CANCELLED: Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Gets DEVASTATING News

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    CANCELLED: Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Gets DEVASTATING News

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    CANCELLED: Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Gets DEVASTATING News
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    CANCELLED: Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Gets DEVASTATING News

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Comments: 2 774

  • Star Storm Gaming
    Star Storm Gaming 2 hours ago

    WTF was that show! Guilty and innocence is decided by STRANGERS with NO background in law AT ALL? SHAME ON YOU. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Leonard Legg
    Leonard Legg 4 hours ago

    What would you expect, she tells the truth. NOT acceptable these days.

  • Dora Tiscareno
    Dora Tiscareno 6 hours ago +1


  • Asuncion Ordonez
    Asuncion Ordonez 11 hours ago

    It was the left who cancelled it.

  • TheShizue777
    TheShizue777 13 hours ago

    I hope to God that Fox is not turning into CNN. Megyn and Judge Jeannine. God save us all.

  • San Diego
    San Diego 14 hours ago +1

    i rarely use this word.... because it's not extremely often, that there are women that it applies to....

    but Pirro is ALWAYS a TOTAL NASTY CUNT !!!

  • omar suarez
    omar suarez 14 hours ago

    she's a piece of shit and her husband is a crook

  • PhantomF4driver
    PhantomF4driver 16 hours ago

    Further, Each and every Congressperson IS ON THE TAKE.
    Each and EVERY Senate person and the Congress do NOT
    have the Same Insurance that YOU HAVE. They voted themselves
    a different Healthcare PROGRAM. All of them DO NOT pay;
    Income Tax; FICA; Social Security; They have SIDE CONTRACTS
    with THIRD parties [Watch the movie: " SHOOTER "] in is HUGE.
    It goes MUCH MUCH DEEPER then I can say here. It would be
    a book. ALL of what I've Described above IS the WHY they ARE
    going to make a MOVE on the OFFICE of the President of the
    United States, THEY think they can Capture each and every American
    Using agenda 21. This is 'IT' folks can YOU accept [Consent] what I'm
    telling you or YOU can DO SOMETHING about it.

    Unseat ALL THESE CROOKS. All of them are MORE Crooked then H W BUSH'S
    back. The Congress & Senate are ALL TRAITORS...

    Judge Jeanie has known this and SAID NOTHING... A Traitor to the PEOPLE.

  • Carlos Phillips
    Carlos Phillips 17 hours ago

    It's ok I hope to see you sworn in the Supreme Court even turn my tv back on for that.i turned it off seven years ago.

  • Eleanor Sanchez
    Eleanor Sanchez 21 hour ago

    im glad that it was cancelled

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Day ago

    Vote Trump 2020

  • The Judgemental Cat

    She's a disgusting person.

  • Patricia Ceja
    Patricia Ceja Day ago

    And Im glad your shitty show was cancelled. One less asshole on the air spouting crap. I dont know how you got the job in the first place. YOUR A CRAPPY INSTIGATING POOR EXCUSE OF A WOMAN.

  • ERGA 2016
    ERGA 2016 Day ago


  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson Day ago

    Stirred the pot about the deep state a little too much - paid the price.

  • eddie martinez
    eddie martinez Day ago

    Good another trump supporter bites the dust.have a good day lol lol

  • Aaron Bolt
    Aaron Bolt Day ago

    Seems like a very bias show pandering to Trump

  • topthickproducer

    LMAO! I want her out of TV. #45gottogo

  • Mee Ow
    Mee Ow Day ago

    cancelling this show was gutless. shows fox's likelihood of its own collusion with globalists. bad move fox......puts me closer and closer to internet for news. you are all the main stream news sources has for some idea of the 'truth'. gutless.

  • Diana Riley
    Diana Riley 2 days ago

    I think you are great judge Pirro.Been a fan for several years and will continue watching you whenever and wherever I can.

  • MZZ Kimberley
    MZZ Kimberley 2 days ago

    she's horrid

  • lonnie blake
    lonnie blake 2 days ago

    Yeah !!!!!

  • DK karan
    DK karan 2 days ago

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    Buy this product of india
    Indian soldiers on the border and we could get rid of traitors such as China from within the country

    Share this message to every Indian
    Jai Hind


  • Prepare now Sheeple San!!

    God Bless Judge Jeanine!

  • Paul Martin
    Paul Martin 2 days ago

    A pig gone. More to come.

  • RED
    RED 2 days ago

    good. hateful bitch.

    • PJ W
      PJ W 2 days ago

      she dead on accurate..and you sound like the hateful bitch

  • Neil O'Neal
    Neil O'Neal 2 days ago

    Con-man, fraud Trump is a bigoted, ignorant, vulgar racist who deserves a swift kick in the balls, escorted out of the oval office to the nearest Federal prison.

  • lokas pual
    lokas pual 3 days ago

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  • lokas pual
    lokas pual 3 days ago

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  • Jurita Brown
    Jurita Brown 3 days ago


    JAH MUZIK 3 days ago


  • Nestor Demblans
    Nestor Demblans 3 days ago

    The Trump Family is a Mob Family.

  • Xavy L.A.
    Xavy L.A. 3 days ago

    About time.. ! Thank you

  • rich42012
    rich42012 4 days ago

    JJ your the best. I want to come work for you. I could make you bigger than Trump! Lets do this!

  • Steve Seaton
    Steve Seaton 4 days ago

    It's just another way to shut up responsible reporting !

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 4 days ago

    Why is this coming up like its new? Take this down,,, I love you judge jenine !!!!

  • Peter Deborne
    Peter Deborne 4 days ago

    "Good, Foxymoron News is  Next --- "Another One Bites The Dust!"


    Most of your stories are blocked from subscribing, commenting and liking. I'm sure you know this by now.

  • NavymanMI
    NavymanMI 4 days ago

    Why don't you people just get rid of the Junk News?

  • scott wilcox
    scott wilcox 4 days ago

    Tells it like it should be told. A fan for always .Stay strong and true.

  • Shirlee
    Shirlee 4 days ago

    I will miss her. She is a truth seeking and not afraid to speak out. Very strong women.

  • Duane Carpenter
    Duane Carpenter 4 days ago

    Pirro is a definition of a "Bitch". You can't help to not see it, and when she expresses her self, in her commentary words of expression as a hateful women. The types of personalities who can tune into her tone of arrogance, are most likely the same types of persona. How can nice people tune into listening to her? They can't. Nice people step away from angry barking dogs.

  • ppltex
    ppltex 4 days ago

    Why cancel Judge Jennine. She is the only honest person in Fox now. A Real American.

  • StayDriven4Him
    StayDriven4Him 4 days ago

    Probably shut this down over that one gay story alone. Don't want to shed too much light on the shameful act of putting people out of business for not buying into that man on man ideology.

  • Patrick Maycroft
    Patrick Maycroft 4 days ago

    She is a hack, and a rotten excuse for a human being.

  • iHealios
    iHealios 4 days ago

    I like her and her segment!

  • Tesla you
    Tesla you 5 days ago


  • Gerardo Torres
    Gerardo Torres 5 days ago

    good hopefully she never come back

  • William Maurer
    William Maurer 5 days ago

    Judge Jeanine sucks!

  • Jim Baw
    Jim Baw 5 days ago

    GOD bless Jeanine Pirro.

  • arubaconga
    arubaconga 5 days ago

    Political Censorship ? One of my favorite TV Personalities.

  • Jana Rae Photography

    Too many liberals spouting hatred on this site.

  • Jana Rae Photography

    I love Judge Jeanine! I will follow her where ever I can. She is straight forward and says exactly what I would like to say if I could.

  • Michael Cruse
    Michael Cruse 5 days ago


  • mitchell katz
    mitchell katz 5 days ago

    painted fox whore

  • Benny C.
    Benny C. 5 days ago

    Need to cancel her bigot ass off totally.

  • carl perkins
    carl perkins 5 days ago


  • B.Jordan Russell
    B.Jordan Russell 6 days ago

    Judge Jeanine pissed somebody off. Not to worry, as she will get other offers!!

  • MBWeed Extream4x4
    MBWeed Extream4x4 6 days ago


  • Fluteristic
    Fluteristic 6 days ago

    Who caRES ?

  • Jeffrey Norris
    Jeffrey Norris 6 days ago

    ha ha

  • C Grant
    C Grant 6 days ago

    the judge needs some glasses right now she's cross eyed

  • northside lunatic
    northside lunatic 7 days ago

    buncha salty bitches in the comment section.

  • Stars Nova
    Stars Nova 7 days ago

    Hate to say it but were glad, she needs to spend more time on the heart of the DNC/Hillary B.S. #JusticeForSethRich

  • MG Cash
    MG Cash 7 days ago

    Silencing the truth tellers and allowing the liars to be on all main stream news

  • MG Cash
    MG Cash 7 days ago

    Ridiculous to fire her

  • Terri Castonzo
    Terri Castonzo 7 days ago

    She is wonderful, I feel bad for her but I'm happy she will be on Fox News I always watch her!!!!!!

  • roy hoco
    roy hoco 7 days ago

    big mistake she should be heard

  • lester brown
    lester brown 7 days ago

    The judge's contract with the devil expired. She went back to being a Verizon Wireless employee.

  • Gabby Ward
    Gabby Ward 7 days ago

    Love you Judge! If this door closed something better will open. Keep speaking the truth! They hated Jesus Christ because He came to take away the sins of the world. He spoke the truth. If they hated Him they will hate you. You need to pray about joining Trump Team.

  • Gabby Ward
    Gabby Ward 7 days ago

    Fox is just like CNN and the rest of the liberal news stations! They have been BOUGHT! Judge Jeanine was hutting it hard with the truth! They don't want the truth! Fox is owned by Arabs!

  • MD Proulx
    MD Proulx 7 days ago

    The lelftist cabal is behind this decision, they want to keep the public in the dark so they can continue with their criminal activities.

  • Shawn Hawkins
    Shawn Hawkins 8 days ago

    What's the matter, people don't want to watch a self important, evil, ugly, lying, sycophantic cunt take 20 minutes to read a 5 word sentence?

  • Christ is coming soon amen

    She is going to be alright even the hatters know it she just  some ChristJesusLoving kindness the I know she has inside fr you can tell she's very forward and dont have a problem calling it like it's just come as you are Jeanine God Loves You very much REDEMPTION IS AT THE DOOR LET HIM IN BELOVED CREATION AND children of the HEAVENLY HOLY MIGHTY MOST HIGH FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY who shall never fails or live you or forsaken you sisters and brothers born in USA north Americans people pray for one another and by the way your are bless in beauty is been good to you May God BLESS YOU everyday everyone in everything you need and are to receive by the love, mercy grace and victory of OUR SAVIOR REDEEMER FRIEND OF SINNERS WHO IS OURS FORGIVENESS FOR OURS SINS IN THIS ANTICHRIST BEAST WORLD SYSTEM SOON TO BE JUDGE AND CAST OUT TO THE ABBYS IN CHRISTJESUS BLOOD AND NAME IS COMING TO PASS THANKS TO OUR SAVIOR KING EVERLASTING LIFE JESUSCHRIST ALMIGHTY GOD AMEN HOLY HALLELUJAH GLORY HEAVENLY HOLY HALLELUJAH AMEN.

  • Carl Ryan
    Carl Ryan 9 days ago

    She's a psycho wild eyed nut job.

  • Raymond Lalonde
    Raymond Lalonde 9 days ago

    thank god

  • Gary THE FAM - aka DunkinJugger


  • preasail
    preasail 9 days ago

    It would be great to get her off the air altogether. She's an absolute phony.

  • Paul Etheredge
    Paul Etheredge 9 days ago

    I have only seen one episode so far. I suspect that her show will get picked up somewhere else. The only reason I ever listen to Fox is because I believe the people there are telling the truth. If those people such as O'Reilly, Hannity, the judge are no longer there then I have no reason to listen to Fox.

  • Ricky Mathis
    Ricky Mathis 10 days ago

    I think she great she tells it like it is.

  • pahrahinc
    pahrahinc 10 days ago

    YouTube does everything it can to disrupt FOX NEWS!

    TRUMPANZEE HUNTER 10 days ago

    why do TRUMPANZEESS always start with blaming everyone eles for everything ever? then they start kissing Trumps ass and saying how great he is and making excuses for Trump. They smile, lie ,roll their eyes like they are sooo smart and everyone eles is sooo dumb while they blindly follow a lying rich con man over the cliff

  • linke loetje
    linke loetje 10 days ago

    isn't that that crazy so called judge with braindamage?

  • SerenaT
    SerenaT 10 days ago

    No support for that lying trumptard Pirro.

  • Mona Greer
    Mona Greer 10 days ago

    Didn't watch it because I probably didn't get it or know about it one.....but I love Jeanine's shows she tells it like it is and honest and that's what I like in a person.....just hope they don't suspend her other show.....if they do, sorry to say, Fox is going down.....they can't keep letting these people go that bring in their largest fans, like Bill O'Reilly....soon Mr. Bill will have his own video shows so I've been hearing.....I sure hope so, he has a Pod Cast right now, but I like seeing people, not just maybe he can hire Jeanine or they can go in together and have their own show like Oprah and Paul Dean does.....I would pay to see them.....cheaper than paying Fox, as my cable chg. me almost $70.00 just to get the Fox I canceled it all.....I have no cable.......

  • Ugonda Massey
    Ugonda Massey 10 days ago

    Judge Porto is the best at her job.She don't sugar coat anything she has to say.she is the smartest woman I know in her position.They might cancel her show but she won't kiss nobody's butt to apoligise for any thing she stands for .she stood up to Michelle and Barack Obama when no one else had back bone to say a word against that traitor,thief,and murder of 4 innocent men. So I think the judge has all it takes to be where she is at today. Keep up the good work Jeanine!

  • CAT
    CAT 11 days ago

    I guess it doesn't matter who you blow anymore, what a shame your man Roger is gone, he would have saved you, perhaps there is someone else at The FOX whore den you can screw. Sorry Jeanine replaced by rerun of Lethal Weapon is almost as low as your Husband cheating the Government. And you of all people have the nerve to criticize anyone? Your an embarrassment. 10 to 1 she isn't wearing panties so she could flash trump while he gropes himself. Supreme Pizza not Court.

  • Becca Becca
    Becca Becca 11 days ago

    It's the ratings stupid

  • T & A Mays
    T & A Mays 11 days ago

    HA HA HA HA HA HA she's out a there! Retire already!

  • EMarie
    EMarie 11 days ago

    It was a political decision against the judge!

  • V W
    V W 12 days ago

    Hilary kicked that AZZ in New York,

  • Steve Cousins
    Steve Cousins 12 days ago

    She should be allowed to keep her show. I bet she had to look at Eric's weiner.

  • Joaninha Silva
    Joaninha Silva 12 days ago

    Thank GOD!! Someone with some intelligence and decency to shut that woman's big mouth. Jeanine Pirro has no sense of integrity or moral values

  • Anthon Deutsch
    Anthon Deutsch 12 days ago

    Honestly I don't like her. Bring back Bill O or give Wallace her spot. Anyone but Hannity!!!!!

  • Assadasd Asdasda
    Assadasd Asdasda 12 days ago


  • Holly B
    Holly B 13 days ago

    The judge is a loud mouth. But I guess she has to be to be heard since her face is buried in trump's butt kissing it 24/7

    FOOK TRUMP 13 days ago


  • Mersedes De
    Mersedes De 13 days ago

    Love her

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