Neil deGrasse Tyson: Flat Earth, Fake Science & Space Exploration

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  • Erdna Not
    Erdna Not 34 minutes ago

    flat crotch and flat chest people

  • Darth Mucus
    Darth Mucus 3 hours ago

    5:25 But... what happens when you give morons like that the right to vote, and give other morons the oportunity to run for office? You are infact allowing them to create legislation! That´s my problem with "democracy". Democracy sounds good on paper, if your population is informed and rational. But as soon as you throw moronic beliefs like this at it, you are giving them the power to influence society. And when you have more morons than rational people, you are... FUCKED!

  • Ubrj22 J
    Ubrj22 J 4 hours ago

    hold hands and jump out that window so to prove gravity and spare us all your combined stupidity.

  • Raymond Holm Larsen
    Raymond Holm Larsen 5 hours ago

    Neil deGrasse Tyson: Columbus wasn't the first european to arrive in America.... Leiv Eriksson was there 4-500 years earlier. Why can't americans accept this fact?

  • BA RS
    BA RS 5 hours ago

    Lol he said they went to the moon

  • C&S C&S
    C&S C&S 6 hours ago

    It's called weed and YouTube.

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 16 hours ago

    I put a bowling ball on my driveway, it did not move....

    If the earth was round, it would have rolled off...That's proof....

    Love these flat earth guys...

  • Ryan Stevens
    Ryan Stevens 18 hours ago

    2 clowns. NASA owes us some money. Wake up people. they r hiding GOD

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog 19 hours ago

    Hey Anthony....did you get a warm creamy treat after stroking Neil's ego? This was a totally set up piece of propaganda.... Keep laughing guys, time will show who the real fools were.

  • Maximilian Di Gregorio

    GREETINGS FROM THE FLAT EARTH ... Just look at your shoulders

  • atl30342 b
    atl30342 b 20 hours ago

    but the crazy part about all this is that the earth round people spend more time saying how crazy flat earth people are instead of proving that the earth is round lol.that should take all of 5min right?why because you can't. find a video of earth that not taken where you can see the united states. why you only see one side of the earth picture

    • Crusty_Shart
      Crusty_Shart 13 hours ago

      atl30342 b What the fuck are you saying? Use coherent sentences.

  • HawkingN
    HawkingN 1 day ago

    5:52 informed democracy?! The modern world is not informed due to the people plucking conspira.. sorry, dellusions out of their rear...

  • smaakmakend
    smaakmakend 1 day ago

    5:25 and then we have trump 4Head

  • mahmod wassel
    mahmod wassel 2 days ago

    The earth is flat . Idiot.

  • davi life
    davi life 2 days ago

    the earth is flat okay

  • SaltesteNøttaIbollen

    Why not make it simple..."science" and "conspiracy theories" on all for a 1 week "Ill prove You wrong You stupid bitch! camp?". And after that week had passed,the one with the least proof had to shut up and eat the other contestants hats on national television. ?

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 9 hours ago

      You'll just get a group of people claiming that the meeting was a farce, a fix, a conspiracy, "and the hats were made out of bread!", and so the cycle continues :-)

  • A Free
    A Free 2 days ago

    He is going to agree with the educational system because he wouldn't get paid to be on all these shows

  • william tekverk
    william tekverk 2 days ago

    Funny they debating something and they both have the same opinion with no opposing voice.....

    • Franck Merlot
      Franck Merlot 2 days ago

      What opinion? They are talking about facts based on evidence, plausibility and rationality.

  • Sander K
    Sander K 2 days ago

    What should be shocking even more, then just the fact a growing amount of people seem to embrace the FE theory itsself, is the distrust they appearently have in Science / Gov altogether.. I mean, what else can push you towards something as FE.

    So they distrust the Gov (and the puppet scientist on their budget, probably their opinion which is not complete nonsense btw) thát much, they are willing to embrace a falsehood!! Aint that ironic.. that should be a HUGE alarm to the Gov, that the trust (lack thereof) issue of the people is getting to a point where action is needed if even possible.. US seriously needs a reform of politics where lying (just as crime) should no longer pay

  • Russell Anderson
    Russell Anderson 2 days ago

    ONE photo of a FLAT EARTH will suffice, and also the source. It would win a Nobel for turning the laws of Nature on its head.

  • Zane
    Zane 2 days ago

    degrASSe is either a very good liar or very deluded...this guy can make some fantastical shit up though on a whim! crazy fucker.

  • Acid Addict Adubz
    Acid Addict Adubz 2 days ago

    Gravity proves that the world is flat to me

  • triguer1
    triguer1 2 days ago

    You are listening to a man who blindly believes we went to the moon, I REST MY CASE.

  • daimyo2k
    daimyo2k 2 days ago

    NDT is the best!!  I have a few of his books and they a fun read.  I wish he had his own science / astro-physics show.

  • Chase Listorti
    Chase Listorti 2 days ago

    The Earth is an oblate sphere

  • Ramone Trowers
    Ramone Trowers 2 days ago

    The earth is flat. All u fools saying otherwise are jus living by wat y'all were taught in skl. U ppl can't go out of the box n question ppl n things that seem strange.

  • Wrathious PLAYS GAMES

    I'd love an actual argument, rather than watching two people mocking something. This video is a a giant disappointment. Maybe Neil deGrasse should actually have an discussion with a Flat Earther and see how he fairs and what his explanations are for people who believe the Earth is flat.

    It's upsetting because instead of having explanations, they hardly take the subject seriously. Science doesn't disprove something by trying to make a laughing stock, or by saying "I'm right and you're wrong."

  • Nobody
    Nobody 3 days ago

    The amount of dislikes this video has scares the hell out of me.

  • Laura flood
    Laura flood 3 days ago

    The flat horizon line behind him is ironic

  • Fatasdat
    Fatasdat 3 days ago

    Neil deGrasse tyson should know ALL about "fake science" he is an actor after all... no scientific qualifications at all.. LOL

  • DeMon Spencer
    DeMon Spencer 3 days ago

    Accepting the work and conclusions of people who have multiple degrees in their specific field of study over people who watched a few YouTube videos is logical. I suspect the flat earthers were already open to unfounded conspiracy theories and distrustful of experts, academia, and those they see as "the elites". The irrationality of belief is almost impossible to overcome with a rational argument. A century's worth of scientific research and methodology that can be replicated is no match against theories of belief that defy all known logic.

  • Appropriate Tilde
    Appropriate Tilde 3 days ago

    Awww, Cumia is a closet nerd

  • Sanela Pudrlja
    Sanela Pudrlja 3 days ago

    i believe and American NASA are fucking liars for profit

  • Force Marker
    Force Marker 3 days ago

    This video is poop.

  • OptimisticActivist
    OptimisticActivist 3 days ago

    flat earth

  • Rusty Black Dog
    Rusty Black Dog 3 days ago

    I think the flat earth believers should use their own valuable resources and time to prove the earth is not round.

  • Craftman2917
    Craftman2917 3 days ago

    so for all the flat earthers, go to the burj khalifa, watch the sun set, then take the elevator and watch it set again.









  • Nic West
    Nic West 3 days ago

    oh cause neil the actor knows science. hes a bitch. go ahead neil stick your tongue and throw up the all seeing eye. get woke people

  • DoktorSo
    DoktorSo 4 days ago

    with the sun being 4000 miles above earth.. what about mt. everest?

  • josh west
    josh west 4 days ago

    The fuckn U.N. logo explains it all flat earth they laughing to bank all people that think we live on planet take t off u gt plain blue marble Hollywood programs you think that lol I can go deeper thats enough

  • josh west
    josh west 4 days ago

    look at window ocaen horizon is flat u ever use fish eye lens use a camera without one NASA replace Nazi people need wake up too this bullshit if he told the truth another dead man walkn how come there no real photo or video of earth all faked green screen y'all taken trillons shadow government black budget for fake space program

  • Eric Miller
    Eric Miller 4 days ago

    The horizon behind you is completely flat.

    • Ron McCaffrey
      Ron McCaffrey 4 days ago

      The horizon is flat, all the way around the circle. It's a flat circle.

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 4 days ago

    Hey flat earth believers... why does water flush in the opposite direction south of the equator. Is it a NASA conspiracy??? Do they control how toilets flush??

  • Sumeet Sarkar
    Sumeet Sarkar 4 days ago

    +Blissful zombie birds dont orbit around sun because the formula takes into account the mass of both the objects interacting. Study first and then speak. Although i don't expect much because if you had studied anything you wouldnt be speaking shit and embarrassing yourself in public. Dumb Villager.

  • Nathan Snow
    Nathan Snow 4 days ago

    Man's Dissing people who don't believe what he does , while he has a coke sitting on his desk...swell

  • TheRealDirtySkillz
    TheRealDirtySkillz 4 days ago

    Paid puppets. This is garbage.

  • Giovanni Brown
    Giovanni Brown 4 days ago

    Look at the moon and the sun what shape are they round bammm!

  • Canal Giratorio
    Canal Giratorio 4 days ago

    and what about those shit heads that think the sun is fake?

  • DJAnthrocide
    DJAnthrocide 5 days ago

    What if Tyson actually had a real job and had to get it HONESTLY, w/out AA????

  • Emanuel Ward
    Emanuel Ward 5 days ago

    I have a question for Neil deGrasse Tyson. if mercury and Venus is between the sun and the earth how can we see them at night?

    • MTMindTwo
      MTMindTwo 4 days ago

      Because of the position of Venus and Mercury, they will always be relatively close to the sun in the sky, therefore we can never see them in the middle of the night.

      Instead, from the surface of the Earth, we can only ever see Venus and Mercury for a period of time around sunrise and for a period of time around sunset.

      I hope that information helps :-)

  • Spirit in the Sky
    Spirit in the Sky 5 days ago

    You just said it, there's a LOT of money in space travel. He just said Columbus discovered America. There is billions in fake space travel.

  • Spirit in the Sky
    Spirit in the Sky 5 days ago

    Tyson is a prick actor liar shitball fuckhead and seriously just said flat earthers just make up a scientific sounding shit? Really explain relativity and grAvity. Please . Oh and the mars rover was being found being filmed in Greenland . That's why NASA has a disclaimer on every page saying the information this page not be current. Basically, believe this bullshit at your own risk. Fuck Tyson. Fucking traitor.

  • ESponge2000
    ESponge2000 5 days ago

    I ain't see no curvature behind dat window behind ya heads. Is flat looking NYC dude.

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 5 days ago

      Why would you expect to see curvature on that scale and at that altitude?

  • Stan Cramer
    Stan Cramer 5 days ago

    Coriolis effect,let alone its hot in December in Brazil

  • pan cake
    pan cake 5 days ago

    Look at the flat earth in the background yo!

  • atheo streamer
    atheo streamer 5 days ago

    OMG he said probing et is real confirmed lol jk

  • Lifegoesonbrahh
    Lifegoesonbrahh 5 days ago

    look out the window behind you brah, shits flat af

    • Lifegoesonbrahh
      Lifegoesonbrahh 4 days ago

      because gravity is Illuminati propoganda #illuminaticonfirmed

    • MTMindTwo
      MTMindTwo 4 days ago

      Again, why would you expect to see curvature on that scale and at that altitude?

  • Peter Delgado
    Peter Delgado 5 days ago

    Button up your shirt Tyson, you're way too old for that dude plus this is not the 70s. :)

  • yahawah yahawashi 7

    neil is stupid just Masonic lies

  • Stacy Skywatch
    Stacy Skywatch 6 days ago

    your a mainstream MORON the earth is not a satanic freemasonic spinning ball,,  grow up eh,,2017 still waiting for a real picture of earth,,   you FOOL<<<

  • sno 12376
    sno 12376 6 days ago

    well from what i know since Antarctica is supposedly around the earth no one has fully explored Antarctica and its military operated

  • cameron pain
    cameron pain 6 days ago

    the @JackieMartling made me piss my pants.

  • Ricky Sandhu
    Ricky Sandhu 6 days ago

    newton said the earth is a sphere, 500 years ago, i believe in newton

  • Ricky Sandhu
    Ricky Sandhu 6 days ago

    100 years our grandchildren will laugh at us, so sad

  • Alex J
    Alex J 6 days ago

    Thanks Mr De Grass! You made very clear all the flat earthers arguments are false! Your contradictory was amazing! Cience=religion!!

  • plazasta
    plazasta 6 days ago

    5:30 watch out. I'd say that Neil made a mistake by saying that for a very simple reason: flat-earthers can use that against science

  • Musetrigger
    Musetrigger 6 days ago

    I'm just gonna let them believe what they want. It's not like either of them have any world changing relevance. They ain't MY president.

  • Paul Pfeiffer
    Paul Pfeiffer 6 days ago

    We have known the Earth to be spherical since ancient times. The idea that the Earth is flat was invented in the 19th century

  • krix004
    krix004 6 days ago

    only retarded brainwashed cocksuckers and stupid whores can believe in something stupid as an "atmosphere" in direct contact with vacuum.

    yes, i am talking to you, brainwashed fuckturds, who believe in some globe even they never saw the curve.

    fucktards you really shouldn't procreate anymore

  • Ray Cadle
    Ray Cadle 6 days ago

    There's a fine line between upward rising and downward falling motion's. Upward rising motion's is molecule's with motion's, downward falling motion's is molecule's without motion's. All downward falling motion's is molecule's without motion's including Newton's apple 🍎 which doe's so from ENERGY LOCK , which is trapped molecule's within solid object's , blocking it's electron's fire🔥power becoming motionless . Electron's from trapped molecule's are also motionless but alway's on high alert , poised for action , willing and ready to connect with the earth at the speed of light , establishing a downward path/motion for falling object's only , where on the oppsoit side upward rising motion's is brilliantly conformed as the ruling force of the universe , named ENERGY FLOW , which is molecule's with motion fried up by it's electron's within raging star flame's🔥, earth gase's , bird's and baloon's , plain's and rocket's , even us human's rise from ENERGY FLOW , yes ! The ruling force of the universe . Jupiter robbed of its downward falling motion's by upward rising gas storm's overriding all surface activity's, Jupiter do not have downward falling motion's. Visit YOUTUBE SUNLIGHT ELECTRO RAY'S showing planetary orbit's powered by sunlight energy flow , not gravity .

    • Ray Cadle
      Ray Cadle 27 minutes ago

      MTMindTwo - You wrote ! " Target authority and those who accept establish science " This post is not meant to target or discredit anyone including the erther's , its about fact finding taken from established science connecting the dot's , hostility free . Establish science speaks of a gravity which cannot be explained , it also says water evaporate's when all upward rising motion's is caused from molecule's in motion fried up by it's electron's which is ENERGY FLOW , the ruling force of the universe. Water molecule's are trapped from oxygen and hydrogen gase's bonding becoming motionless and cannot rise , so ! Sunlight energy then split's the water molecule's leaving the gase's to rise up into the atmosphere by molecule's in motion. Sometimes these gase's bonds within the lower level's of our atmosphere becoming what's know as humidity , water at a finite level . Visit YOUTUBE SUNLIGHT ELECTRO RAY'S. showing planetary orbit's powered by sunlight energy flow, not gravity.

    • MTMindTwo
      MTMindTwo 4 days ago

      Ray, what has that got to do with my question? :-)

      My point is, the Electric Universe does not state the Earth is flat and covered by a Firmament dome. Correct?

      Instead, from my understanding, the Electric Universe theory accepts the fact that the Universe is *structured* in the way depicted by science BUT it disagrees over the forces at play, where you believe electricity is the primary force, not gravity (which you believe doesn't exist). Correct, or along the right lines?

      So why don't Electric Universe believers EVER challenge flat Earth believers and the ridiculous claims they make? You both only seem to target authority and those who accept established science.

      Is it some kind of "brothers in arms" thing going on here? You know, the attitude of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" :-) Because that's the way it seems.

      Just for once, it would make a change if an EU believer and a FE believer could show sufficient confidence in his/her beliefs that he/she is willing and able to challenge the claims made by the other.

    • Ray Cadle
      Ray Cadle 4 days ago

      MTMind2 - Jupiter robbed of it's downward falling motion's by rising gas storm's overriding all surface activitie's

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 5 days ago

      Er, doesn't that Electric Universe nonsense contradict the flat Earth theory? :-)

  • Louis Roberto Plua
    Louis Roberto Plua 6 days ago

    The earth is flat look at the background and tell me that's not flat if that background isn't to you thank your really stupid to think that NASA is telling the truth because if you believe in them then l don't know what to tell you

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 5 days ago

      Why would you expect to see curvature at that scale and at that altitude?

  • Alex Frazier
    Alex Frazier 7 days ago

    If you want to feel special, if you want to have a feeling of intellectual superiority, join the Flat earthers, we appeal to the arrogance of the ignorant.

  • Private Citizen
    Private Citizen 7 days ago

    Why is denying the holocaust illegal, but denying earth being round is not?

  • ovidiotherifleman
    ovidiotherifleman 7 days ago

    this guy goes from astrophysicist to a historian in 1 second. this guy is definitely a fake trying to cover up a lie for his own profit

    WHYUMAD 4 7 days ago

    tyson should work with elon musk

  • Matt Hibbs
    Matt Hibbs 7 days ago

    if the earth is flat, explain google earth.

  • Eduardo Aguilar
    Eduardo Aguilar 7 days ago

    A reality show in space would be brilliant and make every idiot obsessed with media interested in science. Not that it will ever happen but one can dream.

  • Mustafa Mohammed
    Mustafa Mohammed 7 days ago

    the problem is they are ridiculed , their arguments are not taken seriously

    CLASSIFIED GTA 8 days ago

    Anyone who thinks the Earth is flat is retarded.

  • Denny Santoso
    Denny Santoso 8 days ago

    their background horizon has no curvature lol

  • Squirrel Killa
    Squirrel Killa 8 days ago

    I just find it odd as fuck that Anthony Cumia is interviewing Neil deGrasse Tyson about Flat Earth and space. Wtf timeline did I wake up in.

  • Rebecca Silveous
    Rebecca Silveous 8 days ago

    you dip shit, when never went to the moon, let alone sent a rocket there. you're a dream Weaver!

  • Jonathan Parsons
    Jonathan Parsons 8 days ago

    What a douchebag....

  • moofymoo
    moofymoo 8 days ago

    look how globe Earth propoganda machine is grasping straws, now some random talk show guy is spreading globe Earth propognada.

  • Craig Francis
    Craig Francis 9 days ago

    Look at the horizon behind you. Looks pretty flat to me!

    • MTMindToo
      MTMindToo 4 days ago

      Of course. Why would you expect to see curvature at that scale and at that altitude?

  • Nacio The Charizard

    "cuse it's in our DNA" haha I immediately thought if Kendrick Lamar

  • Serpent Sepia
    Serpent Sepia 9 days ago

    People keep saying that something is wrong with our educational system, and although there are a number of dumb Americans who believe this moronic idea of a flat earth, it in fact originated from somewhere else. Most likely Russia. Right now, people in Russia are being indoctrinated with the literal translation of the bible by a totalitarian government. Unfortunately there are a large number of mentally unstable street preachers in America and in Europe who have bought into this cult way of thinking and are pushing it on the internet and doing a very good job by the looks of it. If you notice, many of the people who claim to be flat earthers tend not to type in English very well. This is a dead giveaway. And I've watched videos made by Americans, Russians, Brits, and Australians. So, don't lump our education system with this mess. This is something that's spreading around the world based off of suspicion toward the world governments and toward the filthy rich, famous, highly educated and powerful.

  • Super bee
    Super bee 9 days ago

    the individuals i have met that believe this, for them all comes back to the bible. there's something that is stated in the bible that makes their belief founded to them.

    oh you also forgot that the sun and moon are trapped with the earth inside a dome

  • Randy  Conger
    Randy Conger 9 days ago

    I love the 2-minute thing. if the sun was 4000 miles or 100,000 miles away. take a flat board hold something for Ft away from it and then raise your head up from it and see if you can see more of it

  • Syed Mohd Agil
    Syed Mohd Agil 9 days ago

    the flat earther really need to spin some fidget spinner than spreading lies. I've done alot of research like over 9000 research and still end up with the earth is globe. this flat earther is the reason why we still don't have flying cars

  • troglodite30
    troglodite30 9 days ago

    I have actually met a 'flat earther.!..An American, of course..And he was serious about it..Believing it's all in the bible..The sun and all the stars orbit the earth..Says so in the bible..The moon landings were all faked..Says so in the bible in prophesy!.. And all 'people of colour' are condemned by God to be hewers of wood and drawers of water forever!..In other words ..Slaves!..Says so in the bible!..He belongs in a rubber room!..Can people still actually BELIEVE this lunatic nonsense?..Many Americans still do

  • Acr R
    Acr R 9 days ago

    The Anthony Cumia Show
    You Ignorant brain washed sheep.

  • Acr R
    Acr R 9 days ago

    Yeah~~ Lets bring a Freemason on the show to prove the earth is like pizza dough

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson = Globe Earth Shill

  • Areghay Tesfay
    Areghay Tesfay 9 days ago

    You fooled us for long time liars and still want to lie to us, no more foolishness. 1Corinthians 3:19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, he taketh the wise in their own craftiness. Shalom

  • niklaus stöckli
    niklaus stöckli 9 days ago

    Neil der freimaurer

  • openedmieyez
    openedmieyez 9 days ago

    lmao, they sit n talk nonsense whilst the flat plane is right outside the window.. ha ha ha

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