday The 13th

    • jatko mummo
      jatko mummo 4 months ago

      fynn karn-wadden my 9th birthday was 13th friday

    • Elizabeth Mcfadyen
      Elizabeth Mcfadyen 4 months ago

      fynn karn-wadden another amazing fact.Wooppydooooo.

  • PlayStation DELUXE
    PlayStation DELUXE 4 months ago +3

    TSUNAMI AND HURRICANE OUTSIDE WHAT DO I DO oh wait I know I'll subscribe and Watch the Hub because it doesn't matter what the weather is like (basically I'm making fool of you for begging for subscribers and trying to act like the richest)

    • Samuel Kraus
      Samuel Kraus 2 months ago

      +PlayStation DELUXE serously dude it's is a test

  • Doge Doge is not dead
    Doge Doge is not dead 4 months ago

    Just fuck you stop doing that and ur sub thing

  • Salty Llama
    Salty Llama 5 months ago +2

    Save pumpkins....

  • Its free Real estate
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  • Gameaction MF
    Gameaction MF 5 months ago

    Scary!!! But Cool

  • Lrdvltr
    Lrdvltr 5 months ago

    0:39 to skip shameless plug garbage

  • Laura Kamani
    Laura Kamani 5 months ago


  • Leif Tollefson
    Leif Tollefson 5 months ago

    my great aunt got struck by lightning

  • Nathan Sandvig
    Nathan Sandvig 5 months ago +190

    My dentist got stuck by lightning fell down a cliff and got hit by a car and survived a plane crash

  • Nathan the beast fisher
    Nathan the beast fisher 5 months ago +11

    my great gran was struck three times by lightning and a tree fell on her she was lucky to live but back in 2012-1214 she died from old age but she didnt like me anyway when I started to look like my dad

    • afihome 1
      afihome 1 19 days ago

      Nathan the beast fisher she was a time traveler

  • Jamar Drackett
    Jamar Drackett 5 months ago

    U made me laugh thank you

  • Help me get to 100000000000000 Subs without vids

    None of these people turned into the.....


    • Aaron Wakefield
      Aaron Wakefield 5 days ago

      Help me get to 100000000000000 Subs without vids XDDD good one

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      Natalee Wallace AH HELL NAH

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      Help me get to 100000000000000 Subs without vids lol

  • isaac3002
    isaac3002 5 months ago +1

    I have seen that hospital clip elsewhere as well...2:47

  • Laura Kamani
    Laura Kamani 5 months ago +9


  • Jack Willis
    Jack Willis 5 months ago +32

    Haha we all know that the Winston one was fake, the monkey lives on the moon.

  • Clayton Hobby
    Clayton Hobby 5 months ago

    that was rhe stupidest thing to say

  • Ashiee Bashies!
    Ashiee Bashies! 5 months ago


  • Michael
    Michael 5 months ago +83

    Where is Barry Allen?

  • Clinton De beer
    Clinton De beer 5 months ago

    that grandpa haves fantastick 4 powers dudes😅

  • Chanta Taylor
    Chanta Taylor 5 months ago

    fucking liar i did not get struck by lighting

  • Dragonslayer Ornstein
    Dragonslayer Ornstein 5 months ago +3

    at 2:22 why is he un-named?

    • Feels Good Man
      Feels Good Man 5 months ago

      ornenstien they never found out his name or he did not want to be named

  • AdventurerBen The Pro
    AdventurerBen The Pro 5 months ago +2

    15 minutes ago there was some really loud thunder, I think lightning may have struck in my backyard, then it started raining really heavily.

  • pedro julio arias silva
    pedro julio arias silva 5 months ago +2

    I liked this video and I would like you to add subtitles on the video, thanks

    FOXY CL4N 5 months ago +1


  • Carolina Saucedo
    Carolina Saucedo 5 months ago +1

    that is not awsome

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    nice channel +1 sub

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