Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: MrMobile vs MKBHD!

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  • Irene
    Irene 1 hour ago

    I'm getting the G6, S8 curved edge is annoying (had s7 edge)

  • Captain John
    Captain John 8 hours ago

    I am Sony fan what i am doing here 😂. If have the option and money to choose one of these i could easily pick S8!

  • Louis Kévin
    Louis Kévin 8 hours ago

    I saw the G6 in store today and it's really gorgeous ! With the price cuts it's a really good deal ? But personally, owning an S7, I don't feel the need to buy it, it's just not worth it, and to be honest, I prefer the S8 for 2 main reasons : more up to date processor and AMOLED screen..
    But still not worth the upgrade I think, I'm waiting for the S9 ! Or at least I'm trying, because I want an S8..

  • jhorn188
    jhorn188 12 hours ago

    So if I can get the LG G6 or a Samsung galaxy s7 for the same price, the G6 is a no brainer?

  • TheRealNoodles
    TheRealNoodles 17 hours ago

    Watching this on my S8, absolutely stunner phone and way better specs than G6 except the camera.

  • Mark Portch
    Mark Portch 21 hour ago

    Here in England the 64GB S8 is £500+ the LG G6 is around £320+. So that's around £170+ less than S8.I think they both + and - to each phone.For me it comes down to your preference in its Screen.For me its,about stability over long periods of use.And I'll keep the £170 I saved and put it towards another phone I buy after LG G6

  • Abhi Dey
    Abhi Dey 1 day ago

    G6 is the best

  • Thomas S.
    Thomas S. 1 day ago

    I've been using the s8 for months, since the second day I haven't touched the camera at all while trying to open my phone

  • Derrick Neely
    Derrick Neely 2 days ago

    Do U have a video on the up and coming Galaxy Note 8 ?

  • S7 Daily Driver
    S7 Daily Driver 3 days ago

    Right now right now....G6 All day!!! Supposedly some sites are asking 300-350 for the G6....what a deal!!!!

  • Robstrap
    Robstrap 3 days ago

    s8+ is also double the price

  • Naveen Akalankla Sahabandu

    is there any problem with LG phone like boot loop or something ? thank you

  • Vic Cudiamat
    Vic Cudiamat 4 days ago

    I bought both of them s8 for video ois and G6 for music quad dac HiFi audio 😂

    DARK HADOU 4 days ago

    Who else is watching this on their s7 edge?

  • Yash Mehta
    Yash Mehta 4 days ago

    also g6 is 30% cheaper than s8

  • JM Z
    JM Z 5 days ago

    I'm getting a g6

  • Summer
    Summer 5 days ago

    Very well presented MrMobile! I loved how my questions in mind were answered :)

  • realPanik
    realPanik 6 days ago

    The lg g6 is fuckin trash, im returning this piece of shit right now.

  • Ohi Haque
    Ohi Haque 6 days ago

    Can u give your starting music link

  • Amir Reza
    Amir Reza 7 days ago

    HTC 10: First ever Front Facing Camera to get OIS gets no hype
    Galaxy S8: First ever Front Facing Camera to get Auto Focus everyone loses their minds

  • Jordan Delage
    Jordan Delage 8 days ago

    For all the stupid people that think G6 is better we'll think again. Samsung will probably always Dominate competition. Samsung s8 plus and note line phones are the best in game nothing can touch it. Yes LG has duel camera but that does mean it's better than Samsung single camera. The only way G6 wins 100 percent is in price that's about it. And yes I will probably be going with LG V30 this year if it's under $800, I refuse these days to buy any smartphone for over $800. But that's just me... I want note 8 but not paying $900-1200 no FN way. LG is probably my best bet that comes far closer at giving Samsung a run for its money just hope LG gives the V30 a 3400-3700 MAH battery .. . I could go with Motorola which has the best battery life of any top phone but their camera sucks. Pixel is great but no SD card slot and prices are hitting $750-850 not happening. So just wait and see . You never know what to really expect for newer phones features and specs...

  • Superminecraftpig64
    Superminecraftpig64 8 days ago

    I'm watching this through the LG G6

  • ivnrokr
    ivnrokr 8 days ago

    This is amazing, we really need more Vs reviews like this, instead of just comparing phones over specs, but experience.

  • Yonas Abebaw
    Yonas Abebaw 8 days ago

    Mkbhd, can u tell me the music that played on the background while Mr. Mobile was talking? I really like it.

  • Mark Mustafa
    Mark Mustafa 9 days ago

    I like the combination on this video. They are definitely my top two, tech you tube channels.

  • Will Blackler
    Will Blackler 9 days ago

    Upgrading from a Galaxy S6 to a G6 here are my thoughts.
    Screen: I was worried about moving to an LCD however the G6 screen is beautiful and a pleasure to watch. But it did take about a week to get used to it from the S6 punch AMOLED
    Front Camera: S6 had a much nicer front camera which shocked me the LG G6 is a noticeable downgrade on image quality.

    Overall I paid $390 upfront no contract for the G6, it has no gimmicks, looks and runs great and is very affordable for a 2017 flagship. If money is not even a consideration id say the S8 just because of the "flash"
    For a person who wants a solid high end phone and doesnt want a OP5, I am overalled very pleased with my G6 (after I installed nova launcher)

  • Mihai Lazar
    Mihai Lazar 9 days ago


  • Diako jalal
    Diako jalal 9 days ago

    I love the sturdiness of the LG G6

  • Blake Bowden
    Blake Bowden 10 days ago

    my favorite tech reviewers

  • fatimah imah
    fatimah imah 10 days ago

    Actually If LG Would Redesign Their SKIN/Software I would Buy LG Phone,

  • A God
    A God 10 days ago

    i just don't like LCDs and I don't have enough money...

  • Vivek Nair
    Vivek Nair 10 days ago

    agree if you are more interested in the oled wallpaper display on the wall 😀

  • PEPTDMHD gaming
    PEPTDMHD gaming 10 days ago +1

    In my opinion you are getting a better phone for 724 dollars over the lg6 for bad display ugly untruseted brand not a lot of reviews and more hardware involved for that 656 dollars defineltly get the Samsung better price and good display also you feel like your watching a 4k Samsung amoled with Samsung s8 so that's my opinion

  • Jose Zamora
    Jose Zamora 10 days ago

    LG g6 is what I'll be girlfriend when she moves in with me. Me I'll be waiting on the LG V30 😍😎

  • Rajath R
    Rajath R 10 days ago

    The real oled screen is on the wall

  • Chakustaajabisha TV
    Chakustaajabisha TV 11 days ago +3

    When I hear *LG*, First thing to come in my Mind is *_BOOT LOOP_* 🙄

  • Chakustaajabisha TV
    Chakustaajabisha TV 11 days ago +1

    S8 is Beautiful and Sexy!

  • Psivewri
    Psivewri 11 days ago

    You can pick up a G6 for nearly half the price of an S8

  • Raana Golz
    Raana Golz 12 days ago +2

    I'd choose the g6

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 12 days ago

    I got an S8 Plus. I've been with LG for way too long and needed something different. I'm definitely not disappointed. But the battery could be better on this phone.

  • Dhiraj Panchal
    Dhiraj Panchal 13 days ago

    hey Brow please make a 1 video for asus zenfone Ar And Zenfone 3 Zoom

  • NobelPlays
    NobelPlays 13 days ago

    i didnt know tony stark made phone reviews o.O

  • Danielson Semedo
    Danielson Semedo 13 days ago

    I hate LG with passion I had a LG G4 10 months later (boot loop), some V10 had the same problem as well...... LG never came out to acknowledge the problem or to offer assistance.

  • Khattab Ahmed
    Khattab Ahmed 13 days ago


  • Henry Bako
    Henry Bako 13 days ago

    nice fireplace on the wall

  • Jussi Kauramäki
    Jussi Kauramäki 14 days ago

    so s8 is perhaps better for starbucks peaps and G6 is for those whose life is more active, or at least for those who cant go hiking or skiing without sharing it to the rest of us?

  • shine doe
    shine doe 15 days ago

    the LG g6 ain't even better than the galaxy s7 let alone the s8 let's get real.

  • Saikumar Goud
    Saikumar Goud 15 days ago

    Mr Mobile wins

  • Soumik Sinha.
    Soumik Sinha. 16 days ago

    watching this on my lg k10 xD

  • Jisun Lim
    Jisun Lim 16 days ago

    Nice video! Cool interactive with Mr. Mobile

  • Mayank Jain
    Mayank Jain 17 days ago

    Love the colab!

  • Hector Garza
    Hector Garza 18 days ago

    I was walking around best buy and the G6 just felt better

  • Nnamdi Anene
    Nnamdi Anene 18 days ago

    am I the only one who watched both videos at the same time?

  • Abdess dANi
    Abdess dANi 18 days ago

    well done guys, i like this idea and u should do it more often. i am a fan of both of u so to see u in one video saves me the time of seeing two videos. props

  • Enrico Zagnoli
    Enrico Zagnoli 18 days ago

    at 4:50 does anyone know the case name

  • 21BombSquad
    21BombSquad 18 days ago

    what happened to lg now a days?

  • PrinceDanielCortez
    PrinceDanielCortez 19 days ago

    I say with the g6 the platinum is ugly next to the black g6 but black g6 be t to gsa black is nice

  • Piccolodeon
    Piccolodeon 19 days ago

    I got the S8 about a week ago and I LOVE it!

  • Pwnpie
    Pwnpie 19 days ago

    This collaboration wins the review. 👍🏼

  • Abner Lopes
    Abner Lopes 20 days ago

    LG is so trash that they tried to copy the edge style and the infinity display of the Galaxy s8.

  • Pascal Khazzoum
    Pascal Khazzoum 20 days ago

    where can I get the s8 wallpaper used??

  • iLightningFly
    iLightningFly 20 days ago

    Put the black g6 right before the s8 then we can talk! Nice video. 👌

  • David Chaste
    David Chaste 20 days ago

    Marques, the carrier branding on the G6 is carrier dependent. You can't use that as a selling point.

  • Daniel Scalzi
    Daniel Scalzi 21 day ago

    Just wanted to say great vid MKBHD & MrMobile! Provides a unique 'mobile vs mobile' vid compared to other 'vs' vids. LOVE the deeper analysis of the G6 advantages, particularly the hardware durability and testing (a bunch of other G6 vid and written reviews don't cover this in as much detail, if at all). Plus, seeing the G6 actually battling the elements not only makes the resistance claims that much more convincing, it's engaging and hilarious. An informative and entertaining comparison - keep it up guys!

  • Mr. Knowitall
    Mr. Knowitall 22 days ago

    i prefer the headphone jack.

  • Tony S
    Tony S 22 days ago

    g6 camera is oversaturated

  • Melvin Johnson
    Melvin Johnson 22 days ago

    "Golf has never been my sport" lol

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar 23 days ago

    A galaxy S8 screen in LG G6 back would be a perfect looking phone

  • My Name A Jeff
    My Name A Jeff 23 days ago

    I'm an iPhone user but I love the design of these two phones. I don't know which one I would buy... I'm obsessed with the infinity display on the galaxy but I prefer flat screens when I'm USING it. I guess it comes down to price? Probably the G6? You?

  • Bryan Vision
    Bryan Vision 23 days ago

    I love your CF shirt!!! Where did you find it?? And I love the G6 :)

  • rob aggarwal
    rob aggarwal 23 days ago

    why mine s8 doesnt have that printed galaxy s8 on the back 😑😑😑

  • Ryan Collins
    Ryan Collins 23 days ago

    i wanted to like the LGG6 so much as I liked the LGG4 and with the massive flop and disappointment of the LGG5 I wanted them ti come back so bad and I agree it's not a bad phone but with living in the UK we miss out on any of the region specifics like the hi-fi dad or witless charging. and yet over here it was only around £30 less then the s8 which offered I'm my option a fare amount more.

  • Ryan Collins
    Ryan Collins 23 days ago

    The lgg6 isn't better if you live in the UK as the s8 offers much more and only for a extra £30-£40

  • Antonio Lansang
    Antonio Lansang 23 days ago


  • Pankaj Kumar
    Pankaj Kumar 23 days ago

    lol I still remember the days when people used to have arguments over which one is better, LCD or OLED. :D

  • onee
    onee 23 days ago +2

    "Surprise, surprise, both of these phones are good."

    No shit, flagship phones are supposed to be good.

  • Torsten Reise
    Torsten Reise 23 days ago

    Well made video BUT i just say 400$ vs 650$ in the price department..

  • Shubham Oza
    Shubham Oza 23 days ago

    who noriced fire behind remembering Note 7

  • sachin mb
    sachin mb 23 days ago

    g6 is now available at a midrange price

  • ASB RK
    ASB RK 23 days ago +1

    0:55 is that deadmou5?

  • Tech News
    Tech News 24 days ago +2

    Samsung is Best right guys😍😍😍

  • Jeremy Hinds
    Jeremy Hinds 24 days ago

    still don't understand the gripe with the finger print scanner. it's not like I have ever mistaken the hr sensor for the camera. seems to fall into petty nuisance bin for sure

  • Siggy Is Back
    Siggy Is Back 24 days ago

    all you need is a case and the fingerprint sensor is way easier to find

  • Charles Tunuka
    Charles Tunuka 24 days ago

    Best phone comparison I have watched. You guys should do a similar thing in future.

  • glen d
    glen d 24 days ago

    I personally like the g6. I had the g5 and loved the camera and the option to manually adjust everything, which i think is or was exclusive to them. for me, im going to upgrade to the g6

  • Invalescus
    Invalescus 25 days ago

    you two should pair up more often! watched this video before, but 2 perspectives in 1 video is somewhat unique and both fun and informative to watch

  • Pussy Destroyer
    Pussy Destroyer 26 days ago

    dat bezel g6

  • Muhammad Naqvi
    Muhammad Naqvi 26 days ago

    3:37 music name?

  • Derpsey
    Derpsey 26 days ago

    you watch pewdiepie, nice

  • Alec Manley
    Alec Manley 26 days ago

    They didn't even mention the price...

  • veilcerpintaxtless
    veilcerpintaxtless 27 days ago


  • Gabriel Ignacio
    Gabriel Ignacio 27 days ago

    What I'm more concerned about is LGs overall QC. The G4, V10, G5 and V20 ALL had issues with image retention happening prematurely even with devices turned on for the first time and some bootlooping issues, not to mention random camera glass cracking for the G5 and V20. Hopefully LG fixed that right up with the G6 though seeing reports of spontaneous camera breakage isn't reassuring..

  • Andrei Lazar
    Andrei Lazar 27 days ago

    J.Cole instrumental in the background :D

  • tehlastninja
    tehlastninja 27 days ago

    I take my hat off to you sir. This video contains the best use of a fog horn sound effect in history.

  • dontuseitmuch
    dontuseitmuch 28 days ago

    Marques plz compare lgg6 vs oneplus5

  • Arthur v y Mas
    Arthur v y Mas 28 days ago +2


    • No Name
      No Name 16 days ago

      Arturo Vivanco did u just assumed its gender

  • Mysteek
    Mysteek 28 days ago +2

    G6 For me. Then the V30. LG are back on track. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Mysteek
    Mysteek 28 days ago

    The branding on back of phones is mainly in America. We dont get it a lot in the UK.

  • Savy Singh
    Savy Singh 28 days ago

    I have the g6

  • Stafa Thiam
    Stafa Thiam 29 days ago

    But Marques, my problem is the 821 chip vs the 835. I hate a phone that lags. Do you think it may be the case for the LG being 821? Thanks.

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